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Six Reasons Why Exercising Is Better When You Consume Marijuana


I received the following article from Anthony Franciosi, founder of The Honest Marijuana Company out of Colorado, and felt it was worth passing along. Exercising is important, and I think that cannabis is also important. Below are six reasons to combine the two:

exercising importance while consuming marijuana

(image via vanderbuilt.edu)

The words “marijuana” and “exercising” may not go together upon first glance, but they actually go hand in hand. The marriage of the two is something you may have not considered, but if you’re looking to get ripped–you really should.

Listen up.

Did you know that weed is actually the best thing you can do for your workout routine?

Sure, we know pot has the power to relieve pain and stress, but did you know it can also improve focus, increase metabolism, and make you BETTER at your favorite sports?

Let’s look at the facts.

Some of the most incredible athletes are actually pot smokers.

Don’t believe me? Hmmmm.

I mean, this may sound crazy, but think about it. Remember Michael Phelps? He has (had?) 22 Olympic medals and, as we all know, he’s a big fan of the reefer.

Okay, so he got in trouble and whatever, but seriously: If Phelps can smoke weed and be that great at swimming, wouldn’t you think it might play some part in his athletic achievement and while exercising?

If that’s not reason enough to introduce pot into your fitness regime, I’m really not sure what is.

But, in case you do need a little more convincing, here are 6 concrete reasons why exercising is better on weed:

  1. Weed raises your metabolism.

Let’s start with the basics so we can get the ball rolling on an explanation as to why you should be ROLLING a fatty before hitting the gym.

Marijuana can help speed up your metabolism so you can actually get a fat-burning boost before hitting the elliptical.

According to a study recorded in Men’s Journal: “The compounds THCV and cannabidiol found in marijuana may help raise metabolism, speed fat loss, and lower cholesterol.”

So, if you’re looking for a little something extra pre-workout, smoke a little weed. This might seem counter-intuitive but, nope, it really does help you while exercising.

Pot smokers are just thinner.

As Wellspring notes:

“American Journal of Medicine researchers have discovered that pot smokers actually have 16% higher levels of fasting insulin in their bodies than those who abstain from marijuana. In addition, the study indicated that cannabis users have 17% lower insulin resistance levels as well as significantly smaller average waist circumferences than their non-smoking counterparts.”

Controlled insulin levels are key to energy and weight-loss. Pot is good for insulin levels which means pot is good for your body.

  1. Weed reduces anxiety and gets you revved up to workout.

Strangely enough, weed is actually the key ingredient in pumping you up for a workout. After smoking, we feel more heightened and ready to take on the gym by storm.

As Stanford Medical School professor Keith Humphreys told Outside Magazine, “We have cannabinoid receptors throughout our brains, and when the THC hits those receptors, it triggers a system that reduces anxiety. That you would feel more aggressive is a natural reaction to the drug.”

So, while you might think that weed would chill you out and force you to complacently melt into the couch, forging the gym completely, it actually can help you get ready for your routine.

It reduces anxiety and pumps you up! Who knew?!

  1. Weed can make you better at sports.

Marijuana can literally make you better at the games you love to play. While participating in activities DRUNK might impair your judgment and compromise your performance, smoking weed will actually IMPROVE your skills.

In an interview with Men’s Journal, well-known triathlete Clifford Drusinsky, a Colorado gym owner who actually holds sessions where everyone gets high, said:

“Marijuana relaxes me and allows me to go into a controlled, meditational place. When I get high, I train smarter and focus on form.”

Since you’re relaxed after smoking, you’re automatically more aware of the tasks at hand, which of course is crucial to sports aptitude.

According to Business Insider, Outside Magazine correspondent Gordy Megroz said weed actually made him better at skiing. He said that once he got high, he felt really pumped up and was ready to take on all of the slopes.

So, there you have it, smoking weed improves sports and science says so. Take that, mom and dad!

  1. Weed helps your muscles recover.

You know what seriously blows about a super hardcore workout? Being super sore the next couple of days after. Luckily, the answer is even simpler than eating a ton of protein and having a trusty spotter: get high AF.

According to Megroz, smoking weed actually helped his muscles recover more quickly than going at it alone. He reported that when he did squats while high, he wouldn’t get as sore.

Smoking weed means the end of the muscle pain after workouts. Wouldn’t that make you just want to workout more? Hell yeah.

  1. Weed does the same thing as exercising.

STONERS, REJOICE! Here’s another zinger. Weed actually has a similar effect on your body that the gym has. LOL forever, amiright?!

