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Poll Shows Overwhelming Support For Texas Medical Marijuana Legalization


Texas is way overdue when it comes to marijuana reform. Whether it be medical marijuana, marijuana decriminalization, or even recreational marijuana, reform is desperately needed in the lone star state. Every state should have a medical marijuana program because there are suffering patients in every state, and Texas is no exception. There is a poll currently running on Biz Journals which asks the question, ‘should Texas legalize medical marijuana?’ Below are the results as of this posting:

medical marijuana poll texas

Now obviously, this is an internet based poll, so take the results for what you will. However, it’s still encouraging to see such a high level of support. I would be curious to see if a poll were conducted asking the same question but through more traditional means. I would imagine that the results would be less favorable, but not by too much.

I would like to see a thorough poll conducted in Texas that not only asks if medical marijuana should be legalized, but about specifics too. Should Texas allow home cultivation? Should Texas allow medical marijuana dispensaries? What conditions should qualify for medical marijuana? Those details are very important when it comes to drafting legislation to create a medical marijuana program.


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  1. wendy boston on

    I think they should justo because for one everyone that needs it has to leave thier homes to get the medicine that would make them better second all these people going to jail for bull… And third… Do you know the state of Texas would make more money selling marijuana then the money they make putting people In jail… Im for it 100%!!!!! -leagalize it

  2. Daniel Dahill on

    There is a young girl called Jalene that has a PNET tumour that is in desperate need of oil. It’s ridiculous that people still can’t use it even though for hundreds of years it’s been proven to help, money,greed and power is what stands in its way. If something was to happen to Jalene without this being offered then my mission in life becomes to expose the corruption of pharmaceutical companies. Life should always come before profit.

    Facebook- Jalene’s Journey

  3. What is the possibility of medical cannabis being legalized in 2015 for texas? I would love to know in detail and honesty.

  4. CBD is completely legal everywhere, you can even get it off of eBay. Texas needs to get their heads out of their asses and realize crime rates, accidents, and aggressiveness will go down and profit for the state will go way up. Colorado is now out of debt because of medical and recreational marijuana.

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