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What Is The Difference Between Indica and Sativa Marijuana Plants


Indica and Sativa Marijuana: The Biggest Differences Between The Two Cannabis Plants

Indica and Sativa marijuana are the two major types of cannabis plants. They can be mixed together to create

indica and sativa marijuana

Sativa and Indica cannabis leaves side-by-side.

hybrid strains. Each strain has its own range of effects on the body and mind, resulting in a wide range of medicinal benefits.

Indica Marijuana Plants

Indica plants typically grow short and wide. This growth pattern makes Indica plants better suited for indoor growing. The high produced from smoking Indica bud is a strong physical body high that will make you sleepy or ‘couch-locked’ and provides a deep relaxation feeling.

Indica-dominant marijuana strains tend to have a strong sweet or sour odor to the buds (ex. Kush, OG Kush) providing a very relaxing and strong body high that is helpful in treating general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping disorders.

Indicas are very effective for overall pain relief and is often used to treat insomnia for many people. Indica buds are most commonly smoked by medical marijuana patients in the late evening or even right before bed due to how sleepy and tired you become when high from an indica strain of marijuana. The most popular Indica strains currently include Kush, Northern Lights and White Widow.

Benefits of Indica:

1. Relieves body pain
2. Relaxes muscles
3. Relieves spasms, reduces seizures
4. Relieves headaches and migraines
5. Relieves anxiety or stress

Sativa Marijuana Plants

Opposite from Indica plants, Sativa plants grow tall and thin, making them better suited for outdoor growing – especially since some strains can reach over 25 ft. in height. A Sativa high is known to be more energetic and uplifting.

Sativa-dominant marijuana strains tend to have a more grassy type odor to the buds providing an uplifting, energetic and “cerebral” high that is best suited for daytime smoking. A sativa high is one filled with creativity and energy as being high on sativa can spark new ideas and creations. Many artists take advantage of the creative powers of cannabis sativa (marijuana) to create paintings.  The most popular sativa strains include Purple Haze and Mauwie Wauwie.

Benefits of Sativa:

1. Feelings of well-being and at-ease
2. Up-lifting and cerebral thoughts
3. Stimulates and energizes
4. Increases focus and creativity
5. Fights depression

Hybrid Marijuana Plants = Indica and Sativa Marijuana

Marijuana strains range from pure sativas to pure indicas and hybrid strains consisting of both indica and sativa (30% indica – 70% sativa, 50% – 50% combinations, 80% indica – 20% sativa). Because Sativa and Indica buds have very different medicinal benefits and effects, certain strains can be targeted to better treat specific illnesses.

 Read more about the difference in the effects of sativa vs indica.
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  1. What creates a bad buzz or bad moods while being High? I was informed that fertilizers cause this…

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  4. cbd is used for seizures, ie “charlottes web” ,,as are every anxiolytic med that is a controlled substance (most civ in us. such as valium (diazepam), ativan (lorazepam), xanax (alprazolam), though they usually don’t use them any more except in emergency situations ie grand mal seizure.. I suggest you go with high cbd strain. (I’m a pharmacist by the way)


  5. Wow…You really don’t know how to do math do you?
    40+60=100…..Dip shit. the THC content is at 62 and the CBD at 42…Jesus, christ.

  6. Hahaha. I LOVE your closing statement. I’m an artist so it made perfect sense. Can you advise a Sativa brand-name that is excellent and relatively available to purchase?

  7. Thank You for is information! As a person look to relieve high stress and anxiety, and got some very important questions answered!

  8. I was on cymbalta for a bit and was terrified to increase my dose-am on the old amitryptiline now .Am able to stay off some of my pain meds with the edibles.Good luck.I hear it can be a challenge getting off of cymbalta

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  10. Tim Popplewell on

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  11. Tim Popplewell on

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  12. Try Sensi-Chews, they work very well. I prefer the hybrid, only thing I don’t like is that it has corn syrup in it

  13. im not an expert, but to that, i had the same thing happen . i just started back smoking and dont have those anymore. bye the way,if it helps, im 50 this yr

  14. Bobby L Mcknight on

    Thanks James that was super informative and to all who made interesting points with pain. I have full on Fibromyalgia. .chronic pain..and don’t wanna take Cymbalta any longer as l am at 160 Mls..lm weening my self off slowly and smoking lndica..just started smoking in the last 4 months..have never really been a die hard..just here n there l would take a hoot..but l really like the taste and what is does for my pain and such a sweet body buzz..l need to now find a medical mj physician..in Victoria, Bc

  15. Dylan Jacobson on

    Vaping a hybrid 60/40, indie/sativa oil, prescribed for ptsd.
    Excellent strain, “Girl scout cookies”. Oil is 62% THC , 42% cbd .
    Very excellent!

  16. Nope, you’ve got it completely wrong. CBD doesn’t give off a high, it’s NOT psychoactive. Sativa’s have a higher THC to CBD ratio, so there is less CBD in Sativa. Indica has higher CBD. CBD has relaxing properties, as well as anti anxiety effects. It can actually reduce the effects of THC (paranoia etc.) You’re obviously a cannabis novice.

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  19. I don’t like to be high but I need to get off all the pain meds I am taking. I still need to work doing accounting work during the day. What do you suggest is the best

  20. You are asking those who know, what strain to use for your mum, right? I am not sure but others should know that and answer you. To make brownies etc first you need to make some cannabis oil which is not easy. Make a tea might work though as long as it steeps for a long time and then reheat after a few hours of steeping etc.

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  24. CBD is bound to cerebral/energetic/creative high. THC is bound to relaxing/couch lock. Sativa is more CBD to THC, while Indica is more THC to CBD. I believe there are quite a few hybrid stains now a days that have almost an equal amount of both THC and CBD.

  25. THC is bound to cereberal/energetic/creative high as far as i know . how comes some INDICA strains contains high level of thc (arround 20%) given this major type is bound for cauchlock effect ? can someone help me make order in my knowledge ?

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  27. As an atheist, I don’t have to worry about the UP elevator. May Reason and Logic be With You. And Mother Nature has already blessed marijuana.

  28. I don’t think this is the burning bush “I Am” had in mind. Good luck making the grade on the UP elevator. May God be With You and God Bless Marijuana.

  29. I want to .start juicing weed and taking it as a supplement, I am so confused as to which one to start with. I am going to make my own oil too. Can anyone suggest a good one to start with.

  30. Johnny El-agha on

    i actually walked my self into a hospital thinking i was having a heart attack… so werid but yea i know what you mean

  31. Johnny El-agha on

    im from Australia and can only ever get my hands on whatever my dealer has.. witch is a 2 hour drive away … how can you tell the difference btw?

  32. JocelynsBellinis on

    Not only laced but some idiots use dangerous chemicals while growing, and it gets into the plants,so be careful who you buy from.

  33. JocelynsBellinis on

    Put it brownies or cookies, or make a small batch of spaghetti sauce. Saute it with the onions and garlic, but don’t make too big of a batch, unless you use a huge amount of weed.

  34. Marijuana causes your arteries to dilate which in turn lowers your blood pressure. Your heart will beat faster which in turn has a negative reaction on those who suffer from panic attacks. Stick with the indicas and start slowly. Your body will gradually adjust.

  35. So I also only smoke alone or with only my closest people. That also helps. It’s not an out and about thing for me. Indica puts me into a vegetative state and then I fall asleep – not worth bothering with. I would rather use melatonin when I am having trouble sleeping.

  36. I have anxiety as well with full blown panic attacks that present like seizures. I have managed by pushing through it by reminding myself that the panic is just an illusion and I take a moment to deep breathe through it with some ujjayi breathing. I also find it helps to set myself up with whatever task I need to get done beforehand so I don’t spin in circles like a whirling dervish. I love the sativa’s because I am so much more productive with my days with it than without. I find it’s worth a little panic now and then. The panic is stronger when you have had time away from smoking, I find it settles with regular use.

  37. Ill tell.u i hate sativas just.because of the annoying high i like the high gravity indica lol

  38. Well when all 52 go legal it will be the same game and i dont want that id rather produce so i know people will be getting quality not someone great science project

  39. Its like high gravity training makes me feel godly smoking Indica dabs then doing some work im in construction so it eases pain while i work allows me 220% of myself even on days when nothing was possible due to lack of sleep or back pain no matter what it alleviates exhaustion

  40. smoke indica, not sativa. sativa is what induces your panic attacks due that it causes anxiety in people who are prone to it. Indica is the opposite, it reduces your anxiety(calms you down), which will effectively reduce your chance of having panic attacks. But watch out because indica can and will make you tired so dont smoke or eat indica before doing anything productive.

  41. Don’t make tea. Weed needs to be infused with an oil (butter is pretty standard) for it to be digestable. A certain amount will be digested with tea but maybe 5 or 10%. It is cheap because its made from leaf. I generally couch lock people from .85 gms of crap. Post a reply if you want me to post the recipe.

  42. Also, try edibles. I don’t care what anybody says, cooking is an artform and well worth your learning. Totally a body stone and works really well with a couple of drinks and a bong to kick it in. The bong won’t kick in anxiety, just initiate your body stone. Try .85gm cooked properly, 4 beers and then a bong. You’ll be fine.

  43. Both previous answers are true but I will elaborate a bit. Smoke more.. get used to it so anxiety isn’t such an issue. Smoke Indica.. the higher CBD levels give a more body stone. Supposedly thc matures into cbd on the plant, ie the longer you leave the bud on the plant, the less headstone/ more bodystone. So if you leave your sativa buds on for longer, they will ‘mellow’ more when smoked and if you pull your indica early, they will ‘bounce’ more when smoked. Hope this helps.
    Smoke Sativa when you want to paint a picture, and Indica when you want to stare at it☺

  44. AlmostPornographic on

    Lol!!!!…….WTF Dude!!………What do you mean by “Almost” Pornographic….LMFAO!!

  45. Smoke only Indica buds. I had the same issue a couple yrs ago. Smoked for 30 yrs then all of the sudden, my heart races and I would feel scared, something very wrong. Even went to Hospital. Now I make sure only Idica, and all is well. I hate Big Pharma’s answer for pain.

  46. Ishmael Yaaw D. on

    High guys, I really need high grade weed to smoke, because where I am there is no high grade over high.

  47. Krista Campbell on

    I’ve been a medical mj advocate ever since my cancer drugs caused so much pain (breast cancer 2012, thyroid cancer 2013). Between 2 different cancers drugs, I now have osteoporosis besides my arthritis. I’m a very active 62 year old who doesn’t want to get high, I just want to be out of pain without damaging my body (i.e. stomach, liver, kidney’s) from side effects of what pharma has to offer, then warranting MORE drugs to purchase. It sucks that a law abiding citizen of Florida has to illegally grow her own plant fo medicate for relief.

  48. Hi guys I stopped smoking a year back because I keep having bad panic attacks but prior to that I had smoked for 4 years any advice?

  49. My names mark (15) my mother age (46) was diagnosed with parkinsons 13 years ago…they have gave her many prescribed medication such as xanax,levodopa cardidopha, morphine we just dont know what to do her symptoms vary from ankle sweeting,drolling,shaking, rarely sleeps, cant swallow uses the restroom to much, anxiety,depression also she had a neck surgery due to a car accident in october of 2014 i have gave her marijuana however it wasnt medically and she reacted not very well i looked into it and i read that theres different strains that are known as sativa and indica however i dont know exactly what strain she got..but i just wanted to know could marijuana help she cant smoke it but ive heard they have had oils and butter and editables..

  50. George Sweeney on

    Has the difference, chemically, been found between indica and sativa that causes the sleepy vs. uplifting high?

  51. Greg Mercante on

    no,but im looking at a site now in Amsterdam called ams .If you find some good seed please let me know too.Sativa and indigo 55 -50 would be a good balance Im in the west

  52. nurseflirt52 on

    I think that is sound advice. I find my energy levels are actually higher in hotter temps and with MS it should wipe me out. If I am tired to begin with it makes it more so.

  53. nurseflirt52 on

    holy guacamole-no- that’s not the name But DAMNED pretty plants I bet they smell great, too.

  54. nurseflirt52 on

    I live in VA and they FINALLY just ok’d it for research in the agricultural sense. Rep Hurt told me he believes in it for NOTHING (I need it for MS symptoms) as a former prosecutor. The farmers must have pushed him and he had to give in. I am also looking at the benefits of hemp seeds and oil. Why is it any different than the seeds that grow sativa hemp for fiber? I am planning to plant LEGAL edible seeds and see what grows and hope I get arrested to make my point.I have a right to wellness as long as I am hurting no one. I do not drive. I am 63 and know more about it than these young congressman do.

  55. nurseflirt52 on

    I am a handicapped former nurse with MS for 28 years. Just started smoking 3 years ago and the relief it has brought me is fantastic. I honestly believe it repairs important components in the nervous system. Research on!!

  56. Hi, I live in Melbourne. Does anyone know how to get some good quality Purple Haze here?

  57. Kurt Fridenberger on

    If that’s the case, you got a couple seeds left over? I’ve got some fucking killer anxiety I’m trying to ditch. Hook me up dude!!

  58. shane searle on

    yes i have read about this.seeds picked out of African brick weed and grown with love and not manhandled into a brick vice can be very special indeed,
    While reading the cannibible the auther describes your exactsituation,
    The resulting plant had effects this world traveling conosuir had never experienced,
    It made him brave.like ananxiolytic ,basically the oposite of paranoia,
    The holy grale for people whosuffer anxiety.
    I would very much like to swap genetics with you,seed or pollen,

    Recently i have beensearching for the relatives to this plant,and got some killermanjaro,which the locals call lion killer due to the bravery it is said to give

    please try to keep hold of these genetics,its the peoples medicine,and thiscocktail of canibonols is very important medicaly.

  59. What kind of plants have 12 to 14 leaves or fingers on each leaf.????Anyone ever seen such a plant ???

  60. Catherine Melnyk on

    Catherine Melnyk
    Hi Khor Lee
    Thanks for your input, however,you are mixing the Old Covenant (Old Testament) with the New Testament, the (New Covenant), the Old Covenant were the laws which Moses brought down from the mountain of Ararat, i.e.the 10 Commandments, and the New Covenant which Jesus brought to us. Actually the scripture which you mentions, Matthew 15 tells us that it isn’t what we ingest, but the anger, gossip, small-mindedness and covetousness etc that we speak that defiles us. Jesus last words were these, to love God with all our hearts, minds and souls and strength and to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

  61. eric barnett on

    yeah ive been growing for some time now and a few months ago i got some seeds from a guy he claimed they were lemon haze or super lemon haze seeds, spoke to him a couple weeks ago and he said they were randomly given to him and he wasnt sure what they were now i have a huge fully vegged early flower mystery plant its a sativa has big colas with fat super bright white/yellow hairs and the sugar leaves get a nice white coat over them anyone know what it may be ive done some research but cant find any strains like this

  62. See my reply to Susan. I will add that another reason for ‘laziness’ is lack of something to do. Take note of what inspires you. For me it’s Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, a long walk and remembering how wonderful it feels to have my work done and time left over of whatever I want.

  63. I agree with Helen – ck for another disorder. As for it being ‘to available’ – Self discipline needs to be taught our children – keeping it away from them (or anyone) is not the way to teach self control. Actually having it legal they should learn early just like my dad taught me not to over do alcohol (he told me to not get drunk enough to throw up). Check out in google symptoms for depression, ADHD etc. or take it up with your doctor. Also I can’t speak for others but when I find myself having to smoke more I switch strains. It also helps to get proper nutrition as with any body. You may have a body problem rather then a mental one like needing greens, protein or even perhaps a couple days fast or cleanse might help with energy level and the body’s response to your meds. PS if you were truly lazy I don’t think you would have made it around to asking to fix it :)

  64. See pictures above and count the leave’s lobes. Looks like indica has 5 and sativa 7. Not sure it’s always like this. Nice find :)

  65. Eyes Wide Open on

    Thanks so much Jay! I’ve been smoking for years, but never paid much attention to what I smoked. I always knew bought from people who sold good stuff, but never knew why one kind made me tired and another got my creative juices flowing. You’ve changed the way and what I smoke forever.

  66. I’m thinking its indica, I’m no expert by any means but if it stays low and thickens wide then yes but if it grows tall and a bit wider then I would think it’s sativa. It still looks young, but if it grows a bit taller and spindly then it could also be ruderalis which is pretty much benign. Keep checking the images above as it grows. That’s you best bet in my opinion. Hope that helps.

  67. It’s possible you have another co-occuring disorder (other than pain). You may want to seek out a full psychiatric evaluation to check for things like ADHD which can go undiagnosed in people. Look up the symptoms of undiagnozed ADHD in adults, even specificaly women. It’s very different in adult females too and many times, marijuana abuse goes hand in hand with ADHD.

  68. i been on differant planet past 30yrs just moved back to cali got my med card the easiest thing i got done since moved back to ca in january, i put my life and happiness on hold to help my 88yr old darlin moma. i have chronic pain disabled 20+ yr on morphine and other opiate pain med just as long. thank god for med marij here cuz u know the more u do the more u need, constant battle(nitemare) unless u know pain u know how u just rather be dead. this medical stuff is like ray of light in a very dark tunnel, my body is my own personal torture chamber of hell. i want to live now, imagine that dont matter how lazy i get, it not but 6months ago i begged GOD for the peace of death. i came to help my old moma, ended up getting way more help for myself with hope of med maij.thank god he put every herb on earth 4 us to use, if others dont like it let em stay on their own side of the table

  69. very quickly at an early age I acquired hepatitis C in my blood now at 65 years old I have cirrhosis of the liver it was just bothering me so badly the depression set in. I was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate which I had it taken care of. I have 3 Crushed discs in the left side of my rear lower back. Marijuana is the only thing that I have found to alleviate the pain and relax me to be in a good place. To sleep good at night & eat good during the day marijuana is a must in my life. I have a medical marijuana card, but it is from Michigan and now I live in Florida. I have to hide in the bushes to take my medicine. Something has to be done! I hope it passes on the ballot I know I will vote YES on the marijuana law to Florida

  70. This is growing amongst wild growth on a vacant piece of land next to my house. Is it Indica or Sativa? Secondly, how am I supposed to harvest/use it?

  71. Marcus Kendall on

    Did the scientists kill this plant by “accident” or did they keep it to themselves while fabricating to the masses. Remember, cannabis was banned in the U.S in 1937; same era as the prohibition laws. Why? Because if the masses of people did their research on the benefits of weed–both mentally and physically–doctors, botanist, pharmacist, dermatologists, etc would all be out of a job. Truth be told, the government knows all about weed; they understand that to much of anything is bad for you. Therefore, in order for them to continue ruling over the masses on every level, they’re now legalizing it due to it making you tired, lazy, lacking priorities, careless, emotionally callous, and virtually ‘dead’. Once they give us the weed and we become careless to the world, the government will have more power to influence us due to marijuana’s numbing affects on both mind and body.

  72. HarleyAngel on

    I am a nurse… Not a marijuana expert… But I have to agree … Don’t abuse ANY MEDICATION.., And it is just that easy..

  73. Looks like William’s Wonder. I used to grow it until I had a winter kill and lost the strain. Sure wish I could get it back. It is a great strain to grow and maintain! Keep it at all costs!

  74. butterflymama on

    I have to wonder if you would have the same problem if you had prescription pain medication. Because to me you are abusing your medication, isn’t that what medicinal marijuana is? Medication? Would you take more of your pain meds than your supposed to? If you answered yes, then maybe the problem is an addiction to pain meds in general

  75. I am all for medical marijuana but ya know with it being so available I find myself smoking more than I should an now I am lazy. Even with the sativa.
    I know I’m not the majority here but I find I don’t get the things done I need to. Some of us like to use a lot if it’s around. If its not around and I get it once in a while makes me more creative and able to get quite a bit done.
    I am 53 and did my share of everything in the 70s and 80s. medical marijuana everyday for someone in pain can be good but it eventually makes a person weak, uncaring for other things and with our world going to hell, we need to keep out wits about us as we all well know our governments would love us to stay stupid and not care what is going on in DC so they can pass what they want.
    Marijuana is to available. I hate to see what our next generation is going to be like when it is available as much as liquor. If I did have to choose I would rather see someone smoke and drive than drink and drive.
    Use marijuana responsibly and not everyday.

