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Merry Marijuana Christmas From THE Weed Blog!


TheWeedBlog.Com would like to extend a Merry Christmas to all of our readers and supporters of marijuana culture and marijuana policy reform worldwide. Be safe, keep fighting the good fight, and keep checking out TheWeedBlog.Com for marijuana news and information. Ninjasmoker and I have big plans for the future, and we’re thankful for your support! Here are some pics for your marijuana Christmas entertainment. Load a big bowl of your favorite marijuana strain and get to scrollin’!

stoner claus

I got the picture above from JustCapShunz.Com, hilarious.

santa marijuana

Sent to me by a reader.

marijuana christmas tree


christmas cannabis


marijuana plant christmas tree


cannabis christmas

Sent to me by a reader.

christmas marijuana


christmas pipe


xmas kush TheFreshScent.Com

christmas marijuana



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