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Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation Bans In California Are A Bad Idea


jorge cervantes outdoor marijuana garden time lapseOutdoor marijuana cultivation, or ‘sun grown’, is cheaper than indoor cultivation, and if done properly, is much more environmentally friendly compared to indoor cultivation. There are parts of California that are perfect for outdoor cultivation, which is why so many people have done it over the years. However, outdoor cultivation has been under attack from local governments in California. There are more and more proposed bans on outdoor cultivation popping up these days. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

More than 300 people, mostly medical cannabis patients and growers, attended a meeting in Yuba County, California, as supervisors considered a ban on outdoor marijuana cultivation.

About 45 people spoke during the event in which supervisors considered three ordinances from other counties – Sacramento, Shasta and Fresno – that all ban outdoor grows in the wake of court rulings allowing them to impose severe restrictions on cannabis cultivation, according to the Appeal-Democrat.

Patients told county supervisors a ban on outdoor grows was a bad idea during a three-hour workshop, while others were in favor of the moratorium, saying they’ve seen their neighborhoods turned into a “war zone,” the newspaper said.

There are many growers in California that cannot afford to grow marijuana indoors due to high equipment costs. There are also other growers that simply don’t have an adequate facility to cultivate marijuana indoors. Banning outdoor cultivation will essentially shut them down, leaving them without medicine, and leaving other patients that rely on them without medicine. That is unacceptable.


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  • Regulation means you will be shot if you don’t comply. Esp if you don’t pay the taxes.

    We don’t regulate tomatoes. We shouldn’t regulate cannabis.

  • Uncle Arthur

    If regulation means that I am being protected from consumer fraud, unlike the unregulated gangster black market, I have no problem with that.

  • Stephen Weber

    Judge Could Smash Marijuana Law
    A judge in California is examining the legality of America’s marijuana laws,
    she may be on the verge of throwing the entire system into chaos.
    It questions the constitutionality of marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I drug.

    US v. Schweder May Change Everything

  • You think Prohibition is bad? (It is) Just wait until regulation.

  • Johnny oneye

    California’s cannabis prohibition is alive and well all from the folks who voted no
    We the people voted for safe and affordable access
    The gubmnt thinks they can undermine prop 215
    The Fed’s lost in SF
    Hopefully cannabis prohibition will be defunded