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  • Now I will give you the real reason why it was made illegal. Who ever did this video should have done more research. http://www.ozarkia.net/bill/pot/blunderof37.html


    If pot grow with a big pharm logo on the leaf it would be legal

  • anon

    “Stoners” Take Controlled Driving Test In Seattle To See Their Level Of Impairment – (print) story & VIDEO


  • RJ Yoder

    The alcohol, tobacco & drug companies don’t want the competition!

  • stiffler

    save the trees it takes less weed to make a roll of news print,
    than it does to use trees.

  • firetheliberals

    It is the government that is in the way, not the people. For example, washington and colorado voters approved legalization but now the cities are deciding to opt out or create zoning ordinances banning cannabis busines as and production. The fight is local. Speak up, get involved

  • priceless information..good for you..finally the truth

  • It’s illegal because of the SAME exact reasons they made alcohol illegal. Prohibition never worked. And yet again, it’s proving itself incapable of keeping the people safe

  • Nancy Sloan

    It’s all about the MONEY!!!!!

  • Dan

    Legalize it you STUPID PEOPLE!

  • Krymsun Gorean

    I just watched a video: Ken Burns, documentarian, being interviewed regarding his new film, ‘Prohibition’, from which one line struck me: ” .. that, if 10% of the population (or) whatever it is, that has a problem with alcohol, lets try to deal with that, but lets not superimpose the soluton on 100% of the people.”

    [ 10:45 into http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd-40VnMG94 ]