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Terminate US Attorney Melinda Haag For Harassing California Medical Marijuana Caregivers And Patients

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(image via tokeofthetown.com)

Below is a petition calling for the termination of United States District Attorney Melinda Haag. Melinda Haag has been on a mission to harass medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and dispensaries in California. It’s time for her to go. Below is more about the petition, which can be signed at this link here. As of this post, there are only 76 names on the petition. Haag’s actions affect far more lives than that, so tell everyone you know to sign it:

“United States Atty General for northern California Melinda Haag continues to harass legal medical marijuana caregivers. Google Harborside and her name to find out about some of what we are talking about We believe she has also used her position to intimidate cities into making unreasonable bans and restriction on medical marijuana caregivers and patients. Google San Jose medical marijuana crackdown to find out about some of what we are talking about. Melinda Haag’s continued actions also defy published orders from Washington to not pursue legal state operations.

The efficacy of medical marijuana has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

Patients who are denied safe, reasonable access to their medicine, suffer and die, therefore Melinda Haags service should be terminated.”


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  • hugh jorgan

    sick ass

  • hugh jorgan

    she obviously lives up to her name….i do not support her. however, there is no way she is acting alone. PUBLICLY, obama/white house say one thing and behind the scenes they tell haag to drop the hammer on us. FUCK OBAMA (and the white house), FUCK BIG PHARMA, and FUCK CORRUPT POLICE and the PUBLIC SERVANTS like HAAG that work against the suffering of sick california patients in need. You have to be a complete fucking idiot to not understand the research/countless medical papers (over the last five years) from academic institutions and medical doctors across the planet that have provided irrefutable evidence that cannabis is a PROVEN medicine…and quite possibly one of the MOST EFFECTIVE with the least side effects….and we haven’t even gotten to the thousands of our citizens un-ethically arrested, detained, prosecuted, and sentenced to serve time in the private prison industry. FUCK THIS SICK as SYSTEM…..tear it down…reset. startover.

  • khh

    Sounds like she’s hard core religious right. According to wiki , she is the executive director of the Confessing Movement within the United Methodist Church.



  • RRJ Toking

    She’s Gollum’s twin sister, looking to hang on to her Ring.

  • Jersey Shore Raider

    A Haag pinata filled with joints AND cannabis bonbons!

  • Marc Guilbault

    I honestly hate this woman and what she stands for. Leave us alone to make our own decisions. We don’t need your help or your opinion about what we choose to put in our own body to help us. You do not get to choose what is right for us, we can handle that responsibility by ourselves and you are beyond arrogant to think you know better. Have a nice day.