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Ten Of The Strongest Marijuana Strains Ever


girl scout cookies marijuana strainWeed has come a long way since it was a mass of brown seeds and stems in a bag being sold for $10. The care that goes in to growing these days is ridiculous and the products are unrivaled. Growers produce some of the most potent cannabis these days, for both medical and recreational use. The following are ten of the top most potent strains known to smokers this far.

Bruce Banner #3
With a percentage of 28.35 THC, Bruce Banner #3 will knock you out! This strain is extremely potent and at the top of the list. You’ll love the Bruce Banner #3 strain for sure.

A medical hybrid, A-Dub comes in with 27.72% THC. It’s incredibly potent and tastes amazing! Give this strain a chance and you surely won’t be disappointed. A-Dub is a strain that should be in every stoner’s stash!

Another hybrid strain, R-18 was introduced at Denver Relief in Denver 2013. With a high amount of THC (27.34%), this strain will give you couch lock if you’re not careful. Definitely not for the newbie stoner!

Tickle Kush
The name really says it all! This hybrid was tested at a whopping 27.05% THC, something that is sure to make you laugh if you smoke enough of it!

Blue Cookies
26.29% THC will give a serious high to a smoker that isn’t seasoned… We recommend starting with something a little less… Potent! Blue Cookies is a favorite among the customers of TLMD Collective Los Angeles in 2013.

OG Ghost Train Haze
Originating from Southwest Alternative Car in Rare Dankness Denver 2011, OG Ghost Train Haze is a medical sativa. The strain has 25.49% THC and looks just as good as it sounds.

Veganic Strawberry Cough
This strain was released by Kushman Genetics in Seattle 2013. The strain contains 25.28% THC and is 100% vegan, good for those who are concerned about what they ingest! The strain is extremely popular, with a lovely fruity taste!

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Private Stock LA
Girl Scout Cookies has become a common name for those looking for the dankest of dank. PGSC is even better than normal GSC. This particular strain tested at 25.14% THC and would be perfect for an everyday stoner to chill and relax with!

Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mints)
The Cali Connection Seed Company in LA came out with this strain in 2013, blowing everyone’s mind with not just the high amount of THC (24.91%) but with the absolute beauty of the strain itself.

Head Cheese
While some people aren’t fond of cheese strains, this one is definitely worth trying. Blunt Brothers LA released this strain in 2012 with a high THC percentage; 24.79%. Even if you don’t like cheese, you should absolutely give this a chance!

Source: THCFinder.Com


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  1. I’ve had 32% ChemDawg on my menu here in SD, CA
    I’ve also had 33% Gorilla Glue #4.
    Lots of good strains but it will ALWAYS
    depend on the grower, soil, Co2, Ph balance,
    and water. And not even a mention of White Widow!

  2. Mike O'Brien on

    acopoco gold was good too yes or is that what u mean by Columbian gold

  3. OMG, there aint ANY weed out there that i would pay 50 a gram for… Sounds like denver is smoking to much of there own product and think there selling gold… Wow…

  4. Master Kush? It is around 20%. It is ok. Calming and relaxing but no head racing which many like.

  5. How often do you smoke? You may have built a tolerance and need to smoke more or take longer breaks between smokes.

  6. I need something strong for pain. Which one is best? Gorilla Glue doesnt do anything to me at all.

  7. Close. The prob back then was a lack of knowledge about drying, curing and transportation. An extremely high potency strain can be quickly reduced to shit simply by piling it up or baling it up so that the anaerobic process begins. Since there is no oxygen in the pile, it is the bad Thermophiles who prosper, and they pull nutes out of your flowers and leave behind pathogens and that slight smell of ammonia. This still happens to some degree today. I mean I can go down the line at just about any dispensary and ammonia is in most sample jars, a clear sign that the growers sweated their product.

  8. Hello I’m a newbie 4 months in, but I can’t seem to keep my buzz if I even get one, it comes after about 15 minutes its gone, what is the best smoke to help with everything that comes with the withdrawals from pain medication? Thanks

  9. Unless you have been smoking for over 40 years daily and your cannabinoid receptors are almost fried, why do you need strains of such magnitude THC? If you skip the strains in the 18-25 per cent range then you will fry your cannabinoid receptors and eventually you will not be able to enjoy any cannabis product except concentrates. I hope you have a large wallet! Even the current cost of dispensary cannabis for top drawer cannabis is astronomical. $360/oz.??? Ridiculous!!!

