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Oregon Marijuana Policy Initiative Launches Marijuana Law Reform Campaign


Oregon capital cannabisOregon Ballot Measures

OMPI goal is to secure social justice for Oregon’s marijuana users and medical marijuana patients. To this end we are working on two ballot measures for the 2012 general election.

Ballot Measure #1 is an amendment to the Oregon Constitution decriminalizing marijuana use and cultivation for individual adults. The full text is below.

Ballot Measure #2 is a statutory initiative ordering the Oregon Health Authority to establish a safe and regulated supply system to reliably supply Oregon’s medical marijuana patients.

Ballot Measure #1

Article I of the Constitution of the State of Oregon is amended by a vote of the People to include the following new section:

Section 46. Applicability of state laws and penalties to the private personal use, possession and production of marijuana; exceptions; state may regulate. Except for actions that endanger minors or public safety, neither the criminal offenses and sanctions nor the laws of civil seizure and forfeiture of this state shall apply to the private personal use, possession or production of marijuana by adults 21 years of age and older. The State may enact laws and regulations consistent with this amendment to reasonably define, limit and regulate the use, possession, production, sale or taxation of marijuana under state law. To allow the State time to enact laws and regulations consistent with this amendment, this amendment shall become effective in the normal course but shall not become operational until six months after its effective date.

Ballot Measure #2

Medical Marijuana Supply and Regulation Act

Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon:

(1) No later than July 1, 2013, the Oregon Health Authority shall adopt Administrative Rules that establish a system of regulated supply and distribution of marijuana for medical use. These rules shall address:

(a) A licensing system for the operation of producers and processors of marijuana for medical use;

(b) A licensing system for the operation of medical marijuana health centers to provide marijuana for medical use to registered patients, operating much like pharmacies;

(c) Appropriate limitations on the participation of persons with criminal histories in this system;

(d) Appropriate limitations on the number and location of producers, processors and medical marijuana health centers involved in production and distribution of medical marijuana, which ensure adequate access for Oregon’s medical marijuana cardholders and which include options for local governments to enact appropriate local zoning restrictions;

(e) The establishment of guidelines for quality control, testing and labeling of marijuana offered for medical use;

(f) Security at facilities involved in the production, processing or distribution of marijuana for medical use;

(g) Fees and taxes applying only to persons or businesses operating as producers, processors or medical marijuana health centers; and

(h) Participation by law enforcement agencies and other governmental agencies in the oversight of participants in this system.

(2) Participants in compliance with these rules shall be excepted from the criminal laws of the state regarding marijuana for their compliant activities.

(3) Notwithstanding the establishment of the system described herein, no patient or caregiver shall be denied the rights guaranteed under ORS 475.300-475.346 with respect to producing or possessing marijuana for medical use.

Oregon Marijuana Policy Initiative

OMPI is an opt-in campaign organization with the current goal of qualifying a decriminalization initiative AND a dispensary initiative for the ballot for Oregon’s 2012 general election, to be held on November 6, 2012. Endorsing members of OMPI need only support our goal to be a part of the organization. Of course, donations are always welcome! We proudly display the logos of all endorsing and supporting organizations and businesses.

OMPI is the largest coalition of cooperating marijuana patient and advocacy groups ever assembled in Oregon. With your help, we can make history and achieve social justice for all marijuana users and patients in Oregon.


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