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Maryland Medical Marijuana HB 1158 Full Text


maryland medical marijuanaMaryland Medical Marijuana HB 1158 Full Text

Synopsis: Making marijuana a Schedule II controlled dangerous substance; prohibiting specified persons from distributing or dispensing marijuana to specified persons; establishing an independent Medical Marijuana Oversight Commission; providing for the purpose and membership of the Commission; providing for the terms of the members of the Commission; providing for the appointment of a chair and vice chair of the Commission; etc.

Sponsored By: Delegates Morhaim, Barnes, Barve, Bobo, Boteler, Burns, Cardin, Carr, Clagett, Cullison, Donoghue, Dumais, Feldman, Frank, Glass, Glenn, Harrison, Hixson, Hubbard, Hucker, Ivey, Kach, A. Kelly, Kipke, Kramer, Lafferty, Luedtke, McIntosh, Mizeur, Murphy, Nathan-Pulliam, Niemann, Oaks, Reznik, B. Robinson, S. Robinson, Rosenberg, Ross, Smigiel, Stein, Stukes, Tarrant, F. Turner, Washington, and Weir



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