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Star Wars Light Saber Bong


This was e-mailed to my by hailmaryjane.com. As a Star Wars fan, and a HailMaryJane fan, this is like two awesome worlds wrapped up in one bong! If you have a bong or pipe that you would like us to post, send me an e-mail! Here is what the legendary Tribute had to say about it:

May the force be with the Greenie who ends up with this awesome Light Saber Bong. Now I can’t fully tell if the handle is part of the bong or if it is a clever wall mounted stand to set the bong on. From the look of the pic this was taken in a headshop. I’ve got no clue where this shop is or where else you can get your hands on a Light Saber Bong of your own, but if you’ve the answers I’m looking for leave it in the comments and you’ll get some HailMaryJane.com stickers!


Star Wars Bong


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