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Obama: More States Likely To Legalize Marijuana


obama medical marijuana enforcementYesterday Barack Obama did an interview with Hank Green on YouTube. There were a lot of topics covered, but by far the most intriguing to marijuana supporters was a brief segment on Obama’s views on marijuana. I want to thank Tom Angell for making that segment happen, because I saw him asking over and over about it happening on YouTube via Twitter. I’m glad Hank Green listened! Tom Angell also broke the story to the marijuana world in his article for Marijuana.Com, an excerpt of which can be found below:

“What you’re seeing now is Colorado, Washington through state referenda, they’re experimenting with legal marijuana,” the president said in response to a question from SciShow and VlogBrothers host Hank Green.

“The position of my administration has been that we still have federal laws that classify marijuana as an illegal substance, but we’re not going to spend a lot of resources trying to turn back decisions that have been made at the state level on this issue. My suspicion is that you’re gonna see other states start looking at this.”

Obama’s words on their face are not that revolutionary. Of course more states are going to legalize marijuana. With so much momentum from recent victories, public opinion, and so many solid efforts being pursued across the country, it’s fairly obvious that more states will legalize marijuana. However, the words are still very significant in that Obama could have chuckled and scoffed at the question, similar to what he has done in the past. However, he answered the question straight on, he didn’t brush it aside. And while he smiled while the questions were being asked, Obama didn’t do it in a smart ass kind of way that he has in the past.

Kevin Sabet was quick to declare the response from the President as a blow to the marijuana community because Obama didn’t say straight up that he supports legalization. While that would have been great for marijuana activists, the fact that he didn’t straight up say that he opposes all efforts should actually be seen as a defeat for marijuana opponents like Mr. Sabet. If I were Kevin Sabet, I wouldn’t being chiming in on the President’s stance. And trust me Kevin, when a United States President inevitably expresses full support for legalization, and it’s inevitable Kevin, it will mean game over for people like you, at which point you will finally have to get a real job.

The full video of the marijuana segment can be found below:


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  1. Infinite increase? Going from 0 to a small amount isn’t an infinite increase. Your propensity for ridiculous right wing assertions belies your supposed non Republican-ness.

    First, the ACA doesn’t need young people so much as it needs healthy people. In fact, healthy old people are even better, since they pay more.

    Second, many young people found they ALREADY qualified for Medicaid and just didn’t know it (woodwork effect). Many more got Medicaid under the expansion, if their state took it.

    Third, not having insurance is very risky, even for young people. When something bad happens, they go bankrupt, and we all get stuck with the bills. I thought you glibertarians were all about NOT having other people take free rides on the rest of us?

    So, either you repeal Reagan’s EMTALA so these kids can just die when something happens and they can’t afford the care, or you get them covered. I’d prefer Medicare for all. What’s your idea, TROLL?

    “the health plans are too pricey to make economic sense for many young adults.”

    As for that bullshit, well, it’s just bullshit. Even without subsidies, plans for younger people are much cheaper than the $350 a month (nonsubsidized) plan my wife gets. And if they’re making enough to not get subsidies, then they should pay their own way instead of free riding off the rest of us.

  2. My kid doesn’t like paying his car insurance bill either. Boo hoo. And if you’d read the NYT article, which you obviously didn’t, you probably would have spared me this latest bit of glib trolling.

    What you avoided, though, is the real tell… Now, do you support repealing the EMTALA? Or not?

  3. I hope we can encourage the president to declassify marijuana before he leaves office. Then it can be studied and used for medicine by those that already know of its healing powers.

  4. No. Well, she can declare it null as to this case and these defendants only. She can say the scheduling is unconstitutional, dismiss this specific case, and let the defendants out of jail – where some have been held for three years already – that’s about it. If the same defense is used by marijuana defendants in other courts, those other courts do not have to follow her lead because Federal District Courts have no precedential value. If other marijuana defendants make the same case in the the Eastern District of California, her colleagues on the bench – that is, other Eastern District judges – will probably rule the same way she did for purposes of consistency and unity unless they feel very strongly that she was wrong. If the government appeals and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirms Judge Mueller’s decision, then prosecutors will have a very difficult time trying to convict marijuana defendants in any of the 9 western states that the 9th Circuit encompasses. But even that wouldn’t change the scheduling, although it would likely force the DEA to reschedule if they ever wanted to convict another marijuana defendant in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, or Hawaii under the CSA.

  5. Uh. Going from not buying insurance to paying any amount is an infinite increase. And the young typically didn’t buy insurance. It didn’t seem like a good bet unless it was part of a job.

    You know, that was one of the premises of ACA. Getting the young in the insurance pool to help cover expenses. Which is why the young don’t like it.


    How Much Does Obamacare Rip Off Young Adults? We Ran The Numbers.

    Obamacare is still struggling to sign up young people. In order to offset the high cost of the older, and probably less healthy people who are joining Obamacare plans, the White House must coerce a sufficient number of thirty-somethings to also join. Problem is, the health plans are too pricey to make economic sense for many young adults.

    Just how costly are the Obamacare plans for young beneficiaries?

    We ran the numbers. Here are our results:


    Well you have to admit the ACA is a boon to the ranks of the enforcers. So there is that.


    Cannabis medicine fully exploited could save $1 trillion a year in medical expenses.

  6. The judge has no authority to reschedule or deschedule cannabis, unfortunately. And she can dispose of this Motion to Dismiss without even ruling on the Schedule 1 question. But even if it doesn’t go our way, let’s not lose sight of the fact that cannabis FINALLY got its day in court, and the importance of that cannot be understated. We don’t get a chance to effectively cross examine Kevin Sabet when he appears on cable news shows. Nancy Grace is not subject to the rules of federal evidence when she spews her lunacy. And we’ve never had the chance to fully present our case in open court with the testimony of scientific and medical experts, patients, and hundreds of pages of legal arguments, facts, and logic. So regardless of the outcome, this case is already a massive victory for cannabis law reform that will start the dominoes falling in courts around the country, and that is what will force Congress or the DEA to reschedule, or more appropriately, deschedule, cannabis.

  7. I hadn’t thought of that. But given the evidence presented (link for those not following closely)


    I don’t see how cannabis stays in Schedule One. The only question for me is what schedule the Judge will put it in. Herbal would be very good. But anything other than One would break the dam.

    The other thing that seems obvious to me is that the government case is very weak and they have not done their best to win. I think the fix is in They want to lose. The question then becomes – will they appeal it or wait for other districts to address the issue? I think it will go to the Supreme Court. Sooner or later.

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