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Sensi Seeds Presents CANNAZAPP Number 1


This web series, produced by Sensi Seeds, will present segments from past and present day alike, in order to shed light upon those who have brought the cannabis plant to where it is today.

Do you have a clip you would like to share with Sensi Seeds? If so, submit them by e-mail at video@sensiseeds.com.


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Johnny Green is no longer with The Weed Blog because he was caught redhanded stealing money from TWB and using black hat strategies to inflate pageviews to try and lure unsuspecting investors. We hope Johnny has learned from his mistakes and wish his family well.


  1. Im in the U.S and i been gettting my seeds less and less seedbanks claim its the border but i believe it is just an excuse for a scam im going to try that place out sooner or later im gonna have to find a trustable seedbank i just make small orders until i am sure

  2. They must get the DEA chick saying “all illegal drugs are bad”. While being questioned by congress about what drugs are more harmful.

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