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Remember When People Grew Marijuana For Quality Not Quantity?


cannabis gardenTwo days ago an older friend came and visited me for the first time in awhile. He had a nugget of some of the finest marijuana I have seen in the last five to ten years. He didn’t know what strain it was, but quite frankly, I didn’t care because it was so good. The smell, the look, the taste – it was all there. I told him how it’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen marijuana that good and asked him where he got it. He gave me a classic story about his friend ‘grew it, but he doesn’t sell it because it takes so long to harvest and yields so much.’ He went on to say ‘he only grows it so he has it for his best friends and for special occasions.’

It’s been years since I heard someone say those words. It seems like everyone and their grandma grows marijuana now, and almost all of them are growing for high yields. That’s not to say that those same growers don’t want the best quality too, but when it comes to motivation, quantity over quantity is the name of the game these days. Profit and greed have taken over. I’ve heard many, many growers boast about how much yield they got per plant, only to quickly follow it up with something like ‘it isn’t the best, but I got so much of it that it more than makes up for it.’

That’s fine from a profiteer standpoint, but as someone that doesn’t grow anymore, yet wants to ride the highest high, I wish more people would be like the first grower as opposed to the second grower. There is SO MUCH mediocre marijuana on the West Coast right now it’s insane. If I see someone’s ‘monster Blue Dream harvest’ one more time, and it’s not top shelf but there’s ‘a lot of it,’ I’m going to start naming names lol. OK, not really, but seriously people, where’s the growers that are growing for the best quality possible, period? I know you are out there. I have seen some Kosher Kush in Colorado that fit the bill, and there are a couple of growers I know here in Oregon that are coming with it.

What about in your area? Have you seen a decrease in quality but an increase in quantity in your area? Do you still know people that have been coming the same way for over a decade? Do you know of a safe access point that is packing the top shelf nugs? If so, feel free to give a shout out!


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  • Glo

    I’ve been saying this shit for five years now! I knew something wasn’t right!

  • paul80033

    LOL, no. Amsterdam hasnt been a the meca for good weed in like 10 years. Times change dude, Cali and colorado are the world renowned places now. Not saying you cant get good weed there but now adays the best of the best genetics/strains etc come out of California, Colorado or Oregon

  • I live in Amsterdam so I get the highest quality strains anywhere and everywhere :)

  • painkills2

    Looking for a quality sativa strain in New Mexico…

  • painkills2

    You’re just on the wrong discussion thread, that’s all. Try the “Grower Tips” tab under Article Categories on the top right hand side of your screen.

  • thw4ck

    Vietnam Black :)

  • Babs

    So exactly what do you have to do to grow better weed? Everyone on here is bragging about what great weed they grow but I don’t hear anyone saying what they do that makes it so much better. Nutrients, hydroponic, dirt, pruning, what?

  • Bud Shaw

    P Kush and Master Kush females all the way –

  • Chef Scotty

    In the 60’s not $60

  • metal mike

    People out here in alberta canada are all about quality kush, or atleast something close too !!!!

  • Urban Grower

    I still grow it for quality. Don’t know what is going to happen under the knew laws here in Canada. I am out after Mar 31, 2014 unless we win the injunction.

  • Dan

    I grow critical kush in Canada legally or at least for a few more months before they turn licenses growers into criminals. Ive reached the point of maximum potency, just beautiful. I also leave a little of the smallest leaves while I trim cause its so clean and so loaded with trichomes I feel its a waste to throw it all in oil or hash.

  • painkills2

    When I move to Colorado, where would I find such a knowledgeable fella like you? You know, since I don’t want to grow my own medicine.

  • Louis Arnold

    The Reveg effort is ongoing; I could pull clones now but will probably wait till after January.

    The Blue Dream is an awesome experience for those using it for pain.

  • painkills2

    “Do you still know people that have been coming the same way for over a decade?”
    I’m not sure what Mr. Green meant here, so I’m not sure how to respond… but I’ll try:
    Do most people come the same way, year after year, decade after decade?

  • Louis Arnold

    3 Plants… Sage and Sour, ChemDawg, and Bluedream. Grown in soil, and in Colorado’s Sunshine (Two on the back deck), and one in the ground (The Blue Dream). I grow for “me” and I am critical of outcome. I did a B+ effort this year IMO. I find I grow better than what the local bud shops offer. Hire me. I live in Colorado Springs (sorta). Yeah… I want $15 an hour plus Commission if you want someone who can actually do it.

  • Danielle Bullington

    My husband and I have this conversation all the time. It should be the best of the best. If I owned a shop I wouldn’t want to sell something I didn’t want want to smoke myself. Growers need to take pride in their product. It’s a beautiful thing when done right.

  • Chris

    Well damn I thought I was the only one left more leaves on my top notch!

  • Chris

    60 bucks? I remember when a dime bag cost a dime!

  • Mrvee

    Shop around , its a joke in the uk £10.00 a gram … Friends prices , 1.4g for £20 off the road . It needs taxing and legalising sooner rather than later ..

  • is that in English or a new form of language that uses numbers in words :) JK agree tho weed stops pain better then pills imo

  • zippyhippyinOR

    I have travelled alot and have been an avid smoker for over 40 years. After 7 years all over Cali (and 2 of those in Humboldt) I can honestly say I 100% agree. The weed everywhere but Santa Barbara county SUX! I am now in Oregon (and no longer grow), The mmj here is much cleaner and better grown. I dont see the signs of petroleum based ferts the way I did in cali, and the peeps in the biz seem much more down to earth. This was a very pleasant surprize. Congrats Oregon for reaffirming that profit and exceptional product CAN go hand in hand.