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New Study Finds THC May Be Helpful In Combating HIV


thc hiv marijuana cannabisA new study published in The Journal of Leukocyte Biology has found exciting, albeit preliminary research which indicates that THC, one of the main compounds in marijuana, may have HIV fighting capabilities. Although more research is clearly needed, this study validates past research which also found marijuana’s compounds to be helpful in treating those with HIV and AIDS.

The research team which conducted the study is from the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. Researchers infected macrophages (a type of white blood cell in our body which fights certain infections) with the HIV-1 virus, before then exposing cell cultures to a synthesized THC that specifically target the CB2 receptor.

After comparing these cell cultures, after seven days, against a control group, revealed a clear decrease in the rate of HIV-1 infection. Essentially, the macrophages had become stronger at keeping the HIV-1 virus out.

Pathologist Yuri Persidsky, one of the study’s authors, stated, “The synthetic compounds we used in our study may show promise in helping the body fight HIV-1 infection. As compounds like these are improved further and made widely available, we will continue to explore their potential to fight other viral diseases that are notoriously difficult to treat.”

We look forward to more research on this issue.

Source: The Joint Blog


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  • 2buds

    They use synthetic – only synthetic is approved for trials by the DEA – yes, the DEA has to approve meds used for drug trials. But seriously, if synthetic will do this – just imagine what REAL cannabis can do. There’s a guy on youtube named Crychek that has claimed for a while that RSO has helped his HIV – kept symptoms and viral load low. I haven’t checked on him for a while – but I’d trust anecdotal evidence over studies any day.

  • “Pathologist Yuri Persidsky, one of the study’s authors, stated, “The synthetic compounds we used in our study may show promise in helping the body fight HIV-1 infection”

    So are they using real THC or synthetic THC? Hummmm We’ve seen how that has worked out in the past.