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Ten Stoner Life Hacks


stoner life hacks marijuanaWe know smoking weed can be a little bit stressful. Breaking bowls, spilling weed, lighting your hair on fire while trying to light a joint in a moving car with the window down. There’s many ways a peaceful smoke session can turn in to a nightmare. It’s important to know a few stoner life hacks in order to keep things easy. The following is a list of stoner hacks that you can use in order to keep your smoking stress free!

  • Putting a CD over your glass bowl will help to prevent you from spilling any weed! The center of the CD is small enough to keep the weed in but at the same time, keeps it from spilling out.
  • Have a clogged bowl? Pipe cleaners actually do work! They are perfect for sticking through your glass and scraping out the nasty resin on the inside. The best part? They’re super cheap and disposable so once they’re covered in grime, you can just toss them in the trash can!
  • Marijuana loses potency if you let light and heat get to it while it’s being stored. Fix this by cutting a roll of black construction paper and fixing it inside of your jar. This will keep your weed fresher for longer and prevent the light from getting in and ruining your buds!
  • If you don’t have a grinder around, you can use this simple method! Take a penny and clean it well, preferably with rubbing alcohol. Put the penny and your weed in a small pill bottle or jar and shake it vigorously. The penny will grind up the bud for you and it’ll leave you with the keif!
  • Having troubles with munchies? Schedule your smoking times around meal times. This way, you won’t eat as much because you’ll be eating at normal times anyway. This one is a little easier said than done, as I myself have trouble containing the munchies after I’ve smoked enough.
  • Grandparents sending you a bunch of birthday cards? Cut them up and use them as makeshift crutches if you don’t have any around! The hard paper will support your joint and make it easier to pass back and forth when you’re smoking with your friends!
  • Enjoy weed with a bit of fruity flavor? Place a few nuts in a leftover blunt wrapper and let them chill for a bit! The packaging will give your buds a little extra flavor and you can enjoy some strawberry flavored weed in your next bowl!
  • Finding a good playlist online will help to keep your high level and enjoyable. If you’re not watching TV, music is the next best thing. Sometimes even better, rather than you wasting brain cells on the television. Slacker Radio is a great place to listen to music!
  • Putting a mint in your mouth when you have the munchies is a great way to curb your appetite! Mints also help with cotton mouth and the sometimes bad breath that comes with it! Keep a box of Altoids in your pocket at all times to avoid over eating and dying for a drink!
  • Did you know that a Nintendo Gamecube controller is the perfect place to hold your bong head up while you pack it? If you happen to still have a Gamecube, you can use the controller this way to make sure that you’re not accidentally dumping out all of your weed.
  • Some people like to blot honey on their joints in order to keep it from burning too quickly while smoking. This also will help with that awful canoe effect that sometimes happens, when the joint burns unevenly while being smoked.

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  1. It’s the same exact shit that ends up coating your throat and lungs. seems pretty benign since potheads aren’t cropping up with throat and lung cancer everywhere.

  2. MichaelFapGod on

    WHY WOULD YOU THROW THE RESIN AWAY?!! that’s such a waste you still get high off it so who cares if it’s a bit more unhealthy, still much better then cigarettes or alcohol and they’re the legal ones.

  3. tha fuk u need ta no for! on

    Hes not saying to yse cigs all the time, just if you’re out of papers. Besides, cigs are still cheaper than blunts

  4. tha fuk u need ta no for! on

    If you take it trhough the iso process that should hopefully take most of the resin and tar out, but smoking plain resin is not healthy, its 90% resin and like 2% thc, not qorth it imo.

  5. The Cannabis Effect on

    Nice list. I’ve heard of most of them but that grinder trick I just have to try. Thanks for sharing

  6. giggles the clown on

    I have never tried the honey joint trick, sounds tasty if it will burn. I always hated the slob who slobber tongues his joint and then passes it to me YUCK. I had some old hippie tell me to drop smashed fresh raspberries in my bag for a couple of hours to flavor the bud. I forgot it overnight (never underestimate the possibility of passing out) and by the time I was home from work it was a little, ummm, moist. It flavored the bud but took forever to dry out and burn properly. I don’t know about the nut thing…

    Before I had access to a good grinder I tried my aunts Magic Bullet food processor. NOT a good idea. Turned bud to dust and got into every crack in the thing. I watched for weeks as she used the thing for cooking and laughed (I was probably stoned) every time she smiled thinking she was getting buzzed. Never happened, all I did was destroy my bud.

    I don’t understand the Nintendo controller bong head holder while filling it. I always just leave it in the bong while filling it again. Of course my aunt didn’t like me trying to pass the bong at dinner time so the munchies are always a problem. She’s a cool aunt but no sense of humor.

  7. giggles the clown on

    cigs cost to much to use in this fashion

    good fingertip callouses require no crutch

    see comment to Rob below

    just yanking yer chain you silly rabbit you

  8. giggles the clown on

    Storage …. weed …. LMAO because I never have enough to store and it if I did it would never last long enough to need it. You probably guessed I don’t live In a weed friendly place – YET.

  9. if cannabis is as expensive as here in penciana, i would never throw the pipe cleaners away
    I’d stir, and soak them in alcohol, let it dry on a plate, scrape the resin from the plate, that way no waste of the otherwise wasted little thc, probably mostly cbd, but it is something

  10. Run out of papers ….. Take a razor blade and slice open a cigarette where the paper fold seam is and empty out tobacco and reroll with weed …. Lick the paper and it will stick back to itself …. Makes a very nice small personal joint …..

    Need a crutch for a joint …. Take a book of matches, tear at fold and then peel the two layers of cardboard and roll up …. Makes a PERFECT biodegradable crutch you can smoke down to last hit and toss …..

    Storage jars, just keep them inside a drawer or other sheltered place!

  11. I agree that herb should be stored to protect quality. I don’t smoke joints, prefer a bulber or bong or vaporizer. Got a great v8 glass bell vaporizer. Comes in handy for herb and hash. It’ s funny that the smell of vaporized cannabis can be noticed rather prominently. I was smoking at a cafe discreetly but a woman stood up and said, “it smells like weed!”. I was amused and embarrassed at the same time. Another time a kitchen staff member came barreling out, alerted by the smell. He totally missed me as the culprit, thinking it came from another direction! Had to laugh about that one.

  12. I think he means to load it, it’ll keep stray goods from falling on the table. Doesn’t seem to have any advantage over simply filling up on a sheet of paper or something, though.

  13. Spilling my bowl? I’m getting high, not drunk. And if I am handling said bowl with all the dexterity of a lush in mittens, what keeps the CD perched atop the pipe? And since lighting the bowl through the little hole in the CD is bound to result in flavors reminiscent of a burning clutch, I imagine this tip is only for a bowl at rest, not a bowl in use–so why would it get spilled?

    Snark aside (okay, maybe it’s too late for that), this one really looks like an awkward solution to a problem I’ve never had. Keep the CDs in the player, where they can enhance your buzz, and turn off the television–it might be distracting enough to make you spill your bowl.

  14. I’ve always painted my storage jars black then vacuum sealed and stored in a black tote..the construction paper..the weed would stick to that wouldn’t it?

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