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Obama Administration Has ‘Nothing’ Planned On Marijuana Policy


obama medical marijuana enforcementI remember when Barack Obama was elected in 2008, I had so much hope that he would be the first President to end marijuana prohibition at the federal level. I thought that he would lead the way on rescheduling marijuana. After over six years in office, that has not happened. The President chuckled when asked if he would support marijuana legalization, and has dodged the rescheduling question as many times as he could, acting like only Congress has the power to reschedule marijuana.

To be fair, the President has taken a few steps in the right direction when it comes to marijuana policy, especially compared to his predecessors. However, it’s not enough. He could do so much more. According to an article posted by my friend Tom Angell on Marijuana.Com, the President has nothing planned for the future in this area of public policy:

“He’s done two things on this,” said Pfeiffer. “One, the attorney general has dealt with sentencing disparities with focus, and we have given, within the constraints we have, appropriate deference to the states of Washington and Colorado. And we don’t have anything additional planned on that… Nothing.”

Mike Liszewski, director of government affairs at Americans for Safe Access, called the comments “disappointing” and said there’s more the president can do to “continue the current federal trend toward ending the crackdown on state marijuana laws.” He praised a 2013 Obama Justice Department memo listing guidelines that states with medical marijuana or legalization laws can follow to avoid federal interference, but said “more action needs to be taken by the administration.”

As Tom alludes to in his article, it is possible that the member of the White House doing the interview didn’t want to show his cards, and that there could be something coming down the public policy pipeline during Obama’s last two years in office. I guess only time will tell, but if nothing more happens on marijuana policy via the White House in 2015 and 2016, that would be very disappointing.


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  1. he’s the kind of guy that would bogart the joint ha ha, I guess the weed he smoked back in college was laced with PCP ha ha

  2. Meanwhile the revenues continue to flow, children continue to suffer, and gHandi would ask me to continue my crusade for them. Thank you.

  3. Charles you are absolutely right regarding your medical access to marijuana. Cannibus oil is so good for nerve damage and Crohns. As I noted above, I am for the Feds reclassifying and only WE citizens can push that agenda. I was so disappointed to see that 75 percent of the voting population did NOT vote this last November election.

  4. I was hoping that while he was in office, he could manage the reclassification of marijuana. That is what is prohibiting use and study. We cancer patients and numerous other diseases patients have that it can help “naturally” patients across the United States are suffering needlessly because of this ONE issue: reclassification. Please let’s communicate across the board the necessity for this action while he is in office.

  5. I recently researched marijuana. It’s been here and in use for 7,000 years. There are mountains of evidence that it is non addictive, although it’s still very dependence forming, does not cause cancer, and as a career military and civilian nurse I have seen the positive effect in treatments for auto immune diseases, neo plastic diseases, anorexia, and more. It has been illegal in this country for less than 1% of its time in use.
    I have written my senators and congressmen since 1990. I think they should legalize and tax the h-e double tooth picks out of it.
    I once heard it was the largest American cash crop and is not taxed because it is illegal. It will never be stopped from being grown, so if you can’t beat em, join em.
    Besides, God made weed, man makes xanax and vicodin.. I think God is a better chemist.

  6. okay, I replied a pretty extensive comment and it didn’t take. Doing it again. No the Federal Government is not exempt from being sued for medical access, because medical access is anywhere in the Americans With Disabilities Act, title 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (which is now considered “CRPD”, which hasn’t been adopted yet regarding fair treatment towards travel). Each of these titles deals with a specific area that has to do with physical or mental access, NOT health. It deals with everything from: right to fair employment, to building access, information on how access is to be modified for stores, businesses, voting rights, equal access for information (print, audio, braille, etc) curb cuts, schools, banks, sidewalks, traffic lights (the beeper for the sight impaired), et al. However, no where in ADA has anything to do with doctors, medical pharmaceutical needs, or rights of patients. It’s just not part of ADA. If you are in doubt please contact DREDF the original writers of ADA, along with Senator Dole who drafted ADA. Under Medicaid covers the aspects of client rights for treatment in medical facilities such as compassion act for Hospitals to take indigenous care, et al. Communication in all offices are covered by ADA, because of the right for deaf and hard of hearing to receive equal and right access to understanding treatment, legal ramification of services rendered, etc.

    You can still sue the government if they are impinging on your right to receive medical care that is being Blocked because they have a schedule that will disallow care. There is already a lawsuit case in NY of a 12 year old girl who died, because of her seizures, and the NY governor, etc had drawn out the rights for medical cannabis to the point where she died.

  7. I’m pretty satisfied w/ Obama’s response to recreational legalization by the states, but thoroughly pissed at his recalcitrance on medicinal marijuana where he has the power to reschedule, subject to Congressional veto, but he won’t lift a finger.

  8. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    what would gHandi say to you india? Hempshare? It disturbs me to hear you call western doctor quacks….. and yes they are limited in what sciences they practice and yes they are closed minded, but not quacks just not informed. ignorant is the more kosher term… and yes hippo is an old science so is blood letting and they did not have the organic chemistry right either.
    if you don’t continue to ask it will not be done.

