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Prague Is A Marijuana Friendly City


Czech marijuanaThe Capital City Of The Czech Republic Is Marijuana Friendly

Ninjasmoker and I had the privilege of meeting Burny Canterbury, the author over at KushSmoke.com. If TWB readers get a chance, check out his site, it’s fantastic. While we were all smoking bowls and talking the toke, we were talking about marijuana friendly towns. Below is a great article that Burny Canterbury wrote about the marijuana friendly city of Prague, Czech Republic:

Our friends over at the Weed Blog posed an interesting question the other day: do you live in a marijuana friendly city? Well, there’s really too many cities/states/countries with an affinity for Jack Herer and OG Kush to name them all. But there is one city that, from personal experience, stands out to me as a danky delight of a city, and that’s Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic.

Prague is essentially Eastern European’s version of Amsterdam (or the closest thing Eastern European has to the ‘Dam). No, marijuana is by no means “legal” in Prague, but for all intents and purposes, it might as well be. Speak to any ex-pat who resides in Prague or any college student who studied abroad (or spent a weekend in the city) and they’ll likely give you similar answers—the bud available in Prague is solid, cheap, and easy to come by.

There are two places that “those in the know” (or really, anyone who knows how to find nugs in a foreign city) go to for their buds: Chapeau Rouge and the Tulip Cafe. Neither of these places operate like normal dispensaries or coffee shops in Prague. There are no fancy counters, seasoned budtenders or tons of strains on a menu to help you find your bud. The people who sell weed in Prague do so out of backpacks and are by no means “employed” by the places they set up shop.

Chapeau Rouge, a three storied club, is famous for attracting students studying abroad who want to party till the sun comes up (and beyond). But it’s also one of the easiest places in the world to find weed. If you walk to the bathroom on the bottom (dance) floor in Chapeau Rouge, there’s a line of (mostly dark skinned) dealers dishing out dime bags and eighths of relatively good bud (along with some other treats). I only recommend going there if you’re trying to party, or it’s late at night and are desperate for a fix. And it’s of course totally cool to light up anywhere in the club/bar/den of late night body odor.

The Tulip Cafe is more of a daytime/chilled out spot to get and burn some bud at. It’s a chill cafe that I was directed to my first day in Prague, some four years ago. The Cafe has an upstairs and downstairs area, where Bob Marley is most likely playing from the speakers. When I went, it wasn’t crowded—maybe two or three groups of a people drinking beers. If you go downstairs, there will be most likely be someone who can direct you to someone (usually the person with a backpack) who’s got the sticky icky. While you can’t blaze in the actual cafe, it has a nice outdoor patio area/blazing lounge.

And then, of course, then there’s the common, standard (and kind of forgotten, at least in California) way to get bud: directly from a friend or a standard dealer you or a friend knows. Simply put, there’s a ton of people in Prague that love to smoke weed (especially for Eastern Europe), and there’s a ton of people out there quenching this thirst. Yes, Prague’s reefer romance can be partially attributed to the plethora of ex-pats that inhabit the city. There are also a ton of grow shops located in Prague (over 200), and when there’s plants, there’s usually cannabis seeds, and grow operations.

So in conclusion, really, if you walk into any decently populated club in Prague, you’ll either find someone who’s got bud or someone that can direct you towards the magical plant. It’s just everywhere.

As a footnote, if you’re in Prague, also be sure to check out Cross Club, one of the coolest bars/clubs you’ll ever go to. The entire building was built from used parts of buses and trains (the seats, etc.), and is definitely unlike any other club you’ve been. The three storied bar/club is quite the trip, is Kush-friendly, and will have some sweet lights and music playing.

Personally, I found Prague to be a much more enjoyable city than Amsterdam for a few of these reasons. Prague isn’t just about the nug—yeah it’s there, but unlike the ‘Dam, it’s not like you HAVE to try out as many strains and hit up as many coffe shops as possible. Prague’s bud scene has got much more of an underground, cooler feel to it. And of course, Prague has an incredible nightlife (and plenty of other “party favors”) that stays up literally till dawn and shits on Amsterdam’s across the board—the strippers are definitely cheaper too.

This piece was written by Kush Smoke and republished with permission.


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  1. Anyone in Prague at the moment ?? Just arrived and could use some help getting my hands on some

  2. how can someone expect me to send him money over western union before i receive or even seen his stuff!!! what a joke!!!

  3. Chapeau Rouge is good place to buy marijuana but not form any one, there are Arab in the morning that sell sheet ,don’t buy there kok try before you buy and if you have doubts it don’t buy!