According to Wellspring, marijuana can activate the same areas of the body that exercise can:

“As a group of lipids, fats, and cell receptors that THC bind to when smoking weed, the endocannabinoid system plays a prominent role in the neurological system for maintaining homeostasis for overall human health. In short, the endocannabinoid system is responsible for easing our pain, controlling our appetite, relieving our stress, influencing our mood, and even regulating our memory.”

So, think about combining the exercise AND pot! It’s like a recipe for happiness, wellness, and delight.

  1. Weed keeps you in the zone.

On top all the aforementioned, magical things weed can do to help improve your fitness strategy, it can also help you stay ultra-focused during your routine.

As Wellspring points out:

“Many long-distance runners admit to using vaporizers or edibles before participating in a marathon, because the cannabis enables them to remove the monotony and stay in a steady rhythmic zone for keeping at a competitive running speed.”

So if you’re looking to stay in the zone and improve your longevity like so many top performers (cough, Michael Phelps, cough) just light up!

Bio: Anthony Franciosi is the Founder of HonestMarijuana.com, an organic marijuana growery based on Colorado.


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  1. alex fictional cross dimension on

    cbn makes you go night night. They have cbn pills now but they are pretty expensive. As far as getting the freakies, run, swim, exercise you will burn it off.

  2. alex fictional cross dimension on

    I use to use korova’s they are the cheapest and strongest way to get the most mg. I would cut up a 500mg $20 bar into 16 pieces and individually wrap them in saranwrap. I have never liked edibles or the taste of them, I would have rather bought it in pure oil or pills but its more expensive. The cheapest way is actually buying weed butter, but its harder to carry it around, it melts easily, I guess in hindsight I could have made my own binding food snack.
    I actually quite smoking and using any thc.
    I cant say I will quite forever but right now hiking is still pleasurable and my dreams are intense. Last night I ate an edible in my dream, it became even more vivid.

  3. C’mon, haven’t you learned about causation and correlation yet? It’s something that should be always considered. How large was the candidate pool? Was there variation of candidates? Were there candidates from all social classes? If there weren’t lower class, middle class, and upper class test subjects then it wasn’t a very comprehensive study and frankly a waste of 30 years. Does *it* actually lower IQ in teens or are pot smoking teens simply less likely to be academically inclined due to their social setting and temperament?

  4. Alcohol and tobacco lobbyists were also fighting the legalization of marijuana, for obvious reasons…

  5. James Kupihea on

    considering anxiety is more than JUST a psychological experience http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK27961/…and that marijuana is well established as being able to help and cause anxiety depending on its chemistry….

    Cannabigerols (CBG);
    Cannabichromenes (CBC);
    Cannabidiols (CBD);
    Tetrahydrocannabinols (THC);
    Cannabinol (CBN) and cannabinodiol (CBDL);

    What I really don’t understand, is your inability to separate your two lines of thought.

    Let talk about your links.

    Link 1: Drug traffickers (testing positive to cocaine, marijuana, and oxycodone). Two men performing the most illegal action in the drug world, moving it between two countries. So because weed is in their system, you associate that with violence under threat of law enforcement? lets move on.

    Link 2: Same story as 1…literally the same story. Two men who are trafficking drugs. Actually, every story about weed is literally about these two guys.

    So this is your confirmation for your hypothesis. One story, about two guys high on everything under the sun, trying to traffic marijuana, while driving…and you blame the marijuana for anxiety-induced paranoia? So a stoned sniper is intent on assassinating a world leader…do you really think its weed anxiety that is bringing pressure to that situation?

    Case you make: Weak
    Evidence: Weak
    Discussion: Weak
    Evidence in reality:

    Here’s what we call real evidence for an argument.
    1974 – admitted old
    Two experiments tested whether laboratory stressors induce greater or more variable anxiety in marijuana-intoxicated subjects. In experiment 1, marijuana and placebo subjects were shown a motion picture film depicting dental procedures. In experiment 2, they were subjected to the stress of giving a short videotaped speach. We found no significant difference between marijuana and placebo subjects in anxiety response to these two stressors, as measured by a mood adjective rating scale.

    2007 – Social anxiety unrelated to marijuana use

    blah blah,

    Why do I argue my answer in the first place? Well first, even these positive studies and all cases cannot perfectly control for past problems with anxiety. People who have issues with anxiety tend to gravitate towards substance abuse as a coping mechanism. Just because people with anxiety gravitate towards substances, doesn’t imply that those substances make matters worse. Weed can totally influence your anxiety, but grown specifically not to, and not smoked heroically (ounce in a day), you shouldn’t be feeling paranoid if you’re not already susceptible to such states of being.

