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Missouri Senator Introduces Marijuana Legalization Bill


Maria Chappelle-Nadal marijuanaMissouri is high on my list of states that could legalize marijuana by the end of 2016. Missouri has the strongest campaign team I have ever seen (Show-Me Cannabis), and I always say that if they can legalize in Missouri, they will prove that any state can do the same. Unlike Western and Northeastern states, where views towards cannabis are generally more liberal, Missouri is in the heart of America where reefer madness is much more prevalent.

Possession of over 35 grams of marijuana is a felony in Missouri subject to a prison sentence of up to seven years and a $5,000 fine. Missouri is home to Jeff Mizanskey, who is serving a life prison sentence for marijuana only offenses. Needless to say Missouri needs marijuana reform in a bad way. That’s why I’m happy to report that Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal has introduced a marijuana legalization bill to the Missouri Legislature. Per KTRS:

In a release, the senator says she has based her legislation on the Colorado plan. The group Show-Me Cannabis, who lobbies for the legalization of the drug, tells KTRS they support the legislation and say “Missouri arrests 20,000 people each year for marijuana offenses, and a disturbingly disproportionate number of those arrests come from minority communities.”

Below is the press release Maria Chappelle-Nadal issued after introducing the legislation:

Today, Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-University City) introduced legislation that would legalize the medical and recreational use of marijuana.

“After much thought, deliberation, and research, I have concluded that Missouri must begin the process of legalizing marijuana in order to reap the multiple associated economic and societal benefits,” Chappelle-Nadal stated.

Chappelle-Nadal’s legislation is based on Colorado’s model, which tracks every aspect of production and taxes at the point of sale.  Last month alone, Colorado received over $8.5 million in new tax revenue from the sale of legal marijuana. The new law would help Missouri better fund education, healthcare and other pressing needs for underserved communities.

Legalization would create jobs on a significant scale.

“Most of all, this is a free-market jobs bill,” stated Chappelle-Nadal.  “This is the definition of economic development.”

Over and above the proven medical and economic benefits, legalization offers societal advantages too compelling to ignore.  Recent studies suggest marijuana may help decrease instances of domestic violence and also reduce the number of painkiller overdoses.

Chappelle-Nadal’s legalization would also save the state money on law enforcement, prisons, and courts, while at the same time helping collapse a dangerous and sometimes violent underground market.

“Missouri has the chance to be at the forefront of an emerging industry, creating jobs in both rural and urban areas of this state,” said Chappelle-Nadal. “We simply cannot afford to be behind the curve on this issue any longer.”

For more information on Sen. Chappelle-Nadal’s legislative efforts, visit her official Senate website atwww.senate.mov.gov/chappelle-nadal.


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  1. I really hope they legal the marijuana in Missouri
    Because it helps people with health problems
    Even me I have PAD (panic attacks disorders)
    Only thing that really helps me is marijuana
    So I really hope they do legal it!

    Bree :)

  2. Okay people, we all live here and we all know David is projecting his feelings about himself or his state onto the people of and state of Missouri. Let’s ignore him and focus on the process of getting marijuana legalized. There are so many things the tax money could go toward. it could help with the infrastructure, education, jobs and many more needs. Missouri is a beautiful state filled with intelligent people let’s act that way, and ignore people that don’t know what they’re talking about. Instead of giving David all of our energy let’s put that energy towards getting marijuana legalized by the state. There are so many people with chronic health problems that marijuana could help for example; cancer patients, chronic back pain, arthritis and that’s just to name a few
    It is something that should have been done along time ago, the only problem is that the higher-ups probably have their hands in the money. Let’s not care about all of this, instead let’s work on doing whatever it takes to get it legalized In Missouri. For the health benefits of many and for the money it will bring to the state in tax dollars.

  3. Actually before moving here I researched Missouri stats in most all things Missouri ranks in the middle. This includes education, crime, and poverty. You want bad states for these go to Mississipi or Louisiana.

  4. Goodbud your a faggot. Missourians deserve the right to have legalization just like any other state . ?

  5. I have chronic pain and smoking pot stop’s the Pain but yet you’re right if only we could get rid of the meth heads this place would be great but think about what you said every state has meth coke heroine synthetic smoke in it to so don’t blame us Missourians of having nothing good for real as for you David goodbud your opinion is just fine. My opinion is moving here from Vegas was a huge step up in some ways. The country and Forrest and birds and animals. There are all sorts of diverse individuals that make it an interesting place. A world class brewery. Massive cave system. Stars come from all around. You obviously met some one that wasn’t to friendly or something but you should give it another try.

  6. You know what Bitch you ever come near me taking that trash I’d shoot your punk ass in the face you don’t know shit I’ve lived here all my life it’s the best state I’ve ever been too. Your a real piece of shit talking trash.