  10. Get over your ‘glory days’ and take a realty check. Back in the day I liked governed chesse too. Sure when compared to Mexican dirt weed panmma red kicked ass. But the honest truth is today’s pot is better. It’s just the way it is. Time distorts things. BTW – I grew up in 70’s; I’ve been there too (ten years after)

  11. And where is it now? When you find something like that you save it for future grows. Who preserved this JGG dick hardener? When you find something this good you gotta take care of it!

  12. And so where is it now? What was the lineage? Did anyone save any seeds or breed this one dick wonder?

  13. These are the places where b.b. is most popular:




    Ann Arbor,MI







  14. No one seems to understand the BREEDING of new strains of anything. Let’s say you are breeding for the blue color in tulips. Then you get bulbs (or seeds if another flower) from all those tulips that display any blue color and you start breeding those tulips to each other hoping to intensify the blue color you are looking for. Same principle in cannabis breeding. Different aspects (called phenotypes) that you can see or taste or inhale are bred for and then intensified by re-breeding to stabilize that aspect. If you do not stabilize it then you will get variations from one batch to another. This leads to the different effects that people complain about when they smoke a white widow hybrid and it blows their socks off and then another who smokes white widow and it does nothing for them. That white widow hybrid has not been stabilized and will not over time produce the same effect every time when smoked. As someone else said also, your tolerance for different components in cannabis has a lot to do with how what you smoke affects you. If you have been smoking for 30-40 years then Blue Dream or Durban Poison is not going to get you anywhere near the same high as a landrace sativa or indica or an F1 hybrid of those same species. Those people either need to quit smoking for 6 months or cut down considerably on their smoking so their cannabinoid receptors in their CNS can regenerate their sensitivity to the cannabinoids they enjoy, mostly THC.

  15. With over 7K strains out there, it is hard to find strains to “sample”. the best thing to do is find the seeds on the net and hope they get through customs. Then grow your own. Educate yourself, plenty of free info on the net. Takes longer but with luck you get what you want. But you need to know what you are doing so take a class or read up a lot on the subject. Otherwise it’s a hit or miss proposition in finding that strain in any one of several dispensaries in your state. Perhaps you could put in an order if there has been others asking for it. Your budtender should be able to tell you what’s best.

  16. Don’t know what state you are in but if cannabis is not legal then find a friend in a state that has medical cannabis available and he/she has a medical marijuana card. Ask him or her to buy you a CBD concentrate specifically for those who suffer from MS and the symtoms you want to alleviate. You send him the $$ and he buys the best he or she can. Have him or her transfer the oil from the brand name bottle into a GLASS container (small) with some other substance writing on it. Make sure the 2nd bottle is very clean with nothing left in it after washing in dishwasher. Next put it in a small box with other small bottles such as what you would buy to go on a trip: toothpaste, after shave, mouthwash, body lotion, etc. and wrap it in bubble wrap very well, with tape around it so everything is contained and not rattling around. Another good way to ship it is to include cookies or slices of cake like banana bread. Have these wrapped in aluminum foil. Sandwich the 4-5 bottles between two foil wrapped cookies/cake. Send them UPS or FedEx, fill out the form “miscellaneous personal cosmetics samples”. This almost always works. No risk on the other end because he has a med. mj card and no risk on your end ‘cuz it’s not illegal to accept a package.