    The legality of anything, the DANGER of anything can add anxiety to a situation. BUT YOU CANNOT ARGUE, that the way you feel about something, and what that something physically does to your body is not the same thing. If you eat an apple, and something else you ingest along with the apple, makes you sick, doesn’t mean apples make you sick, even if you can’t eat them anymore for a while cause it reminds you of being sick.

    MOREOVER, i agree with you. we need to end this prohibition. But we should also stop spouting out bullshit using shoddy evidence.

  6. Considering that anxiety is a psychological experience, it cannot be considered “unrelated” to “how you feel.” Participating in any illegal activity naturally produces anxiety. Considering the level of violence law-enforcement has often chosen to use against cannabis users, this anxiety can rapidly escalate to extreme paranoia and become entirely unmanageable (as evidenced in these unfortunate cases: https://goo.gl/5CXlx4). For those fortunate enough to consume cannabis without the threat of a dangerous police encounter, any cannabis-induced anxiety is likely much more manageable, allowing the patient to experience the full range of comfort and other benefits cannabis can provide. For this reason, I look forward to the day when prohibition ends for everyone.

  7. James Kupihea on

    The anti-anxiety and paranoia experienced, are related to the concentration of different cannabanoids in the plant. Additional anxiety experienced due to how you feel about it being illegal is unrelated to the comfort it’s medicinal properties can provide.

  8. James Kupihea on

    Again, cognitive bias. I know some of the researchers personally. They’re graduate students, post docs, neurology researchers, they don’t and won’t make any money. Do you think scientists work for profit? Somehow you missed the point. There is no evidence. All papers are on the Internet, how else do you think we use them? Every single paper published in this country can be read. Some are not free, I have access to those, and the pattern is the same. The effects of Marijuana are indistinguishable from things like…just getting old. In direct comparison, the effects of alcohol are well known, and provide the user with nothing.

    How ignorant do you have to believe that people are manipulating these studies? Thousands of lab technicians came together in a conspiracy to get rich? Where are all these rich scientists, I’d like to meet even one.

    Moreover, 1) you did not attack my vice, I’m defending science over your made up cognitive bias. 2) You’ve still failed to cite your original source material, and you continue to make half assed assumptions, that’s the point here. 3) whether Marijuana is legalized, and where that money goes is of legal concern, and since you’re already an expert physiologist, biologist, and economist, I’m assuming you’re a lawyer too. Look at the surplus states that have legalized. Look at the health of their residents. Nothing has changed, except now those states have money to invest into infustructue.

    In short, I’m glad we have science, and people who know what they’re talking about. By the way, the only reason Marijuana was prohibited was due to lobbying by the North American timber industry. Hemp grows faster and requires less resources. Hemp paper was competing with timber paper, and still does. Hemp fiber was competing with cotton as well, another argument presented by the timber industry, though it wasn’t even their commodity. All of this information is available to you, should you every choose to release yourself from cognitive bias.

    If anything, try to learn that how you feel about something, and its reality, can be mutually exclusive.


    It’s funny when you attack someone’s Vice they have a thousand and one reasons why it’s okay all of your studies that are on internet’s are being manipulated by ones who are going to make billions off the legalization of marijuana

  10. James Kupihea on

    You cited no study. 30 years in the making? Tax brackets? Again, you’ve cited nothing.

    1) None of these past “studies” have controlled for simultaneous; narcotic abuse, alcohol abuse, pre-existing conditions, underlying degenerative diseases not yet diagnosed.

    2) IQ is fundamentally flawed, and anyone who studies neurological ability will defend that idea. How educated humans can possibly believe that intelligence can be quantified down to a single number is beyond me. scholar.google.com is your friend.

    Here’s some recent research:

    Association Between Lifetime Marijuana Use and Cognitive Function in Middle Age The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) Study

    Result: Verbal memory decreased by one word for every five years of use, but affected no other domains of cognitive function. However, even this result didn’t factor in results for studies like “Age-related sex differences in verbal memory” Bleecker et al. 1988. By the time you hit your 40’s you’ll see this pattern increase with time without drug use factored in. Even more interesting…your brain hits its peak and starts aging by your mid-20s http://mentalhealthdaily.com/2015/02/18/at-what-age-is-the-brain-fully-developed/

    Impact of adolescent marijuana use on intelligence: Results from two longitudinal twin studies

    Summary: They saw declines in cognitive function in marijuana users…that were not statistically different from their twins that abstained…

    Look…i can sit here all day and cite studies that both show and fail to show a relationship between marijuana and “IQ” or cognitive function. I can show you research that suggests brains recover after 24 hours…I can show you studies that imply every joint you smoke is permanent damage (most of these are bullshit and have been successfully refuted).

