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Organic XJ-13 Marijuana Strain Review



THC Farmer Smoke Report

Tester Name : Rabbi
Strain : XJ-13
Method Smoked : Bong, Pipe, Element papers


Dominant smell of bud :typical J-1 or Jack Herer smell
Associated smells of bud : Piney, Limey, a little floor wax


Dominant flavour :That jack pungentnous
Associated flavours :Piney , limey

Harsh/smoothness : 7-8 smooth but jack tastes in the smoke(1-10, 1 being extremely harsh and 10 being extremely smooth)
– cough factor? : yes/no


Profile : Percentage of head to body 70%head/30%body(e.g. 80% head 20% body) a busy body high, like the jack or J1 but not in the frontal loab.
Potency : 1 bonXJ13g load good, two is awsome! (1-10, 1 being extremely weak and 10 being extremely potent)
Duration : (approx length of buzz, from first hit)
Use : Daytime/Bedtime
Munchies? : maybe a little crave for sweets

Im my opinion this was a 8-9 out of 10 for the grow on this Strain XJ-13, The typical Jack J1 look is indica-ised by less pronounces braches and more leaf/calic ratio, and looks a little more busy then J1 sativa, and more pronounced red hairs. I was told the yeild went up with the addition of the G13.Dont get me wrong it does change it from the J1 but difficult to put into words.


Organic X J 13 Review by Culture Magazine

Organic XJ13

This is an amazing, and all-organic strain that represents the best parenting of the G-13 and Jack Herer parents. The buds are dense and sugary and the large, honey drop-like crystals exude a subtle and sweet aroma. But don’t be caught off-guard with this strain; it brings a fast smack to the face and the hit is quickly followed by an instant and energizing fun rush. It is a delicious treat, with a finish that is especially nice, reminiscent of chamomile. Organic X J 13 is a sativa-dominant hybrid and comes to us from Orange County Patients Collective in Midway City. The smoke is a satisfying and energizing experience that helps with ADD, and it can also be used to treat the conditions of arthritis, anxiety, nausea, anorexia, muscle spasms and chronic pain.


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