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Medical Cannabis Network Sponsors The First New Jersey Medical Marijuana Conference


New Jersey medical marijuanaThe Medical Cannabis Network, a leader in the medical marijuana industry, officially announced its status as the official sponsor of the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Expo, which is taking place on June 25th at the Lakes Bay Resort Hotel in West Atlantic City. The first ever New Jersey Medical Marijuana Expo aims to help patients, physicians and other professionals navigate the state’s soon-to-be-implemented medical marijuana law.

“Fairfield Concepts is very excited to welcome the Medical Cannabis Network as the official sponsor of the NJ Medical Marijuana Expo. Their industry experience and notoriety brings instant credibility to the event,” said Brendan Fairfield, Company Spokesperson for Fairfield Concepts.

The New Jersey Medical Marijuana Expo comes at an opportune time as New Jersey finalizes the process for patients to legally obtain medical marijuana. The event aims to educate and provide information to New Jersey patients who are interested in the medicinal use of cannabis as well as acting as a platform for industry professionals to interact and connect with one another. The expo will consist of an all day vendor fair featuring medical marijuana advocacy groups, health groups, publications, crafters, and other organizations associated with medical marijuana and environment friendly products and services.

“MCN is excited to be on the ground to support New Jersey physicians, patients, and business owners as they begin to benefit from the state’s medical marijuana laws,” said Jason Draizin, Chairman and CEO of the Medical Cannabis Network. “New Jersey has worked hard to pass this regulation and we look forward to being an on-going resource for the community even after the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Expo.”

About the Medical Cannabis Network
Medical Cannabis Network, Inc. (MCN), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ficarr, Inc. (FCAAR), provides patients, doctors and businesses alike with innovative products and accessible options to the utmost extent of the law, while revolutionizing the industry through transparency, technology and democracy. MCN develops start-to-finish marketing and logistics solutions and platforms to serve the booming medical marijuana industry. Brands under the umbrella of MCN include: PotLocator.com, MarijaunaDoctors.com, Cheeba.com, StrainBrain.com, 420Petition.com, MarijuanaDollars.com, MarijuanaAdvertising.com, MarijuanaInsurance.net, and many more.


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