  7. It’s more than crumbs and what’s your estimated timetable for when an initiative more to your liking (and mine) will be able to get on the ballot and win in Missouri?

  8. David, you don’t have to be mad anymore, they already legalized gay marriage. Now it the tokers turn a-hole.

  9. Maria Palombi on

    Good!!! We don’t want your ass here in our state! You sound like a real piece of shit! Stay wherever you’re at and annoy those poor people!

  10. Oh David Goodbud, you under estimate Missourians. It’s so sad that you think that way, because we know what beauty and hardwork is here in the heartland. Here we would cherish two lake lots and not take it for granted like a imature and judgmemtal person like yourself. Oh and honey, if anyone knew how to grow anything it would be us, sorry to bust your bubble Dummy, I mean David. #missouri #davidisstupid #schooled

  11. Anyone who calls everyone in a whole fucking state “dumb” needs to evaluate their own god-damned intelligence.

  12. Chris Bremmer on

    In 3 years it is expected to be legal in all 50 states. Untill then I guess I’m considered a law breaker. I am a good citizen who harms no one. I am also okay with smoking behind closed doors untill they do legalize it here. If this was 200 years ago we would have done something like throwing bales of it in the boston harbor to get it re-legalized quicker. Its not. So we wait for our good senators and reps to hear our voices. So speak up proudly, like the good people of the rainbow flag did for their marriage rights. Be proud and loud.

  13. Chris Bremmer on

    I agree, Missouri is not a great place to live. That is all I agree with that you have said. You are a ignorant and obsesive person, with no regard for anyone other than yourself. I was not only born and raised in Missouri, I have traveled a lot as well. I’ve spent time in great states like Colorado and Montana, been offered hospitality in Alabama and experienced the same thimgs here as well. Also, not only am I literate, my job is (drumrol, bitch) A NARRATOR FOR AUDIBLE. I get paid more than you probably collect in goverment support for your horrible children. I’m just assuming this about you. Just like you assumed things about me. Nice job pissing off an entire state. We just want to smoke weed legally. I need it medicinally so I can cancel my anxiety meds. Meds I need to deal with people like you. P.S. I typed this with one thumb in an enraged fury, why not find my typos since you have no life, mean person. Hope your dumb cabin floats away like on the movie “Up”

  14. I have to take pain,anxiety, depression and many other medications with very harmful side effects when almost all can be treated with marijuana safely, side effect munchies. I’d much rather have that side effect then all the others I have to deal with. Not to mention the fact that I have to deal with a lot of my problems because I refuse to be medically addicted to pills that cause painful and dangerous withdrawls when I can’t get my medications. Man made pills or God made marijuana hmmmm…. seems tough, don’t it.

  15. Bush, really? Wow. I don’t really think I need to say anymore, u stupidified yourself by using Bush alone.

  16. A Smart Person From Missouri?? on

    Southern Missouri has some of the most prime marijuana farms in the middle of the country, obviously this isn’t well documented because it is illegal, but it has been the perfect place to grow for nearly 50 years because of the climate and secrecy; and because of this, pot is absolutely HUGE in the heavily populated areas. Maybe, just maybe, if they started to tax the stuff, they could bring in more state tax money to fix these educational issues that you seem to have with the state. There are people exactly like that of which you are describing in every state and you are a stupid fuck if you chose to buy property in an area with those sort of people without checking prior to buying, or maybe you are just cheap and couldn’t afford the actual good property so you brought the issue upon yourself by not having a good enough education to make the kind of money needed to buy adequate property. You are the type of ignorant asshole that this country needs to straight up eliminate from society, if a person can really throw a whole state under the bus just from some prejudice then they probably have a tendency to do this with other large groupings, such as race, as well. Even if you are just being a troll, at least be a better one, you asinine fuck.

  17. davidgoodbud on

    In 2014, the top 10 agricultural producing States, in terms of cash receipts were (in descending order): California, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Indiana. These and related statistics can be found in ERS’s Farm Income and Wealth Statistics. OK, where is Missouri on this list? Not in the top ten of anything except convicts.. And it’s real hard to grow hemp.. try to get rid of it once. You can’t kill the shit. So try something requiring skill.

  18. Apparently you don’t know shit because Missouri is one of the leading farming states dumbass!! Do your homework asshole when the hemp industry was booming in the early 1900’s Missouri was leading dumbass!! Don’t come back to this State see if we give a flying fuck!!!

  19. Yeah you are a dick, lol way to quote bush by the way, you killed all chances of any future credibility with that one buddy

  20. You would have a valid argument, however, you can grow pot in Colorado and if it becomes legal in Missouri, you will be able to as well. You can’t sell it without a license, though. Also, quit being such a bitch. The fact that marijuana legalization is a serious topic in this day and age is progress. Things may not be perfect at first, but it’s much easier to amend an existing bill than to pass a bill. The laws involving marijuana are bound to change in time.

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