  9. I’ve never thought it OK to cage anyone except in instances of Rape, Murder or arson resulting in death.

  10. Let’s start with the Neanderthals AKA as Republican party first. There’s still a slight glimmer of hope for Democrats if they can grow a pair by 2016

  11. The American with Disabilities Until i read the Federal government is exempt from having lawsuits filed against it through this law.

  12. FACT: You’re wrong. Lots of Democrats are for ending the drug war. And a few Republicans are. Combined, they can pass the laws we need.

    Problem right now is that the GOP leadership won’t allow the votes.

    > 91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    > 94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

  13. has anyone possibly considered a class-action lawsuit against the government for simply suppressing medical care for those who CANNOT use any other form of medicine for their condition? It’s not that I think it’s the best way to get it out of schedule one, but I am furious that the government wants to take this approach when cannabis has helped so many (with dravet’s syndrome: seizures) as well as others. Just a thought.

  14. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    1949 and today are not much different. the gov will have to be forced to make some restitution towards all the people they have injured…….and I believe a good start is to restore the intellectual property of the oldest publicly commercially recognized family of cannabis extraction practitioners the kickapoo indian medicine company doctors

  15. I too have declared loudly that I am joining the lifelong battle making my will face my reason. I am in the late middle stage of one stage in a number which will determine my victory or ruin.
    I will research how to find a suitable “sweat lodge” accommodation near me and explore it’s safety. I would love to talk to your father about the sweat lodge if I can handle it. Couldn’t interpret your intent on that statement other than the obvious.

  16. The plant cannot genetically-produce THC. At some point my message is going to resonate. With geo-engineered nano-particulates in the water system the masses being Zombifried with tap water can’t comprehend this because 1) They lack the Science education, 2) They lack the Math to add it up, and 3) The message gets stuck in their brain and just bounces around like it is in aluminum and barium box. It really is quite fascinating how the American public has been pacified.

  17. Hippocrates founded Unani System of Medicine. The Western Quack Doctors are taught the last two resorts: Medicine and Surgery. The BUSINESS of MEDICINE system is designed where Edestin protein is removed from the diet through Hemp prohibition, THC is removed from Cannabis prohibition as well as THCA (smoking only converts about 50%). These three compounds are the Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, and Octahedron. Add to this H2O in the plant, and you have Icosahedron. Human wave-form DNA is Dodecahedron. When the Human intakes Edestin, THC, THCA and H2O into their “Cavity” or Dodecahedron, these are the 5 Platonic Solids. Wheat Gliadin Stunts, and Corn Zein Kills human growth. Basically they create a sick human who requires an additional 400 lbs. of food consumption a year, until it exhausts itself, and goes to visit the doctor. The Doctor hooks them on the instant “relief” and starts prescribing drugs. Cannabis & Hemp combined with Structured Water can successfully resonate healing frequencies through the human body. I am living efficacy of the process. One must respect how they arrived at where they did, and divide this by 25. Eat five (5) lbs of Hemp seed a month for your age divided by 25, and it will neuro-modulate your body back to adequacy. Combined with the other Platonics and Water, and Biological Life can be Re-Created within the Human Cavity or Dodecahedron.

  18. I’ve read your replies after I posted about my battle. This is one of the most concise set of replies I’ve ever gotten. There is defiance and yet an offering for ways to combat the invasion of my body because of use of prescribed AMA drugs. It will take me time to plan how I would integrate your holistic approach into my current self devised treatment plan. Quit AMA drugs now almost 14 months ago. Multi-faceted approach – I’m using Physical Therapy, mini-inasive Pain Management, carefully planned and researched use of a variety of vitamin/herbal supplements, meditation breathing and Spirit communication, music. In NY still can’t access marijuana. Rollout of restrictive medical marijuana law is rediculous. Considering moving to MMJ state to legally add the power of the weed. I miss it’s company.
    I like to say thank you for taking time to give me some alternative recipes to add to my own, when I get away from restrictive intervention of unfair and crushing dominance of NY State law with Federal backup.
    In a peripheral way I can have similar frustration you have regarding your first comments to me. My respect to you from my heart.

  19. Or fight like it is a drug WAR. Then sit down at a table in a neutral country and negotiate a TREATY. Once Cannabis has a TREATY with an International Governing Body it can become a PERMANENT OBSERVER at the United Nations. It is CRIMINAL to prohibit the GARDENING of Hemp, and the Prosecutions are going to begin soon enough. American Medical Association and their Membership will all be charged with Class-Action Manslaughter. Times they are a changing.

  20. The plant cannot genetically-produce THC. You’re only just sensitizing yourself to the fact your WHOLE existence is a figment of your imagination. A Seventy-Five (75) year charade and brain-washing about THC has led you to think it is kind of okay to cage people for using a plant rather than pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile each medicine cabinet in your house is FULL of pills, and UNLOCKED. Otherwise you wouldn’t be tempering THIS truth like you did in your post. Cannabis, nor Hemp can genetically-produce THC. Period. In the absence of THC, the public are the Emperor wearing No Clothes…

  21. Why would they act? It is a Drug War. Wars end with Treaty. You want an end to the Drug War? You must bring such violence upon your opponent that a Treaty is their only option. While they cage and slaughter the people, the people sing “Kumbaya” and embrace them as occupier. Why would they do anything?

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