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Phnom Penh Marijuana Strain Review


phnom phen cannabis strainPhnom Penh Medicinal Marijuana Strain Review

From: The High Country

Grade: B

Type: Hybrid. Sativa dominant supposedly (Powerplant x Thai x Haze or Cambodian x Thai x Haze?)

Price: $45/8th

Appearance: Looked like some shwag until photographed, then it was one of the more intriguing buds I’ve seen.

Aroma: Sweet tea and sage.

Taste: Not much but I did notice a hint of lemon/sweet.

phnom phen marijuana strain

Buzz Type: Very calming, not overpowering and very much functional, but I was left a little agitated. Felt like a good hybrid, or a conflicted Indica that let its sativa out to play (not exactly like the Sativa dominated buzz I expected). I was able to stay motivated and sharp — productive.

Buzz Length: Medium. 1.5 hours

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors — personal opinion ONLY) Not a pain strain in my opinion. Good for anxiety and other psychological issues.

Overall: I was very excited to try this strain because it seemed exotic, and it is. It’s very calm and steady and a good working strain but not one I would recommend for pain. Might work for anxiety, and is a good morning medicine.

phnom phen cannabis strain

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  1. Um no if you have anxiety smoking almost any haze plant will send you home crying or to the ER very bad advice man.

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