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Ten Celebrity Potheads That Might Surprise You


10 Celebrity Potheads that Might Surprise You

You already know that Willie Nelson loves the green, and you’re probably not surprised to hear Jack Black hits the bong. Hell, you probably even remember when sweet Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island got popped for marijuana possession recently.

But you might not be aware of these celebrities who like to partake from time to time. Here are 10 celebrity potheads that might surprise you.kirsten dunst marijuana



Kirsten Dunst– Just last year, Kirsten Dunst admitted she likes smoking marijuana. In fact, she said “America’s view on weed is ridiculous” and the world would be a better place if “everyone smoked weed.” No wonder she likes playing the role of Mary Jane in Spiderman. Okay, that’s a lame joke, but I couldn’t resist.


charlize theron marijuanaCharlize Theron– It wasn’t all that long ago that Charlize Theron was caught sucking smoke from an apple. The pictures were published in National Enquirer back in 2002. While Theron never admitted to her marijuana use, it’s doubtful that this was her first rodeo.

brad pitt marijuana


Brad Pitt– Whether on the set of Ocean’s Twelve or Thelma & Louise, one thing is clear: Brad Pitt likes to unwind after a long day of shooting with a little help from his green friend. Beyond the reports of on-set smoking, Pitt’s also been spotted on numerous occasions with T-shirts professing his love for weed.

jennifer aniston marijuana




Jennifer Aniston– This stunning actress has admitted her love for weed on several occasions. Back when she was still married to Brad Pitt, she confessed that she and Pitt used to smoke together on a regular basis. However, Aniston did make sure to point out that she smokes in moderation.


harrison ford marijuana



Harrison Ford– Harrison Ford has Bill Maher to thank for making this list. At a NORML conference, Maher told attendees it was high time Harrison Ford took a step out of the cannabis closet. I knew Indiana Jones had to be under the influence when he would pull off all those crazy stunts.


morgan freeman marijuana


Morgan Freeman– In an interview with the UK newspaper The Guardian, this legendary actor told reporters he had given up his use of hard drugs, but that he would never quit his relationship with Mary Jane. In fact, he referred to marijuana as “God’s own weed.”


michael bloomberg marijuana



Michael Bloomberg– The 108th Mayor of New York City was once asked if he ever smoked weed before becoming Mayor. Not only did Bloomberg admit to his marijuana use, he said “You bet I did. And I enjoyed it!”



justin timberlake marijuana


Justin Timberlake– Boy bander Justin Timberlake once said marijuana should be legalized. He told fellow star Nelly that it would cut the crime rate in half. According to Nelly, he and Timberlake love partying together, and they share a love for the green. So, that’s how Justin Timberlake could tolerate being in N-Sync for so long.


george clooney marijuanaGeorge Clooney– When shooting Ocean’s Twelve, the cast went on location to Amsterdam. The owner of a local cannabis café told reporters George Clooney was no stranger there. Apparently, the charming actor visits the store at least a few times a year. It makes sense if you think about it. Clooney is always calm and even-tempered.

stephen king marijuanaStephen King– Stephen King is the most popular horror novelist of this generation. Unlike some celebrities who recoil when asked about cannabis, King confidently states “I think that marijuana should not only be legal, I think it should be a cottage industry. It would be wonderful for the state of Maine. There’s some pretty good homegrown dope. I’m sure it would be even better if you could grow it with fertilizers and have greenhouses. . . .”


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  1. Weed is the only one of these that is not processed to it’s use. All the other intoxicants being discussed need to be pressed to achieve the drug that people become addicted to. Marijuana is pure and contains THC as a natural product. God made.

  2. Justin Elliott on

    ok you comments out there who like to say weed is the worst thing that could ever happen to someone just think of this, how many people high on weed have killed themselfs or others compared to alcohol or tobacco or any other drug. Still not convinced? How about how many people have Over dosed on weed compared to any other mind altering substance.There you go.

  3. Justin Elliott on

    yeah you are so proud because you can name one incident but how many times has someone crashed and died while drunk compared to weed.

  4. A local young man killed a fellow passenger when he crashed into a tree. He’d been high on weed.

  5. comparing cannabis to heroin is true fallacy and at best shows me that you have no knowledge of what you are talking about

  6. Your a different kind of special, heroine is made of many different (ranging from the idiot making it) chemicals and unknown substances, weed is from a plant from the earth and not only is a natural and untouched by mans destructive grasp, its a study a interesting way of life, a new perspective, ever hear of someone dying off weed I think not, heroine is a killer anything man made is destruction, weed is rebirth and fore most not a drug.

  7. ottofromdurham on

    Plants contain drugs. They can be refined into more potent forms or concentrations but either way a drug is a drug. The issue is that some people are hung up on that word; it’s just a word. You can use the word chemical if you prefer; opium contains a chemical and so does the refined form, heroin. The labels need not be a big deal.

  8. pot and Heroin are two different things! I’ve seen in Nam- the bes shit on earth 98% pure- its a killer! I agree addictive shit! I dappled with it for a short time, jes a lil taste now and than and bang your hooked not like fu- crack! I’ve helped men get off it-cold turkey! We found good weed took the hell out of it, got em up safely and Hungrey!! You don’t have a appetite on it! I lost 30 lbs in two months yep!! when you have a combat Vet it serioes shit! the earky outs 71 caught us all off guard! 29 of Us helped eac other too get off clean up start eating and pumping Iron! Had a weight set up in back of My Paint booth!! Had ole Popa son out front sanding on a jeep watching for lifers while we partied inside yep!!

  9. ole Vet with PTSD of sorts Pot saved My fanny many times! too go with out for a time- not even booze than indulge correct stuff not crippler its a ride indeed! Muchies Hornies get into what ever your doing whats that?????????????

  10. That is not the definition of a drug. Many normal foods are mind altering, as are many supplements, vitamins, amino acids, and yes, herbs, like St. John’s Wort, or L-Tyrosine, etc. They elevate mood. 5HTP, also. These are not considered drugs. They are nutritional supplements because they are natural and very safe, mostly harmless. As far as what is also mind altering, just a phone call can do that. Does that make the phone call a drug? Nope. Exercise is mind altering. So is education. A movie. A kiss. You get the point. Drugs are when you concentrate a substance and it becomes potent to the point of needing to be careful, as they produce some serious side effects otherwise, since you are isolating a single direct action from a molecule that targets something specifically. This then can throw the body out of balance, hence side effects. Whole herbs rarely have that problem, and they usually do the opposite: provide and correct for imbalance, and act as a tonic. Heroin is processed and a derivative–and no it does not come from a plant. Morphine does, which is a derivative of the poppy. Heroine is actually synthesized from Morphine. Cocaine is another example of an extract, a concentration–and thus a drug—from the harmless coco plant leaves.

  11. Stephen King ROCKS (whether he luvs the bud or not). Now that I know he’s a cannabis lover, I don’t mind all the money I’ve spent over the years on his hardback books.

  12. Man, who are you talkin’ to? Jana posted a year ago, only posted 3 whole comments, and her avatar died. (May it rest in peace in digital cyberspace.)

  13. Weed is most certainly a drug. Why? Because it’s a mind-altering substance. There’s another drug that comes from a plant…it’s called heroin.

  14. there is a difference between God made and man made. pot is not a “drug”. crack and coke are a drug. coca is a plant so is pot. its when man messes with Gods plants, it becomes a problem..

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