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Rand Paul: Jeb Bush Is A Marijuana Hypocrite

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In a recent article in the Boston Globe, it became known that while Jeb Bush was in boarding school he consumed marijuana, and even sold some hash to at least on of his classmates. It’s fairly common to hear about someone Jeb Bush’s age having consumed marijuana. But what makes the revelations significant is that Jeb Bush adamantly opposes marijuana reform. Jeb Bush has made it very clear throughout the years that he feels those that consume marijuana, and especially those that sell hash, should be prosecuted. What Jeb Bush dismisses as ‘just part of growing up’ when it applies to him, is something that he feels other should go to jail for and have a criminal record for.

This hypocritical stance has drawn some harsh comments from Rand Paul. Per CBS News:

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, accused Jeb Bush of “hypocrisy” Friday after a report in the Boston Globe chronicled Bush’s marijuana use during high school. Bush, a former Florida governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate, opposes the use of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

“This is a guy who now admits he smoked marijuana but he wants to put people in jail who do,” Paul, who’s also mulling a presidential bid, said during an interview with The Hill newspaper. “You would think he’d have a little more understanding, then.”

In the Globe’s report, Bush acknowledged some experimentation with the drug during his time at Phillips Academy in Andover, an elite private boarding school in Massachusetts.

Jeb Bush wants to become President of the United States. If elected, he would join his father and older brother in doing so. That would be a disaster for marijuana reform, as I’m sure Jeb Bush would do everything he could to halt, if not reverse, all of the marijuana victories the movement has achieved since George W. Bush left office. How sad would that be knowing that Jeb Bush himself consumed and even sold marijuana at one point in his life. Jeb Bush truly is a hypocrite.


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  1. One positive does come out of federal cannabis prohibition.

    Since large corporations (I am not anti-corporation) won’t touch cannabis right now, small time growers are dominating the market, especially in Colorado. There is a lot of very high quality cannabis being produced and bred in Colorado right now.

    While there would be a market for high quality cannabis no matter what, the feds are in a way ensuring that there will be small growers and very high quality cannabis.

    That being said it is time that cannabis is removed from schedule one status. Removed, not rescheduled.

    If a president is elected in the next election that wants to enforce federal cannabis laws we can finally have a long overdue state’s rights showdown.

    The prohibitionists have painted themselves in a corner and are doomed.

  2. Damn right he’s a hypocrite. “This is a guy who now admits he smoked marijuana but he wants to put people in jail who do,” pretty much sums it up. And if he is hypocritical about that you can be sure he will be that way on other issues too.

    He won’t get my vote.

  3. In my neck of the woods, we have an old saying, “isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black”? “Both” of them need to burn one and chill because neither has a chance if the voters can read. peace

  4. The Keynesian approach, when applied to new tech invested in your home country, can work and it did in this instance. Alternative tech has done nothing but grow with the grants given out. We now produce the most wind energy in the world [just in total output, not significant enough to stem the tide of global warming]. Basically every car company in America is now offering a hybrid. More biodiesel and ethanol is being produced than ever before.
    Conversely, the failed PPAHCA will long be remembered as the single largest payoff to a corporate entity since Clinton handed over our communications towers to five major media outlets. Additionally, the feds were purchasing corporate bonds at a rate of 60-80billion dollars a month for a period of a year, stabilizing the market, thus creating the appearance of a healthy economy, but really just another pay off to those who funded his campaigns. We have not seen real job growth [by this I mean jobs that are 40hrs a week, with full benefits med/dent/eye, retirement, paid vacation, paid sick leave, paid maternity leave, etc] for a couple years.
    I could go on and on about how bad his administration has been, but it still pales in comparison to what George Jr. brought us.

  5. I pray to that God helps us all to have patience with one another, and pray that folk will stop hating on the folks who use cannabis for this that or the other, so that those who do enjoy the benefits of cannabis would be allowed to work in factories so that they needn’t have to ever be closed down, due to wrongful discrimination, and that meanness i do not think any one wants around, i pray that we will all be treated with respect, so that love, can more easily be felt, and seen, not just looked at as some grand allusional, to where folks will no longer think that the love of lack of cannabis, does not necessarily indicate that type of person’s character, i love the cosmical thought of togetherness, and know though that on the other hand that if people want to not allow us our due freedom, but rather to have us be their slaves, maybe the folk who like cannabis should be separated, segregated form those who hate it, just to instil peace, is one possible scenario, and it doesn’t matter the color of skin, what matters most is the love we have for another, still though, a separation of people does not seem right, as it boundaries on secrecy that i would personally care to see, as too many people miss out on that kind of think, you see, love out to the good folk, no matte the skin hue, man, this thirst, i need to re-up my mountain dew, American idol sure did display some great talent, and sang with all their heart, what great entertainment, and it warmed my heart to see and hear that, sometimes i have been told, that the thing on light poles is not a camera, but rather just a light sensor, like a cds cell, or a photo cell, which when it senses the lack of light, it turns on the street lamp to keep the area illuminated at nite, i just do not think he understands, he suggested that the dealers of cannabis to those who need and want it should be curtailed, so that they can pass the discriminatory urinalysis so that they will not be themselves, if they want to toke, they are asked to stop being their selves, or risk starving? if people want respect that have to give it, that is not doing unto another as you would want to be treated, i believe if he really wanted to get along, he would not call folks selling weed disgusting people or whatever he said, that is just wrong, and for rt to display the messages of hate, does no thing to bring the country back to togetherness, at which time, we all can celebrate freedom for all, and we all can get on with our lives, and all
    much love to the good folk and to God above
    better go before i get another ticket, no one told me they ticked after 5, what a rip, and it doubles if it isn’t paid soon, sheesh
    what do they want from us?

  6. Yes, they can be that stupid. Remember that they re-elected W even after the catastrophe in Iraq. I was surprised that he would even vote for himself. Many will blame Obama for the sorry state of the economy (it has improved greatly since 2008) and the debacle in the Middle East (which was primarily unleashed by the chaos created by W’s war in 2003.)

  7. How typical of America today. One of the serious contenders for the highest public office in the land starts of his bid for president with a lie. Sorry, Jeb, but your easily ditched morality for the sake of expedience kind of tips me off as to how you (at the urging of your “aides”) intend to deal with any and all problems of any and all levels of severity. Gosh, Jeb, what the fark are you going to say when somebody calls you on something serious?
    Truely, would you want some weenie kneed compulsive liar trying to make, “Oh, I smoked but I didn’t inhale.” sound like a serious, grown up statement? What I would give for a man to walk out in front of the people and say, “Yeah, I smoked dope. I was in college and I liked it. But then I grew up and I don’t do that anymore. I quit (40, 50) years ago and that’s it. Now f**k off! Now, let’s head over to Clancy’s Bar and Grill and I’ll answer some more questions of a beer or two.”
    We are so screwed.

  8. You probably won’t have to make that vote any time soon. Even today, it’s very unlikely any viable candidate would advocate full legalization. The best we can hope for is someone who calls for reform and reclassification to a lower schedule. And, of course, we can all hope for dismantling the DEA.

  9. Right. All the intelligent folks voted for John McCain and Mitt Romney, because they wouldn’t have involved us in those insane wars. Hahahaha!

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