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The Top 25 Most Popular Marijuana Strains Of 2014


Dank Marijuana NuggetBy Barry Bard

Medical patients and recreational smokers reached the highest heights in 2014, as new genetics and potent strains continued to hit the market. But at the top of the strain food chain, the classics still held down the fort.

With its high demand, high yield, and availability in every medical marijuana state, Blue Dream once again reigned supreme in 2014. The following list, via Weedmaps’ strain data, recognizes the times a strain was added to a dispensary’s menu, not sold.

But marijuana is a supply and demand based business, so given each strain’s frequency, odds are that nationwide strain sale trends mirror these numbers, and that these 25 strains were legally smoked more than any other in 2014:

1. Blue Dream – 2159

2. Sour Diesel – 1758

3. Girl Scout Cookies – 1632

4. Green Crack – 1180

5. Jack Herer – 1135

6. SFV OG – 1007

7. Headband – 968

8. Fire OG – 945

9. White Widow – 886

10. Super Lemon Haze – 841

11. Bubba Kush – 818

12. OG Kush – 813

13. Durban Poison – 740

14. Tahoe OG – 703

15. Master Kush – 695

16. Skywalker OG – 646

17. Cherry Pie – 604

18. Blackberry Kush – 544

19. Trainwreck – 528

20. Purple Trainwreck – 510

21. Pineapple Express – 505

22. Super Silver Haze – 487

23. Grape Ape – 483

24. Purple Kush – 482

25. Purple Haze – 479

All told, most strains that make the list are ones the average stoner knows. The only mild surprise is that OG Kush does not make the top five, and that SFV OG is more frequent than a standard OG. Of course, when you add up all five of the OG phenotypes on this list, OG would outscore Blue Dream.

Power strain Sour Diesel checks in at #2 as a mild surprise, because the true, original Sour Diesel is nearly impossible to find and the phenotypes attached to the strain name typically fall short of the Diesel bar.

Overall, the full list, courtesy of Weedmaps strain data, confirms that traditional industry mainstays have not lost their virility and that Girl Scout Cookies has quickly become a rising force in the strain game.

Source: Marijuana.Com


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Johnny Green


  1. Psh please top shelf 30 an eighth because its my one of my best friends 150 for oz 350 for three and 850 for lb

  2. Mary Jane Castro on

    Northern Lights has a horrible flavor.. But it is easy to grow and hard to mess up.. No shop in California would ever have northern lights as their best bud

  3. Mary Jane Castro on

    Blue Dream is Crap – just yields a lot so everyone grows it – much better blueberry haze strains out there – Also Girl Scout Cookies is over rated, again, it yields a lot compared to a regular og – Real HeadBand kicks butt

  4. Mary Jane Castro on

    ducks foot is an Australian strain named after the webbed leaves of the plant. Very unusual, and does not look like most cannabis types. But it is not a very strong strain… Most California strains are much stronger. Dutch Passion has made their own purple /ducks foot – Frisian Duck ;)

  5. Most of this is old news .. Strains that have been renamed willy nilly … If you want a good strain , start your seed pick your pheno type and now you have an original marijuana strain …

  6. I’m sorry but I’ve dabbed headband og the euphoria better creativity better and no side effects along with headband cranial pressure what else do you need

  7. Cody Williams on

    *Sour Diesel,*Green Crack,*Jack Herer,*Alaskan Thunder,*Super Silver
    Haze,*Durban Poison,text me at 3238632610 or email (cw79356@gmail.com)

  8. Cheryl Drum on

    No because I got higher off it more. I don’t buy from high dollar shops. I have my own personal person. I pay 40.00 an eighth for what everyone calls top shelf.

  9. Bongstar420 on

    Is that why “medical” dispensaries have so much of it available everywhere where “medical” is happening?

  10. Bongstar420 on

    Those are actually not easily available anywhere…they are not like picking up ‘Early Girl’ Tomatoes which are actually popular because they are available in every town in the country.

  11. Bongstar420 on

    Actually, what is surprising, is that that is California…many of those cuts are not common to the entire US market….

    So, how about we look at the entire market and see whats “most popular”

  12. I live in Maine and the best here is what they call duc foot very strong stuff !!

  13. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska & since it’s been recently legalized, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before it’s down to the other states :)

  14. I wish they would bring a legal strand of Alaskan Thunderf*ck to the game. That stuff is mind blowing!!!

  15. I hated Headband. Girl Scout Cookies was way better. I’m sure I’d really like Blue Dream.

  16. Yo!! 100% I fucks with northern lights heavy in late 90’s and early 2000’s. My favorite by far!!

  17. It seems to me this study reflects availability more than popularity. I think dispensaries would probably like to buy, and in turn list, more OG’s but blue dream and sour d are more available in CA as people are growing greater quantities of these strains (I don’t know about other states). Nevertheless, interesting study

  18. Mix Trainwreck and Lemon Haze made into a E Concentrate this works good for Leg Cramps the kind you get every Night./

  19. top five for me for pain: 1. Cannatonic 2. Harlequin 3. Mango 4. Maui Waui 5. ACDC . And couldn’t agree more Prohibition is the most popular strain yet, and hopefully this year will prove to be the end of that one!

  20. MaryJanesAddiction on

    Personal favorite of all time doesn’t even make the list =( *Tears* but my other 4 out of the top 5 for me are on the top 10 here, so that’s good!

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