  76. Stephane Guanja on

    Try and find blue dream or Rasta berry Ive been smoking since I’m 14 years old and I’m 17 now these are the two most relaxing and stress relieving weeds for me and it makes you energetic but not too much and the taste is just so damn amazing like I’m glad I got these connects it’s the two best weeds for me anyways like Ive smoked all the weed theres to be smoked Ill stick to my Jamaican Rastaberry (Indica) and my Blue dream (50%-50% hybrid) One word. (Mellow)

  77. Bits, cannabis use affects you in more than one way “from the neck up”- and some are quite positive! Do you every worry about your brain? Like Alzheimer’s? “THC blocks an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase, which speeds the formation of amyloid plaque in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s drugs Aricept and Cognex work by blocking acetylcholinesterase. When tested at double the concentration of THC, Aricept blocked plaque formation only 22% as well as THC, and Cognex blocked plaque formation only 7% as well as THC.” From “Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer’s” WebMD. If Aricept and Cognex work, then THC works even better at preventing Alzheimer’s!

    Or maybe the idea of a severe brain trauma from an accident worries you? “trauma surgeon David Plurad and his colleagues did a retrospective review of 446 traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases treated at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center from January 2010 through December 2012. Their study, reported in the journal American Surgeon, found that 82 of those patients tested positive for THC and two of them died, for a mortality rate of 2.4 percent. The mortality rate among the 364 patients who did not have THC in their system was 11.5 percent, nearly five times higher.” From “How MEDlCAL MARlJUANA’S Chemicals May Protect Cells” (Scientific American- Vol 312, Issue 2, Jan 2015, available online)

    There is a LOT more to cannabis and your brain than just the “high”!

  78. Best advice, join a cannabis forum! They all have expert growers who love being the “Ganja Guru” to beginners!

  79. Dude you DO do drugs, you drink coffee. Very strong drug. Wheat is GMO’d to contain morphine like compounds. Opiate for masses. Dairy also caso-morphines.

    But bro your on this site for a reason.

  80. Do you have this link so that I may beable to read and print this out..I cannot read it ..it is blurry…thank you


    There was a new strain discoverd in Australia here not long ago up in the mountains, it was the only one up there and some scientist killed it on accident, and they have never found anymore of it growing wild there yet but are searching……..I read a article on it the other day on the net, don’t know ho true it is…….

  82. That doesn’t look like marijuana sorry. You should’ve already had regular marijuana leaves growing.

  83. Laced means a different drug is mixed in with the weed, sometimes with the intention to get you addicted by using drugs with addictive qualities.

  84. dear,
    some body could tell me what kind is it? because I am not sure, and I think this is not Cbis

  85. You get it from a drug dealer man. And I’ve been doing it for four years. I understand what you going through, and it’s better to find 50%-50%. It’s perfect. Your not to lazy, not to energetic. But it actually just depends on you dude. And you just have to be careful who you get it from, because if you get it from the wrong person it could be laced. So always, always, research what your getting, and look at the pictures. Even if you already paid for it and it doesn’t look right or smell right, don’t do it. I hoped that helped help you.

  86. By the way the first time i smoked, my friend said it was ‘Lemon’ it was the type i liked and allowed me to be energetic. Am i right to say it is Sativa type??

  87. Hi guys, I have smoked 3 times between the ages 17 and 18. The first time I smoked, it was great, the first stage was relaxing and I was very much peaceful in the moment, without having thoughts in my mind, I was just present, I’d then be more energetic than I already am. I took three good pulls. That was it. I noticed that the weed smelled fresh like grass before we burnt it. The second time I smoked weed, I was tired, clumsy and way to relaxed that I wouldn’t even bother to study. It was worrying, I started to dress less smart too. This time I took more hits. I breathed in deeper. My friend told me this time we were smoking ‘Kush’ I had no idea what it is but, it had a strong dirty weed smell. I expected myself to feel energetic and optimistic again, but no. From this site, I have learnt that what I really want or prefer is the Sativa type. How do I get hold of it? That is if I ever try it again. Since smoking the ‘Indica’ type, I am still being lazy and feeling tired and relaxed. It’s worrying because the last time I smoked it was October 2014 and now it’s January 2015. I don’t know if it is the weed, but if it is does anybody know what I need to do? I have a good diet. I try so hard to be me again, but it’s hard. Anyone know what I m going through?? I would really appreciate it! p.s. I am thinking to smoke the Sativa type, it may help. Good or bad idea?

  88. Psalm 75:8 For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them. What kind of mixture does one pour out the same? Although I don’t think the bible to be exact science, it has moulded lives, for better or worse, over the last two millennia. There are some things right or exact with the Bible, this is one. In Matt 15:11 & 20 Jesus said Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man. These are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man.

    Please let us wake up an smell the Hemp.

  89. Pauley Wallnutz on

    Agreed! Now let me reduce the formula to its empirical simplicity in colloquial vernacular, ” Different Tokes for different Folks!”

  90. Please get a bitcoin address so people can easily give support to writers like you with a cause they identify with.

    Breadwallet for iOS is easy to use and free.

  91. I know. People like me who dont use drugs or drink alcohol at all and take no pain killers or mind altering substances of any kind are utterly ridiculous stupid people.

  92. I don’t want to argue with you… B U T. . . Your comment is ridiculous. If you gas mask an ounce of loud and then decide to drive Shony’s for steak and eggs you’re gonna have a bad time. The same applies if you chug a quart of Jägermeister or pop 33 footballs.. Any of these things (In a dose small enough for an individual to handle in the particular scenario) are less dangerous than not getting enough sleep.. or texting while driving. Everything in moderation.

    “If something can corrupt you – you’re corrupted already”

  93. It depend on how you want to grow them ,I would rather use the natural way which is outside or in a greenhouse.its well to late to sow anything outside right now at least not until early spring when the frost is over,come back to me then if your still wanting my help although I no doubt if you google it you will get all the help you need ,thanks anyhow.

  94. I don’t smoke any of it I tried it once and took the piss out of everyone whilst laughing my head of,could get me in serious trouble lol I just like growing it,I’ve heard of green poison but not green crack lol

  95. White Widow is a balanced hybrid isn’t it? The high is more euphoric and is said to be more on the Satvia side

  96. El Periquero mayor not gomztho on

    Thanks for the tips y’all reallymz apprecciatez da gesture tho… Oughtta say, loved nem sativamz quite frankly enjoyed da whole damn blog.

  97. You mean mostly the benign Ruderalis on the right. ;) Just thought I would let you know. Thanks for the information. Very interesting and awesomely detailed. Thank you. :D

  98. painkills2 is a great username. Some people that don’t have pain do not realize that “pain kills”. Rock on for painkills2!

  99. so what you are saying for ex. you love cats as long as you never see one? lol as much sense as a penny.

  100. If its a hybrid you get to experience both highs, but its the strain with the highest percentage that dominates

  101. Who can tell me what strain this is? It has sativa leaves on top and indica leaves and the base?

  102. LKhasljfhdsljhfldshfls on

    I think it’s Sativa. You can see it has quite thin and long leaves. It could be a hybrid though as some of the leaves kind of look like a mix.

  103. if your idea of a wasted life is breaking your back to consume from this shit matrix then why would any sane person want to take part in a life of material worship?

  104. Hi these are growing outdoors in normal soil watered once a week with wilkinsons flower liquid feed it don’t know what type they are or how long till I should dig them up can anyone help please thank you picture above I think

  105. I support the legalization of marijuana BUT I don’t think anyone should take anything that effects them from the neck up. I have seen too many people waste their lives and have low expectations.

  106. Thks guy for everything but I left my cuz house about 3 weeks ago he called me yesterday and told me they died branches just started falling off I guess to heavy.and I started getting really cold in canada. I wish they legalize it in the United States. Thks anyways guys til next time…

  107. Getoveryourself on

    Dale B, you shouldn’t spend so much time judging who qualifies for a medical card, since you sound completely ignorant. I can guarantee that with my medical I have never received free marijuana, nor has anyone else I know. I also would be willing to bet that if you saw me on the street with your judgmental attitude you would not guess, that doctors have carved on my brain with their scalpels, or that my heart and lungs are malformed since birth. See from your little soap box you seem to want to preach from you can’t tell what a person has wrong with them. I take it to ease the headaches and anxiety I was left with after the doctors “fixed” me. So get some facts or someone is going to knock you off your little soapbox some day.

  108. I was wondering does anyone know when do the buds get that potent smell. The plant it self reeks of some blazing fruity smell but my buds smell like grass the buds are about 2weeks into flowering does the smell come before harvest or does it smell after you dry and cure the buds? Does anyone know? And does anyone know if when I water the plant I spay the leaves ands buds with water does that hurt the level of tHC and resin does the potency get weaker or does it not matter…I would appreciate it very much if someone can get back to me with the answers please.thks herb fam…

  109. Thks everyone for your help I found one of my female was a male too I got rid of it before the sacks opened and I put miracle grow spikes now the buds are starting to show and the sun light went down from 14 hours to 11 hours for sunlight one of my plants has 9 sleeves on one leaf but the flowering stage has started they have lots of pistils cream color and the other plant has a lot of resin . If anyone has any info on how long will the flowering stages last?

  110. Sunlight, water and ferts are essentials for growing, try some root blast blood and bone or even lime (not the fruit) usually you add these ferts to the plany when they get put in the ground for it to reach its full potential. Stay blazin

  111. Cannabinoids may play a role in treating many serious medical conditions such as seizures. There are many types of seizure disorders for which a treatment without severe side effects hasn’t been found. Benzodiazapines like Klonopin are often used, but those may cause extreme daytime fatigue, depression and dependence. It’s going to be an boom in the pharmaceutical industry, which will isolate compounds and figure out better delivery methods than smoking.

    The US seems to be on a path to federal legalization of medical marijuana then total legalization. Who knows what the unintended consequences will be. 25 states have decided they would enjoy the tax revenue, not surprisingly. Half of the US states have or soon will have at least medical cannabis. The only holdouts will be the bible belt states, but even they will eventually realize that compared to the big two legal drug killers, cannabis might as well be cotton candy.

  112. Wile E. Coyote on

    They should have already my friend grew one and after 2 months small buds began to grow the size of a nickle

  113. Thks chisna I think you right there no sacks only hairs now the hairs are starting to look spiky there a with and tan color there getting about 14 hrs sun light 10 hrs night time soon the light will go down to ard 10 hrs sunlight and 14 hrs of night.this was my first crop I appreciate your advice. Sincerely GEORGE.h

  114. It’s probably the light George. Most plants won’t start flowering until they
    get around 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. That triggers it.
    Here in WA. state my plants grown outside don’t tend to start flowering until mid Sept.
    The purple color can sometimes be caused by cold weather. And sometimes it’s
    just a genetic trait. Little white hairs are ok, and sometimes are a sign the plant
    is about to start flowering. As long as there are no little pollen sacks just below the
    hair or hairs. You are ok….

  115. I’ve never been affected by morphine. And I beg to differ. My son’s friend had a med card in Colorado and sent me a little square piece of chocolate candy. I ate a 1/4th bite and was pain free for almost 24 hours. It’s the last best day I can remember, so you’re very wrong. It all depends on you, your tolerance, and how your body reacts to certain things. When I took 100mg of Methadone every 12 hours, I had less pain in those years 2007-2012. But when the DEA did away with allowing dr’s to prescribe it my pain hasn’t been under control since then.

  116. When I began to read this blog I felt Dale B was just another Mono-browed Asshole. Now I just think That Dale B is just an Asshole. I feel that you Dale are correct in most of what you said. however , the way you said what you said could stand a little work on the TACT part of it.

  117. Also, the female plants produce the THC resin as a way of attracting male pollen. You not only have to have the female plant, but you also have to get rid of the male plants altogether. If the female can attract the male pollen it will stop producing the resin. So you want to make sure there are no males at all, only females, so they continue to produce resin to try to attract the male pollen…

  118. No problem! I’m glad people have read this and responded with some sense of appreciation not only for what I’ve said personally, but for the general literature on medicinal marijuana. I almost thought this guy was a troll because I’m not used to people unintentionally being so ignorant, lol. But whether they read it and care/understand or not, I figured someone else would read it and appreciate what’s being done in the world of neuroscience (as well as medicine) in regard to this drug. There’s a reason it works so well…

    And P.S. As to your last statement, *girl, hehe.

  119. Wow, AD you have thoroughly impressed me with your knowledge of the brain and how it works. I think that the guy you’re trying to teach here isn’t even close to your level of thought. I am glad you wrote it and I was able to read it. Keep informing us guy.

  120. its called medical marijuana because they focus on the medicinal properties of medical marijuana where at recreational pot stores they just sell u whatever i cant go to a recreational pot store and ask them whats the best thing for my anxiety but i can ask them that a dispensary cuz thats what they are taught and i smoke cuz i do have anxiety but it doesnt mean i dont enjoy the high

  121. Quick question….I believe this is a sativa plant…..I just entered her into the 12 12 cycle…about how long did it take for her to start showing signs of budding?…does she look like she is in good health?….first time grower so anything helps…please and thank you

  122. No, its a female theres no male my friend has a nother plant they were planted together its 4feet its starting to turn a purple color were the buds should be but the 8feet one is sesimella it has a bunch of hair pistil are a whiteish green growing up the stalk but theres no sign of buds its still growing it hasent flowered yet its been 5 months since they were planted.is it the nutrients? doesit need more fertilizer? And the plants stalk is about 6inches around at the base

  123. It means it is a male plant.. Only female plants grow buds. Male plants do not bud. If you think I’m joking about the male and female part, I’m not

  124. My boy has been growing some green bud and since the begining of march its 8 feet tall and about 3 feet wide but no buds but the leaves look like indica where the buds should be its turning purple but no buds does my friend need to put more fertalizer or what should he do its outside in a forest in canada can you give me some advice to pass on my email is crazyeyez47@gmail.Com

  125. Out of everything he said.. You say to not drive stoned? Just scraping for reason to keep it away from us.

  126. The problem started well before the 60s. They were so scared about the Blackmans drugs and them getting high and raping all the white women….truly ignorance at its besy .

  127. These are my Babies…. Can anyone tell me when they will bud. They have been growing since March

  128. Cannabis has been used for centuries in Europe for it’s pain inflammation reducing properties and help with aging brains as it contains neuro growth properties. The problems truly began in the 60’s when kids discovered the high they could get by smoking it and people panicked. Cannabis has always been used as oils or eaten in most of Europe for pain and for, as I’ve said, century upon century. I’m British and living in Canada where it’s “legal” for medical purposes and in your own home. Taking the cannabis and putting it under government control is like taking the catnip plant and putting it under control because it to gives the same high to both humans ( if they can stomach the taste) and cats. Unbelievable! I was rear ended two years ago, three times within two months. I eat cannabis rather than taking all the other combined pain relievers the pharmaceutical companies want you to. If I smoke it, just three puffs is enough to give my 82 year old father relief from his arthritis for a week and me about 4 days. I am very glad that I do not live in a republic like the USA. I hope that one day you all win your fight. Cannabis does NOT destroy the brain; it actually HELPS dementia patients. I so wish people would actually look up the true scientific properties of plants before jumping on bandwagons…

  129. Hey Dale…The day you pick up something other than your key board to run your suck and talk smack about the military and medical marijuana is the day I think you can be on here running your suck. It is people like you that make me sick. I cannot believe you are “40” and saying the things you are saying. If it wasn’t for YOUR military you wouldn’t be here, or have the right to spread your dumb ideas idiot so check history, second, medical or regular, what the hell do you care? The minimal if any that comes out of what I can assume is none of your tax payers dollars is so little compared to the gross misspending by the government on things like pens for offices that don’t even exist. I won’t get into an adult conversation with a pee brain like you over bad government decisions because all you will see is how they wronged you in some way shape or form and how everyone in your eyes is getting something for free. Well, out of the 20 patients that got their medical card legally which means they are probably dieing or have no other way to control their sever pain there is probably 1 jackass who slipped through the cracks exploiting the system, just like everything else, including this board. (numbers altered so you can wrap your head around them easier) As for what is going on over seas, how bout this, you pack your shit and go on ahead and move from Lancaster county PA to Iraq or Afghanistan and if you are married make sure and take your wife and god forbid you have a daughter..but if you do take them too…If you are religious make sure you don’t tell anyone when you get there because you may not make if out alive if you do if you are in the wrong part of either country and then you get a hold of everyone you have told we are over there for no reason and apologize because you have NO CLUE why we are there and if you did you would be ashamed. All you know is what the media has allowed you to know and I assure you it is no where even close to what you or this country even wants to know. So bury your dumb ass head back in the sand shut your mouth and go back to being the sheep that you are! PS…I am a supporter of the legalization of the use of all forms of weed but not a user so I have no motive behind this post other than to blast you for your dumb posts.

  130. when your plant start with flowering you will notice pistols it your plant is female (check photo down, that is female plant), or eggs on same location if plant is male. in vegetation period (at least 1 month if not a pro) and before flowering there is no way to be sure if you dont know genetics of your seed. sativa/indica could be determined by size and shape of plant and its leaves. GL. better start reading arround :)

  131. (sorry for my english) Can someone tell me if my plant is a indica or sativa and if its a male or a female!!!!?????????

  132. (sorry for my english)I have this plant and i am not sure if its a sativa or indica and if it a female or a male!?????

  133. I took these pictures at my homie house and he nor I know what kind they are they are about 3 feet high and throwing white pistols.can anyone help on this topic.

  134. Dude. Dale, shut the fuck up. You’re annoying. Go do something else with your life instead of sitting on this blog and fighting with people. Over weed. Just smoke it and shut the fuck up.

  135. Weed growers don’t need compensation. Dispencaries like The Medicine Man in Denver is Making 400bucks an oz., 25 percent of that goes to the government and the rest to the dispensaries, Do you know how much it cost to grow one pant?? Pennies. per plant. if done right they can make right around 6 thousand dollars a plant. Per strain. Since all recreational weed is the same price. and that’s just the weed. We haven’t even gotten into the dabs and edibles or the clothing merchandise.
    Weed dispensaries are making more money then Drug Dealers on the street, Its disgusting. Weed shouldn’t cost any more then 50 bucks an oz and that’s being Generous. Alcohol costs 50 times more to make then weed and they are what? 20 bucks a 30 pack.. Weed should be legal for all Not just a select few who have trouble Sleeping or eating, or have ADD OR ADHD or what ever else they are claiming. I’m sure their are a lot of people who do need it. But I feel its my “human right” if you will to smoke it anytime I feel like it

  136. your an idiot dale! tax payers aren’t buying anyone weed stupid! another thing, you don’t need to be in pain in order to legally consume weed. its a recreation drug as well, all you have to do is keep your possession under an ounce

  137. Thanks for describing the differences; great job. I was wondering; why are there two different strands? Is one plant native to Eurasia and the other the Americas? What are the plant`s original origins? Please describe the evolution of the plants in paleobotany. Thanks! :-D p.s. I don`t believe in the Garden of Eden. FREE THE WEED. Its better and safer than alcohol, tobacco products, pharmaceuticals, and even peanuts. If you want it illegal you must just want everyone to be miserable all the time like you. Well, I say no thank you to you. Peace :-D

  138. The federal govt is getting their share too… even more so than from any other business…even though they consider it illegal. I am a tax accountant that lives in a state where medicinal marijuana is legal and the collectives have to file a federal tax return as a business but get absolutely NO tax breaks like other businesses… so, to put it bluntly, the federal govt is openly receiving compensation from “illegal” drug sales.

  139. yvonneforsman on

    Great article, thank you so much! I know somebody in Europe, Czech Republic, where MMJ is legal. She said that products like edibles, oil, topical creams don’t seem to help. I was surprised but after talking about it, it turned out they are using industrial hemp! No wonder it has no effect. Here in the US, “rsho cbd hemp oil” on amazon sells for $175 for 3 gr. It is supposedly made not from industrial hemp seeds (sold as food in health food stores), but from the whole industrial hemp plant, which supposedly makes a difference, and supposedly have health/healing benefits. Am I supposed to believe it? I am disabled b/c of chronic pain, living in FL which doesn’t support MMJ (yet). I don’t have this kind of money. I get pain pills from the pharmacy for $5/month, they help most of the time, not always, I have ended up in the ER and they had to give me morphine for the pain. I have good days and bad days like everybody else who is sick. I actually don’t want to smoke, don’t want to get high, I only want to be pain free and therefore want to try the oil, like the “Charlotte’s Web” oil, which is made from cannabis indica (to my understanding). So I have 2 questions: 1. Is there any chance the RSHO oil has enough CBD to work on spasms, and 2. Does anybody know how much the Charlotte Web oil costs in Colorado? (Charlotte’s Web oil will be available in FL Jan 2015 b/c the governor just signed it into law.) Thank you for the answers!

