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Police Officer Gets Gag Order For Talking Publicly About Marijuana Decriminalization


The story of Missouri police officer Gary Wiegert is a prime example of just how hard people will fight to keep marijuana illegal. For those of you that don’t know, Gary Wiegert was hired by the Show-Me Cannabis Regulation lobbying group to help lobby for marijuana reform in Missouri. After his bosses found out, he was issued a gag order to cease his activities. What about First Amendment rights you ask? Apparently they don’t matter when it comes to fighting for sensible marijuana reform. Below is a video about Mr. Wiegert’s fight.


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  1. badweatherrr on

    I disagree, a veteran Marine friend of mine puts it best: “When I joined the marines I didn’t lose the rights I’m supposedly fighting for.”

    It becomes a difficult discussion certainly, but a cop has first amendment rights just like everyone else. Gag orders unless they are to guarantee a fair trial buy a jury of your peers, have no place in a democracy.

    Both sides can’t be wrong either. Either they’re right to gag him,
    because he’s damaging an active case, or they’re wrong and violating his
    first amendment rights.

    The only reason to prevent a cop from saying anything about the war on drugs is because who could more accurately describe its abject failure than a cop involved in the day to day futility of it all. The case he’s damaging is the idea that the war on drugs is a success and that we should continue wasting billions on building a police state apparatus.

  2. Using his position as a cop crosses the line. But, on the other hand, cops on the other side of the issue, are regularly political while in uniform. Both sides are wrong, in my opinion.

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