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Support Marijuana Reform Organizations On Reddit

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I have been a fan of Reddit for a very long time. Reddit is donating 10% of its 2014 profits to worthy non-profit organizations. Marijuana is a very popular topic on Reddit, and I’m happy to say that there are at least four reform organizations in the running to get part of Reddit’s donation. The ten non-profits with the most up-votes will receive $82,765.95 from Reddit. Voting ends Wednesday February 25th. Below are links to the four organizations I’m encouraging people to support, and I may add others as I’m made aware of them:

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Drug Policy Alliance

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

Marijuana Majority

If you have a valid Reddit account that was created prior to February 18, 2105, please click on the links above and support these organizations one up-vote at a time!


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  • Miggy Miggs

    Don’t forget The Human Solution International is also 501 c non-profit

  • William Levy

    I also follow reddit. It is actually a good place and yes there are many topics related to
    medical marijuana delivery