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Nancy Grace Debates Nancy Grace On The Effects Of Marijuana


I have never been a fan of Nancy Grace, even before she started attacking marijuana reform. She is so gone off the reefer madness these days that it’s hard for me to fit my head around. Someone on YouTube made a stellar video of Nancy Grace debating Nancy Grace over the effects of marijuana. It’s outstanding, and highlights just how big of a hypocrite she is on this topic. I love one of the comments on the YouTube video that points out that Nancy Grace is just a corporate puppet that says whatever she is told to say at the time. So true.


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  • Jamie Guest


  • Rob Saxe

    Omgosh that’s priceless! What an ignorant slut she is!

  • shaun

    Am i just hallucinating our doors that female dog have horns? I dono this might be some really good hash.

  • MrPC

    Hilarious! There is no shortage of cynical opportunists on cable TV, that’s for sure.

  • lee

    she should go back to her job as dishwasher at mcdonalds.

  • Guest

    LOL, the last clip, priceless!

  • Sheriann

    Somebody needs to hand deliver that piece to her office and watch her reaction. She is an idiot. I’ve already emailed her via CNN, her parent co., whether it gets to her is irrelevant at this point, I just needed to tell them what I thought about her uninformed rants.

  • Meeso Horny

    Hag Puppet of yellow journalism and the media

  • Gunslinger13

    Ha, I love this video and how it proves who Nancy Grace is. It’s going viral.

  • Jane

    You could make a halloween mask out of this scary whores face!

  • Sarijuana

    She sure is a piece of work, eh?

  • Jetdoc