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Ohio Lawmakers Could Kill The ResponsibleOhio Marijuana Legalization Initiative


responsibleohio ohio marijuanaThe ResponsibleOhio marijuana legalization initiative has caused quite a bit of controversy in marijuana politics. At first, the ResponsibleOhio initiative provided for just 10 marijuana cultivation sites. After some outcry by many people in the marijuana reform movement, ResponsibleOhio added a provision for home cultivation. But the rules surrounding home cultivation are unclear. I heard someone from the ResponsibleOhio campaign state that the home cultivation provision was copied from Oregon. But that’s clearly not the case because Oregon will not require a license to cultivate up to four plants. How hard will it be to get a home cultivation license? How much will it cost? What will the rules be?

I’d hate to see marijuana legalization pass in Ohio with a kind-of-sorta home cultivation provision that proves to be unrealistic, and a de facto marijuana monopoly occurs. That possibility is something that worries Ohio lawmakers too. Ohio lawmakers are mulling over introducing a bill that would ban marijuana monopolies. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Ohio legislators don’t want the marijuana business to look like the state’s casino industry if voters legalize cannabis this fall.

In 2009, a group that included Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was granted exclusive rights to build four casinos in the state.

Similarly, a proposal from a group called ResponsibleOhio would green-light medical and recreational marijuana but allow just 10 cultivation operations. Under the plan, major investors in the legalization campaign would control those grow sites.

Lawmakers are mulling a voter referendum that would put an anti-monopoly issue on the ballot this year. If passed, it may effectively kill ResponsibleOhio’s plan.

Every time I post an article about ResponsibleOhio, I am flooded with e-mails from people that oppose or support the campaign. Both sides try to debate with me whether or not there is a home cultivation provision to the initiative. Per the first link in this article, ResponsibleOhio has added a home cultivation provision. I had someone get all bent out of shape out of Ohio because they felt that I was wrong, and that there is no home cultivation provision. I can’t say how good the provision will be, but there appears to be one. So as I stated previously, there are few details as to how someone will get a home cultivation license. It could prove to be easier than some people think, and on the other side of the coin, it could prove to be impossible. Keep that in mind when you are voting.

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  1. friend of Ohio on

    Horse manure, period. I do not work for the state, and am strongly against RO.. more likely, you are a paid shill for the cabal and a boot licker as well.

  2. I’m with you. It has to be right from the begining. We can’t just send it through and hope to make it better later.

  3. Foster Longstaff on

    your premise is faulty.. when its in the state constitution, the cabal will be legal.. just see the results of the casino amendment

  4. Foster Longstaff on

    right, and i have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you…. the 10 facilities owned by the cabal will just expand their production and voila, there will NEVER be a need for expansion of the number of growers. .. if there was ever going to be competition on the supply end, it must be there from the start.. when supply is limited, the market cannot function properly and the price will stay higher than the black market. The Colorado law, with an unlimited number of grow licenses has allowed the market to bring the price down so low, the mexican cartels have moved out of the state, they cannot match the legal price. QED

  5. Foster Longstaff on

    The simple fact of the matter is that those who have spent years growing things cannot get into this business if it becomes law, For example, I cannot get into the supply end of the business, although i have a greenhouse and have grown herbs, vegetables and flowers for years, I cannot go into a business where I am ready, i am qualified and i am able to contribute to the supply side of an economy. I thought this country was founded on competition and a free market. When only one group is allowed to manufacture, do not be surprised when the price is more than the current black market and as such, will not make the current suppliers go away.

    Reponsbile Ohio = Irresponsible

  6. newageblues on

    What makes you think a board appointed by the cannabis hating governor will do anything for us? You didn’t answer my first question, you gonna answer this one?

  7. Everyone that opposes RO obviously is working for the state of Ohio !! Legalize and vote yes to RO!!

  8. Weed should be legalized for recreational use for persons 21 and over because the state could have more funds from taxing marijuana and it is unconstitutional for it to be illegal. This is America. People should have the choice to consume marijuana if they choose. Alcohol kills people and marijuana doesn’t. I say let people have their freedom.

  9. Zimmy Z Zimmerman on

    Let’s just GET IT LEGAL… and worry about breaking up any monopoly later.

  10. A cartel is an organization that sells a product or service and does not allow anyone else or restricts others to do so.

    This is would be a constitutional protected cartel. If I get arrested if I attempt make something in my house that is legal for a small group of people to sell and produce then that would be a cartel.

    4 plants is bullshit. that’s the worst compromise in the history of compromises.

  11. Is it on me stupid ass??? Disqus sends email updates when you get a reply to a post dip shit, if not for that I wouldn’t have known you were alive. I only responded to show you what a moron you were for reply to posts 9 days old.

  12. I want RO to discuss the estimated costs of producing their weed. They are apparently planning on charging $280 an ounce + tax at the beginning. How much is it going to cost them to produce that ounce once they are up and running? Less than $25 an ounce?

  13. Laughs on you, since you are still watching what I’m doing… clearly the debating is still going on, or stinky trolls would lose interest in jumping in with their garbage falsehoods……..

  14. Look at the dates on articles before you reply idiot ….You’re argument is so ignorant I’m not going to respond again….

  15. go away troll… you’re already exposed in the tripe you dumped on the conversation above………

  16. Maybe before you ‘opine’ about the specifics of the bill, maybe you should read it…. “Any person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age may produce, cultivate, possess, transport, distribute, consume, or otherwise engage in the use of cannabis products for personal use and cannabis paraphernalia.”
    Try reading before spouting calculated MISINFORMATION……

  17. Precisely what are you jabbering about… the RO allows 24 plants to grow in your home garden (or whatever), so how is that 1 oz……..
    You sound like a troll…… go back under your rock

  18. There are provisions in the RO for expansion of that number…… kindly read the latest copy.

  19. I’m not a prohibitionist, I just don’t want 10 rich assholes to be able to buy the entire market, I’ll take current prohibition over that any day

  20. Legalizing an ounce does not change other laws regarding above an ounce…it would still be a misdeamenor from an ounce to 3.5 oz on any persona at any time in Ohio.
    I beg to differ as well on the “no money to be made” , possibly more could be made on a retail at an economy of scale because you do not have the expenses of growing, you are the distributor only.

  21. The people of Ohio need to support one bill and push the legislation threw. This is a prohibitionist plot. The know that with two competing bill the people would be divided and legalization would not happen. Greed is going to any efforts to legalize and here is the proof. Unite to pass one bill then work on the fine details of the legislation one the law is enacted. If the majority of Ohio wants legalization Unite. Arizona politicians are using a similar tactic DIVIDE AND CONCOR! WAKEUP OHIO OR LOOSE TO PROHIBITION!

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