  17. Durban is far superior to Swazi. Congolese Red, Malawi Gold, and the Madagascar sativa (starts with an R…can’t remember how to spell it), are all good as they are landrace sativas with a great “up” but you have to watch for psychedelics and paranoia if you are susceptible to those emotions. Mexican land races, South American land races and S.E. Asian landraces are all good sativas. There are many good Indica landraces as well but you have to deal with ‘couch lock”, something I cannot do. I have to be able to be up and able to think and move. If you are a breeder, then you can TRY to find seeds. They are on the net but I have been unable to get them past customs here. I have gotten seeds from F1 hybrids and back crossed two strains to concentrate the land race with some success. But the ideal light source and a few nutes are also critical. I grow in soil but all other medium Is open to question; no experience here in those. Jamaican land race strains have now been contaminated with European and American sativas that were allowed to grow into fields of males and females. Lots of seeds but also lots of unknown genetics and phenotypes. Thus an inconsistent product. Those plants are grown on limestone base soils (not much soil) and watered by the ocean and the osmotic uptake of water and minerals through the limestone “soil”. So if you can grow it in limestone you can grow it in anything. Same with most land races. They learned to adapt to the environment they were in. Bhutanese land races grow in cold weather, as they adapted to Bhutan’s steppe region around 6-8 K. You got to remember everyone responds to plant chemicals differently. So what may float most people’s boat, might sink your boat. Try, Try Again.

  18. You and me both! I laugh when kids today(I’m 60+ and still smoking) tell me how much better and stronger it is today. There’s good stuff out there now, but no way “more potent or 3 times stronger than the crap you smoked” as they say!
    I also never put much stock in names. Call it what you want, but never rely on a name alone. Too many look-a-likes. If it’s good, doesn’t matter what someone calls it!

  19. Most land race species and be grown outside with little to no care and contain the largest general concentrations of THC as long as you live south of the 42nd paralle and have hot summers and warm falls. You don’t need lights, they veg and flower on their own, no special soils, some fertilizer but most can grow well on one application of nutes. You don’t have to worry about lighting, HVAC, hydro systems, flushing or an over abundance of fertilizers. The more you get into strains the more you find that some of those also can be grown out side under normal conditions. For proof, just look at the OG lines of strains grown in rainy, damp, cold Mendocino county and even farther north where water was plentiful. An ample water supply is just about the only given.

  20. Stephanas Razsa on

    dna doesnt just magically appear. the new potent stuff comes from the old potent stuff. There was just as good of weed in the ninties as there is now. Not everyone knew about good bud in the ninties but if anything the varieies were more unique. Things have become homoginized as they do in may agricu…./.

  21. Hydros,Hybrids,Genetically Modified ja there are some potent stuff out there and i have smoked alot of them but the most potent strain that i have smoked grew in my back yard lol.

  22. What about Ryan Riley,s download ? The king strain @ 36% thc (indoor white widow x with indoor train wreck )

  23. Durban is rather old school, but really good. You’ll like it, doesn’t taste like candy and will set you back.

  24. Harvey Arellano on

    Ya just got some in denver,50 a gram…not worth it,girl scout cookies was the best I could find without being a local!!

  25. Stefan E Shearon on

    My wife has MS. That would really help her get rid of like 15 of the 20 pills she takes a day

  26. Blue Diamond is one of my favorite strains for relief of anxiety and it aids heavily in subduing panic attacks.

  27. SubConscious on

    You’re in your 20’s but nice guess.. Are chocolate chip cookies better now because of technology?

  28. uckBay Nguyen on

    Bs! Tolerance then is the same today. Doesn’t matter what I smoke, I can never get stoned. And you’re saying meds today is better? They never analyzed potency back then, hello

  29. Sorry, totally disagree with you here. I’ve been self medicating for well over 40 years. What people do not understand about the medicinal effects of marijuana is that with hybridized strains today the gene pool has been diluted. In the 70’s you would see about 130 different Cannabinoids, of which, we have no knowledge of the necessary interactions between THC and CBD in the body because Marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug that cannot be studied (No Medicinal effects-that’s BS!!). High levels of THC have nothing to due with the effects you feel, except for maybe, Pain. Now, you see that most current strains have arond 70-80 Cannabinoids. I can tell you that the strains I enjoyed years ago were as good if not better than today’s efforts. Although, some of the size, shape, color and terpene profiles today are ridiculous because of the wonderful crosses that serious breeders are doing . I truly hope with the “industrialization” of Cannabis, the grass roots community will help keep landrace/heirloom strains available to keep the gene pool healthy. BTW, the real medicine is the whole plant extract oil or RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). Still Kicking after all these years fighting off my Panceatic Cancer. Wake up sheeple and free the Herb.