  4. Jimmy TwoTimes on

    Hey people! You shouldn’t smoke if you aren’t smart enough to get stuff, wherever you are. Don’t be such a pussies asking for weeds via email. If you can’t recognize people who are in bussines, give a break.

  5. I went to Chapeau Rouge, and the process to get it was very long. I did however meet a nice and friendly guy by the name Jason who gave me some potent grass stronger than the one at chapeau for a cheaper price. He did however give me his email address as I did not have a Czech number. I gave his email to a few of my coworkers and they all were impressed. His email is tapinda28@hotmail.com

  6. Just go to Chapeau Rouge! Sit down, order a bear and taje a piss. Thats it. Cheap and nice. We went a couple of times. Everytime best quality!!

  7. Kerry Fritz II on

    Whoever has started the rumor that marijuana is legal in Czech. Republic should tell the Czech. people. I arrived Saturday and got to Prague today and it took a long time just to find some to buy under the table – and it is very expensive – works out to about 50 USD for 4 grams.

  8. There are also plent of people selling in the old square but I’d avoid them u’ll get a better deal In a bar

  9. Was there last week there’s a place called either reggae cafe or reggae bar I can’t remember. Anyway if you go there there is a cupl of black dudes either standing outside or somewhere inside that will offer you some, you can then smoke it in the VIP lounge which is actually just a room with a sofa and few chairs

  10. Hello, I live in Austria and I’m going to Prague in one week. I also smoke in Austria so i don’t want to miss it in Prague and I would really appreciate if someone could help me finding a nice location or something ;)


  11. Me and my other half are visiting prague this week and we are seasoned ganja smokers. If anybody could hook us up whilst we are there it would be much appreciated! And of course if its creme, ill make it worth your while ;)


  12. Hello.. I will be staying in Prague 1 in one week and looking for good quality bud. No dirt or garbage. Does anyone know a specific spot i can go to to purchase it?


  13. Did you get this from the black Africans? Because they’re the only guys I ever see there and they always rip me off..How did you manage that golden nugget man?

  14. I’ve just arrived in the area and a friend of mine imports ‘bolivian gold’ some well sweet rez got about 1kg of it looking for 250czk on the gram but this is the best golden hash you ever saw, and my grams are NEVER light. Better in bulk hit me up on boliviangoldprague@gmail.com

  15. lol, I think “Hi Bud” is right, this is BS. Especially when I see how quickly Raoul replied to that post. He really “cares”, lol. With C.R it’s either quality and no quantity or a gram of shwag (though some can even be stingy on the shwag).

  16. Oh also, if you want to find good weed, you’ve got to come to the Cannafest. You will meet countless quality growers with some of Czech’s most beautiful plants. Prices are above average but don’t be cheap and pay. As a grower once explained, a plant can spend it’s energy growing taller and taller (which will give you a nice yield) or it starts saving its energy for resin/thc production (quality buds). So if you see some quality weed that is just slightly more expensive than average, don’t complain. The grower has already made a huge financial sacrifice by growing 100g of quality weed vs 500g of commercial stuff, the least you can do is recognize it and give him a bit more for it. You know that even though it’s slightly more expensive, he’ll never make as much as the commercial grower.

  17. Hey Johnny Green I see you’re from Oregon. Is it true that in Oregon you can’t buy or sell marijuana but you can smoke the drug on your own property? How does that work?

  18. Bud, I swear to God on a stack of bibles I’m serious like cancer. I got that and I don’t work there.

    Here’s how it went down:

    I was on vacation in Prague with my wife in late September. The wife

    wanted to go shopping, so I had a few hours to kill in the afternoon. Made my way over to cr. Walk in the door, order a beer, make eye contact with the “dude”. Ten minutes later, I’m walking out with that tasty little nugget in my pocket. Easiest frickin’ thing I ever did in my life. Who

    knows? Maybe I just got super lucky. Also, that isn’t even the whole bud

    in the picture. Add about another quarter to the overall size. That’s how big it was. Couldn’t even finish it. AAMOF, if you find yourself in room 308

    at the Golden Wheel Hotel, you might want to look on the top shelf in the closet. The rest of that might be there in a cigarette packet.

    To wouldntyouliketoknow

    I apologize if my post pissed you off. It was never my intention to fuck with your business. It just seems that with the tone here everything is an open secret.



    btw more pics

  19. Raoul, you wouldn’t happen to work at Chapeau Rouge by any chance? I’ve NEVER seen anything remotely connected to that picture you got..Why do you thing CR has such a bad rep? Lol…Come on, this is a serious blog about people looking for good weed, not lies.

