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Portland Police – What Citizens Need To Know About Washington’s New Marijuana Law


The Portland Police Department Releases A Video Telling Oregonians What They Need To Know About Washington’s Marijuana Law

The Portland Police Department (Oregon) released the following video and message telling Oregonians what they need to know about legalized marijuana in Washington. The Seattle Police Department did a similar thing in the form of an article leading up to what many are now calling ‘Repeal Day.’


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  • The Portland police department is using craigslist to track phone numbers, emails and addresses of OMMP cardholders

    • That ain’t cool. I guess if you’re not too bright you would sell stuff on CL but risky alright.

  • JamesKelso

    I can’t listen right now. My cat chewed my speaker wire. Even without sound, I can see the video is 12 seconds too long.

  • It was good of them to clear up some of the confusion concerning the new laws.

  • Cyrus Palmer

    What a stupid slogan at the end. If it gets you high, do it in the Evergreen state? Doesn’t Portland have the most breweries per capita of all us cities? How about ‘Go to Washington to get high, come to Oregon to get sloshed!’

  • ya wish i would have gotten that instead of gettin almost thrown in prison in nd for a HO in my own home …. f nd

  • TheMiddleMan

    If only Canadian law enforcement was this proactive. Hopefully our right wing leaders will see the advantages to legalization and taxation. Hell, even Snoop is down with taxation, what does that tell you?! :)

  • The officer doesn’t seem too concerned with federal regulations. I guess seeing the effects of crack, meth and all that other stuff puts it all into perspective. I hope many other states follow suit. Maybe the feds will see how ridiculous it is to keep this prohibition going on marijuana.