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Texas Legislature Will Consider Marijuana Decriminalization


texas norml region conference marijuana cannabisI have said it many, many times – Texas is a harsh place when it comes to marijuana laws. Unlike other states that allow a citizen initiative to reform marijuana laws, Texas does not have an initiative process. The only way to reform Texas’ marijuana laws is via the Texas Legislature. A bill was introduced this week in the Texas Legislature that would reduce penalties for marijuana possession. Per Big Country:

Texas State Representative Joe Moody (D-El Paso) introduced a bill Monday that would reduce state penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Representative Moody announced the details of the bill at a news conference hosted by Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy. He was joined by retired Texas District Court Judge John Delaney and representatives from the coalition including ACLU of Texas, Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition, and the Marijuana Policy Project.

“Our current marijuana policy in Texas just isn’t working,” Rep. Moody said. “We need a new approach that allows us to more effectively utilize our limited criminal justice resources. This legislation is a much-needed step in the right direction.”

It’s tough to say at this point whether or not the bill will pass. However, it’s encouraging that it was introduced in the first place, and there are a lot of people lobbying the Texas Legislature to pass it. Texas still needs to introduce a bill to legalize medical marijuana, and hopefully we will also see a bill that would completely legalize marijuana for all Texans. If you live in Texas, now is the time to contact your legislators and tell them it’s time for a new approach to marijuana policy in Texas, and that marijuana prohibition has been a disaster.


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  • Melba Von Eye

    Notice, this bill is coming up for discussion in committee tomorrow. Write the members of the committee you can find all the emails on the texas legislature site. It is the

    Criminal Jurisprudence committee.


  • msantia5

    Human right once again

  • msantia5

    Living in Texas rn in McAllen at the moment I’m smoking the strain jack the ripper. It delicious and weed has always been legal in mind :p I’ve been slapped by cops by my first offense of P.O.M and came out clean every drug test while on patrol and started again but only at home. Enjoy the skunk xp

  • Jordan

    I doubt Oklahoma will ever get on board with the marijuana legalization. As Oklahoma and another state made such a huge deal about Colorado about legalizing recreational use..saying “it is against the federal law and causing problems.” However I do think it will be either Texas or another central state that will expedite the legalization of medical and recreational use.

  • phillip

    How many signatures is needed to help this law be passed

  • shefik

    Fellow Texans write to your representatives about bill HB 507. If these politicians are worth anything, they will listen to the people they are supposed to represent. Yes legalization makes more sense, but this is a huge step for Texas. This would mean no more people in jail for possessing this plant, no criminal record, and just a $100 dollar ticket. A ticket sucks, but it’s 100 times better than what we do to people now. Not to mention we can stop having innocent people and police officers killed from police breaking into homes at night looking for a gram of weed.

  • Ted Mishler

    Why thank you:-)

  • psi2u2

    Hi Denise. Sorry to hear about your pain situation. My impression is that while it may not be entirely legal, you can probably obtain medicine via the internet without much fear of repercussions. This is just because the prohibitionists cannot keep track of the huge volume of exchanges happening this way. It is not worth their time and effort to try to stop it. This will not change our horrible laws but may help you personally, in case you haven’t considered that option. Just a thought. We need to keep active politically, but obviously you should not let your quality of life be dictated by morons like Andy Harris.

    Oops, as I see below you are subject to random drug testing….I’m out of ideas unless you can change that work situation. In any case, my suggestion above would work if you can get in a situation where you are not at risk for that.


    that’s a lie I scream FREEDOM


    great reply along with that smile



  • James DuMouchel

    Good one!

  • James DuMouchel

    Denise: Get outta Dodge! Go to CO or some medically friendly state. OK is ruled by old school authoritarians who will be among the last to relax. Your life is too important to be forfeited to overbearing politicians.

  • firetheliberals

    having moved from the . east coast to texas in the 1970 s, weed was everywhere in texas. folks in texas love the herb. sadly, texas is a state of extremes, and weed laws are harsher than the reality of weed use. the question for texas is whether they want to keep the black market alive or take the money legally..