    What you cannot show anyone, is that there is any link between intelligence, earning potential, and smoking marijuna. CJ Macintosh, its just not true, or confirmed. I also looked for studies that you implied. I could find nothing that showed a decline in “IQ” greater than 4 points, nor could I find a study that was able to factor out basic human brain degeneration as the cause.

    In summation: brains decline in “IQ” over time anyway. Alcohol and drug abuse non-related to marijuana cause the same patterns. Living in high air pollution areas cause the same patterns. Bumping your head causes the same pattern. Being of a specific gender/age/ethnic background causes the same patterns. Stress causes the same pattern. Financial instability in poor job markets causes the same pattern.

    I am not angry, I am a PhD. I don’t just spout information from a single un-cited source (I do realize I didn’t cite everything, but you can also use scholar.google.com). I’m sure you’ll likely focus on the studies that confirm your cognitive bias (its okay, we all do it to make our point). However, if you look thoroughly, at ALL the research available, you’ll come to realize that “eh…marijuana might have some stuff to do with the brain and cognition, but there’s so much shit that impacts the brain and cognition, that its incredibly difficult to blame anything on marijuana”. Moreover, when you start comparing studies that do find negative results to other factors…you might as well stop drinking water, breathing, or existing in a city. You better also put that one beer, or that cocktail…what have you…down good sir/ma’am. That’s decreasing your IQ and average net worth faster. Oh wait…its socially acceptable to impair your judgement, memory, liver function, renal function, mood, vision, as long as its alcohol.

    – JK

  11. i realize that some of my lines in here may conflict with this part of the rules: ” insults and personal attacks are discouraged “. However, I hope people can understand that in this situation in this situation my words are attacking a “problem” more so than one man on a personal level.

  12. The reports of this study fail to mention many other key notes that result in a persons IQ degrading over time, such as lifestyle and distance from specific types of activity over time. It’s not the pot that is bringing down the IQ’s, its the life style these people are choosing to live. Pot CAN NOT make you dumber on its own, it does NOT degrade neural activity in any way. As a matter of fact it can help with neural repair and building. It is also shown in a several different studies to directly give a boost to focus and intelligence (when consumed in any moderation, ofc though anything taken in excess is bad). THC does suppress the firing of neurons, so if you get too baked you will be “temporarily” out of it, but this can not harm your brain on its own. What brings down a pot heads IQ is the fact that they choose to always be stoned and they don’t participate in certain activities anymore that help keep up the brains agility and power and that can build on that. So if you look at the real science, and not some foolish study done over 30 years that reports its bias findings (what a waste of 30 years if you aren’t even going to do it right), you will see that all humans over time lose IQ its just a part of life, not a result of weed. And when certain ppl decide to chill out more and do less as time goes on, they lose the brain power they once had. That is not THC doing it, you can still become the same stupid at the same rate without drugs or alcohol. I do not want to come accross as a jerk, but its reports like this and ignorant and stupid people like you that help keep weed illegal and so many ppl criminally charged for it. When in reality, the facts are that this plant is an amazing herb, it can heal and help cure a wide range of problems. It’s just like the whole bad cop image in the media that has been going around…”weed is not bad, there are just bad ppl who use it” (cops are not bad, just some bad people are cops). Real research means studying EVERYTHING, just just read a few articles and came here thinking you knew it all. shame on you and people like you

  13. Speaking of ignorance : Marijuana smokers have long been characterized as dimwitted and slow. They tend to shrug off these stereotypes as artifacts of how they are when they’re on the drug. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of enduring a pot smoker who takes you through the “beneficial” effects of marijuana on the brain, then you’ve likely wondered if the stereotype is true. As it turns out, it is.

    A study more than thirty years in the making found that smoking marijuana permanently lowers intelligence, or IQ. Frequent pot smokers (even those who had given up marijuana) tended to have deficits in memory, concentration, and overall IQ. The reduction in IQ for those who smoked pot heavily prior to age 18 was most pronounced: an average of eight points. An eight point reduction in IQ is enough to have a significant, negative impact upon your life. To put it into context, consider that individuals with an IQ of 110 have an average net worth of $71,000 and individuals with an IQ of 120 have an average net worth of $128,000. It looks like smoking pot can lower your tax bracket. Original enough for you ! now let the heads get angry!

