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Nebraska And Oklahoma Sue Colorado Over Marijuana Legalization


colorado marijuana legalization denver daToday, Nebraska and Oklahoma sued the state of Colorado over its marijuana legalization law, saying the law has created an increased law enforcement burden in neighboring states. The suit, filed by Nebraska Attorney General John Bruning and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, claims federal marijuana prohibition preempts Colorado’s law. Colorado voters decisively adopted Amendment 64 in 2012.

Statement from Tamar Todd, Director, Marijuana Law and Policy, Drug Policy Alliance:

“This is a misguided effort to undo cautious and effective state-level regulation of marijuana and to undermine the will of the voters and legislators who enacted it.  Today’s action isn’t just a challenge to Colorado but to the ability and authority of all states to regulate and control marijuana within their borders as they see fit. It implicates the four states that have adopted ballot initiatives by decisive margins to tax and regulate marijuana for adults as well as the 34 states that have adopted laws to regulate medical marijuana.

“The Federal government itself has not challenged the regulatory law in Colorado nor did they choose to interfere with its implementation. To the contrary, the government has deprioritized enforcement of state-level marijuana reforms and acknowledged the interests that both states and the Federal government have in openly regulating marijuana. And just this past week, a historic vote in Congress barred the use of federal resources from interfering with state medical marijuana programs. Today’s action is nothing more than an effort to cling to the failed policies of the war on drugs and interfere with a new common sense, less harmful approach to marijuana.”

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  1. I didn’t mention any political parties nor partisanship. .I only refer to what actually happened historically in last November’s elections. An angry minority imposed by fiat it’s views on the majority. Primarily due to non voter participation and/or laziness. Florida’s use of a 60 vote majority for passing state voter initiatives is in my opinion highly undemocratic. Although someone had to vote into office those who made such an moronic law possible.

  2. Well Denny,

    I was on both sides in that era. Qualified Naval Nuke. When I was training at Naval ET School, Treasure Island, I was in Bezerkely for Mario Savio. Left the Navy in ’67. Was at Century City. And later in Bezerkely again for that excitement. Including Altamont (I stayed home for that – you could feel the bad vibes well ahead of the event).

    And the War I’m speaking of is the Drug War in the schools. I was out of High School in ’62. No drug dogs. No locker searches.

  3. I was at the anti-war protests in Washington D.C. back in 1971 (which became needlessly violent, due to police aggressiveness). I had my ankle broken by a police baton trying to get out of the way. still bothers me today.. Anyway, pinning an age is difficult but there were some clear distinctions back then as now. I’d go with the over 65+ crowd. Most of my friends up to about 65 still use cannabis the same as we did back in the 60’s early 70’s. The other group the “greasers” (you surely remember them?) being a few years older graduated from high school and college just a enough years ahead they were able to obtain positions of political power, influence and money, which of course equals control. I agree that Their time is now fading . It’s left up to the rest of us, those who stood up for our rights back then to also do so now. Happy Holidays.

  4. Don’t worry people unless you like to worry.The tide Has changed on weed in the US and nothing can derail it. I am worry free and you should be also however worry if you must. Cheers and Good Tidings to all.

  5. But opposition by the Right to ACA says States Rights prevail. OK and NB are going against their own interests.

    The Federal Republic may be over because of these idiots. Serve ’em right.

  6. You don’t win 57.5% (Florida) with just your side. And how about the “ignorant backward” in Alaska?

    If you make this a partisan issue – you lose. Everyone who wants to help is welcome. And everyone else – our arms are open.

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