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New Study Seeks 10,000 Veterans For Marijuana Treatment Monitoring


veterans ptsd medical marijuana studyStudy will base operations in Denver; $240,000 in funding already secured

DENVER- Medical professionals and interested parties have announced the start of Stage 1 of a new and highly ambitious study involving Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and cannabis use designed to answer a singe question: “Do Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress benefit from the Use of Medical Marijuana ?”

The principals involved in the project include Mary Lynn (ML) Mathre, RN, MSN, CARN, listed as the President and Co-Founder of Patients Out Of Time; Clifton Croan, MA; and attorney William Graf, of Colorado. Mathre is also the founder of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and is on the advisory board of Veterans for Medical Cannabis.

Funding for the project includes a pledged donation of $240,000 from Croan’s company Enigami Systems. The group is still looking for money to pay for a June 7th-10th research planning meeting in Denver, establishment of an Internet website with resources and to offset the costs of establishing the 501(c)(3) federal non-profit organization.

Stage 2 of the project is the data collection phase, involving Veterans who have PTSD as their “primary or secondary  diagnosis.” Participants will receive free monitoring of their symptoms and medication useage for approx. 2-3 years. Stage 3 involves analyzing the data to determine “(t)he relationship between diagnostic symptoms and medical marijuana cannabinoids” and the publication of results in a Tier 1 medical journal.

To donate to the project or to get more information on how you can participate, use the link below:


Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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  • James

    I’m a former Sargent in the usarmy during my three tours in Iraq I picked up some ummmmm Memories and well have some anxieties in public that cause me to freeze up and break down sometimes in tears. To tell u the truth I also had a brain aneurism in 2011 I’m very confused with the va claim papper work. So I self diagnose with high grade, but plan to move to Denver in April to get away from persecution for marijuana use

  • Matthew Head

    I am a veteran who suffers from Epilepsy and marijuana has cured my grand mal seizures. Before marijuana, I was taking lamotrigine and I was still having at least 2 seizures a year. I have been smoking marijuana for 1 whole year and my seizures have completely stopped! Cannabis really helps, and it is completely absurd to label me or any other person who uses marijuana, for this reason, as a criminal!

  • akilhashim

    The truth will come out on day and people will know that it works for PTSD. I recommend group counseling be included.

  • painkills2

    Holistic medical approaches for veterans would work better if they were offered at time of diagnosis. When you have a medical problem, and the doctor gives you a pill, you think there are probably no better alternatives. Talk directly to the VA doctors, Dawn. Some doctors think offering a pill is the cheapest and quickest way to continue the merry-go-round of patient care. Holistic approaches are usually much less expensive in the long run than what the VA is offering today and can help a lot of veterans.

    I think you may have an uphill battle all the way, though, as you’re dealing mostly with men, both in the medical industry and in the military. Your patient population is mostly men, who would probably prefer a pill to, say, therapy or meditation. All this testosterone will need a lot of convincing. Good luck! :)

  • Dawn G

    sorry to hear about your legal problems. I hope this worked out for you. If you are interested in holistic care check in to http://www.vhhfa.org a place dedicated to holistic healing of vets.

  • Dawn G

    visit our website and let us see if we can help you… http://www.vhhfa.org no charge to vets.

  • Dawn G

    If you are a veteran and are interested in alternative healthcare (not medical marijuana) you can check out http://www.vhhfa.org for help. We are a non-profit helping veterans across the country gain access to holistic healthcare at no charge to the veterans. Visit the website to signup. If you happen to be a provider of holistic modalities, offer your services. Sign up as a volunteer provider and help veterans and their families in your area. We are here for all vets of all eras and all branches. We care. Skills Not Pills!