  140. One cannabis plant can yield you 1-2 pounds, talking as a grower , trimmer and patient for years , since 1996 when it was legalized for medical use in California . And I use most, some I donate to other legal patients, and co-ops. It’s a plant that grows abundantly , if they compensate you, don’t be greedy, this plant should be pennies a pound not $300-$500 and ounce. We need to take a lesson from the president in Uruguay, he legalized it for medical and recreational there , his starting price was $1 a gram, that’s $28 an ounce.

  141. I’m 40 years old. Its in this 40 years that I have learned about life and I do not give credit were others do. I don’t give credit to our Military beings they are nothing more then paid Security for the Country they are in. That’s it. They do not protect me or you. they protect the Governments interests and the interests of the countries Government they are in.. That’s it… But people think Security Guards are brave ..Hmm ok then…
    Can you tell me the Difference Between Medical Marijuana and Regular Marijuana?? OG Kush is still OG Kush. 28% THC is still 28% THC. So why do these people feel the need to call it Medical Marijuana. ??
    I’m sorry is I make you sick. lol But I suppose hearing the truth does make some people Ill. I cant help that. Maybe you need to harden up a bit.

  142. move if you don’t like it. some people prefer to use medical marijuana, because the pills cause to much damage to the body. and my thoughts are that you most likely a minor that’s why you hate so much on medical users. and dale you sound just like another arrogant know it all that i know. you are rude to the point that you actually sicken me. let me guess your a teenager right. wow very mean everything that you have said all the way down the line.

  143. Jlkillkillkill on

    That is because it’s not a indica dominant. OG Kush is the indica strain in that hybrid.

  144. I have no idea how the comments became about taxes and welfare but anyway. I have no idea why your complaining about medical marajauna when there’s so many awful drugs people are being given this isn’t a bad plant at all no ones ever died from smoking weed but yet if I want to smoke tar I can go buy a pack of cigarettes anytime of the day

  145. Thanks for the information! Very helpful :) I myself suffer from depression and anxiety. I believe smoking helps, but it is more supplemental to other treatments. Ive discussed it with my doctor and it can create anxiety and depression but as long as your mindful of it and are not only relying on it as the only source for treatment its helpful. ♥♡

  146. it’s not BS and if your state allows medical and you smoke, you’re stupid for not getting legal. it’s better to lie than go to jail. quit being so honest. it’s the exact same thing with pharmaceuticals, many people don’t actually need them and abuse/sell them. they’re even more so tax funded than medical marijuana. as a matter of fact in my state you don’t get government funded weed, you get it from a legal grower which they call a caregiver who is designated to grow the patients plants. i guess you could say a lot of people on disability are spending tax dollars on weed but even people that dont smoke weed lie about disability. poor people that get a ton of food stamps sell them 50 cents to the dollar and buy drugs. i was against medical laws at first but after it came into effect i got involved and it has made things way better. it’s killing the black market big time. most states that have medical laws you can get a card easy. Your meaning to tell me you never had back pain, headaches, or any problems whatsoever in your life? do a lot of hard work for long enough and you’ll fuck your back up enough. where i live you can’t get it for trouble or mental disorders. the drs are not shady either. they’re just doing their job and giving people what they want for a fee and keeping it legal. the shady drs you hear about are actually not even drs. they act like they are and have clinics in motel rooms signing people for medical cards. when they send the paperwork to the state the get denied and find out the fake dr was a scam and they got ripped off.

    since medical laws where i am quality has been better, prices are cheaper, more is available, and the state is actually making money off it too. it’s even made the black market cheaper because of lot of growers sell illegally and the only way for law enforcement to find out is from a controlled buy. usually the only people that do that are retarded scum or young kids which shouldnt be getting drugs anyway.

  147. U my friend are incorrect. Plenty of people get free medical grade cannabis. It all depends who you know. My brother gets an ounce for free every month. He even gets to choose whatever strain he wants. He picks them out with his caregiver and they order seeds online. His caregiver takes care of 5 medical patients. They all get the free ounce a month. Any extra they have to pay for. In return the caregiver is allowed to grow plants for all 5 of those people. Her husband also cares for 5 people. It’s a LOT of plants. Any overages she sells them to a near by dispensary or wellness center. an ounce every month, that is 3/4 of a pound a year. They only thing my brother pays for is his dr visit and money to the state to be legal.

  148. Tell me what have we gained from these two “police actions” Please tell me.
    I know a lot of People became Mega rich off these two fuck up. But please do TELL ME WHAT HAVE WE GAINED?

  149. Gaazi. I could care less if I piss you off. the 4.5 soldiers who died since these two failed wars started have ALL died in vein. Their lives meant nothing. Iraq is worse off now then when we entered. Afghanistan is in the same boat. We went their for oil and the control of that oil.
    Tell me. If no one is paying for their weed. Why are majority of the dispensaries in Denver has Two separate sides? One for medical and one side for recreational. Even the clerks at these dispensaries told me that the Medical users sign a piece of paper Signing over their rights and making them the sole provider of their medical weed? If no one is buying their weed then why would these “patients ” need to sign anything?? Think about it stupid

  150. Fucktard. I feel special you made an account just for me.. Hmm ok then..
    First off troll . My first post said “i bet “about 60 percent of “medical” users don’t even need it. Because at one time in Cali . getting a weed card was a running joke. That it was super easy to get a weed card. And im sure it still is crazy easy to get it. Focus on my words stupid. Not the ban wagon

  151. Again. I live in Lancaster county.
    Tell me what makes our current police action vets brave?? They drive around in vehicles with armor 3 inches think. They carry guns that are better then any guns on the planet. They never go anywhere by themselves .. So tell me Billy what makes these guys brave????
    Soldiers in WW2 was brave. They truly fought for our freedoms and rights.. These soldiers today only protect the country they are in.. Nit us.. Sorry to burst your pathetic bubble. But fighting in an actual war and not a corrupted Lie and police action is two very different thing.. These kids who have died since the start of these failed wars have ALL DIED in vein. Everyone of them. Because this country is fighting for oil and control of that oil.
    Our soldiers today are nothing more then heavily armed Baby sitters of the western countries.

  152. Listen stupid. Re read the comments then think a little bit.. He was bashing me for bitching about not being allowed to smoke weed. He said since he fought for my freedom “which is bullshit” Then he should be able to break the laws where is I would be sent to prison. Next time focus dumbass

    Btw . Smoking weed should be everyone’s right. Not just a loud mouth who wasn’t trained properly and now cant sleep because war scared him so badly

  153. Obvious you don’t know much about weed. Weed does not kill brain cells. That was a republican lie

  154. Billy. ill be happy to give you my full name and address if you think you are a badass. I live in Lancaster country PA. care for a road trip??

  155. Well answer me this. Why is a dispensary.in two different sections Medical and recreational?? Next time. don’t chime in. your response was horrible.
    And you know damn well the medical users will sooner or later if they haven’t already demand that welfare or their current healthcare provider must pay fort it.

  156. You are really starting to piss me the fuck off dale. Only ww1/2 vets deserve respect? What about the 4.5k American soldiers that died in the Iraqi war, huh. Do THEY deserve You’re respect? Plus, the only people paying for medical marijuana at dispensaries are the MEDICAL PATIENTS. You think they walk in there with just their green card and walk out with free weed? That actually made me laugh when you said tax payers were paying for patients weed. On top of that the guy getting weed from the government doesn’t skoke it to get high. Mainly cause you can’t get high off CBD’s which is whats in that government weed . And about 60-70% of people with green card don’t need them? Well who fucking cares. They have to pay for the card and the weed themselves.

  157. Dale B, you sound like you should stop smoking weed you pothead, you’ve lost to many brain cells, quit fliping out like a whiney little girl with a tantrum.

  158. I don’t usually chime into these discussions, Dale…..you are truely an idiot. I believe you have been smoking the wrong kind of weed man. Stay away from the weed labled “Monsanto express”.

  159. I think over90% of the ppl thought the truth was what we’ve been told,again,DALE,ur a scumbag cunt,a Coward an a shill.Hope you get caught smoking an Do get locked up again!If I understood ur BS.
    All our soldiers ARE brave.You are a big time degenerate!!!PUNK too I might add.Dont funk with any VET!Cunt.

  160. Ok,againwell said an again,got baked for a rair time an DID sleep for once!!!also helped with MY PAIN!!!Im sorry for your troubles on behalf of serving the UNITED STATES military for OUR COUNTRY,but its clear that Dale is here to aggravate,an is either a BIG PUSSY behind a keyboard OR is just an anti Midical Marajuana Herb SHILL.Also ive always said,if the comes where someone smokes say Rosemary during Its stages of yearly growth an It gets u high,IT will ALSO b illegal.
    B well Rogue viking.

  161. I dont botther getting into it but,WILL tell u DALE to stop hateing,yea,whatever reason the states have for letting loose$$$$,it does help!!!its not a cure all,but helps for many problems,depression just for starters,what,use whatever for depression an get side affects like sores on face,heart murmurs,etc,shit that alone would depress me!So fpr a person like you,drink much?Because soynds like your very violent,so I dont wanna touch base on all but lighten up,an stop hateing.TOUGH SHOT if YOUR illegally smoking.I live in east coast of U.S. an my state has got a just ONE dispensary an I STILL refuse to help my mind an body bcause I fear the BS laws.For an HERB?SO I say again,stop hating.P.S.,I have not or xould b bothered with proof reading too so dont even ridicule me for any mispelling or grammar.
    Did get Baked yesterday an wad able to sleep for once,but with all my problems,thought I was going to have an anxiety attack!

  162. JhonnyBgooD on

    @disqus_hi6UcUj5eJ:disqus …. U my friend… Are An Illiterate DOUCHE BAG…LMAO. Did you even finish High School Bro…lol. Learn how to complete a sentence 1st off. 2nd… NO ONE GETS “FREE” MEDICAL GRADE…. PERIOD…!!!!!!!! that “Gov.Weed” u speak of is from a “Study” that began OVER 30 yrs ago. And was given to a TOTAL of 34 CANCER PATIENTS, in which the “Study” was CLOSED to ANY “NEW” participants in 1992, by G.Bush… Also, the quality of Medicine they were given was “Mexi-Brick”, NOT “Medical Grade”…. IF YOU CAN READ ANYTHING BESIDES “WIKI-DOUCHE”, you’d see that ONLY 4 patients remain alive & well enough to still be in the Newly Upgraded Study, and records PROVE they are WAYYYYYY BETTER on the “New” program…. AND…. I Say…AND…(Lmao..cough,cough ;) The 2 diff. areas to purchase “Colo-Bud”, are due to DIFF. taxes…!!!!!!!! “LEARNING IS POWER”….. TRY IT…!!!!!!!

  163. This has been extremely interesting and slightly hilarious to read. Everyone is making their own points based on personal opinion and experience and thats great. However I am extremely curious about this Dale B guy. For one, how old are you? How much formal education have you received? What do you do for work? And who the hell was your english teacher!?! He/she needs to be shot for failing to impart basic spelling, grammar and punctuation!! All the errors take away from your arguments man.

  164. Dale B, Tourette’s is not specifically a childhood disorder in all cases, and OCD has been implicated for various reasons as a psychiatric form of Tourette’s.

    As for how weed stops overthinking: Weed stops the brain from overthinking by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Cannabinoid receptors are found all throughout the brain. Long story short, through the action in a signaling cascade involving cAMP and PKA, THC’s binding process reduces the release of potassium and calcium. Potassium and calcium are the major elements that cause action potentials to happen, which release neurotransmitters. With less potassium and calcium being released within the brain, there are fewer action potentials, so fewer neurotransmitters are released. When neurotransmitters like Glutamate are released less often, the brain can be allowed to stop “overthinking,” or to slow down.

    I’m sorry you feel this way about the use of medical marijuana, but I can direct you to several studies of the drug regarding its medicinal use from non-biased sources and published in peer-reviewed journals. Please let me know if you’d like me to provide links for further understanding of the various areas of the brain that are helped (and disrupted) because of the vast amount of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and neurotransmitters at work.

    And, finally, anyone can put anything on wiki, which is why you’ll never see it as a reference in any legitimate study of anything. Perhaps, instead of complaining about this issue, you should just, as Wisdom stated, move to a state where it’s legal. Make something up and go to a shady doctor and get your medical marijuana card. And, if it was possible to do a study on this, I’d challenge your “bet” as to the 60-70% you claim don’t need it for medical purposes…

    And if you’re going to question my “credentials,” I’ll tell you right off the bat that I’m a research assistant in a highly (government) funded drug-study lab in the area of neuroscience. I’m currently working on an experiment involving THC. Seriously, read something besides wiki…

  165. Move to a state that’s legal.
    Or wait 10 more years were you live now and perhaps it will be accepted in your state.

  166. People are spending a third of their lives in jail because of this “drug” Marijuana smokers and the Government is the problem. The Medical field and the Government are in Bed together on this. They are funneling the money Directly into their pockets, Dispensaries are making millions ,the state is making millions, and the doctors are making millions, and as long as they are, Recreational will not be something to many states will adopt. Dispensaries is the new Pharmacies. Unless you are fortunate enough to live in Colorado or Washington.. Besides, you have any idea how many more cops was Hired on the 4 states connecting to Colorado?? Kansas has exploded. Texas was always big, But they are hiring more. Because not only is the weed coming from Mexico. a lot of the good “medical weed” is going south into Texas

  167. Why should it.. These policed actions should be illegal. Bush and Cheney are wanted and have already been convicted of War crimes. in multiple countries. So is Tony Blair. Because they declared war on and killed 150 thousand or so people over complete lies. and dragged these two police actions out for 14 years. Even Obama is wanted for these War crimes. That Bin laden thing in Pakistan was an act of War.Be happy that wasn’t Russia. Because invading a country over Complete lies that even Bush Admitted to on the news a few years into this Illegal Operation is an act of War or Police Action. .. Soldiers are not Defending this country. Soldiers are paid mercenaries and Security.. For The Country they are in. At one time This Country was almost the complete Force in Iraq. We are not having a Draft. These kids are willingly Enrolling into this Genocide. And trash like you Supports it.
    These kids are being promised a lot by there Recruiting Officer in High School. They lie there Asses off and tells them the glory that awaits them . If you knew anything you would Know how trashy a Recruiting Officer is . Parents have got to start Standing up and Stopping Shit like this. Maybe The Union is something that’s need to get Involved in the Jobs of the Military. and take a bit of control out of the hands of the War mongering Republicans. One man should never have the power to Single handedly Declare his WAR on Iraq Like Bush did

  168. Wow, so your jealous because you can’t smoke pot legally. You sound really upset because you can’t smoke pot. That’s really sad. I read all your post and you are such a retard. Everything you say is filled with stupidity and arrogance. Please re read what you have written.

  169. Their is a 19 year old kid in texas who made and sold hash oil brownies. He is facing 5 to life in prison. Two states above him Weed is being smoked in the streets of Denver Colorado. There is only a few states that even allow medical weed.
    Tell me how weed helps you with OCD? Does it put you to sleep? How does weed stop your brain from over thinking?? and how does weed get rid of your TIC? Since Tourette’s is a child hood illness and most cases does no warrant the use of any medication. and according to wiki Tourette’s is a child hood syndrome. Which means kids should grow out of it.. Are you sure you wasn’t diagnosed wrong? Most of what I read brings up how it is easily misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD

  170. Lol you just used the term towel heads. Your wrong. Your a racist, hateful person who puts people down for no reason other than you probably hate your life. But instead of realizing this, you just think the world is what makes you hate your life. But it’s all you. People like you are the reason I hate people. Because you make people feel bad and put people down for absolutely no reason over than you want too. I’m sure you’ll never realize this but I hope you do. But if you don’t, kill yourself. The world would be a lot Better with one less judgemental asshole around

  171. If u really bash a solider just because he’s fighting in a war u don’t agree with then u seriously need some help on not being such an asshole. This post and your first one shows me that your the person who needs to have an opinion on everything, even if u know nothing about that topic. And dale, no one likes that guy. Go fuck yourself and leave weed to people who aren’t super judgemental and self righteous. You seriously don’t deserve the pleasure of marijuana

  172. Your husband has the same reaction to Sativa as my best friend. She can not smoke it, it has to be Indica for her. It will help calm him and relax.

  173. So because you are NOT threatened by “towel heads” the Soldiers that are overseas – who are being killed, injured, PTSD, etc. None of that matters to you because its not WWI/WWII these men and women that are at the GOVERNMENTS BECKON CALL! WoW.. Take your bureaucratic bullshit to another forum and complain there!

  174. fucktard_dale on

    lmfao dickface. Wow you really are a bitter man aren’t you? How do you know someone elses pain? You ASSUME (MAKING AN ASS OUT OF YOURSELF) that other people are not hurting. You sir, are a fucktard! GROW UP. GO SMOKE A BOWL AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  175. hey asshole . You talk to me. Dickface.. .. I Could list hundreds of athletes that have or is smoking weed.. Its a shame you have not argued or disputed anything.. Because you know im right.. Wow you got back pain from finally getting off your ass and doing something.. So now you feel that you deserve a medical weed card.. AWESOME. .. I get a headache every other day . Should I should be able to get away with a criminal act?? uh.. crazy Because if I do it its a criminal. if someone claiming a pain , its legal.. its bullshit.. .. Weed should be legal for everyone. and not just assholes claiming pain.. Most are lying through their freaking teeth. This is what pisses me off. and yes the government does supply patients with medical marijuana. look it up dummy.
    BTW stupid . I’m full democrat. Not a trashy republican. I fully support legalization of weed. But assholes claiming to be hurt when in fact is bullshit is what gets on my nerves. and if anyone else does it ,its illegal.. Its the same as Cops getting away with going 120 mph then busting a guy going 70. . Medical smokers think they are above the laws .. Its bullshit

  176. Its a start .. on

    i was reading this article and i did something i never do which is comment on a blog. But since im fed up of people not so supportive of medical use then what are you supportive of ? your self … . At least in the states you lucky lazy moaning gits have medical use and a card ! where here in this F***g island called Cyprus with the biggest crisis ever . they still intend to hold a cannabis law under classification of a B drug (cocaine ) so if you are cough with even 0.1g you could take up to 2-3 years in prison depending on the circumstances which are never enough. My point is there are ACTUAL people where at this point of in life would kill to get a damn medical card . I have been locked up and what not for a small amount . i suffer OCD and tourretes syndrome for over 9 years . Fortunately the suffering was reduced at great ! when i came of the 8 tablets a day for 7 years and started smoking illegally . Yet we fear .. because in “EUROPE” WE ARE ILLEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS SMOKERS in a personal way of putting it . .
    Peace .. (my country wont let me take my medication )

  177. if no government is not paying for it. Why are the dispensaries in two different sections? Medical on one side and recreational on the other? The fella at the medicine man in Denver told me the Medical patients Signs their rights over to them to be their only provider.. Someone besides them is paying for it or they wouldn’t have the need to sign anything.. Look up “getting medical Marijuana from the government” Their is this guy who explains that he has been getting Government medical weed for 10 years with a prescription from his Doctor. If he’s getting it from them , you and I are paying for it

  178. Their has been plenty of military who have “snapped” and shot up a bunch of shit. Killing a lot of people.. Remember the Oklahoma city bombing? McVey was ex military. Soldiers who don’t ask for anything? hahaha.. This punk Viking was asking for a pat on the back.. And he asks for handouts now.. Don’t give me that crap.. This punk Attacked me first, And ran his useless mouth about him fighting for my rights and freedoms.. Its clear punks like him want that pat on the back.. Just recently I was heading back from Denver Co.. I got to talking to a soldier about why he was in Uniform. He was off duty. He said he loved how many people would walk up and shake his hand, Thank him and buy him drinks and was an awesome way to meet the ladies and admitted on occasion it gets his dinner paid for..
    Only military I will ever shake hands with and show my up most respect for is WW1/WW2 soldiers.. They are the ones who fought for my freedom and my rights.. I love paying for their meals and listening to their stories.. All other wars since have been Police campaigns that only protected the people of that country.. Korea was also a police action. a 4 year police action that should have never happened. It did not benefit any American but cost us plenty

  179. I Did. This “soldier” decided to attack me for complaining about the way things are . Then he threw the fact he was in a war and fought for my rights.. Listen dumbass. Towel heads don’t have the power,resources or the balls to take my freedom or my rights from me. They would have done it by now. 14 years is a long time.. He and every soldier in these bullshit modern wars have died or got hurt in vein. They did none of this for me or anyone other American. they did it because the government gave them two choices. Do what we say or go to the brig.. And spend the remainder of your tour in a military prison.