  30. Charles Braga on

    I would like to see high level CBD strains. I’m now medicating with oils at close to 40% CBD and THC. Really works great for chronic pain.

  31. smoked since the 60’s and there were some strains that were way better than anything you can buy today in a dispensary. Of course there were others that were dirt weed. I do remember $15 Thai stick SF North Beach in the late 60’s that was the best I ever smoked, including Chico Skunk and Fallbrook Redbud from the 70’s. More recently have used over 100 strains from dispensarys, all top shelf or better, and none last as long or have the potency of homegrown. Just need to find the right variety

  32. I’ve heard of them. They look amazing and I believe some rapper named Corrupt came up with them lol

  33. Dill Dillon on

    Shut your black A $$ up bill supa bud ia 75% thc all these buda are $HIȚ

  34. Adub is d shanizzel n¡gga. g mi55ed f bud half thc it fûçk u up by smellin it ni99a

  35. Back in the 70’s I was smoking ‘ Lebanese Black, 000, Lebanise Gold..etc. amongst many others. This was all true hash that was made from pure strains (almost). Yes, the THC and CBs were lower, however the true high was unsurpassable. If you ‘nippers’ could grasp the fact that it is not the strain or fuckin CBS that make a ‘proper’ good fuckin smoke! It’s the way the plant is grown with love and knowledge.

    I don’t mean to come across as a twat, but if you really love you herb! Then please learn what you BOTH need…..respect

  36. you weren’t there. I’ve smoked the best today and some of the Columbian and Panamanian in the late sixties and early seventies was equal or better. Panama red was an up style smoke and the Colombian usually glued you to your seat.

  37. Today has more strains that are potent but don’t think there weren’t strong strains back then!

  38. tasteoveryieldallday on

    cheese is amazing if grown right. it generally has increased potency and `flavour` in hydro grows. most people I know love there cheese. big Buddha cheese is a good example its a UK cheese mother x pure afgani male its a dream in all ways. but the original cheese is now an extinct species and only lives on in its various cross strains that at times might not be the best tasting weed out there but the more cheese is in the strain the better. Trust me, your neighbours 4 miles away will know your relieving the stress DONT DISS THE CHEESE MAN!!

  39. Sour diesels good whit gold red devil granddaddy purple lemon kush mango tango bubblegum kush train wreck

  40. frankgrimes78 on

    You made me happy, & sad at the same time! My late father(Lost him in 06) was from your generation, a little older maybe, but who cares about that? He used to tell me about the “Glory Days”, and for the most part marijuana has gotten stronger, but as stated there has always been deadly bud out there. It’s a very old plant, who knows how many or for how long tropical and other geographical locations have been growing the stuff? Just because they didn’t have modern science doesn’t mean it trumps passed down knowledge from previous generations.
    Anyway wonderful chatting with like minded people, thank you for clearing up my whole “Lid” dilemma. Lol

  41. Lv2bRomanced on

    OMG!! Hahahaha….I have not heard that term since I was like 16!! However, I am uniquely qualified to answer the “How much is a lid?” due to my um shall we say “Salesmanship”, hahaha!! Ok anyway, a “Lid” was 4 fingers of pot in a sandwich baggie. Back then, it was all about how “Big” your lid is, not how much it weighed. No one weighed anything back in the days of the “Lid”.Wow….thanks for the past blast!!

  42. LOL we had Canyon Killer creeper weed make ur dick like an atomic canon you wanted fuck the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders all at one time hell this shit made viagra look bad now

  43. I hate to say it but 30 yrs ago I got ahold of some real Columbian Gold shit was good smoke I remember smoking with buddy in car driving down road bout 5 mins later I said man my mouth is dry as the desert friend said yea I not really noticed that til you said it we was blistered so went store get some beer for that dry mouth LOL

