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Oregon Senate Committee Approves Harmful Medical Marijuana Bill


oregon medical marijuana senate bill 964The Oregon Senate Special Committee on Implementing Measure 91 voted tonight on Senate Bill 964. The bill was approved unanimously and sent to the Senate for a full vote. The bill will make huge changes to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) if it becomes law. Among some of the scarier language in the bill:

  • Section 6 states that all medical marijuana growers have to submit a report monthly to the Oregon Health Authority which states the “number of mature and immature marijuana plants, the amount of marijuana leaves and flowers being dried, and the amount of usable marijuana, in the person’s possession” as well as ” the number of mature and mature marijuana plants, and the amount of usable marijuana, that the person transfers to each registry identification cardholder for whom the person produces marijuana.” The report also has to contain the ” amount of usable marijuana that the person transfers to each marijuana processing site: and…to each medical marijuana dispensary.”
  • Section 7 deals with new grow site limits. The section states that if a grow site is located within city limits, there is a cap of 12 mature plants maximum, regardless of how many patients have registered there. If the grow site was registered prior to January 1, 2015, it can be grandfathered in, but not to “exceed 24 mature marijuana plants.” The cap on new gardens that are located outside of city limits would be at 48 mature plants, regardless of the amount of patients registered at the address. If the grow site was registered prior to January 1, 2015, it can be grandfathered in, but not to “exceed 96 mature plants.”
  • Section 70 states, “the governing body of a city or county may adopt ordinances that prohibit the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries or marijuana processing sites in the area subject to the jurisdiction of the city or county.”

The committee is supposed to be working on making rules related to Oregon Measure 91, but instead has spent most of its time trying to attack the OMMP. Oregon voters approved Oregon Measure 91 which stated no less than three times that the OMMP should remain the same, regardless of what rules were made for recreational marijuana. The fact that five Oregon politicians today voted to go against the will of the voters doesn’t sit well with Measure 91’s Chief Petitioner, Anthony Johnson. Per KOIN 6:

“It’s important to have the will of the voters implemented,” Johnson said. ”There is some frustration and I wish the legislature would have tackled some of the basics. This will only exacerbate the black market and really hurt patients who depend upon safe access through state-regulated facilities.”

If you haven’t contacted your Oregon Senator, now is the time to do so. If you have already contacted your Oregon Senator, contact them again. You can find out who your Senator is at this link here. This bill is a direct attack on the OMMP. I have to assume that if it passes and becomes law, the sponsors of the bill (Senator Burdick and Senator Kruse) will face some tough opposition in their next re-election bid. I would also assume that the Oregon medical marijuana community would hopefully unite and push for a referendum initiative.


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  • Jay Evens

    First they make it so curing your medicine isn’t very feasible with low on hand limits, I think they should be doubled because a grower should cure his meds for 8 weeks minimum 16 weeks preferred. This is going to force a Black market and I’m legally gonna bank off it. I have something that will be launching, that will make the senate changes a mute point for most people. The big guys that are in their pockets aren’t going to like it much. I’m just going to give them the rope to hang themselves! I’m goint to sue the state for meds that are out of my prcie range now due to them ripping apart OMMP. why can’t we organize and put a law in that directly states changes to law must be put to vote no senate commitee can change it without a public vote. This is what happens when Californians out number the sensible people of oregon, I saw this happening the last 20 years more moved in and the laws started reflecting cali

  • ShallNot B. Infringed

    Wouldn’t be a need if we’d go back to simple common law. No need for legislators and large salaries spending tax money they don’t have & turning people into criminals with legal fiction.

  • ShallNot B. Infringed

    That seems to be all he does. At this point I wonder if he’s paid, are they hiring, where do I apply?

  • ShallNot B. Infringed

    A democracy means 51% can vote to take the rights of the other 49%. This country started as a Republic, but just like Rome it has degraded into a democracy (dictatorship is next), even our foreign & monetary policy have followed the Roman timeline. Right now it’s bread & circuses for the mindless public, Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

  • ShallNot B. Infringed

    She didn’t work across the isle when the Dems were pushing the background check bill. Even though an overwhelming amount of dissent was heard against the bill (from R’s, D’s & I’s) they fucked the people over. It’s about control. They don’t want people to have freedoms. They use the boogeyman of the week to demonize gun owners & pot smokers while neither of those things is a common law crime (no victims). It won’t end until people unite for freedom & return to the common law!

  • M

    I saw my MD and have my yearly OMMP certification, but there is NO WAY I am going to pay the state of Oregon $250 for “protection money.” I’m so tired of the backhanded “fees” in Oregon for EVERYTHING. No sales tax could be so high.

  • Z

    I don’t understand the big deal about the black-market are they concerned that they’re not getting their piece of the pie or are they concerned about the consequences in other states either way Oregon recently has been called the most difficult state to keep consistent work in so now let’s create limitations and less work for Oregonians that’s a great idea

  • Robbasaurus

    They don’t force you to pay for it. The people in office did not get there on their own people.

  • John Glyshaw

    I urge you all to contact senator ginny burdick on facebook and let her know she cant just delete us.

  • John Glyshaw

    I tried to contact my senator ginny burdick and she blocked me on facebook and deleted all my comments. that is the what that piece of work is all about.