  180. That sounds like wise advice then you realize that weed grows from the ground lol tada ima pharmacist, antibiotics and cough medicine aren’t exactly easy to create….So no shit you’re not going to buy them off the street, they aren’t there in the first place.

  181. Yeah, instead of getting weed to those soldiers who don’t ask for anything (but desperately need it) they snap and shoot up malls and churches. Dale, maybe you want to go talk to people in charge, not ranting on a weed blog like some pathetic old man who just discovered the internet and anonymity. An individual who has fought for his country is an individual who deserves all your respect, no matter what your problems with the government are. Did you boo Vietnam soldiers when they returned as well? Anyway, I am sorry that you suffer rogue viking, my grandfather developed early Alzheimer’s from an injury in the Korean war. Apparently he didn’t deserve respect according to Dale here though.

    I have constant upper back pain from my years as a fisherman/general manual laborer and several sports injuries. I have never sought out medication for it but I could definitely use something that’s not as addictive as painkillers but works better than ibuprofen. I don’t really know how me paying for weed would suck tax dollars from Dale. Luckily I live in Washington so I’ll just wait until July when it’s sold for recreation. Also, Dale gets his “statistics” from anecdotal experience? So pathetic. He should probably just fill out polls for Fox news professionally. The stupidity is just too much, a mix between what he’s read and what he’s seen but both are preached as if they are white and black facts. I wonder if he knows that the next town over has different people in it. One more thing just to prove the stupidity/ignorance level “athletes are some of the biggest potheads in the world”. Yeah, he said that.

  182. Complaining wont get you anywhere, life just sucks. Move somewhere else if you can’t stand America’s fucked up government. I don’t think you should belittle everyone else or make ignorant assumptions. Put yourself in everyone else’s position before you try to make an entirely arguable claim.

  183. would like to know more about taxpayer funded weed? is this some Medicaid program in your state?

  184. Well where I get my seeds as do hundred of thousands of people do daily is in Amsterdam. I doubt feds are going to stop the US mail considering its a felony or a criminal act to do so. Screw the feds. These dumb bastards needs to stop acting like communist trash and let this country truly be a free country. Not Nazi germany

  185. I should remind you that mark emery is about to be released from a prison in the U.S of A for the distribution of marijuana seeds over the internet. On a side note, you honestly think the federal government cares about something so small as a “tampering with mail” charge/case.

  186. Service for what?? Doing the bidding of our corrupt government? Out of line? No its very much in line.. Our military does nothing but cast misery on other countries, Kills innocent woman and children and that is documented fact. This country has no business in Iraq or Afghanistan. Its cost this country about 7 trillion dollars and what the hell do we have to show for it?? Close to 5k soldiers killed and close to 150 thousand Iraq and afghan people DEAD.. For no other reason then to chase ghosts through 2 countries over lies of mass proportions.. Viking knows its the truth, But he’s been brain washed to believe what he is doing is good and the American people want to help these horrible countries.. Truth is we are all sick and tired of this conflict and its time to end this genocide ,bring our kids home and stop making these oil tycoons, gun makers, heavy armory companies filthy rich.. Along with who ever makes the Choppers and Air craft.. Its time to stop using Murder as a way to make these A holes filthy rich..

  187. Take the one the doctor tells you to take. Indica slows you , while sativa peps you up

  188. I was told by a guy at the medicine man dispensary in Denver Colorado That their all Hybrids No such thing as a 100 percent strain anymore. I myself could not argue that since I’m not sure enough to do so.. But I did try a strain called Skywalker. Holy crap it was awesome. Tasty and potent. a great combo.. Sadly I don’t live in CO . I live in PA and this state is a pure communist republican corrupted state

  189. Gasoline in the weed? Who told you that?? Yes I very much condone buying weed from anyone besides the government. And dispensaries is the state government .. Weed at the dispensaries is average 400 an OZ. its total bull crap. Do you work for them that you are spreading BS lies about Mexican weed? I don’t buy Mexican wed for one real reason. It feeds the drug cartels more money to buy guns to kill our young Americans .. You wouldn’t be able to smoke Gasoline infused weed you goof ball

  190. If morphine does not work. I don’t think any strain of weed will help you as morphine is way better then any weed strain. unless its laced with something

  191. Boy lets get something very clear. Only soldiers who have ever fought for our freedoms was ww1/ww2 .. Because they was the only wars that truly threatened our rights and freedoms. You and every soldier tries to us that BS line. Most don’t ask for a pat on the back like you.. Lets be clear about another thing You joined the military to advance yourself and your wallet. Maybe you are to stupid to understand my comment or the fact I said about 60 percent of these so called “medical” users don’t deserve to have their medical card. Because having trouble sleeping is a shitty excuse to get weed legal and free . Prier to that you never smoked? Do you always try and BS people? Athletes are some of the biggest potheads in this world. . So you went to college before joining? So you joined when you was about 24? Bet you was pissed when you found out about that OTHER handout. The GI bill.. I find your story to be lacking in the truth department. Maybe pitty and handouts is your thing. I wont give you either.. Keep on smoking your “medicine” while the rest of us Americans get put into prison for something you get to do daily. Kiss my ass soldier boy..

  192. rogue_viking on

    Are you sick and tired of your other freedoms? Because you just blanket bashed every legal smoker, including those like me that have gone and fought for your freedoms in lands far from home. Ive got 3 combat tours and have been wounded multiple times in combat and I have SEVERE PTSD. After running the gambit of pills (all the way to seroquel) and still not sleeping (id sleep maybe two hours then be up for 72 hours plus), my doctor decided to try me on a high potency indica to see if it would help. and to my shock it works!!! Prior to that I had never smoked as I was an athlete through school and college then I joined the US Army. So Dale, try thinking before exercising your first amendment and bashing those of us that have fought for your rights.

  193. Safe? Sure. just order from Amsterdam.. The Feds have way bigger fish to fry then to worry about someone buying a few seeds.. Besides its illegal for anyone to tamper with mail without a warrant

  194. Getting a bit sick and tired of Medical Marijuana users getting the best ,the cheapest,and a lot of times free weed ON THE TAX PAYERS DIME, and calling it medicine.. Call it what you want. But to me its weed. and its bullcrap that Since I don’t have a pain in my back,or a headache or trouble sleeping that I cant use my God given right to smoke weed any time I want to. WITH NO FEAR OF GETTING LOCKED UP. I will be willing to bet that at least 60 to 70 percent of “medical users” Don’t truly need it and they got their “card’ from a shady doctor that was to high to care who he gives it to.. Such BS

  195. Avassi Rivera Phelany on

    I find this information very useful. A solid explanation of the differences between indica and sativa. Thanks for the knowledge about the helpful medicine. Time to bake away my pain!

  196. Can anyone tell me the best place/web site to get seeds.
    I also have neurological disorder and pain unable to pay for medication, no insurance and looking to grow my own.
    Don’t care to buy off the street
    Is there any safe place to buy seeds from?

  197. First this is a very regular thing that can happen to you if you focus on things that make you anxious and start obsessing over it. When this happens you need to sit down and drink a lot of water. The anxiety is a scary thing to get along with paranoia when you smoke so I recommend you smoke some Indica next time in a relaxed environment where you don’t have so much going on. You will be way more comfortable somewhere you can relax. This happens to my husband every-time he smokes so he doesn’t like it. It has happened to me a few times but VERY rare to affect me that way. It is different for everyone. It was most likely not laced, don’t worry.

  198. I smoked with some people i just met a week ago and I think the weed was laced but I am not sure . My classmate said she got it from a dispensary , the weed was really green , she said it was sativa . After smoking with her I started to get really paranoid , my heart started to race really fast ( I started to have a panic attack) I was tripping bad ,and then tunnel vision. It could have been the weed , but she fine or maybe its be im used to smoking only indica becuase of my anxiety. It just me or is weed getting stronger and stronger .

  199. I too am a crohns patient I hate my pain meds I’ve noticed weeds the best thing for me since I started smoking. I’ve had it since 6 and a half they removed 80% of my large intestines. It really works wonders.

  200. I need HELP please, my husband has a reaction to add adavan and has had problems it causes his mind to race. When he smokes sativa it does the same his mind races so fast that he becomes over welmd with everything it’s bad. Does it happen to you.

  201. I wonder if you’d be spewing this bs if you were bed ridden with excruciating pain, which causes severe fatigue and depression, and sometimes makes you feel so hopeless that you sometimes feel like you can’t face another day being a burden to your family!! Constant pain that can’t be controlled by doctors who are afraid of the DEA and won’t prescribe strong enough drugs is pure Hell on Earth. You’d be ready to either go to Heaven or find any means possible to alleviate that pain. For me I’m going to choose medicinal cannabis and if they don’t legalize it in my State I’m going to move!!! So shut up Santa

  202. When and if Oklahoma ever legalizes it for medicinal use I’d have to have a Sativa strain for day and an Indica strain for night, with both strains helping control severe pain. And with having Fibromyalgia the last thing I need is a strain that sparks the nerve endings in my brain because that’s what Fibromyalgia does. The sparks and constant lightening bolts is what is convincing my body that I have pain in every part of my body. And with all of my spine issues, all of which cause low back, neck, hip, and leg pain, it may be somewhat difficult for me to find a strain which relieves my pain during the day, while also giving me the desire to get up, lose the fatigue and depression and be happy and also find a strain that helps my pain at night and also will relax me and help me to sleep through the night! It’s going to be a challenge. And cut deeply into my checkbook since I doubt that medical marijuana will be a prescription ever covered by my insurance! Morphine doesn’t help me other than taking the edge off the pain, but at least it’s covered by insurance and my co-pay is only $45.00 a month and the Xanax I take for the severe anxiety I have because of my pain is only $8.00 a month! Plus a little Tylenol PM that helps me get to sleep, but I still wake up at around 2-3 am every night/morning in pain.

  203. Yes first time I ever gpt high. Look up the game bubzy 3D and that was my vision

  204. If its legal where you are you should smoke Cannabis with higher amounts of CBD rather than THC. The only thing for you is that you probably smoked for pleasure rather than a medical issue. And CBD based cannabis will not get you as high as THC based ones. Cannabis with THC amounts greatly reduced and CBD’s greatly increased are specifically given to epileptics and others who have seizures.

  205. He’s probably on CBD. That’s what most people with seizures take because of the higher Cannabinoid levels. At least that’s what I’ve seen on TV. Dr. Sanjay Kupta on CNN reports. They give CBD dominant strains to children who have gone from 20 seizures a day to less than 2 a week!!

  206. LOL… i live in Wales (part of UK). Here you get what your given. Non of the dealers know whats in the bag and if they make out like they know i just nod along coz their clueless.

    I pay a fortune for weed and sometimes and very very rare you’ll accidently get some stuff that has some mositure left in it and makes you high for an hour.

    But moslty it just lasts 15-20mins.

  207. Don’t buy weed on the streets just like you don’t buy antibiotic or cough medicine on the streets. Find a ligit Pharmacy that grows their own & has a brick & mortar shop.
    Don’t buy weed from Mexico they put gasoline in there shit to throw off the K-9’s. Smoking gasoline mixed with your favorite bud is dumb and not only that it will give you seizures & all kinds of other shit too………think about it.

  208. I have noticed the same thing, occasional seizures when smoking, and less-occasional seizures when not smoking. It appears the Indica strain is not the one you want if you are prone to seizures, in my experiences it makes them more pronounced and with less time between them. Sativa appears to have a more positive effect, reducing seizures slightly. I wonder if people are lumping seizures and tremors into the same bucket, because that would be a good reason why we are seeing inconclusive evidence, some swear it helps, some swear it makes it worse. My genetics have a tremor, kind of like a parkinsons like tremor (Essential Tremor) where your leg might twitch, or your arm, finger, neck, etc. Sometimes it feels like you are moving or your body is trying to move, that is a tremor, but wonder if people are using seizure when they should be saying tremor. In my experience weed does not help tremor, maybe a little bit for sativa strain, but indica strain (in my experience) makes the “twitches” more noticeable. They are what you get right before you fall asleep, when your limbs twitch (tremor not seizure)

    Am I right, or did I get it backwards?

  209. My nephew has seizures and marijuana stop them he hasn’t had one since they been giving it to him he’s 23 now and he hasn’t had a seizure since he was 19

  210. Himalayan tribe on

    I smoke Himalayan stuff probably sativa Himalayan conditions n atmosphere makes it better than anywhere in the world

  211. I think I kind of get what you mean. I get something like that when I get head highs. I don’t think it’s anything bad or too unusual. x3 I used to be convinced that my weed was laced because I was told that you can’t hallucinate, even though it’s not really hallucinating.. but.. yeah.. I’m gonna stop talking. x3 too high for this rn.

  212. love_all_there_is on

    Sure Jim. What you had was a Indica dominant. Most likely “Kusher Kush” (the most intense out of body experience you’ll ever have), or “Northern Lights”. I’d bet it’s first one (as I found it to be one of those “WTF… am I gonna die??” strong ones.)

  213. When I smoke I seem to get this weird video game vision. Almost where 3d is super enhanced. It’s hard to explain…..but has this happened to anyone else?? It doesn’t seem to happen when I smoke indica. Does anyone know why this happens? If so any suggestions on what I can smoke so this doesn’t happen. I don’t like it.

  214. Works wonders with Crohns Disease. Was on over 30 pills a day and couldn’t keep any food down, couple years after I started smoking I am down to 4 pills a day (to lower immune system), one injection a week, and a joint at night. Cant take pain pills anymore, left my stomach partially paralyzed. Fuck the government, and praise jesus for this wonderful medication!

  215. Hi, to Bear, I am someone with Tardive Dyskinesia which is supposed to be similar to Parkinsons and other neurological movement disorders. The best strains I’ve found are Kosher Kush and King Kush. I prefer King Kush in the daytime because it lasts longer and Kosher Kush at night because it kicks in instantly, doesn’t last as long but is the most powerful. Otherwise I have very uncomfortable feelings and uncontrollable movements, vocalizations..

    I really strongly encourage you to actually try larger doses of vitamin b6 and magnesium. I have found that it actually stops my uncontrolled movement. Of course the downside is having to take a constant regimen of additional pills and I have a lot. I am looking into injectable B6 or spray or a patch. I have even thought about making my own patches.

    The mental side of things is still partly there but that I find I can treat separately with different drugs. There are a few strains of marijuana that also help with it but rarer to find: Orangina (which I find I need to cure longer to prevent anxiety), Black Cherry Soda, Jazz… Hard to find a strain that helps for brain fog without causing anxiety but of course anxiety is something that you can really only treat by getting to the root of (and not ignoring the anxiety)

  216. Buffalo Bill on

    Recently gave a friend a candy that was 2:1 ratio cbd to thc. His older brother has parkinsons. They ate half of the candy and didnt have any tremors for over 6 hours

  217. i just moved from ventura county california to charleston county south carolina and my god. the people out here dont know the difference between the two. bought some off this guy who said it was a sativa when it was more than obviously a hybrid. if you sell weed, shouldn’t you at least know about it?

  218. Do you know of anyone w/ Parkinson’s disease who has been prescribed the use medical marijuana? And if so, what type of marijuana, indica or sativa? I have read some articles related to Parkinsons and marijuana stating that it’s believed, some quoted as “studies”, that marijuana can actually stop to the progression of Parkinsons. Is this true? Thanks

  219. For symptoms as specific as yours I’d recommend seeing a psychiatrist or mental health professional that is savvy to the benefits of marijuana. This obviously depends on where you live though. You don’t want to end up ingesting the wrong kind and exacerbating your preexisting conditions.

  220. what strain is helping with Tourette and also OCB and anxiety pls. Don’t want to feel stoned during day but like to sleep well at nite. Can I please have suggestion on which plant?

  221. Everyone is different. I had a friend who had seizures when we smoked, not always but it happened unexpectedly. She stopped smoking and hasn’t had any ever since.

  222. Nana Amoateng on

    I’m Nana Amoateng from Ghana In West Africa. I buy my bud from dealers who don’t know the. Difference between Indica and Sativa. I better start grow up. To get to feel the difference by the two. I’m very grateful for your Article.

  223. david jewell on

    Lori, I have sever back pain, from a life of working on Fishing Boats in Alaska, Oil tankers, and a little time in my youth working in the woods chasing then running Skidder, a car accident in 1998 broke my neck in 3 places, and a fall on a ship in 2008 broke my back in 4 more. So I am not sure what your Dr. treating you for, but so far, My favorite is Aurora Indicia, I got my seeds from Nirvana seeds, if you decide to grow your own. It’s a very forgiving plant, and very quick, about 2 months Veg, time and another 6 weeks Flowering will yield you a health amount for the $50 dollars in costs it will run you to grow this beauty. I am very relaxed, but still able to function, definitely a much better outlook on things when smoking this one.

  224. david jewell on

    Seizures are greatly reduced by Marijuana, Ask anyone with MS, Including myself, it’s the best cure in my opinion.

  225. No… they don’t. I have brothers uncles and friends who all have seizures… Most of which smoke and the don’t need to be on the pills to repress their seizures.. studies have been done and children are put on hash to repress them. Children who have seizures every 5 minutes.. look it up and do your research before blowing your opinions onlone.. just saying

  226. tktomas Look up the work of Dr. William Courtney MD. Marin County physician working with juiced cannabis. Unheated cannabis does not activate THC. But the CBDs are in abundance.

  227. Wow. One day after I posted this the AZ Supreme Court ruled against the State’s Onerous “metabolite trace of MJ use = DUI”. Sanity finally rules. Now you have to actually be impaired to get a DUI. Maybe I should post more.

  228. I’m not really sure where you live, but I do know that in organ washington or colorado there is a lot of control and regulations in place. The pot is tested heavily for any and additives and chemicals that are not native to the plant. They have to be organicly grown and harvested. They are tested against known signs of blackmarket dealing. The weed is is extremly monitored and controled for quality. However marijuana still has brain altering chemicals and like with any brain altering chemical from tylnole to lsd it can have an affect in some people that it dosent in others. My geuss is that you were probably smoking a lot of stevia vs indica. With seizures especially those with epilepsy indica has been proven by many studies in the uk and california to be extremely benifical. Just make sure that there are no chemical additives. Go to oregon or washington for the safest weed.

  229. Live in AZ. Depression is not on the approved list of maladies approved for medical M license or treatment here. Doesn’t make sense but that’s what it is. Also, the authorities here are known to bust medical M users for ‘driving under the influence’ — even two weeks after indulging. Any minuscule (but measurable) trace in the blood — which hangs round for up to a month — is enough for them to nail you. That’s AZ for you. Not a user but I am definitely rooting for freedom and decriminalization.

  230. Seizures and Convulsions are not the same things. People having seizures may have convulsions, but not everyone having convulsions is having seizures.

    What you experienced sounds very much like what happened to my daughter immediately after smoking one morning. After I found her on the floor shaking and banging her head against the door, I brought her to Doctors who said it wasn’t a seizure because she regained consciousness during her convulsions. From what they told me one is not conscious during a siezure. They told me her losing consciousness and going into convulsions had something to do with her blood pressure being extremely low and for some reason the marijuana had aggravated it. The convulsions were caused by lack of oxygen due to her blood pressure dropping massively. I think it had something to do with blood sugar and THC. They got her eating more salt, and it hasn’t been an issue.

    However, I would say that THC or any drug, be it natural or unnatural that has the power to have an affect on your body, has the power to affect your body. Tilting the body chemistry, tilts the body chemistry, make sure you understand your body and what it needs.

    In my daughter’s case I know that what she was smoking was completely natural and pesticide free, that did not stop it from having an affect on her body chemistry. We know now what was out of balance in her body that allowed the pot to trigger convulsions. Each body is unique. Sweats, tremors, fevers are all our bodies way of setting off alarms. Pay attention to what your body tells you. I’m not anti- pot. I smoke, but I also know how to have a good time without being high. Just because you aren’t doing drugs does not mean that you can’t go out and have a good time. Start giving people hugs and dancing.