  20. wouldntyou liketoknow on

    What is this, amateur hour? I had to get out of the country and lose my business overnight because of what is blatantly being said around here. We’re not selling oranges here. Be more vague! That’s my freedom we’re talking about.

  21. no worries about scoring in Prague! I was just there a week ago and picked up a beauty at the Chapeau for 250! good times!

  22. Hi,I’m visiting Prague next month so i wanna score some weed!!i’ve been in Prague once and i always score in C.R but they r not fair!!if you can help me next month please contact me on my e-mail d.plantak1911@gmail.com thanks ;)

  23. I am coming with some friends to Prague in a month or so could any local or anyone who is staying there around the 8th october send me an email Ill treat you for some good weed just need the places/names of people . Thank you !

  24. This isn’t Eastern Europe. It was once considered so because it was under the helm of the once mighty USSR. It’s Central Europe, just as it was when Czechoslovakia was declared an independent nation. And I smoked plenty of times inside Tulip before its demise. Don’t forget Kenny’s Island in Zizkov.

  25. Im going on trip to Prague next week and I want to know if there is some sort of ganja shop in city? You know, stuff like bongs, pipes, weed shirts and other. Plzz mail me Medjas@live.com if you have some info. Thank you :D

  26. First of all, Republic is not Eastern Europe. The Soviet Union is gone, boyo, which is why Czechoslovakia was considered Eastern Europe. That’s all over. Secondly, since when can’t you smoke in Tulip?

  27. hey man i live in prague for about a decade now and just wanted to get your input on what you wrote. I m kinda looking for a regular supplier cause tired of getting ripped off at chapeu! im looking to buy about an eighth a week can you help? heres my email : cfcblue2012@gmail.com let me know if you can help id really appreciate it.

  28. I live in Prague and I can give you a bit of advice. Everyone will tell you about Chapoe Rouge (a bar) as the most obvious place to get some smoke. This is the tourist place to go to, the most obvious. They will most likely sell you less than 1g and overpriced. Trust me, I measured every single time I got it and it was ALWAYS way less. Maybe some people get a fair amount but that is only if you know the guys. Otherwise, expect to be ripped off. I know quite a few dealers there and its very obvious when they sell to me they give me a more fair amount (although still overpriced) but when they sell to some of my friends its like 0.5 instead of 1g (I measure).

    The standard price (today at least) is 200czk for 1g. If anyone is charging you more than that you’re being ripped off. Don’t buy from anyone on the street. I normally buy from my guy at 150czk for a g but thats a pretty good price. I also buy in larger quantities.

    Chances are, since you’re a foreigner, they will try to rip you off. I am also a foreigner here and I have to deal with that crap at almost any new place. If you have some connection that is the best way to get stuff. Otherwise there are a few bars but they often close, reopen under new ownership, close again and so on. Some of these include Styx, Tank Bar, ChillOut(not anymore I think), Voodoo bar, and more. These bars are often quite “hidden” and aren’t very clean or particularly nice looking. Quite often the doors are actually locked and you have to be buzzed in. Very few people speak English in them and they’re often full of locals so anyone coming from the outside is looked at with some skepticism. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone will try to rip you off but I honestly think it depends on how foreign you appear. The easiest place is definitely Chapoe Rogue, but you will definitely get ripped off there.

    If you manage to find a place and get some smoke, enjoying it shouldn’t be a problem. Most of these places (except Chapoe Rouge) allow you to smoke inside. But I find the parks in Prague to be the best place to smoke. No one will look at you strange and you might even meet some people that way. Other than that, many Czechs just roll it up in a pub, take it outside to smoke, and come back to the pub. I quite like to smoke at Metronome in Letna park (google metronome prague) and there are a few benches in the Riegrovy Sady park that have an awesome view. Incidentally they make for quite popular smoking places so you will probably not be alone.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your trip and good luck finding some smoke :)

  29. I emailed emilie & got a reply with in ten minutes. Me & my girlfriend are going in October, we love smoking & relaxing. Tips for places to go & enjoy a smoke?!

  30. Man, contact Emilie, dank stuff, weill -weighed, green, not wet, no tricks or stunts, the real stuff. You can find out how to contact him on the prague life blog. Great advice there too.

  31. I buy at Chapeau becouse it’s central and one pusher there is just amazing, a real cool guy, but i smoke at kavarna slavia ;)

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