  44. frankgrimes78 on

    YUP! Just told him that, by the way. How much was a “Lid”? Lol, just curious, I’ve heard it used before but never found out the amount it represented?
    Anyway I’m too young to remember back then but my Dad went on enough about it, lol. I have tried Real Thai Stick. It was for a family reunion and this great kid(Well few years younger) always got off the grid stuff. Each bud was no less than maybe 5 -10 grams? Anyway family reunion time, lol. One uncle asks another who has best stuff there(We’d just hide from kids or wait til in bed)and he proceeds to say the 7 or so who had what, then he says “But Michael, stay away from him, you won’t be able to handle it” Lmfao! I had like 9 of my relatives completely pass out after this stuff.
    Anyway you are absolutely right, it was available, just not on the scale it is today right? Let’s not forget there is crappy stuff floating around out there to this day! If you’re not medical like me, you can end up with some really terrible stuff if you don’t know ppl.

  45. frankgrimes78 on

    How the eff old are you? I’m too young to say back in the 70’s for example, as I was born in 78. However I do know the 90’s. You gotta be born in at the very latest the 90’s? What with that purely opinion based, mixed in with some common rhetoric you have absorbed with the rest of the kids that make kushface849 gamertags and crap because they assume ingesting a plant somehow makes them cool.
    In the 90’s my hometown was written about in high times as the world capital of hash oil(Its always just pot oil btw, have smoked actually hash oil once)and swear to God, town was 80,000 population at the time! Anyway my sorry for being long point is, I had a father who was no doubt a little like Blurghy who you replied to, and yes he would freely admit that the pot I was getting in my teens, and 20’s was usually way better. Key word “Usually”, how long do you think this plant has been grown for? It doesn’t take the tech we have today, it was just far less circulated because people would just grow whatever seeds they could and so on, but there were always Columbian breeds, mexican, my Dad would always rave about Acapulco gold? Also did you know that the acid they took was insanely stronger than anything we have today, cocaine, heroin etc. I’m obviously not advocating those things, jeez no I’m just saying that just because we possess the knowledge, tech and experience now, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t being grown by pros who just figured it out through trial and error basically.

  46. Chuck, your right Acapulco gold was some bad ass weed……..we would also get great Thai weed both tied and untied…

  47. Lv2bRomanced on

    OMG!! They might be better researched and better genetically deconstructed, but your naiivate’ is showing proudly through the rest of your post. If you have never experienced true Maui Waui or the rarest Afghani that was only available twice a year, or real Thai Stick, to name just a few not already mentioned, then you really missed out! Not everyone succumbed to the Mexican or Columbian dirt flowers that was in mass circulation “BACK WHEN” (lol).

  48. back in the 70’s the potency of marijuanna was basically crap now with the new strains and growing methods and blah blah blah the weed has never been stronger so the stuff u smoked may have been good back than but thats only because your tolerance was so low due to the lack of thc percentage so yea dream of back when all u want because that WAS BACK WHEN and we are in the NOW and the NOW has way better strains the anything u smoked before multiple times stronger.

  49. Back in the late 70’s, that panama red would knock the you flat on your back. I had some red that you couldn’t smoke half a joint without damn near passing out. The Columbian gold was good stuff, but nothing touched that red!

  50. marijuana available any strain you need just text me through for you command (317) 662-0449
    or you can check me on facebook friztbenny.

  51. Look at seeds that are in BC, Canada. I’ve been to Ireland and live in BC, and the climates are very similar. Check for online stores here! Happy planting!

  52. lol – you kids with your names. Why, back in my day, sonny, we had some purple shit grown in Oklahoma that would knock the Jolly Green Giant’s dick in the dirt. And that wasn’t the only one… but whatever… ;-)

  53. Carol Mougier on

    Afghan Delight pre 98 soma seeds grew them out then bred brother and sister to each other and got some of the most potent flowers ever.

  54. Pádráig O'Gáirmléadháigh on

    Hi Can anyone recommend a variety that would suit outdoors in the North west of Ireland….

  55. Blissful Wizard. By captains connection, aka cookiemaine on IG. His strain by his late brother is the strongest strain out right now. It just won the HTCC for bud and fullmelt washed by Incognito Farms. I believe it tested for 33.5 thc for the flower itself.