  231. Thank you for helping me with my research and answering my questions. It’s much appreciated.

  232. ColoradoWolfman on

    I believe that Marijuana is a very spiritual thing and I have been smoking on and off since 1975. I sincerely believe that if the weed has any violence, blood or crime associated with it, it will affect you negatively and that is why it is always better to grow your own or buy from someone you know and trust who believes in peace and love. hateful weed sold for greed is one damn high that you don’t need! PEACE…. Wolf

  233. Guess, what. Did yiu guys see the articke proving that goverment paid shills are around on the internet to descredit those who talk truth.

    David was absolutely correct in what he was sayin. You however are 1 of 2 things:

    Either a NSA paid shill


    Jus ignorant of any of the subjects that david talked about


  234. My name is Lori and im reading about marijuana and my doctor wants me to take indicia which one should I try

  235. I can tell you from experience that it was probably just bad street stuff… I have epilepsy also and the dirty stuff I used to get off the street used to put me in seizures ( almost status epilepticus) for hours… I gave up smoking for almost 13 years until I met some growers with very good medicinal in my area… I wouldn’t say you should give up you just need to find the right strain for you! I personally have problems with some Indicas still because it will drop my heart rate and blood pressure so quickly wich can send me into a seizure… But there are other strains I swear by to get rid of reflex headaches after seizures…. It’s just trial and error… But go with reputable growers who know what they are doing.

  236. In a group of 19 children, 13 of them have Dravets syndrom. 4 Children have Doose syndrom. 1 has Lennox-Gastaut syndrom and 1 has Idiopatic epilepsy. Out of these 19 children the average had tried 12 antiepileptic drugs before trying cannabidiol-enriched cannabis. Sixteen (84%) of the 19 parents reported a reduction in their child’s seizure frequency while taking cannabidiol-enriched cannabis. Of these, two reported complete seizure freedom, eight reported a greater than 80% reduction in seizure frequency, and six reported a 25-60% seizure reduction. Other beneficial effects included increased alertness, better mood, and improved sleep. Side effects included drowsiness and fatigue.

  237. 1 of the best years of my life has been completely ruined, because of the lack of knowledge, either from the doctors and myself. i don’t ilke to see anyone else ever experience what i was experiencing on that year, and thats why i’d be happy if i could helped you, even just a lil bit :)

    and one other thing mate, even IF you are epileptic, i’ve learned that it’s a very rather mental illness, than physical. you may know that epilepsy means: unusual electrical brain activity with an UNKNOWN REASON! that means when you get a seizure, your doctor should first check for tumors in your brain, then other possible brain damages, then a lot of other conditions, and if they were all negative, and you still had the seizures, then its called epilepsy! that means seizures without knowing why! i found out that even it may be something good, not for itself, but as an indicator for something good happening to your psyche, you know a lot of spiritual and psychic moments have the physical signs of a seizure ( search kundalini awakening and kundalini syndrome for example )
    there are a lot of other factors that affect the electrical brain activity as well, a lot of the having to do with your mood, your thoughts and feelings.
    epilepsy is one of those problems that can be easily self-treated. now i’m not advising you by any means to stop taking whatever meds your taking, but i’d suggest you try these:

    learn about meditation
    try to meditate for at least an hour a day
    try to do yoga, or some internal martial art, like qigong
    improve your general mood, try to be more happy, more stress-free, more positive
    try to not ever think about epilepsy and seizures or anything related as much as possible

    hope to see you healed very soon my friend :)

  238. i also have another friend, who’s a heavy smoker like me, and a approved Epileptic. he’s on depakene 3 times a day, and would get a seizure if he forgets 2 or 3 doses of his medication. but that has not stopped him from smoking pot. actually, although he says that SOMETIMES (particularly in the mornings) after smoking pot, he’ll get a partial-seizure (fell’s on the ground unconscious, but stands up immediately after), but he believes that on the long run, the marijuana is helping with his epilepsy and hasn’t stopped using it. i should say that neither one of us obtain our weed from reliable sources, but after some research, i came to the conclusion that although there are many ways the dealers would fuck with the buds to lower their own costs, make it weigh more or look better, but there is not really many options that may cause a seizure regarding bad weed, other than one: your weed is laced with PCP, a psychoactive drug, but that never really happens when your PAYING for your weed to a dealer, because lacing would just make extra costs for the dealer.
    i believe that the different effects and symptoms coming from weed has to do with the different percentages of different cannabinoids on that particular weed. for example THC is the cannabinoid that have the psychoactive effects, but it also stimulates the neurons, making them fire more rapidly, that may help to induce a seizure in someone already prone to have it! in the other hand, CBD, another cannabinoid in the cannabis, is not psychoactive, but is neuroprotective, anti epileptic, anticonvulsant, and reduces the chances of anxiety, panic, and the extra pressure caused by THC on your neurons. CBN too has some beneficial effects.

    so i’d suggest that its better for you too smoke herbs with lower THC, but higher CBD and CBN values. that means mostly Pure Indica plants. for example a Kush plant with something like 17% THC, 3% CBD, 4% CBN would be a very good choice, when a pure Sativa plant with the same 17% of THC, but 0.5% CBD and 0.3% CBN would stimulate your nervous system rather than protect and suppress it, making you more sensitive and more prone to have a seizure.

  239. actually many cannabinoids on the cannabis have Anticonvulsant, neuroprotective and Antiepileptic properties.
    but here’s what happened to me: i was a heavy smoker for 2 years in my life, then one week i got a bad cold and couldn’t smoke because of lung problems. after 3 days of not smoking i began to have very annoying tremors, extreme feelings of hot and cold (cold sweats), lost my appetite and some other similar things. by that time i had absolutely no idea those symptoms are because of not smoking; i thought its the cold. so i recover from the cold after a week and decide to roll myself a joint in a park and enjoy it after 10 days of not smoking. right after that first joint in 10 days, i got the most strong tremors i had in my life, my whole body was shaking as if i’m being electrified, i was pretty conscious by that time and started to walk to warm myself up and reduce the tremors ( they were very much like cold shakes, but very strong ). long story short, within 30 mins, i got the first seizure of my life: i became unconscious, fell to the ground and my body started shaking for about 20 secs, then i came conscious again.
    i visited a doctor the day after, he took an EEG and approved that it was a seizure, and i received Depakene pills (Valproic Acid) to prevent any further seizures. the doctor said if the abnormality of the brainwaves continues, its Epilepsy. so i was 3 months on depakene and then gave another EEG, to be told that i’m epileptic and had to take medication for the rest of my life. i lived for a year believing that i am a sick person, who’s not able to do many ordinary task the others do anymore, i didn’t drink, i didn’t smoke, even i had to get away from Yoghurt, spices, garlic, hyperventilation (breathing very quickly), because my doctor told me they are all seizure inducing. i was on depakene once a day for a year, until a friend who sees me struggling, introduces me tho one of her relatives, who’s a neurologist specialized in epilepsy. i talk to him and he hospitalizes me, to monitor my brain activity constantly in 24 hours (instead of 5min EEG in the doctor’s office). very surprisingly, after 24 hours of constant EEG monitoring, i’m said that i’ve got a completely normal brain and there is nothing wrong with it. i stopped taking depakene (in a period of 2 months) after that, and started drinking, smoking pot, eating yoghurt, garlic, and everything i was not supposed to do again, and don’t have any problems ever since. i didn’t get another seizure either. 2 years are gone from that seizure, one year without any care, and nothing happened!

    so why i got that seizure two years ago? was it because of the combination of “heavy use – sudden withdraw – heavy dose”? does one seizure makes a person to be labeled Epileptic? i don’t know exactly.

    the story is long, but i hope this helps you somehow. MY ADVICE TO YOU: don’t believe that you are epileptic because of a seizure you had and what one doctor told you. try to visit different doctors and get different opinions.
    the small portable EEG devices that doctors have in their office is not very precise and can have lots of errors, which in hands of an unexperienced doctor would look like epilepsy. try to get constant EEG monitoring for at least 24 hours in a hospital specialized in epilepsy

  240. Hi, i’m a former smoker. I used to smoke everyday for 13 years. I quitted because my last 3 years of my smoking career i got epilepsy (seizure). Hard core seizure. It lasted until i stopped smoking. Now i haven’t smoked for almost 2 years and no signs of epilepsy. My theory is that there is a lot of shit on the street (market). In Norway Nigerians control a large part of the market and i believe i have smoked a lot of bad stuff. One thing is that when you don’t get high, but the other (my main problem) is that there is no control or any possibility to check how the weed is being grown or what type of chemicals has been used and so forth…I think that there is a lot of dangerous shit on the black market that can create psychosis, depressions or in my case epilepsy (seizure). I have been to the doctor and taken scans of my head (brain) and all that but according to the tests my head (brain) seems ok.

    I miss weed. I do not drink or do any other drugs. My health has always been good and i would consider my self as a healthy person. Now, i spend my saturdays alone and drink apple cider and read books. I miss smoking but i wont smoke until i know where my weed comes from. I’ve been thinking about growing my own shit, but for now i need some answers.

    I just wonder if anyone knows anything about weed related to epilepsy (seizure)???

  241. Lonnie Painter on

    Indica vs sativa is not what you think. The science is in, researchers using scientific methods have shown there is no difference in effects between indica and sativa. Most people do not understand that cannabis is a biphasic drug, when you first smoke it it kills your appetite but an hour or so later and you get the munchies, often the first effect is energizing and an hour or two later relaxation sets in. Low doses can have the opposite effect of high doses. I have been smoking for 50 years and back in the late 1960s when indica herb was first being grown in Humbolt no one said, wow! This is different, a body high different from sativa. ( what the hell is a body high)?. I’ve included some information to support this.

    indica vs indica
    The first is from a magazine article quoting Jeff Raber on indica and sativa.

    Here are some links to articles on indica vs sativa and how names and labels are almost meaningless and the common beliefs of the effects of indica vs effects of sativa are wrong.


    Marijuana labels are not meaningless, but they are rapidly losing all significance. Breeders, searching the globe for exotic strains, have crossed, criss-crossed and re-crossed indicas and sativas (and now ruderalises as well) with one another so many times that the old designations are rapidly getting lost in the shuffle. Strains marketed as ‘indica’, meaning “body high” or “stoney” in the parlance of cannabis industry, regularly deliver highs that provide the opposite effect. ‘Sativas’, meanwhile, can often put patients in “couchlock” – the opposite effect of the supposed “head high” advertised on the label. And this confusion is not to be wondered at, when breeders have spent at least the last forty years selectively breeding for traits and caring not a whit for the plant’s original genetic lineage.

    The point is brought sharply home by the work of Dr. Jeffrey Raber, who holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Southern California and is the founder of the Werc Shop, a leading medical marijuana testing laboratory in Pasadena, California. Dr. Raber tested over 1,000 strains obtained from dispensaries throughout California, and in an interview with LA Weekly, he completely debunked the notion of any kind of consistency among strains. “Most people don’t even know,” Dr. Raber said. “We took a popular name, Jack Herer, and found that most [buds sold under that name] didn’t even look like each other. OG whatever, Kush whatever, and the marketing that goes along with it – it’s not really medically designed.” It gets worse. Dr. Raber’s data, which he says will be published soon, “shows that ‘indica’ and ‘sativa’ is just morphology. It’s a misperception that indica will put you to sleep or that sativa is more energetic.”

    Early classifications

    Relative size of varieties of Cannabis

    The Cannabis genus was first classified using the “modern” system of taxonomic nomenclature by Carolus Linnaeus in 1753, who devised the system still in use for the naming of species.[36] He considered the genus to be monotypic, having just a single species that he named Cannabis sativa L. (L. stands for Linnaeus, and indicates the authority who first named the species). Linnaeus was familiar with European hemp, which was widely cultivated at the time. In 1785, noted evolutionary biologist Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck published a description of a second species of Cannabis, which he namedCannabis indica Lam.[37] Lamarck based his description of the newly named species on plant specimens collected in India. He described C. indica as having poorer fiber quality than C. sativa, but greater utility as an inebriant. Additional Cannabis species were proposed in the 19th century, including strains from China and Vietnam (Indo-China) assigned the names Cannabis chinensis Delile, and Cannabis gigantea Delile ex Vilmorin.[38] However, many taxonomists found these putative species difficult to distinguish. In the early 20th century, the single-species concept was still widely accepted, except in the Soviet Union where Cannabis continued to be the subject of active taxonomic study. The name Cannabis indica was listed in variousPharmacopoeias, and was widely used to designate Cannabis suitable for the manufacture of medicinal preparations.[39]

    In 1785, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck published a description of a second species of Cannabis, which he named Cannabis indica. Lamarck based his description of the newly named species on plant specimens collected in India. ( it was the same plant described by Linnaeus )

    Wikipedia does have some value but also posts,” wrong facts”.


    Here are some sources to refute the common beliefs about indica and sativa.

    The first is link to Jeff Rabers research on a couple thousand samples they analyzed at the Wercshop. his

    His conclusions were, “Indica, sativa & hybrid designation is not medically meaningful. A new system of cannabis identification based on chemotaxonomical methods will need to be established in order to accurately verify the particular identity, or name, of a unique variety”. Lab tests on over 1500 samples showed strains with the same names were obviously not the same



    Cannabis Strains: Do cannabis strains differ?

    By Dr. Ethan Russo http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ethan-russo-md/a/b19/468

    Cannabis consumers have always maintained that different types, chemovars or strains produce different effects, whether this be with respect to their psycho activity or their therapeutic attributes. Strains are often designated as sativa, indica or hybrid. These labels are quite misleading as applied in the marketplace.In contrast the scientific community has generally focused on THC as the primary variant…..Some researchers have stressed the importance of additional components, especially terpenoids the aromatic components of cannabis that like cannabinoids are produced in glandular trichomes, as important modulators of cannabis effects (McPartland & Russo, 2001, Russo 2011).

    Abundant evidence supports that these low concentration components contribute to the phytocannabinoids in whole cannabis preparations by adding their own therapeutic benefits or allaying side effects of THC. Worthy of particular mention are limonene, with known anti-depressant effects, pinene, which attenuates short-term memory deficits engendered by THC, myrcene, which is sedating, and beta-caryophyllene, which stimulates the non-psychoactive CB2 receptor, and produces anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Further research will address the relative importance of these agents in various cannabis preparations.

    About the author:
    Dr. Ethan Russo is a board-certified neurologist, who serves as Senior Medical Advisor to GW Pharmaceuticals. He is a past chairman of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines, and is the current president of the International Cannabinoid Research Society.

    Child Neurology
    Pharmaceutical Industry

    GW Pharmaceuticals,

    International Cannabinoid Research Society,

    American Botanical Council


    this is the link to a video on sativa & indica from SC Labs it’s on the bottom right, at least on my computer



    Differential effects of medical marijuana based on strain and route of administration: A three-year observational study

    “Indica was more effective to increase energy and appetite in any primary diagnosis group”.

    Here is a link to this study



    Herbal Cannabis as Medicine

    A biocultural analysis

    By Vanessa Mardones 11,160 words September 2011

    A dissertation submitted to the Department of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent-Canterbury, in association with Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Ethnobotany.dr

    “The therapeutic effects of cannabis may differ as a result of chemotaxonomic variability and mode of administration, but also the influence of set and setting on the subjective experience of cannabis use must be noted. The effects of personal expectations, which are influenced by the mindset and personality of the user and their sociocultural background, will shape their perception and experience of cannabis use, whether for medicinal, recreational, or sacramental purposes. Additionally it must be noted, the distinction between these uses is not clearly defined. A patient who is using cannabis for its modulation of pathophysiology may also experience a euphoric sense of mind which may have effects that are interpreted through meditative or otherwise spiritual perspectives”.


  242. Exactly the Point..I use this plant to have a better quality of life..It works period the end without side effects ..i hate taking an aspirin for a headache so am not an addictive personality..The truth is we need to spend more $$ on research to C what comes naturally from the earth..different strains or variety of plant gives different Health benefits..

  243. Hi Shasta…I use a combo of Sativa & Indica ..a hybrid.. ..suffer from ultra rapid cycling bp spectrum with no highs normal mood and extreme lows.there needs to be more research as I believe this plant has alot of great properties I do not smoke it to get high..am not an addictive personality ..it works to eliminate crippling symptoms much better than any pharmaceutical drug agent with no side effects..I f one uses this for the right reasons the benefits are unbelievable..

  244. Enjoi Your Life on

    Wow. A lot of big words and what appears to be paranoia. The problem with your comments are probably related to the problems you’ve experienced in life. The “us” and “them” references and mentality in you rant show your position and the fact that you believe that there is some sinister higher archy of people who band together to control the mindless mass of “normal” society, but if course, you sir, are way too intelligent to fall prey to that. The truth is, there is no us and them on the issue, simply we. Community. Society. As much as you hate to admit it, we are all community. WA and CO have spoken, and suddenly they are OK in people like your eyes. It’s ridiculous and self destructive. Funny thing is, most rebels usually don’t have a true cause other than being rebels, until of course the “cause” or lifestyle they argued for comes to fruition, and all of its faults are exposed and those same rebels disappear or are suddenly ok with accepted faults. Grow up and be productive in society. Smoke responsibly.

  245. Great piece Jay, I myself spent 1975 as a guest of the Federal Government for God’s gift to humanity. Of course, knowing what I know now, as a result of 10 years of dedicated research trying to find “A Way Out of Madness”, it all makes perfect sense. Their agenda is to keep us ignorant of reality, dumb us down thru their education system and destroy our ability for cognitive thought thru chemical ingestion in our drinking water and vaccinations before the age of 5. Coming to the realization that our lives are totally controlled, beyond our wildest imaginings, begins to put clarity on how they achieve this. Their mechanism for the directional control of society is their total control over the creation and allocation of our medium of exchange. But their true genius is in keeping us ignorant. The technology alone would improve the human condition, immediately, 10 fold. If we can ever take upon ourselves the realization that WE are what is of valuable to the whole, and take upon ourselves the responsibility to create our own medium, transparently, always transparently, and it’s creation should be initiated at the smallest community level. Create the medium, transparently, for the things of value to the community, health care, education, infrastructure and social services. As long as it is made transparently, on a local level, everyone knowing what everyone in service to the community is receiving for their contribution to the good of all, then you will never have any corruption and the citizens will have true control over those empowered to serve their needs. This money need not come from taxes or some Bank Loan, which is the way they create our enslavement. When we understand that the medium must be created to represent it’s value to the whole, then you need not borrow it or implement a tax to create it. As long as your medium creation is for things of value there will be no “inflation”. Inflation happens when you allow a medium creation system, to create that same medium to for the purpose of destroying things of value.
    Jay accept my apology this rambled on far beyond my initial thought.
    In Lak’ech Love&Peace David

  246. Sorry, it was Isabella’s comment about breathing, though Steven’s comment was great too.

  247. I’ve had issues with panic attacks myself. My dad recently had a heart attack and I’m, not being in the best of shape, scared of it happening to me. When I smoke too much too fast I’m convinced I’m having a heart attack. Steven’s comment is dead on. I found that by breathing deeply and slowly, I’m really able to relax. The relief of the realization that I’m okay almost adds to the high. I find myself smiling and thinking “dude, you’re doing good, enjoy it.”

    I also found that the “panic” comes in waves and I have to remember to breath to relax each time. I’m a complete noob at this. I don’t know all the ins and outs so take my experience as just my experience.

  248. How’d did you lose your leg? I elected for a BKA in 1990 after a head-on motorcycle vs. car accident—I recovered well except for my foot, so I torched it after 11 years of surgeries (75 in all) . MJ doesn’t always help 100% when I have bad phantom pains, but pills are too damaging, in so many ways. And none of the doctors want to help you, but they think there’s a pill for every application. Bad thing is, if I find an especially effective strain, my supplier eventually runs out of it, and rarely does it come back around—Like a dyelot in fabrics, everything comes in batches and those batches vary, sometimes a lot.

  249. After Having about 6 rips Of this ganj I picked up, I did a Summersault, climbed a tree, and took a Bono -sized shit… What kind of weed did I smoke Jimbo?

  250. …..I bought some bud on the street I would like to duplicate–after smoking, I would lay down and have some hella body affects; at first almost a shiver, then a doze that approached out of body that went on for about an hour or two followed by the best sleep in years.

    Anybody have an idea of what strain that was ?

