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Rules For Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales Announced In Colorado


colorado marijuana retail legal recreational stores rulesYesterday was a big day in Colorado, as rules for legal recreational marijuana sales were announced (actual sales don’t start until January). This is significant, because they are the first rules for legal marijuana sales in the nation, and will be looked at as the model for future states’ endeavors. Below are some of the highlights of the rules:

• A single package of an edible marijuana product cannot contain more than 100 milligrams of active THC, regardless of how many servings it contains.

• Labels on marijuana edibles have to list all ingredients and carry warnings including “The intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by two or more hours.”

• Colorado residents can buy up to an ounce of marijuana per visit to the retail outlet. Out-of-state residents can only buy up to a quarter-ounce of marijuana per visit.

• Licensed marijuana growers can’t sell directly to consumers, and marijuana can’t be consumed at a grow site.

• Marijuana has to be “unusable and unrecognizable” when it is thrown away.

• Testing facilities have to destroy the marijuana samples after they test them.

• Licensed marijuana sellers have to have video surveillance systems and commercial-grade locks.

Are you trying to open a marijuana retail outlet? If so, how is the process going? Are you a resident of Colorado and plan on purchasing your marijuana from one of these new retail outlets? Are you from another state and plan on visiting Colorado to purchase some marijuana? I’m from Oregon, where there is no shortage of superb marijuana. However, I plan on visiting Colorado anyways just to visit some shops once they are open because making an in store, legal purchase is something that has always been on my marijuana life bucket list!


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  • WI Native

    I found the answer after calling some dispensaries. You can buy them as an out-of-state resident. Call ahead and find out if the dispensary sells seeds because most don’t. This is the one I got through to that has seeds. https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/colorado/denver-north/medicine-man-denver

  • WI Native

    I think what you’re asking is can you buy seeds in CO as an out-of-state resident? This is my question as well. Check this link out and go to “Q: Where can I buy seeds?” on the page. Looks like out-of-state residents can buy seeds. Link: http://www.denverpost.com/homegarden/ci_24782729/growing-your-own-marijuana-colorado-legal-doesnt-mean

  • painkills2

    See my answer to WI Native, below…

  • painkills2
  • WI Native

    Yes someone please answer this. I’ve been looking everywhere and this question is not addressed anywhere.

  • Mr Knowitall

    6 plants per adult over 21. 3 plants budding per person ant any given time. Denver has a limit of 12 plants per household regardless of how many adults live at the property. Trinidad has not decided, as far as I know, whether to allow recreational shops or medicinal shops in town. As far as I know, Pueblo is Trinidad residents best bet.

  • Shawn

    Can somebody answer me this. Im from S.D. and want to order cannibus seeds. Is that illegal?

  • Mike

    One ounce per day. However, anyone over 21 can only possess 2 ounces at any time. If you’re thinking of stock piling, 1 you’ll be wasting your money, because even the good stuff can go stale. 2. You could be arrested for holding too much. And yes, your I.D., which is swiped when you enter the shop, will be locked out if you max for the day.

  • Mike

    I might be too late with this reply, but yes, it is illegal to transport any marijuana you buy in Colorado across state lines. It doesn’t matter if it’s by plane, train, car or bike. Our two largest airports are even banning possession and smoking at the airport. DIA just won’t allow it. Colorado Springs airport has amnesty boxes you can dump your weed into before you get to security.

  • ridenut

    are they selling in Trinidad either medical or recreational?

  • Malia Hernandez

    Yes it is! Even our dispensaries can not transport state to state, now small amounts for medical use can only travel to states that allow medical marijuana! They have a list of rules on Colorado government home page, look up rules & regulations of medical &recreational marijuana in Colorado that will answer alot of your questions :-)

  • Marlene

    Can somebody please answer my question? It may seem dumb but is it illegal to buy weed in Colorado and bring it back home to NV?? Planning a trip soon, so I was just wondering?! No smartass opinions please

  • 40yearswaiting

    We know how much you can buy at one time. How often can you buy? Will this be tracked?

  • 40yearswaiting

    We know how much you can buy at one time. How often can you buy? Will this be tracked?

  • aRacoonThatSmokes

    I’m so glad I moved here to this progressive state!