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Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Georgia House


georgia medical marijuanaThe Georgia House of Representatives passed a medical marijuana bill yesterday. This is a huge deal. Is the bill perfect? No. Will Georgia’s medical marijuana program be the best in the nation if the senate passes the bill too? Another no. However, it’s far superior than no program at all, and it will at least help some suffering patients if it eventually becomes law, and helping some patients is better than helping no patients, especially in the South where marijuana reform is much harder to pass than in other parts of the country.

“If we can offer the slightest rise, the slightest improvement in the quality of life for these children, these families, I think we’re doing the right thing,” said Representative Nikki Randall. The bill passed the house by a huge margin, 171-4. This is a huge first step for medical marijuana in Georgia, and the South as a whole. I’m hopeful that it will encourage other Southern states to start medical marijuana programs as well.

Even if the Georgia Senate doesn’t pass the medical marijuana bill, at least one other state in the South has a chance to legalize medical marijuana. Florida voters will get the chance this November to decide if they want medical marijuana in their state. No Southern state currently has a medical marijuana program. Hopefully that changes sooner than later.


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