  251. try to find some clean indica buds, or plant them yourself. Buy or plant some (clean) white widow or jack herer, or many of the other variants. Do not use mj with alcohol, eat well and sleep well! Use the internetz ;)

  252. I suffer from pain due to back surgery, bi-polar depression, insomnia and panic attacks. Could someone recommend which one would be be the best for me? I am also sick and tired of the all the prescription medications, their side effects, and giving my hard earned money to pharmaceutical companies m

  253. according to AZ if any of those things cause you pain, then you qualify.I recently read a blurb that az probation has to look the other way on mmj card when piss testing now. call Dr. Elaine Burns and ask her office if you still can. although even though i was in her office in full blown panic attack, anxiety doesn’t qualify you so thru my tears and panic i had to sit and discuss all my aches and pains so it is a redundant appointment really. they just want the money. Tell them you don’t want pharms anymore because they are increasing your desire to commit serious harm. I hope you get the card and the relief you deserve

  254. sounds like me after any Sativa esp green crack or ak47… give me indica all day long or give me death plain and simple. If it isn’t super indica dominant i am fearing for my life and others’ as well smoke less when you try new strains and barely 2 or 3 bites if edibles. i can smoke indie all day but one bite of edible i am crawling on floor with no blood pressure for hours. go slow and know each person has their own personal choice for favorites. good luck

  255. I pray you can find good advice toward good results and someday throw out those wellbutrin/abilify cocktails they want us to take like candy! Those pills kill people who are already depressed. I have panic attack and cannot handle any sativa so research with small amounts first.. Best of luck to you

  256. I know this is a long shot but I would like to know if anyone can tell if this is Sativa, or Indica. I live in CA and have a prescription. I usually buy from the clubs but I got this from a friend for way cheaper.

  257. AcorntoOaktree on

    Greetings Ed….i have read all ur blogs….I believe everything u have said..u are a gift back from All That Is…keep trying to heal the people…hopefully they won’t be zombies forever…I would love to talk to u…until then, keep that THC in your system….and kill the zombies with Truth…Namaste…

  258. i had back surgery a 2 years ago for scoliosis they gave me a painkiller for recovery and i hated the effects of hydroxycodone it made me nauseous and constipated. although not legal for me to do so i self medicated with marijuana most strains help with pain.Indica is the best for pain id use it if your at home and not going anywhere if youve got shit to do id suggest a hybrid with an indica dominance. street names for indicas usually contain the word kush as well as purple so go for those if its all you can find.edibles will help they actually last longer about twice as long and you get the same benefit plus the ability to get high in front of peoples faces with out smoking ate one in front of my teacher he never klnew. also if youve got and questions on what the effects of the strain you have go to leafly.com its wikipedia for weed hope that helped

  259. When someone breaks into my house they will be shot immediately. If i’m not home the dumb asses will get caught on my surveillance camera so either way I’ll know exactly who im looking for. There is no reason I would ever call the police, someone robs me, then that person will deal with me, jail does not stop shit. Thieves that take a beating will stop. People just need to grow some balls and fight when your lives on the line. Don’t run for the police. Go to your local jiu-jitsu academy and learn how to defend yourself. You will also learn what to do when someone puts a pistol in your face. If more people learned the shit I do, there would be a lot less robbings and murders. Call the police after YOU have beaten down and citizen arrested the guy that robbed you. or just toss his ass out at the local jail. I guess if your too weak then you have to call for help don’t wait around.

  260. Sativa will still provide some pain relief, just not as much as an indica. Try a dative dominant hybrid to help more with the pain without putting you to sleep. Also, using edibles will still give you the same pain relief benefits as smoking, it just takes longer to kick in (about 45 minutes), in fact, the effects are stronger when ingested rather than inhaled.

  261. I have had a back surgery already and am looking at another in the near future. Does Sativa strains help with pain? Is it possible to us marijuana as an edible and receive the pain relief benefits? If Sativa doesn’t help with pain, what hybrid strain would work best? If someone knows…

  262. Just to let people know. Pot doesn’t make you a loser. I’m a chemist working for a major pharmaceutical company. I smoke a couple times a week.

  263. Just to let people know. Pot doesn’t make you a loser. I’m a chemist working for a major pharmaceutical company. I smoke a couple times a week.

  264. Just to let people know. Pot doesn’t make you a loser. I’m a chemist working for a major pharmaceutical company. I smoke a couple times a week.

  265. Lost my right leg below the knee about 17 yrs ago. Tossed all those addicting medications in the trash, and started smoking pot. I’m a responsible person who held a job as a bookkeeper for many years, before retirement. Smoking helped with the pain, and the ability to deal with this life changing event. As of today I still smoke, but only at night to help me sleep.

  266. Yeah im gonna be trying to get sativa next time I buy, I usually go with indica or hybrids with a higher indica ratio. but I do love smoking like an hour before bed, watching some tv and then passing the fuck out. I have a bit of insomnia so it helps a ton but I hate waking and baking then feeling tired as shit 2 hours later

  267. Dude from EVEREST COLLEGE™ on

    I was watching a BBC documentary not too long ago about marijuana and its effects, it had this English white woman smoking marijuana top learn the effects of it, she even went all the way to Amsterdam, and in a part of the documentary there was an interview a guy who got shot int he back of the head, and was smoking marijuana to cope with the aftereffects of it. The man’s face however was not shown, the interview was conducted in a darkened room, I wonder if this guy was you…

  268. ATTENTION: I found a “Fantastic video” Extremely detailed and very informative on cannabis and how it reacts in the human body. On cells, receptors in the brain ECT. so far found on YouTube only. It’s called ” The New Frontier” 1hour and 55 minutes long. * * * * * 5 STARS in my book.

  269. would recommend a glass, spoon pipe for best results..cost you around 10 dollars after tax

  270. I did not ask to get brain damage. Yes I know it is my own fault. I do not want to finish life in this condition. I will not take my own life because of what I know and have learned from this experience. That is why I was determined to find a way to heal my brain. I found it !SCIENCE RULES + BACKS ME !


    Everyone has “two” ways to look at it and that is it. And neither one,” THEY”, do not want to admit to. Because I received receive a 5.5 brain injury just over 5 years ago, either I must of been a GENIUS before I wrecked, or, “CANNABIS” REALLY IS HEALING MY BRAIN” ! You know the more that I think about it, go back to sleep people. I just have to find patience until I heal enough to walk in the woods again. Then I will find the meteorite that will make the GOLD ! I will make a living anyways. CANNABIS REFORM ! ~ SHIT, at this rate “people” will make a 5.5 brain injured guy feel INTELLIGENT ! In life you will receive what you give. Life experiences does not make a person. It is what the person will make out of the experience. I have to wait for DOCTORS to play catch up to me while the FEDS want to prove me wrong ! AIN’T LIFE GRAND ! It is obvious people do not believe me ! They either think I lie or they think I am crazy ! I find it shocking so many people are asleep ! GETTING WORD OUT; ~ Both of these subjects have been kept in “secret” to long ! THAT IS WHY “HE” RETURNED ME ! They MRI’d my brain and said I killed the left front & left middle. So how can I know this ? This is important ! ~ HE returned me to relay this; ~ The “media” will not mention how CANNABIS is healing my brain injury when they interviewed me about getting brain damage from not wearing my helmet. So I changed tactics. I had a friend find non magnetic meteorite with a metal detector so I meditated on how GOLD was formed. Then made some. Again the “media” told me they will not air because will affect the worlds economy ! All this is because I have been trying to let the world know THC heals brains. There is a third but who would believe GOD is real and HE returned me on a “mission” ? ” STAY ASLEEP” !

  271. Anyone have any good seeds??? Indica or Sativa…Tried buying them online but the post office removed and destroyed them. If anyone has any text me at 856-723-7143

  272. I would recommend Headband. It is a very pleasant and uplifting high, does not produce “couch-lock” and does not take much to produce the desired effect. Two tokes and you’ll put it aside for later. Making it cost effective as well.

  273. RIGHT ON They are just doing their job….. you Ever notice….. most folks hate cops until…….. they N E E D one ?

  274. D-Money. Sounds exactly like you smoked a little bit to much for YOUR self. you don’t have enough info to determine what strain. how long have you been smoking for ? How much did you smoke ?

  275. Bodhi, Hey neighbor; I live in Hayden Id. welcome, I’m a 58 yr. old male that use to smoke when I was in my 20’s. started again a few weeks ago. I bought some weed that is a hybrid, and is for SURE a dominant Indica strain ….I DON”T like it. Im going sell what I have and buy a SATIVA ONLY!! strain instead.. I am looking for a uplifting, happy
    giggly, munchies, creative, mind analyzing, get stuff done buzz. and make ” Family Guy ” even funnier. And for your depression,, SATIVA is for you… Sativa will give you much confidence in YOURSELF and YOU could be the one to end all of “mans problems”. (it doesn’t hurt to dream). Now,, Bodhi,,, since you never smoked before BE CARFULL !!
    Don’t over smoke!!! If I were YOU, and I’m not. I would take just 2 hits and wait for at least 30 mins to be on the safe side. then if not much happing ( if I were you) try 1 or 2 more. But please, take it easy till you learn what’s best for you. also , as a NEW smoker, DO NOT anticipate,, any thing different in the way you may think you’re going to feel. just,,,,, L E T I T H A P P E N . Also my friend do research on the wonderful benefits on our friend THE HEMP PLANT. it will AMAZE you just what a versatile and USEFULL plant it is….the Internet, you tube videos, etc…. just search HEMP . Good luck my friend.. Donny

  276. A lot of the things in this article are generalizations and a lot of strains are hybrids anyhow … you really cannot rely on a strain name to predict the effects … one growers “Purple Kush” could be totally different from another’s … you need to smoke the herb to know its effects.
    But, “generally”, if you want to smoke something before exercising, go with a Sativa … I used to smoke before working out all the time and it was never a problem. Also, re: exercise, I have not done any for like 12 years and I have not gained an ounce (“the endocannabinoid system regulates metabolic homeostasis”, said some smart person once).
    If you are “on the go” and you want to smoke from a pipe, use a glass pipe … wood burns and you don’t need to smoke your pipe. If you are not on the go, use a bong and KEEP IT CLEAN.
    Change the water every day and clean out the bong about once a week .. if you get a glass bong, use an old toothbrush to clean it out. The sore throat and cough that you can get from smoking out of a grungy bong is the only way that smoking herb can actually hurt you.
    After decades of smoking herb, I came to the conclusion that the best way to smoke also happens to be about the cheapest … I make a homemade bong with a steel tube and bowl (you can get them at any “head shop” or dispensary for like $5) and a plastic 1-litre water bottle as the chamber … I change the bottle as soon as the gunk starts to build up.
    That is some advice from someone who is 44 and has been smoking for … um… 27 years.
    Enjoy using your endocannabinoid system … it will almost certainly make you less depressed … and welcome to the club.

  277. I have had a similar reaction from Jack Herer. It was so bad I gave away the rest of the bag. Never recall having that kind of reaction before.

    I have a brain injury, panic attacks and aches and pains as a result of a super-injury ten years ago. Blueberry and Blueberry hybreds worked great for me. It gave me focus, creativity, energy, no migraines, physical energy, and easy sleep. But I’ve been known to react oppositely to the norm in Rx and MJ.

    I have noticed that there is a huge difference in quality even among identical strains. The really good stuff which I had access to as a grad student was the best. Now I live in Maine where we have medical dispensaries. Not the greatest quality. But the best dispensaries sell single rolled smokes of different strains ($5.00 each) so you can see how each affects you. Finding the right chemistry is a very individualized process. But definitely worth a slow, patient, approach. Best wishes for your search.

  278. Charles Waller on

    Generalizations about subspecies. Cannabinoid content is the important aspect, followed by other plant compounds. Maturity at harvest and processing are important factors also.

  279. Good luck Bodhi, I hope marijuana can help you with your depression! I know both strains work wonders for my depression!

  280. I live in Spokane and am 42. I’ve never smoked, and I’m waiting for sales to begin in the next few months. I’ve suffered from depression for years and take a cocktail of anti depression meds. I don’t want a intense high and being couch-locked as I’ve read in some of the strain descriptions. I want a mellow buzz, clear and uplifting. I’m an exercise nut and I’ve used it to battle the depression. Could anyone suggest a strain? Sativa? And when I buy some, will the shop be able to advise me too? I bought a sweet wooden pipe, a one-hit pipe..whatever that means. Please don’t laugh, it’s that I’m pretty ignorant about this and need help. Thank you!

  281. You are absolutely horrendous in English. Instead of a wandering , blabbering , rant with terrible spelling and no English grammar at all , try a first or second grade spelling book. EVER hear of a period , comma , semi-colon , question mark , exclamation point , capitalzation , etc , before ? People such as yourself give marijuana users a bad name. Hope you don`t smoke much more weed as you are already FRIED ! ! ! Signed …………… A responsible , periodic , productive , intelligent , motivated , NORML 420 inbiber.

  282. To late. But we turned into Lil’California back in the 90’s. And became over crowded back when John “Sunshine on my f-ing shoulders” Denver just had to go sing about how wonderful Colorado is. *facepalm*

  283. I am 53 years old and every time I have tried deception, it does not work, time is the answer. Anyway , about the psych meds, the VA has me on Lithium , 10 mg diazepam, Ativan’s and paroxetine , they just took me off Sara quill, Still begging for psychotherapy just meds .

  284. When ever you feel that way its because your paranoid my dad taught me that when I smoke and that happens to breathe in and out Deeppplyyy 10times or until you are light headed it works also when you arent high and you wish you were and you have alot of stress… i’m glad I learned that so I’m not going crazy all the time :)

  285. I’ve never had sativa, however the energy aspect of its symptoms make me think I’ll love it more than indica.

  286. Hey, what a thoughtful and detailed comment. Thanks, man. I hadn’t smoked in a long time and now that I think about it I think I took way too big of a hit. My problem probably lies more in the size of the hit than anything else.

    This points to another reason legalization would be good. We’d all have more information about what we’re ingesting, as we can pick and choose what strain to buy. And if we had a strain that didn’t sit well with us, we could avoid it in the future. Right now, during prohibition, it’s anyone’s guess what the average smoker is lighting up (unless you’re brave enough to grow it yourself).

    Thanks again for your comment!

  287. Yep, please guys respect our law enforcement. If you are respectful and well mannered, they’ll see that marijuana is not all that bad, and you just may change a cops mind and he’ll be help in fighting legalization. Remember, despite that uniform, they are also father’s and husband’s that have children and wives at home that love them, just like you.

  288. Probably indica. But, it could of been a hybrid too. This actually sounds like the first time I smoked. I smoked too much for my first time. I did fine thereafter. Some do fine and instantly fall in love with MJ, but I think a lot of others do freak out because it’s something new and different than alcohol and other drugs. I believe this is because alcohol takes a few to digest and take effect on the user, whereas smoking MJ, is pretty much an instant effect. Don’t worry, marijuana has no immediate harm and you can not overdose. So, the next time, take it slow and just try to enjoy the high. You’ll get use to it. I think a pure sativa is the best if you don’t want that kind of head high. Sativa always makes me happy and feel good, yet functional and clear headed. Hope this helps and you can enjoy this wonderful plant that was given to us by nature. :)

  289. my opinion, i like indica better, i smoke it all the time, but i still get shit done, gotta love that OG Kush

  290. RepublicanPotSmoker on

    I wish other states like mine would legalize. Don’t want Colorado to get over crowded and turn into the next California!

  291. I recently had an absolutely terrible experience with cannabis and I wonder if folks can chip-in as to whether they think it was caused by a more Indica or Sativa type of high.

    Basically my high was an extended panic attack. It was terrifying: running thoughts I couldn’t stop, thinking I was going to die, thinking the cops were at my door, extremely negative thoughts about my life that I couldn’t stop. It took me *forever* to get to sleep as the thoughts wouldn’t leave me alone long enough to relax. It made me not ever want to smoke again. Can someone speculate as to what type of strain this was so that I can avoid it in the future?

  292. “It might help you feel better for a while, but if you are prone to
    psychoses the last thing you should do is use psycho-active drugs”

    < That is the truth.

  293. You’re so right Jeremy! These are the folks we rely on when things go bad, I couldn’t, (wouldn’t) do what they’re expected to do everyday, so I’m glad they’re around! I wonder who they are gonna call (the ones who call them pigs) when their house is broken into, or if they find themselves bleeding from a knife wound some other ”pig hater” has given them after robbing them? Good luck calling your Senator!

  294. Sativa all day son! Why would i wanna be locked in my couch feeling lazy? I smoke weed to help alleviate my various neurosis so that i can be more creative, relaxed and productive. If i wanna be a lazy douche ill go get hooked on opium XD

  295. I smoked very heavy until about 27 years ago,then in 2012 I was diagnosed with Cronic Meyloid Leukmia,was in perfect health until I quit Smoking,but they was testing everybody for the THC,AND I WORKED IN THE COAL MINES,NOW I AM GOING TO HAVE TO SMOKE TO GET RID OF THE CANCER.

  296. The Last Good Indica I smoked,IGeeked and was Paranoid ,for 8 or more Hours,Every noise,even bug crawling or Fly or Mosquito,was the Law,I was in such bad shape I havent Smoked since,Ruined my Buzz,and a Ambulance came down the Road,I think my Heart Quit,lol,Now Thats To Good,lol

  297. I have been smoking for almost fifty years and I have noticed that my smoking friends are mostly still alive in our seventies and my non smoking friends have mostly passed. It is just my observation. I wonder what the statistic is.

  298. no no dont blame cops im sick of thais bullshit there just doing there jobs blame goverment and ur polticians all u so called wanna be hippys thats first thing u say is fuck the cops n fuck the pigs there just doing there duty dont blame them lame ur polticians blame the mexican cartels and the goverment n polticians n religon dont go blaming ppl that work to stop ppl from killing u or protect u when person steals from ur house shjow sumn respect damn it there just doing rhere jobs not all cops are bad evil n mean im so sick this bullshit n maskes us real stoners look bad n gives us bad name just stop this bullshit n take fight to congress n goverment dont go blaming ppl that help catcxh serial killers n pedos

  299. http://www.constitutionallaborparty.com/ I spent about ten years protesting in front of the Texas Capitol with big signs I made from refrigerator packing boxes. Once I took one that stated: “All my friends smoke Marijuana”. Another one stated: “I have tested Marijuana for forty years. I must conclude; Fuck the Pigs”.

  300. The difference between indica and sativa is where they from: indica is from mounains like himalaya (more north degree of latitude) and sativa is from tropical climate(more south degree of latitude) This is also the reason why sativa needs longer to grow. The hours of day and night are nearly always 12 hours, the whole year. If you go more north the hours of day and night are at harvest time more different (shorter days and longer nights) (sorry for my bad english, I am german)


    new strains combined with all 3 kinds of marihuana,or auto flowering weed is very good last few years….I grow only autos and they are good up to best weed I ever smoked in 4o years of smoking….

  302. I always check the strain and phenotype before I buy or grow. It’s like taking pills. There are a lot of different things out there and some work better than others depending on your ailment(s). It’s a great way to medicate without being a stoner. I love a good sativa like Green Cush or Jack Herer for my daytime pain and fatigue, while a good indica dominant kush helps me sleep :) Thank you for the article. Some people call it weed snobbery, but I see it as informing because knowledge is everything!

  303. Do you think its possible to breed a sativa and a ruderalis, so that way you would have a nice plant w/ high THC CBD and it would flower at a faster rate?

  304. experimentation usually yields the right results, if it doesn’t turn you into the master of electricity (knowing thousands of ways to NOT do something)

    good luck, have fun

  305. If you’re on probation do a natural cleansing with herbal product ‘s (they do work). Check out http://detoxify.com/our-products.html and look up Insta Clean. They work fine as long as you follow the directions to a Tee. Also, I have depression too and I will tell you that takes time for anti-depression and mood stabilizers medication to work, so give them time. Let your doctor know everything that is going on in your life and you can tell him/her about smoking all my doctor’s know, and due to patient client confidentially they can’t say anything that’s a Federal Law. Besides they really want to help you (it took me a while to get the right balance of meds as everyone is different. Ask your doctor to see the Medicine Algorithm for Depression, and Bipolar medications and you’ll see the wide varieties of meds and what they do. Good luck and don’t worry (I know that’s hard), but keep at it. Nothing is worth dying over. Remember 95% of what we worry about never happens, and the other 5 % happens so fast you don’t even see it as it goes by. Be cool, everything will work out just be as patient as you can be and give the medications time to work ask your doctor about that as well. Almost everyone of these blogs are on the right track, so realize therre’s a lot of people out here who care and want to help. K

  306. I’m going to ‘fix’ you right now Allissa.

    Go take a hike.


    Nature, and its perfection, particularly if you have to physically work to get in to it, cures most ills.

