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Purple Heart Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Purple Heart Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The Purple Heart marijuana strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. Purple Heart is a cross between lionheart and purple kush. I personally love purple strains because they pack a punch. The Purple Heart marijuana strain is very strong, and is highly recommended to those that are trying to experience the ‘higher high.’ It’s not as purple as other strains, but definitely has some purple tinge on the leaves. The Purple Heart marijuana strain can be grown indoor or outdoor with great success. Average flowering time for indoor plants is roughly 7-8 weeks. The Purple Heart marijuana strain is great for those suffering from pain and especially for those needing to sleep.

Check out the Purple Heart marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Purple Heart, and how Purple Heart affects various ailments.

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purple heart marijuana strain


purple heart marijuana strain


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