  14. I have been a grower/toker for 45 yrs of which from 25 till now, i enjoyed a good buzz before working out, im 58 now ride mountain bike, hit the gym up 5-6 days a week. I eat all i want when i get the munchies still the same weight i was when i was 25.
    Lovin life,

  15. Great post. We could learn much from it! Curious what edibles you like when hiking?
    Wim Hof sounds pretty extreme, looking forward to reading more. Yes, our tours are about discussing, learning, and sampling in a safe and beautiful environment with a focus on health & well-being

  16. alex fictional cross dimension on

    Do you use a butane lighter or hemp wick?
    I started using a hemp hick its better for you lungs and tastes so much cleaner.
    Peace happy hiking

  17. alex fictional cross dimension on

    ThcV supposedly is the cannabinoid that doesn’t cause the munchies actually leads people to weight loss.
    Durbon – a strong sativa. It can cause the freakies in those that have anxiety.
    I never tried it but I hear its one of the best clearest highs. Not like Thc
    Im going to the bay this weekend to pick some up from C.R.A.F.T delivery,
    supposedly their Durbon is hella high in ThcV and the best in the bay.

  18. alex fictional cross dimension on

    “The trick is to get all your things in order ahead of time”
    My hiking ritual.
    I eat fresh greens like in a salad and take a probiotic a couple of hours before, and drink a kombucha chia seed drink.
    Then once I hit the trail, I eat an edible 15 to 30 mg depending how I feel.
    Massage my stomach get the chi going,
    drink a chia seed kombucha tea
    and hit a small toke of whatever I have on me.
    Then chew on mint leave or watercress, has a lot antioxidants clears out impurities as you hike and take in fresh air, your sinuses clear up quick.
    When you have access to any fresh fruit with lots of vitamin c, you can eat it with the edible to get it spinning more.
    I usually eat my edible with a warm cup of green tea with hibiscus.
    The combination of the edible and just taking a small hit does wonders.
    If I smoke to much, I feel it to much in my chest, lungs, to much weight.
    Lately Ive been trying to smoke less because I have been using an elevation mask to improve my lungs.
    Have you heard of the “ice man” wim hof?
    A lot of our happiness has to do with breath.
    Don’t get me wrong I love to hit a bong, but in part of my awakening I realize how much the purity of our lungs is important.
    The best hike I had is when I would make cannabis tea from left over shake I grew.
    I couldn’t grow this year, but my friend will have shake for me this October, Im excited because I will be experimenting with the roots.
    There is nothing more beautiful then nature, nothing.
    Im glad your tours focus on cannabis being a health benefit.
    I stopped smoking for a while for my lucid dreams, eventually I found my moderation point where I can have the best of both conscious technologies, the waking hours and in the awakened hours of sleep.

    peace brother

  19. I would recommend a sativa dominate hybrid for a workout. Like a deadhead og at 60/40 sativa/indica.

    Definitely not a pure indica, couch-lock for sure.

    Probably not a pure sativa either, can create anxiety.

  20. Day Hiking and smoking pot is my favorite thing to do.

    Get out and Hike!

    Pack it in pack a bowl and pack it out!

  21. It depends upon the individual and the type/amount consumed, so my statement is absolutely valid.

  22. Manda Mavis Bennett on

    I smoke weed on a daily basis and I still function totally fine and get on with the daily routines including looking after a baby. If I drank alcohol daily I wouldn’t be in a fit enough state to do anything. I love the effect of weed and the fact you can still carry on as normal and get on with things I barely touch alcohol and stick to weed. Only being able to go to the fridge depends on the weed you’re smoking and how lazy you’re feeling lol.

  23. We actually focus on this with our tours. Cannabis is way more of a health benefit than any negative blather that has been said about it. We are strong believers that cannabis makes a great motivator when it comes to working out. The trick is to get all your things in order ahead of time. Loaded Ipod, hydration pack, workout clothes, and anything else one needs for a proper workout. Once that is done, crank up some great tunes, smoke a spliff and before you know it, you feel pumped and ready to get out and move the body. The best part is, pot has a way of distracting you with time and before you know it, an hour has gone by and your work out is done! Sedentary life-styles are killing us as are pharmaceuticals. Cannabis is an awakening for many who choose to use it as a means to motivate and take charge when it comes to their health.

  24. About the only walk anyone is likely to take after getting high might be to the refrigerator, and that would be an effort.

  25. A lot of UFC fighters smoke, MMA fighters in general.
    Bruce Lee used canna hash for #4 on ur list, nepal hash.

  26. A long walk is always part of my evening vape – or is it the other way round? Seriously though, the two go well together. I take an hour’s walk every night – a good time to reflect on the day, calm down and relax.

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