    I’m not screwing around with that prescription.

    It’s all about remembering that you’re an animal.

  307. calciumoxide37 on

    however if you do you will probably feel very very depressed once the high leaves since im guessing it would be the first time you smoke, i sometimes feel depressed the next day after ive been smoking but just know that its temporary, but again i just would not reccomend it, the brain is always going through growth and change in certain areas throughout our entire lives and at your stage of mental development smoking weed can have negative long term effects, later in your life you might be able to but the decision for when that is, will ultimately be up to you, make sure you are in a safe environment with someone you trust and connect with so you can just think together, also take a psychology class and learn about the brain so you can stay in control if you ever decide to smoke , but again i wouldnt recommend smoking in your current stage of life…. you have my thoughts and prayers, things will get better even if at first it seems like theyre getting worse

  308. calciumoxide37 on

    Allissa, hopefully this helps, i also suffer from depression and anxiety since i was about five, fortunately ive been able to learn to just adopt this as a part of myself rather than fight it or take medications to numb the pain its still there except now i am not burdened by it and the feeling of depression is much milder and doesnt interfere with my day, i was put on medicine and i dont take it now at all, what i did is find my passion and work at it to and perfect it, in my case it was concept art. another thing i did to get rid of my depression was think about what made me depressed or anxious, and i would then think of how to reverse it or use it in a healthy way to make myself better as a person, then i would work at that until the fear or thought was just a memory of a fear or thought i had about myself, theres so many other things i found that helped me and but didnt really change who i am as a person but just improved who i was compared to how i was earlier. this process should never stop. always try to get better at your passions and improve on skills you feel you might be lacking. and while youre doing these things just embrace who you are, learn about your fears and conquer them, things always get better, the depression might come back up strong every so often but it gets easier and easier to over come, so to answer your question no, i wouldnt recommend smoking or doing any illegal drugs until you learn a way to manage and safely channel your depression and thoughts into something that makes you happy. i hope this helps you

  309. I suffer from severe anxiety, depression, insomnia and total lack of appetite. My ‘guy’ (We’ll call him Smoogley) constantly promotes his Kush strains to all of his customers, the goal for most of his buyers being to achieve a new, stronger type of intoxication. Intoxication is not something well-suited for someone who suffers from severe anxiety, but having heard of the medical properties I tried some. Panic attacks galore! I swore off the Plant until a few years later I gathered my courage and started to educate myself about the Plant, judging it to be the lesser of two evils since I’m terrified of pills and harsh synthetic drugs. Educating myself was my greatest advantage. I tried a pure Sativa strain (not that easy to find when most of the Smoogley’s in my area don’t pay much attention to strain, just how high it can get you.) and found it be only slightly effective against my problems. I learned about hybrids and set out to find an Indica dominant hybrid strain (In my part of the country marijuana is very illegal, this was a quest for the holy grail.) and only had luck when I dealt with passionate growers who knew the science of the Plant and genuinely wanted to help people with their growing. Now I medicate by buying fresh, whole buds, leaves and all, and judging its quality and strain myself before trimming, drying and smoking it. Now I’m turning over a whole new leaf in my life (Feel free to consider that pun intended) and it wouldn’t have been possible without people like this who want to educate the general public and promote the Plant for the medicinal uses it should be used for. I’m hoping in a few years the Plant can replace the harsh synthetic drugs that more often than not do more harm than good.

    Thank you,

    Tripping Along

  310. Hi Allissa I just wanted to tell you that things always get better. I’ve been around a little while now and I’ve been saddened by two friends who felt overwhelmed in their lives and chose suicide. It really is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I know that choice doesn’t always come into play when being controlled by a chemical imbalance but try to remember that its an unbearable end for the many many people who love you. I love you as your brother in Christ and it is in His name I pray for you. God bless you Allissa!

  311. wow, time to ask my guy exactly which combination of strains he i s giving me. i bet i have been smokin hybrids up until now but i want to try a pure sativa then play some music!

  312. just a casual smoker but awesome information and facts, but big ups to your reply to allissa good to see the responsible thing being done

  313. Please don’t. It might help you feel better for a while, but if you are prone to psychoses the last thing you should do is use psycho-active drugs. The doctors really do know what’s best for you, it might seem tough at first. But follow through with the prescribed medication they give you and the chances of having a normal life will be much greater. Weed will only make things worse in your head in the long run. Are you currently going through a psychosis?

  314. I am so sorry to see how hard you are struggling, and at such a young age. As for the ability to get your MMJ card, I’m guessing it may depend on what you are on probation for. If it’s a felony, then I’m gonna say no, you can’t get your MMJ card because marijuana is still federally illegal. Your probation contract, or whatever you have to sign agreeing to the terms of the probation, is probably where you need to look for the language. Your state’s law will not trump federal law in this case. However, if you are on probation for something less than a felony, then maybe you have some wiggle room. Can you ask your criminal attorney, if you had one, or the public defender that handled your case? This would give you some protection for asking about medical marijuana, as you have an attorney/client privilege with your attorney.

    Keep in mind that I’m not an attorney and do not give out legal advice.

    Also, how about contacting some of the legalization policy groups like NORML or the Drug Policy Alliance, they have attorneys that work for them, and maybe if you post a question to their website, someone will respond. There are also plenty of medical marijuana groups, I’m sure there are some in Arizona, so have you tried contacting them? Or even do some research to find news articles about attorneys representing MMJ clients and see if a pro-marijuana attorney will help you.

    Maybe if you concentrate on getting that MMJ card, doing whatever you have to do, it will help you to deal with your mental health issues until you can legally get your card. I wish I had a magic wand, which I’m sure would be more helpful to you than my post at this point, but all I got are good wishes. Peace.

  315. so i have a question… im 16 years old. i am currently fighting very bad depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, insomnia, and anger problems right now.. tried to kill myself a few days ago and had to go to the hospitAL and get a blood trnasfusion etc. etc. …anyways ive been taking depression medication and it is not helping at all… ive smoked weed so many times and its the only thing that helps me honestly. except im on probation right now so i cant. i live in arizona, and i was wanting to get a medical marijuana card? i read the legal stuff online about minors getting medical marijuana cards and i read that i could get one as long as i had my parents approval. [which i do] and a letter from my doctor saying i need it [which i can easily get]….and i wondering if i could still get a medical marijuana card even though im on probation? please help, im pretty desperate right now!

  316. she needs a good mix of both 1 for pain the other for migraines try a 70 indica /30 sativa or even an 80/20 mix. Make a canna butter for the edibles. I’m a pastry chef and the butter would be best. check you tube.

  317. Very informative… Thanks…Seems like I am more of a Sativa guy but I get mostly the best Indicas on the planet…Go figure…lol….

  318. I have had the same problems and have found that the 80 indica-20 sativa worked best for all those problems and my back is all jacked up from a parachute accident in military spent 8 years on various opiates to include 250 micro grams/hr of fentynol(changed all three patches every 48 hours rather then the norm 72) and 245 mg 3 times a day of morphine and alot of other meds… non worked and I almost died when all the meds shut down my liver…. after that I started experimenting with marijuana and now live a much happier and productive life…. it dosent really get rid of all the pain for me but it is doing a lot more then the morphine ever did and I have lost over 100 lbs in last year and half since switching to marijuana…. worked for me, won’t work for everyone but norhing ever does

    Mike F.
    Great Falls, Mt

  319. Just butting in. For tattedkid04 I started smoking weed at 12. By age 20 or so, I began passing out from it. It happened too many times, so I stay away from the THC. That’s the only reason. I’ve always believed it should be legal. I was screaming at the stake, and I still am. LEGALIZE. But big phara’s already sitting in wait, preparing to get this on the market as they do their so-called research now. My concern is it will it will become illegal again. Fuckers.

    So, sorry, I ramble.
    What I originally intened to say was keep looking and find the one/mix for you. All my stuff has low THC. Bon chamce.

  320. Indica would actually be EXACTLY what the “Doctor” ordered for me …….if they could with the antiquated Cannabis laws in Florida! I suffer a GREAT deal of Cervical and Lumbar back pain also have a lot of nerve damage. I get spasms so bad sometimes I can’t move and actually cry from the pain of them is it illegal to sell the seeds?

  321. I want to start growing sativa for myself. I really don’t care what type of starin because this is going to be my first grow. Email me at bk.bigz@yahoo.com and could u help me prepare

  322. The point being is that they have to work in tandem, right? For instance, if a patient were to use THC-only bud then that patient wouldn’t get the benefit of the anti-inflammatories in the CBDs.

  323. Well the THC is actually what stimulates your cannabinoid receptors which intern has all sorts of positive effects to anywhere in your body that has a concentration of cannabinoid receptors.

  324. 60-40 indica-sativa is great for me. I like to relax and listen to the radio late at night so indica is usually my first choice, but when i’m going out, indica usually brings on lots of anxiety and social awkwardness. That’s when i go with sativa, great for parties or clubs.

  325. Are you saying that the only purpose of the THC is to get high, that all the medicinal benefit is in the other CBDs? I don’t know about that…

  326. Thc get you high while CBd is more for treating cancerous tumor and such most weed non medicinal is very very low in CBd

  327. Frank Hostetter on

    Golden Skunk 50/50 is the only reason I can get to sleep. The arthritis in my ankles is unbearable and the throbbing stops within 10 minutes.

  328. Since I wasn’t going to wait for Texas to help pain patients, I searched around for how much it costs to live in medical marijuana cities. Santa Fe, Denver, and Seattle — all too expensive for me. There are enough dispensaries in the city where I live to provide choices in strains and edibles, and although I have nothing to compare it to, I would say that most of them are quality medical strains.

    Moving to another city was very, very expensive for me, but in the end, it was really worth it. It’s about quality of life and, when you are an intractable pain patient, that is something that is very hard to find. Good luck, young lady!

  329. Thanks for your reply, painkills2. I used to live in Santa Fe, but after I got sick I moved back home. I loved the culture & all, but it was a) very expensive & b) too cold for this tropical lass! Still, I would re-consider if it were easier to obtain something to help with the pain. Texas is a major drug hub for stuff from Mexico, but it’s hard to find anyone who has anything other than street pot. And then you don’t know if you can trust them, and you don’t know what’s actually in the stuff. Do you know if it’s easier to find medical quality blends in NM?

  330. Seems like too much of either indica or sativa is not optimal, like too much THC-only or CBD-only may not be the best, but some combination. What would be your “right” percentage for THC to CBDs?

  331. I used to live in Texas. Move to New Mexico, it’s beautiful here. If you’ve ben in pain for 27 years, then I would suggest trying the indica/sativa blends.

  332. If there is a bud that can erase my cares, ya’ll need to just send me some! (Just kidding, Mr. DEA agent…)

  333. Lol I’d side with momomonster on this one. Painkills2 it might be the case that you have too many cares rather than us being carefree! Try to chill out mate :)

  334. use indica to make relaxe here more info:
    Indicas are very effective for overall pain relief and is often used to treat insomnia for many people. Indica buds are most commonly smoked by medical marijuana patients in the late evening or even right before bed due to how sleepy and tired you become when high from an indica strain of marijuana, like Kush.
    Benefits of Indica:
    1. Relieves body pain
    2. Relaxes muscles
    3. Relieves spasms, reduces seizures
    4. Relieves headaches and migraines
    5. Relieves anxiety or stress
    Sativa dominant marijuana strains tend to have a more grassy type odor to the buds providing an uplifting, energetic and “cerebral” high that is best suited for daytime smoking. A sativa high is one filled with creativity and energy as being high on sativa can spark new ideas and creations. Many artists take advantage of the creative powers of cannabis sativa (marijuana) to create paintings.
    Benefits of Sativa:
    1. Feelings of well-being and at-ease
    2. Up-lifting and cerebral thoughts
    3. Stimulates and energizes
    4. Increases focus and creativity
    5. Fights depression

  335. Cannabis can make you feel care free? You must not have very many cares, dude, or else your bud is radioactive. :)

  336. FM & CFIDS for 27 years and at the mercy of whatever I can find here in South Texas. Not much! Any ideas to guide me to pain relief — probably indica? Thanks.

  337. Yeah that’s just a burn out man, if you don’t have a tolerance its best to build one, or at least make sure you kinda nibble the bakeware. If you smoke to much an dont let your body acclimate it messes with you nothing harmful but enought to knock you on your ass. I dont smoke all that much at all but im often stoned because i know my tolerance so i’ll smoke enough to get me where i wanna be but not much farther. Not sure of the exact science or anything thats just my experience. An yeah deffinately make sure you get it from someone who knows the differance between indica and sativa.

  338. Is it possible that Marijuanna indica can improve creativity also?, my e-mail:t-money@live.co.uk

  339. ronald willow on

    It’s f**ked up here in the US, too, but we must keep telling everyone how medicinal and utterly harmless pot is when consumed. Smoking it is unnecessary : smoke only if your personal preference is to smoke ! You can just suck a lollypop or drink a beverage …or if you are so inclined not to change your habits–
    -take a THC pill ! But by ignoring the harmlessness of mj, you are actually promoting synthetic marijuana and other dangerous chemical alternatives !

  340. An ingested high has a stronger effect & lasts much longer than if you had simply smoked it. If this is the first time you’ve had anything since high school it further explains your averse reaction (Depending on how long ago HS was for you). Weed has grown more potent in recent years. Also, depending on how strong the cookie was, it could take a couple days for the high to completely work it’s way through your system, which explains why you jumped on the back of your old high when you smoked two days later.
    I’d say wait a few more days before you smoke again, and look for a strain/blend that is dominant in sativa and jubilantly build your tolerance up again.

  341. I am a producer of different varies of hash oil that is good for cancer,brain tumor,insomia and others illness.here is what i have available on stock.

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  342. Hello there, I’m need of help. When I was in high school me n my friends smoked marijuana like it was alright nothin bad but when one of my assistant managers made weed butter n made weed cookies after ingested 1 whole cookie I felt weird like I started to breathe heavily everything was running in slow motion n my head was spinning now after a day or two of feeling like shit I tried to smoke again a puff or so n I felt the same feeling cotton mouth n head spinning now I wanna smoke marijuana again but idk if maybe its a different type of weed im smoking thats making me feel this way but weed trully changes my mood :) please help so I can smoke happily lol thanks

  343. I am a producer of different varies of hash oil that is good for cancer,brain tumor,insomia and others illness.here is what i have available on stock.

    Hash Oil,

    Honey Comb Wax Oil

    Wax Oil

    Cannabis Oil



    -Hemp Oil Essential Fatty Acid

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    -Master Kush……………..Grade: AA

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    -OG kush…………………Grade:A+ Top Shelf

    -Green Crack……………. Grade: AA

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  344. Christopher Allen on

    You are exaggerating, and using nothing but pro pot agenda.

    Also, making claims that cannot be confirmed. I’ve smoked for over 40yrs. I know and accept more than you will get, in reading shorter term studies and theorized opinion.

    I’ve seen the damages to some people, in long term or over use.

    Be objective when you get into learning about matters. Do not start out wit preconceived notions or an agenda either for or against.

  345. 6 years ago. I drove from Chicago to New York with my really good friend.. We got lost in New Jersey, this is when technology is not capable. He had a sidekick phone back then. We decided to go to the Police Station, the perimeter is full of bard-wires. He went inside the station and came back to my car telling me. There’s nobody there.. Me: What do you mean there’s no one there… Him: like there’s no one there… Till then we realized, we are in the ghetto neighborhood. We eventually find our way to New York in complete pieces.

  346. It would help you. I ve been a smoker on and off for the last 15 years . Right when I hurt my back, I couldn’t get any . Now 3 weeks later, back is still hurt but I have smoke. I don’t notice the pain cause my mind is occupied. I feel happy, and carefree.

  347. I am trying to find a good glycerin tincture recipe for edibles, my mother suffers from severe migraines and the dr just giver her oxy for it…I hate and it doesn’t always work for and she stays in the house with the combo of depression and migraines. Which stain would be best for me to give her in the edible for? She is willing to try and if it works then stop killing herself with all the oxy and anti depressants.

  348. Find a new doctor if you don’t think they will agree. Especially if your state offers medical marijuana. NEVER be afraid or ashamed to ask for help, no matter what the help is. Would you be ashamed to take aspirin? No. And if that drug had to pass the current standards the FDA has in place, it wouldn’t be on the market at all. The blood thinning properties would be deemed to dangerous a side effect.

  349. Not all doctors are bad people. There are many out there who have lost the reason they practice. Unfortunately, they are bound by many other people: The FDA, the government, the HMO’s. If you find a bad doctor do what most people do when they find a bad mechanic–Don’t go back. Find a doctor who is willing to help you find the solution that works for you. There are great doctors out there who want to change the world in the way you do. They will help you anyway they can. And realize that their livelihood is constrained by the same people who are stopping medical marijuana. They aren’t legally allowed to say certain things. Ask them about studies in other countries. That’s a great way to ask questions that they can’t answer directly.

    Doctors are humans bounds by more rules than you will ever be. it’s the crappy part of trying to save the world one patient at a time.

  350. I find it funny that the term drug has been so misused. Everything has drugs in it–drug isn’t illegal. The medical definition is: a chemical substance that affects the processes of the mind or body. Sugar IS THE MOST ADDICTING DRUG ON THE PLANET!! And it kills every day. The funny part is that WITHOUT sugar, your brain cannot survive. The Brain can only feed off of one chemical–Glucose. Fat is not an option, protein is not an option, fructose, carbs, dextrose, are all NOT options for the Brain. But sugar is still the most addicting drug out there.

    I dare you to start looking at your ingredients of the “non-sugary” food you eat and see how many have high fructose corn syrup. The muscles and other cells will eventually breakdown fructose into usable energy, but it leaves the brain wanting MORE!

    Sorry about the tangent, but my belief is that we’d have a safer world if we stop fighting “illegal marijuana” and changed the fight to ingredient lists on the foods that we do eat….. oh and stopping GMO’s. Being in the biology field and knowing how little we really understand about genetics–Genetically modified anything SCARES THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!!! This isn’t Mendelian genetics, this is let’s change the code and see what happens! When we can’t even figure out why we have less genes and less chromosomes than a tape worm yet, let alone what those genes do!!

  351. I have to mention here that In addition to making Reefer Madness, the same group made a lesser known one: Sex Madness about the horrors of sex and getting Syphillus.

    I think I might turn them both into Drinking Games: Take a drink for every lie….. Won’t make it far.

    I don’t smoke, anything, however, compared to what my uncle decided to get involved in (name the drug from the 70’s and he did it), he now uses that crazy drug, MJ, to calm the pain from Hep C. Guess how he got Hep C?

    We take so many natural concoctions out there to make viable drugs for people to use. Even Marinol (“the munchies” have now been turned into a synthetic for use in Cancer patients who lose their appetite).

    Time and time again, as a biology major in the medical field, I have seen humans take natural perfect drugs and try to make them synthetically–it’s never perfect. The “side effects” are actually from the chemically chiral twin that is also created. Nature prevents this from happening (thank you enzymes).

  352. Any idea how I can go about getting MJ legalized in NC?? I suffer from severe chronic pain most days and believe it would help me tremendously.

  353. I was talking with one of the budtenders about what I am trying to achieve which is anxiety, depression and insomnia she suggested something called tinctures some cannabis extract drops made with indica strains so far so good

  354. caribbeanherbman on

    i have seen 9 leaves on indica also . leaf amounts are due to the health of the plant. healthy plant more leaves.

  355. Reagan was a figment of his own limited imagination. Poor thing didn’t have any brains at all.

  356. Dr. I have a problem.
    How old are you
    9 months, and I have tumors on my brain.
    Come see me when you’re 18 or older, if you live that…….
    So the parent of this child put the oil on the childs pacifier and you know what ? Stay away from Dr.’s. They’re not healthy people, and they steal and cheat. They even say when their patients cure themselves : must’ve mis diagnosed………it’sa miracle ! not the pot, no, never the pot.

  357. why wouldn’t your doctor think it’s wise? I have found over the years, when the question of “do you use any illegal drugs” comes up, I’m honest & say medical marijuana and 99% of the responses have been the only problem was it was illegal at that time.

  358. maybe try a product called “sleep eeze” it’s at walgreens — it’s main ingredient is hops … have you tried melatonin (sp?)…my doctor has also suggested valarian root when the pharmacuticals didn’t work but I didn’t try that one — lack of sleep makes the bi polar a lot worse

  359. While I’ve smoked,eaten & grown marijuana for 40+ years, I’ve NEVER suffered ill effects(Except Munchies) from its consumption.The ‘Myths” about marijuana Must Die!! Fight with all your might America!!

