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Senator Feinstein’s Opposition To Marijuana Highlights Her Need To Go


dianne feinstein marijuana californiaFor a very long time politicians either didn’t publicly support marijuana reform, or outright opposed it publicly. It was very, very rare to hear a politician, especially a federal politician, express support for marijuana legalization. Those days are rapidly drawing to a close, as more and more politicians at every level are getting on the right side of history. One of those politicians that are clinging to the past with everything they have is California Senator Dianne Feinstein. Per the Los Angeles Times:

Feinstein and fellow Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) recently sent letters to top Obama administration officials decrying what they view as the White House’s leniency on pot. “The administration should account for remarks and policies that send a message of tolerance for illegal drugs,” Grassley said in a separate statement.

“Feinstein declined to discuss the letters, which reflect a sentiment that is going out of style back home,” notes Evan Halper of The Times.

Note to politicians: Expressing opinions wildly divergent from those of your constituents is not the typical path to follow. According to the polls, up to 60% of Californians favor outright legalization, not merely decriminalization.

I don’t understand why Senator Feinstein is still in office. How is she getting re-elected when she is clearly so far out of touch with her constituents? California voters deserve to have a Senator that represents them and their will, not someone that clings to failed policies of the past. If you live in California, please, for the sake of sanity and logic, do not re-elect Senator Feinstein.


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  • Apparition

    A “green tsunami” needs to bury these dinosaurs the next time they seek reelection.

    In addition to accumulating signatures for the next initiative, CA activists need to further infiltrate the two big parties and promote candidates who support an end to prohibition.

    Dismantling the prohibitionist culture from within, as well as externally, will expedite our success !

  • Apparition

    Yes, elections are rigged. And that isn’t new … anywhere.

    A few years back, while visiting the Bay area and meeting with the local medicinal & complete legalization activists, I posed to them that very question, “Why do y’all keep electing “her” (Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi) when they support prohibitionist positions on cannabis?”

    From those who had a rational answer, it was usually along the lines of the elected official being “right” on another pet issue of that particular voter.

  • michiganman

    Just another fossil that will disgust and amaze future generations. The clock draws down….the dark shadows enfold…the ignorant and malicious pass….then a new day dawns….yay.

  • michiganman

    Tamany Hall politicians in old New York bought votes then saved by just buying the inaccurate counting of votes. Yup could be happening here ever since diebold made their software secret and not available to the government for inspection. Amazing anyone agreed to this and almost no one knows about it!.

  • Whyiowa4medical

    I have placed this comment on Face Book as a food for thought!!! Most of the lawmakers that are fervently against cannabis legalization are ferociously anti-EPA. Why, the EPA could easily prove the secondary fact of GMO plant life. Deadly herbicide/pesticide drift!!! They (the EPA) wanted to simply check the dust on gravel roads, here in Iowa, to see if they could discover high levels of Pesticide/Herbicide drift. The dust raised on a gravel road in the summer can be seen for miles and would put you in mind of a strong contrail that follows most jets. When Grassley discovered this was the agenda of the EPA, he had congressional friends from Ag states join him in killing their project. Basically the EPA was told to leave and not come back. Iowa began talks of making cannabis medical, and allowing experts to grow the Charlotte’s Web strain in the state (the only legal form to date, but it must be smuggled in like heroin by suffering families). Grassley had to quickly remind the governor that all of these medical strains require stringent testing, enough testing to show just how deadly polluted we are as over-spraying with chemicals like I have never seen before has no limit placed on them, in reality. On paper there are restrictions, but in practice I have seen them all but take a flamethrower to “invasive weeds” which were here long before we were. A strain of hemp that grew on our farm and had worked its way up from the railroad (it was seeded there and harvested since WWII through the Korean war, then Du Pont’s synthetics made it unneeded) was fought by everything from 2, 4, D to Roundup, and this strain laughed in the face of sprays. Sort of like Paraquat in the 1970s, the landrace Columbian snubbed it’s mighty nose at this “deadly to annual dicot’s” spray. Something different has been unleashed on Ag states using GMOs as I can find no sign of the mighty forests of a breed so hardy that no flood nor prairie fire could erase this breed I kept unsprayed and traded seed to Cali growers for many of its unique characteristics. There is a reason no one wants Iowa plant life tested, and those working with Monsanto have a lot to do with this. I wonder what they would find in Iowa hemp, if I can find any that exists? If I find some I will send in for testing. Wanna’ bet what I’ll find besides the DEA at my door???

  • calvet11

    Please don’t use all caps. I agree with you, but tone down the letters.

  • Darryl

    I looked it up and she gets some money from Pharma (mostly Pfizer) and alcohol, but not as much as you would think. Pharmaceuticals was the 10th biggest industry source of funding for her last campaign, and alcohol was 18th. She didn’t get any big contributions from cops or prisons.

    I think she truly believes the dumb stuff she says about marijuana. I don’t know if this is worse or better than being controlled by interest groups. If she doesn’t change her stance, hopefully she is gone by 2019.

  • stellarvoyager

    The problem with term limits is they affect our allies as much as they affect our opponents. Why should someone be forced out if the voters want them in? It should be up to the voters.

  • reefer

    also prophylactic against Parkinson’s.