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People On Probation/Parole Can Use Medical Marijuana In Colorado


colorado probation parole medical marijuanaPeople that are on probation or parole should still be allowed to use legal medicine. Just because someone is in the criminal justice system doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer from various conditions or ailments. Marijuana is a proven form of medicine, and if someone qualifies for a medical marijuana program to use it, they should be allowed to do so. To prevent someone from using medical marijuana, while on probation or parole or otherwise, is non-compassionate. Colorado’s Legislature and Governor agree, which is why they recently passed House Bill 1267. Per The Joint Blog:

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has signed House Bill 1267 into law, allowing those on probation or parole to use medical cannabis.

Although medical cannabis has been legal in Colorado since voters approved Amendment 20 in 2000, the use of the medicine while on probation or parole has remained prohibited. House Bill 1267, which takes effect immediately, changes that.

This is a common sense move by the State of Colorado. Colorado joins Arizona and Rhode Island in allowing those that are on probation or parole to use medical marijuana. This will help countless numbers of people in Colorado, who might otherwise turn to much more harmful substances in an attempt to mask their conditions. I really hope more states follow suit, including my home state, Oregon.


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  • Maxi

    What was your outcome Rudy? I am in the same situation. I am filling a motion for a hearing also.



  • Rudy

    File a motion and present your arguments to the judge. Its best to explain to them how you will benefit from mmj instead of pharmaceuticals. Under the new bill they can’t deny you for the substance abuse assessment anymore. Its worth a shot that’s what I am doing.

  • Rudy

    Renew your red card then file a motion to the court with your condition and why you benefit from mmj better then pharmaceuticals.

  • Rudy

    Hey there I am referencing hb16-1359 it is a bill that will be revising the hb15-1267. Hb16-1359 was successfully passed and it removed the section of hb15-1267 about the substance abuse assement which it the part I was denied for and a lot of others were denied for. They were denying people for being honest about the amount of alcohol/drugs they have consumed in their lifetimes. It was bogus and they denied me for telling them that I tried alcohol and used mmj daily. I just filed a motion to tell them that I can’t be denied for the substance abuse assessment and I don’t want to go back to pharmaceutical drugs. I have a real doctors letter stating MMj is what works best for me too. I am hopeful that they will allow me to use my mmj. I have proven I don’t have substance abuse problem I haven’t had one dirty UA. I am completely off UAs now too. How did it go for you did they let you use your mmj?

  • Jason

    HI Rudy,
    Do you know the name of the bill you are referencing? Am I correct that the one that passed last year was 15 12-67? I am looking for the name of this one as it is the first time I have heard of it. If it passes it should go through in July I believe.

  • Renitha Taylor

    I would like to know can I still get my red card even tho I have been on probation seven months now but have six to go but I don’t think it’s not fair that I can’t smoke when it has nothing to do with drugs,it’s a dv… so what i am trying asks can I have a chance to get my red card because I want to get it but not if they are going tell me no I think the just want more money straight b.s. and I am in AURORA

  • abel notice

    if i am on probation in texas and i move to colorado, will i still be eligible for a medical marijuana card?

  • James Woods

    That’s what’s happening with my dui case right now

  • Rudy Garcia

    Same happened to me. There is a house bill that is going through the general assembly in Colorado right now to change this law. It hasn’t helped majority of people with mmj cards. People are being forced to go back to pharmaceutical prescriptions and being denied their more effective choice of medicine, cannabis. It’s not right to continue down the path that it is on right now by violating mmj card holders probation for using their meds. I am deeply affected by this aswell. The new bill would make it so that anyone who was convicted of a mmj related crime would be the only people not allowed to use while on probation. The bill would eliminate the part of the law which people can be denied for an assessment and the section that says “to complete the goals of sentencing” part of this bill that most people are being denied for. I am very hopeful for this to pass it just passed the first portion of the general assembly a 11-0 yes vote. It still has a couple more phases to go through then it will be sent to the governor. If this passes the only reason they will be able to deny it is if your crime was a mmj crime.

  • James Woods

    If a judge can still say no to it then what was the purpose of the house bill?

  • James Woods

    So is there anyway for me to fight it

  • James Woods

    Ya the judge said he is Court ordering no medical there wasn’t any reason givin

  • Rudy Garcia

    The judge has the ultimate decision on either to allow it or deny it under the law. So it’s up to them pretty much. They are denying for any reason they want because most judges are just morally not accepting it. Did they tell you that they aren’t going to allow it?

  • James Woods

    So if a colorado judge court orders no medical pot does that bypass house bill1267

  • Rudy Garcia

    In your other post it says you got a 4 year deferred for felony menacing? I understand the same thing happened to me mine was not drug related at all. They will deny for any reason possible. People with pharmaceutical prescriptions for opiates and benzos can still use while being drug tested but they won’t let people use a natural plant. It’s ridicolous if you ask me. This law hasn’t helped the majority of mmj patients that really need it.

  • jamesmitchem85

    The issue is I’m being tested for drugs and I don’t have a drug conviction. I was charged with a DUI and I want guilty so I took a deal for a petty offense.