  360. Bigislandsis on

    Spelled with the “wie” it’s not even Hawaiian Pidgin, yet the “w” would have a “v” sound and the “ie” would have a “ee-ay” wound…Mauvee-ee-ay Wovee-ee-ay, yeah sounds PeeWee Herman.

  361. Bigislandsis on

    Depending on where you reside, spec most popular Indica & sativa medical cannabis strains would vary. In Puna on Big Island of Hawaii: popular Indica White Rhino O.G. Kush and for sativa White Diesel Purple Burmese.

  362. Stop Arguing Everybody. I Just Came Here And FeltIke I Had To Share With You ThatIve Been Smoking For A While Now And I Jist SmokeD Some Pinapple Kush And All I Gotta Say Is That Im The Highest Ive Been In A While. Euphoric

  363. Stop Arguing Everybody. I Just Came Here And FeltIke I Had To Share With You ThatIve Been Smoking For A While Now And I Jist SmokeD Some Pinapple Kush And All I Gotta Say Is That Im The Highest Ive Been In A While. Euphoric

  364. i find it stupid how cannabis is a class B drug and it cant kill you, then there’s ketamine a class C drug what you can over dose on and die. i think the law is f****d up in the UK they should at least look how weed is useful in some ways.

  365. and to you, John.. Both types of weed are capable of increasing anxiety in anxious people. Everything that alters your state of mind can make you anxious based on surrounding environment. For example: Smoking inside your parents house and them not liking weed at all. Even if you get away with it, you’re bound to be anxious that they smelled it and could burst into your area at any minute. Or smoking behind a building where the cops could show up any minute… It has nothing to do with indica and sativa. It has to do with being illegal. Nobody likes potentially going to jail, so they get anxious and either become cautious, or crazy people in the long run. I just learned to go smoke outside of my house, when I was living at home. Parents stopped caring, I stopped worrying.

  366. Your conversation is dumb.. Who are you guys arguing with, it’s a damn weed website lol.

  367. I beg to differ on this one, MANY BAD THINGS ARE LEGAL FOR MEDICINE. Too many people are strung out on narcotics, opiates and various other LEGAL drugs. And some of them will die daily of overdoses, drug interactions, and even choice. No one has ever said, I’m going to smoke myself to death. Face it, you cannot overdose on Cannabis. (I know, I’ve tried. Many times.) lol While it was enjoyable, I was never rushed to a hospital to have my stomach pumped while my loved ones sat in fear that I still might die and that in spite of all their efforts, the Dr.’s can only do so much.

    But you are right on, as far as Cannabis goes. It is safer, less toxic, than ANY other drug. Which by the way people, it is NOT REALLY a “drug” It’s a plant. Not unlike broccoli. Some like it some don’t. It is merely an option. Let’s see, ….. narcotics or Cannabis? or maybe, Alcohol or cannabis? Which is safer? And what about smoking it?……..What is safer? ……./Cannabis or nicotine???

    Shouldn’t everyone have the right to choose? Isn’t that what those Revolutionary Soldiers were fighting for? Oh, wait, by today’s standards we should call them terrorists, I suppose.

  368. I beg to differ on this one, MANY BAD THINGS ARE LEGAL FOR MEDICINE. Too many people are strung out on narcotics, opiates and various other LEGAL drugs. And some of them will die daily of overdoses, drug interactions, and even choice. No one has ever said, I’m going to smoke myself to death. Face it, you cannot overdose on Cannabis. (I know, I’ve tried. Many times.) lol While it was enjoyable, I was never rushed to a hospital to have my stomach pumped while my loved ones sat in fear that I still might die and that in spite of all their efforts, the Dr.’s can only do so much.

    But you are right on, as far as Cannabis goes. It is safer, less toxic, than ANY other drug. Which by the way people, it is NOT REALLY a “drug” It’s a plant. Not unlike broccoli. Some like it some don’t. It is merely an option. Let’s see, ….. narcotics or Cannabis? or maybe, Alcohol or cannabis? Which is safer? And what about smoking it?……..What is safer? ……./Cannabis or nicotine???

    Shouldn’t everyone have the right to choose? Isn’t that what those Revolutionary Soldiers were fighting for? Oh, wait, by today’s standards we should call them terrorists, I suppose.

  369. Yes that’s how u clone them from the branches or the mother plant DO NOT try to clone it off if your plant has already started to bud (flower)

  370. Med Student101 on

    if it were a bad thing it wouldnt be legal for medicine…. and where it isnt legal its about to be. So look up this “The good facts of marijuana”. if you type “The negatives of marijuana” OF COURSE YOULL GET A BUNCH OF LIES! thats what the net is full of… lies and false opinions. Science proves marijuana to be good. Also has benefits for people who are down and depressed(sativa) and people who have anxiety and stress and insomnia(Indica) OR for anorexia smoke both! learn the facts…

  371. Lol. Sativa can increase anxiety in SOME PEOPLE. but if that is the case they need indica and it will rid of the anxiety…. Proven. Lets get out of the dark days and realize weed is about to be legal… its better for you then the pills and NO BAD SIDE EFFECTS NO RISK OF OVERDOSE! NO PERMANENT DAMAGE! if you dont believe this it is because you are a retard….. and uneducated…

  372. Many of you lack an open mind & are suffering quite a few delusions yourselves… pot cures many different things, while side affects to other medicines are far worse… quit arguing the facts!

  373. I used to have the same problem, intense self consciousness and the feeling that everyone is watching me. While experimenting with different strains def helped me, I’ve found that the best way for me to have a good high is mental state and company. I only smoke by myself or with people i trust, almost never with strangers. Before I take the first pull I remind myself of who i’m with, that i’m comfortable with them, and that doing silly shit is part of the appeal. It’s helped exponentially

  374. “confusion, anxiety, paranoia, memory loss,”

    Hell I pay good money for that trio.

  375. I believe your depression is because you live in the state of New Jersey. You don’t need pot, you need to move.

  376. Can I still grow a weed leaf? Or is it impossible? My plant is not fully developed… She has only leafs…. Can I still clone her with only just using a weed leaf???

  377. Delusions of grandeur, brief catatonic outburst of eternal flame, and many many more…

  378. Stupid Hater on

    oh sure you can for sure tell difference just by looking at a picture of a 3 week old plant……not……. so shut-up stupid.

  379. Viral Survivor on

    Other possible effects of sativa: confusion, anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, and lost.

  380. I was on all kinds of anti depressants and anti anxiety meds, they messed me up badly. I would never go back on them. Cannabis is more symptom effective, time effective and wont mess your head up. Other than happily anyways.

  381. I find, suffering from both anxiety and depression that shifting between different strains does a lot of good, Sativa can feed into anxiety attacks but it would have to be rather severe while Indica is more calming. Changing strains regularly and finding a few favorites usually helps. Good luck to you!

  382. MystiqueBlack on

    so having slight depression i have tried not to smoke much anymore because of anxiety and depressive issues. So If I were to get a hold of some Sativa I should be able to smoke it and not have the problems ya?

  383. I remember back in tehe 70s Maui Wowie was popular. I thought it might be a cool idea to market a cat nip called Meowie Wowie, But then I twisted one out and put on some Steely Dan.

  384. Put it in a ziploc with a leaf of lettuce … plumps it right back to life :)

  385. henery savage on

    hey doc, vaporizers are deff the way to go with people who suffer from asthma or lung cancer, or who don’t usually smoke or who are health conscious, its like breathing air! also you say you use oil to cook your weed. thc and canabinoids attach themselves to fat molecules, just like when you smoke they attach to our fat in our bodies and stay there for two weeks to a month, thats why weed isn’t addictive, as its in your system for a long time. that said, using butter to cook weed will result in a better product to cook with afterwards. some people are timid to use butter as it burns quickly as you cook, a good recipe is 1 part unsalted butter 1 part water and 1 part weed(green leaves straight off the plant when harvesting). bring your butter and water to the boil, it will emulsify(fats and water join together) when this happens add your chopped up green leaf or keff to the mix, then turn down as low as use can to a small simmer. using green leaf(not dried), will increase your cooking time hence stronger butter. once water has evaporated add another part of water and repeat. cooking time should take 6-8 hr. use like normal butter in recipes. hope this helps!

    dont hate! participate!

  386. I live in Oregon where medicinal marijuana is legal. Vaporizers are great, they have a very precise temp control allowing you to dial in your preference. Vaporizing high is different than a water pipe high, or joints, blunts, whatever. It’s cleaner and easy on the throat. I work with musicians and most singers prefer a vaporizer.

    I have tried quite a few vaoprizers and recommend the Vapir line. Yeah you can get cheap tabel top models with a whip. But you have to decide what your style of usage will be. I prefer battery powered and portable.
    I have had muliple surgeries on knees and hands and have a drawer full of vicodin. Now I am able to manage my pain without the narcotics.

  387. I too am hoping this bill gets passed in Florida, and as for the cost per ounce it really depends on the strain’s potency and rarity. Rarer strains like ice kush, dark clone superman, and OG kush will run a pretty penny maybe $200-$500 an ounce but are amongst the most potent strains on the planet so far. And for pipes, cheap ones won’t rip as hard as more expensive ones, my favorite brands are roor and grav labs but if you want to be cool and impress your friends get a plasma pipe although they are a lot more expensive because the technology is relatively new they do make some amazing pieces to add to your collection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryplnrJv1pU&feature=youtube_gdata_player of course you can also make your own pipe with whatever colors you want with a torch, a 2 inch diameter glass tube, a carbon rod, a metal awl, and stained glass shards heres how its done http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=malHUGakhBU

  388. Dr. Richard Ippolito on

    We are hoping for approval of a medical marijuana bill in our legislature. If it approved I will probably want to get a mix of indica and sativa. Each one, that cannot be achieved by taking one type alone, allows for relief of my various symptoms.

    In states where it is now legal do they sell combo ounces? What is the preferred blending percentage to get the most from each strain?

    What can I expect to pay for an ounce of marijuana that will be used mostly in cooking recipes (yes, I am aware of creating an oil saturated base by sautéing pot in oil)? Are leaves sufficient or will I need buds? This would be for the state of Florida. I would need to smoke some of it to ease pain enough to be able to get out of bed in the early morning.
    Hopefully, I will be off all narcotic medications, which work, but are in short supply. Will the physician need to write the mixture percentage on the prescription, or do I tell the pharmacist?

    Are inexpensive vapor pipes worthwhile?

    Thank you,

    Dr. Richard Ippolito

  389. Its true ditch weed, a 100% ruderalis will just gives you head pains.. Trough breeding yes you can inherit the ato flowering ,, and have a grate plant that I’n 60-90 days will bud on its own

  390. Do cows like to eat hemp plants or do they avoid them like lantana or other noxious weeds?

  391. I love how easy it was to read this article while high! …only it took me 30 minutes to find out how to leave a comment.

  392. laurajustlaura on

    Does anyone know how or where to get plants or buds tested professionally? When someone gets busted for having weed, only SATIVA is listed, and it is illegal. This makes INDICA not mentioned and not illegal. HE got busted with less the 2g, and we think it is Indica. How do I know for sure wihtout a test? Where can I get the test?

  393. If I’m depressed, can I be qualified for medical marijuana? I live in the state of New Jersey.

  394. My son who is 15 is on 4 different meds for depression bio polar he suffers from insomnia I would like to get him off the meds n try something natural but I don’t know where to start we went to a clinic but dr wouldn’t see him til he is 18??? HELP

  395. vernicekaminski on

    thank you for your post ive had migrains for most of my life and also been a smoker for a longtime and have always found if i smoked when i had migrains it would make it worse however since reading your post ive went and purchase so sativa and it really did help!! thank you!

  396. Ellen Henniger on

    Thank you for taking up this frustrating and dangerous task. I am having to deal with severe body pain, anxiety and difficulties with focus. . I have been given marijuana at times and find it helps all these ailments unbelievably. And yet I feel guilty because of the stigma I feel uncomfortable asking my doctor for medical marijuana because I know she won’t think it wise….I will have a fight.. Again thank you.

  397. What kind of high would you get if you mixed these 2 types together? I would definitely like to put both an indica and sativa strain in my grinder and see what the combo would bring. :-)

  398. I can find Sativa anywhere. Maybe now that Washinton has legalized, that will change.

  399. What?! theres always bull shit and lies in this world its your choice to ignore them and move on with your life or try to point out eveyrthing you see. I don’t know why you decide to hate your opinion won’t get heard

  400. every person is different, regaurdless of nationality or race there are polite & rude people

  401. Who here is a indica person, and who here is a sativa person??? I think I am a sativa person at the end of the day.

  402. Im in IE CALI a I brought some hybrid weed and dnt like the taste I have four oz 150 a pop good weed who wants it I like indica….And im licensed

  403. I like Blueberry, and Jack the Ripper. Generally a really heavy Indica like Chem Dawg, Skywalker, Pluto OG, or Grand Daddy Purple works welll for Glaucoma. If you’re in southern california you can grow your own as well with a medical card. It’s not that difficult and cheaper than always having to buy it.
    California Clones here —>>> http://www.CQDNA.com or call 424-209-7746
    Discreet delivery to your home also available!
    Thanks for listening.

  404. I have lupus which has now been accompanied by crohn’s disease. I’m constantly nauseated, muscle and joint aches, headaches and migraines as well as never ending anxiety over what could possibly go wrong when dealing with auto immune diseases. I’ve been smoking pot since diagnosed with lupus at age 16, not by docs orders, simply recreational in the beginning until I realized I could eat without feeling sick, headaches and migraines subsided, muscle and joint pain minimized and all from a plant! Now I smoke for medicinal purposes but in a state that doesn’t recognize the medicinal use of this plant, more needs to be done to spread the word about this miracle drug! I have been on life support three different times due to being over medicated by docs who ate supposed to know better, now I just smoke my green which in turn increases my appetite allowing me to eat without being nauseated or actually vomiting, which allows me to take in nutrients and vitamins in their natural state. I still have skin issues like eczema outbreaks, and my hair occasionally still falls out a bit, but my t cell count is great as is my overall health without ANY man-made prescription drugs, just my herbs!

  405. NovicePotSmokerAgain on

    I used to smoke pot many years ago, but gave it up because it always made me feel weird and self-conscious, and difficult to interact in social situations. I thought, I’m just not a pot-person, or it’s not my drug of choice. Cocaine and alcohol always made me much more confident and comfortable, but of course they carry serious consequences if over used. My question is, I would like to find a strain of pot that will make me relaxed, confident, and not feeling the stress that I develop from my job. I know there’s a lot of strains out there, so what would be best? I tried some pot last night that was given to me, and I felt like “everyone was watching me” and I was over-thinking everything! Thanks.

  406. I can’t stop laughing at this post. I suppose it’s hip to be dumb. If you are smart, you’d better not show it or you are the bonehead. Haha I prefer to be smart over cool any day. I am also proud I am not from the ghetto.

  407. hey i have relly bad migranes some times but iv tried weed before and i tdosent seem to help eny edvice it just made me freak out

  408. Hello!! somebody gave me a couple of,baby plants as a gift but he doesn’t know exactly what kind they are and I’m no expert either :( do you think you could tell if I show you a picture of them?

  409. Hello!! somebody gave me a couple of,baby plants as a gift but he doesn’t know exactly what kind they are and I’m no expert either :( do you think you could tell if I show you a picture of them?

  410. Migraines can be exacerbated by indica. You need sativas for migraine, not indica. Indicas are great for muscle tension headaches, but can cause your head to pound more, if it’s true migraine, ie, vascular headache.

  411. yea mary jane has me high as a plane, niggas cant see me cause im high off this strain, a joint here and a blunt there, i just dont know why but i love those orange hairs, my eyes red as hell and i know u can tell, momma and papa tell me im goin to jail, i dont care thats the life of livin high, and i have to say that i just cant lie, i love my weed and thats who im gonna be, till the day i die, im gonna always be high:)

    Copyright:Dustin Helton
    Somerset, KY loling all day long boi!!!

  412. Wow Rezeya, I support your statement completely! I am similar in writing styles with you, in the fact that you are truthful enough to just “tell it like it is!” No beating around the bush. We need more people that believe in truth, justice and the ability to stand up and defend your moral convictions! Yaaaaaaaaa!!! LOL…

  413. This is actually great for people that own a “Red” card. I remember years ago smoking “fields” of this just for “recreational reasons”. Stupid kids we can be. ..Then after being diagnosed and treated for “Fibromyalgia” (chronic pain syndrome), they have a damn name for everything nowadays don’t they? I quit smoking cigars/cigarettes 3 years ago, so I really didn’t want to go back to that type of “intake”. So I have found those “Cheeba chews”, to be such a better alternative. They have the “Quad” dosage “tootsie roll type chews”, that come in a strain of “Sativa”, and “Indica”. I use them in that order referring to Day/Night. I can tell you this though. I would much rather intake something “natural”, and not have to rely on a type of man-made pain reliever that oftentimes is synthetic in nature.

  414. Sounds like a “rapper wanna-be”. Nobody was even discussing rap music. How did this misapplied d.s. think he was trying to spotlight his poor (c)rap spill? Some people…..wow……lol…

  415. dioecious di·oe·cious or di·e·cious (d?-?’sh?s)
    Of or relating to organisms, especially plants, having the male and female reproductive organs borne on separate individuals of the same species; sexually distinct.
    He was sharing his knowledge, I for one, thank him. I love gaining knowledge and knowing that about this plant.

    If you want more simple conversation I suggest you go hang with 5 yr olds they may be in you intellect range.
    Yet I do smell something but, I think it is from you wading around in your own B^!!$#!t. Have a nice day!

  416. Roach all THAT noise…just wanna say, I appreciate the info here and keep doing you..as for the guy snappin’ out, consider this page like a human body…now you know where the asshole is! Stay blazin’!!

  417. I really don’t think somebody with your grammar skills and inability to carry on a lucid conversation should be throwing around terms like “bone head”. And apparently shouldn’t be trying to spell words like “opponent”. You’re dumb, kid, and don’t go around putting on airs that you’re otherwise. Knowing what the hell you’re talking about isn’t “overly intellectual,” and being proud of your ignorance is just humiliating. (And I don’t think “overtly intellectual” means what you think it does.)

    You’re just a real piece of work. I don’t think a single person here took you seriously, and you should ponder that next time you make an inane, incoherent post like this.

  418. burtmikka55@comcast.net on

    excuse me but? i read this shit from a dude that says cannabis is a dioecious plant.
    check this out bone head. what ever a pot plant is it is. simple as that. so you put in your overtly intellectual views of this. STICK IT IN YOUR ASS ASS HOLE.
    i am burt mikka from chicago born and raised in the AUDY HOME. thats right asshole

  419. So where would you say the Assyrians, Latinos, Cambodians and Hmongs fit in to your equation?

  420. honestly i’m surprised America is so high on your politeness scale. i’ve always thoughts people from other countries thought we’re all assholes over here. but thank you for the compliment.=]

  421. @65ec2dab9f5ad981adc19eb4af193d2f:disqus I work in a Coffeeshop in Amsterdam and I refute that statement. But I do scale politeness based on nationality, I’ll break it down for you. From most polite to least: Dutch, Danish, American, English, German, French, Italian.

  422. Stephentodd123 on

    while the photo of the three different strains of plants are showing the one in the middle is the indica plant small but bushy and gives of a hell of big dense buds and these buds come through all the leaves just producing wads of huge dense buds which also bushes out and all around. indica plants are the best to smoke because of the feelings it gives you

  423. “Image of a Sativa and Indica cannabis plant side-by-side (Sativa plant on the left, Indica plant in the middle, the mostly benign Ruderalis on the left):”

    Stoner! ;-P

  424. So what is up with the Ruderalis? Ive heard that it has no thc, but if you cross breed with a sativa or indica it makes an autoflowering plant, is this true?

  425. Why are stoners usually the most polite people in the crowd?
    I may know a lot about cannabis, but I have no idea why polite people are attracted to this plant.

  426. I try to break it down by telling people that marijuana is a plant like any other and the buds we smoke are the fruit. Just like apples or orange’s…this usually makes it clear lol

  427. Cannabis is a dioecious plant, meaning; having both male and female plants. The hops plant (Humulus) used in brewing beer, is also a dioecious plant. In both species the female plant is used for intoxicating purposes.

    So, the next time you hear the phrase “this buds for you” it may have a whole new meaning. :)

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