  56. Hi everyone I’m a local guy from Humboldt County and I just want to let you all know that in my opinion Humboldt headband is the strongest strain In the world seen it get to 35% THC.

  57. Your going to need to move here, quality of life is unequalled anywhere else. It is really a utopia for patients….

  58. I had straight blueberry once. Knocked me on my ass! Have found hybrids but they’re not quite the same.

  59. Can anyone direct me to the proper Chanels? I am a epileptic and need this medicine very bad. It is then only thing that helps me with my conditions. I also suffer from the most intense anxiety that I cant even explain how it destroys my life. But with Medical smoke has helped me for years. The one downfall is that I’m in a state that it is not legal so I only get it usually around Thanksgiving or Xmas I desperately need to move to Colorado. Can anyone help???/

  60. I don’t know why the author goes to suggest that people don’t like cheese weed I have tried some before not sure which cut it was but it was done in hydro and the smell and the taste blew me away as well as the spasms and muscle pain went away and I was wrecked real cheese has a really strong odor.
    There was a cut from spain going around at one time that was supposedly super potent and super stinky. I don’t know what cut my bud was from but it blew me away.
    I have tried other kinds of supposed cheese before and the smell and taste and high and crystal production wasn’t really there. the right cut of real cheese is bomb

  61. I have been smoking pot since 1973 and anyone that think the crap we smoke today is powerful never smoked Panama Red Redbud Gold Bud Acapulco gold and I even had some ship in from Lima that was the best ever. All these hybrid stains are kool but the ones that we once had are the ones I want

  62. There’s no such thing as a strain called “Veganic Strawberry Cough.” Strawberry Cough is a great strain, but it doesn’t matter if a particular grower used Veganics brand nutes, or Fox Farm, or General Hydroponics, or Botanicare, or…you get the idea.

  63. High THC won’t fly most people’s kites.

    We all have slightly different nervous systems and get the biggest buzzes from slightly different mixtures of cannabinoids and terpenes. This is also true for medical effects which are mostly independent of actual buzzes from THC.

  64. You can’t make a variety “vegan” you can only produce the seed with said methods which has only the most minute effects on the actual quality of the product. You know, similar to “organic” seeds.

    Its mostly a branding gimmick for hippies that feel guilty about being part of an omnivorous race of beings. Organic is for hippies that are either retarded or feel guilty about using technology that’s been developed after the 1800’s.

  65. The problem with most of these strains is that they are rarely available as seed. I have searched far and wide for the perfect (I.e., highest THC) strain, and have yet to find it. I’ll just stick to the ones in the 20% range until something better comes along.

  66. I’m a fan of “Silver Pearl” as well. That’s one of THE strongest strains I’ve ever had.

  67. Yup I have an opinion too. I really prefer tatse over potency since everything I’ve ever tried dealt fully with my pain.
    I absolutely love Bubblegum, deathstar with cheese and purple haze.
    What is your favorites???

  68. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    Opinions are like A$$holes, everyone has one. We get strains that you enjoy, in illegal Iowa and some are as potent as advertised, but some lose potency the more they are handled, and the longer they sit around. I have a friend in Oregon that thought every medical strain he tried was a waste of time, he wanted me to grow one series of my strain and bring it out to him (I am a professional now, so I do not dare). I soon hope to find out what is causing this, as I need cannabis for my own medical condition and will be visiting Oregon soon. I have never considered any strain in Iowa worthy of a “Cannabis Cup” award, but perhaps I am wrong.

  69. Stevie "Goonman" Hassenfaus on

    I second Sarijuana’s comment about the mediocrity of the Girl Scout Cookies strain. There was nothing special about it in my opinion. Lots of hype, though. How did it ever get started? For me, Blueberry is still the strongest and most fragrant. I also have liked Blackout, Luke Skywalker, and Green Crack.

  70. The Bruce Banner I tried was very potent and flavorful, but the Girl Scout Cookies? I don’t know what the fuss is all about, and quite a few other people I have spoken with say the same. I’ve tried it from local shops and from Denver shops. The taste isn’t bad and the high was just ok, so I don’t get it. It was just average.

    Genetics are a big thing, but if the plants were not grown properly it is really all a crap shoot.

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