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Rule Changes for Medical Marijuana Centers in Colorado


For immediate release: March 18, 2011

Dept. of Revenue Releases New Regulations

Contact: Cannabis Therapy Institute, 877-420-4205

{Denver} — The Colorado Department of Revenue has promulgated 77 pages of
new rules relating to Medical Marijuana Centers (MMCs) in Colorado. These
new rules will go into effect July 1, 2011.

You can read the rules here:

It appears the DOR has tried to address security and privacy concerns of
patients, but they still fall far short of what is necessary to ensure
patient confidentiality. The new rules state that “Surveillance recordings
and clear still photos must be made available to the MMED and law
enforcement upon an administrative or law enforcement request demonstrating
that the information sought is relevant and material to a legitimate
regulatory or law enforcement inquiry.”

There is no definition of the word “legitimate”, so this would probably
require MMCs to give patient surveillance recordings to the DOR or any
other law enforcement agency on demand, unless the MMC was willing to go to
court to challenge the “legitimacy” of the request.

CTI is still analyzing these new rules and will have more comments soon.

CTI will be having several legal training sessions for these rules. Please
sign up on our email list for updates:


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