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Purple Cheese Marijuana Strain Pictures


Purple Cheese Marijuana Strain

I have smoked a lot of purple marijuana strains in my days. And I’ve smoked the cheese marijuana strain. But I have never smoked the combo. If you have some of this, and you are going to the SF Cup this weekend in the Bay Area, I have one question…Can we be friends? :)

Enso Wellness

purple cheese marijuana strain

purple cheese marijuana strain

420 Caregivers

purple cheese marijuana strain

purple cheese marijuana strain


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  • james

    This is good weed if grown properly. I got some at the local high quality shop in the Netherlands. Lucky me.

  • don305

    This bud is not all that its ok gets you high for like 2 or 3 hours, it smells like old cheese really heavy smell… its a 8 out of 10

  • Jono

    Hey guys just mixed a bud of cheese and a bud of purple it’s fuckn amazing .. I ya a tried banana kush last week defenantly some of the best smoke I’ve seen for awhile

  • one of the BEst Purp Strains i Smoked when It COmes to Hybrid

  • Midnight run

    Oh and my two phenos are sacred. when i get to a medi state im gonna spread these cuts like the crabs!!!!!

  • Midnight train

    Whooop whooop. Tga ‘s cheesequake is the cheese purple cross. Omfg the BEST SMELL EVER. ANYONE WHO SMELLS THIS BUD IS LIKE HOLY SHIT THATS AMAZING!!!!.
    And a cheesquake tested at a unheard of 5.0% cbd.
    before that test though everyone who grew cheesequake said it was the most narcotic herb they’d had. these two flavors madhed together combine to.make a true hybrid that will stand the test of time…..and prohibition.