  • Carson Emerson

    I pay taxes. And I didn’t nor have I voted for ron paul. Thanx

  • Carson Emerson

    Couldn’t agree more. Sadly I have lost faith in this country and its lazy selfish push over society. I just don’t see them making a stand let alone righting wrongs. They’d rather submit like a bitch (literally roll on their backs and spread their legs in fear) than to sweat and bleed a little.

  • Charles Delvalle

    This article gets the plant cap wrong. It’s not 12 within city limits, it’s 12 within residential zones in city limits. Otherwise it’s 48.

  • True. When it comes to cannabis the left AND the right are together in suppressing the people. But as a general rule Republicans like less regulation. So at least they can be hit for being inconsistient.

  • I’m thinking. I’m thinking. ;-)

  • Austin Konrad

    [But voters on the left generally favor the regulators. On the right less
    so. And the Government of Oregon is generally – Democrat. You are
    getting what you voted for.] Every single Republican voted for the new regulations on OMMP, only three dems did. Your right, the people who vote republican are getting what they voted for.

  • goldnlead2

    lets call it: decriminalization, NOT regulation!

  • goldnlead2

    ….at least in the black market, FREE markets are able to exist and the price is determined by quality of product as well as supply and demand (use to call that good ol’ american capitalism)….

    Give it to the government to manage and they will screw it up like EVERYTHING ELSE they touch ….ect, the auto industry, the solar industry as well as our health care industry!

    WAKE UP and know this is not a marijuana issue (for medical marijuana has been legal in the state of oregon since 1998) this is an INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM issue which is slowly being eroded every year by our overzealous policy makers!

  • goldnlead2

    ….at least the in black market, FREE markets are able to exist and the price is determined by quality of product as well as supply and demand (use to call that american capitalism)….

    Give it to the government to manage and they will screw it up like EVERYTHING ELSE they touch ….ect, the auto industry, the solar industry as well as our health care industry!

    WAKE UP and know this is not a marijuana issue (for medical marijuana has been legal in the state of oregon since 1998) this is an INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM issue which is slowly being eroded every year by our overzealous policy makers!

  • briteleaf

    Oregonians were promised that our OMMP would NOT BE CHANGED. Imagine now an OMMP patient trying to find a grower willing to jump through all the hoops of tracking and reporting every leaf!!! Once again our legislators have lost the way of the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and for the common good. They don’t want patients to be able to get their medicine from the neighborhood pharmacy and now they want to kill the OMMP thinking all those patients can afford to buy it when recreational marijuana is available instead of having someone grow it for them. So they legislate medical marijuana out of practicality. The difference in price is mountainous to the poor and those on fixed incomes. Oregonians in the medical marijuana program will have to be able to afford the $10 a gram prices of retailers because they won’t be able to find a grower willing to wade through all the red tape and monthly reports. The wealthy often forget the realities of being sick and poor and old.

  • Haywood Jeblowme

    That’s correct. CA has that provision as part of its Constitution, too. And I agree that it has pitfalls, but the simple fix is to propose “improvements” to any law directly to the people. After all, it is easy for the Legislature anywhere to put something on the ballot; but not for the people.

  • Jetdoc

    First of all quit disguising the word FREEDOM with the word democracy. Name ONE thing that’s MORE important than your FREEDOM!

  • Alexander Konnoff

    The whole ordeal about having to send in a monthly report from growers is ridiculous, I am a medical patient with nausea who grows his own medicine and I would be subject to these regulations, having to pay for stamps every month and send in more paperwork than necessary. It will probably result in an increase to the OMMP registration fee to pay the wages of the extra people needed to handle these monthly reports. Also, according to the passage, I can only grow 12 mature plants within the city for a maximum of 4 patients witch is not going to be enough medicine to go around if 4 people depend on you for growing their meds. I think the growing report should not be a requirement for patients who grow their own, it makes it more work than needed. If anything, he program should be expanded to allow double the amount for any given patient. There have been seasons where I simply did not produce enough marijuana from 6 plants. OMMP should be expanded to allow more plants and make databases about marijuana info like medical studies as well as the uses and potencies of different strains available from registered dispensaries in the state, allow medical patients to use their medicine in public view and protect patents in the employment/housing laws to prevent people from loosing their livelihood, a state maintained growers directory of growers who have positions available in their garden for patients who are looking for a grower other than the dispensary (not a regulation scheme, just a patient-grower connection system), expand the list of conditions including any other chronic or persistent medical symptom that substantially limits the ability of the person to conduct one or more major life activities or if not alleviated may cause serious harm to the patient’s safety or physical or mental health.

  • stellarvoyager

    I am afraid that your blame is misplaced. It should be placed with those who truly deserve blame: these politicians, who would have engaged in these shenanigans whether or not measure 91 passed. In fact, if measure 91 had failed, they would have been even more emboldened to take even more draconian measures, interpreting the results as an anti-cannabis mandate. In fact, Anthony Johnson has been working tirelessly to oppose these measures.

  • Mike Johnson

    you are right, most ommp folks are compliant.

  • 51504420

    All of the politicians involved in ” going against the will of the voters” are crooks and should be locked up in prison by the voters

  • 51504420

    Yes Craig I agree … That idiot Anthony Johnson screwed a lot of people here in Oregon ..