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Things To Consider When Buying A Digital Marijuana Scale


digital scaleAt some point, it makes sense for all cannabis consumers to get a digital scale. Whether you are picking up ounces or eighths, its a great tool to ensure you aren’t getting shorted and you are staying within any legal limits. A booming medical marijuana market has increased demand and made owning a quality digital scale as affordable as ever. With all the choices out there, many people aren’t sure what to expect when buying a scale.

tanita 1479

Tanita 1479

Prices on scales have dropped significantly since I bought my first one fifteen years ago. Back then, the internet was still on dial-up and people only used it for chatting on AOL anyway, so the only real option was my local head shop. I happily payed $140 for a Tanita (one of three options) that maxed out at a mere 120 grams. It lasted for a long time but the 120 gram max was always a pain in the ass. Fast forward to last week. My friend just bought a scale online that does three times the volume as my OG Tanita for 20% of the cost.

Modern scales come in many sizes with a wide range of features. In most pieces in the U.S., marijuana is weighed out by the gram, so be sure to get a scale that measures in grams. Since an eighth weighs 3.5 grams, a scale that is accurate to the tenth of a gram is a must. Anything more accurate is over-kill and not worth paying extra. If you are going to be handling any bulk, you will want to get a scale with at least a 1000 gram max and a large tray. For most people, a scale with a 200 gram max will be plenty.

Additionally, almost all small scales are battery powered, so if you are a heavy duty user, you may want to consider a larger unit that you can plugin and avoid the hassle.

To recap, for most people, an adequate scale should meet these requirements:

1. 200 gram max
2. Accurate to the tenth of a gram

One that meets these requirements can be found for under $30 online (we recommend HerbScales.com because of the discreet free shipping and the large selection they offer) or in any head shop.


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  1. Oops I meant they changed there name from scaleforherb to herbscales.com. dang autocorrect!

  2. Yeah ginger I got that same scale from http://www.scaleforherb.com too! Its pretty sick Ive had it for a while now and its been super relibable. How do you like yours? And when you ordered did you get free baggies from them like I did? I was super stoked when I saw them! they have little 420 symbols all over them hehehehe

  3. Keep scales near cooking supplies bakers weigh out flour and keep your baggies in that kind if drawer a lawyer can get you out of that all day ling

  4. Got a touch screen that does to the hundreths of a g and up to 500 g’s for twenty bucks, its a pro scale and is humidity and temp sensitive,, love it

  5. jsterling420 on

    hey stoner thanks for the tip. I just bought a scale from http://scaleforweed.com they hooked it up! free shipping and 100 of those mini zip lock baggies with designs on them for freee!!!! gonna blaze some purps to selebrate!

  6. scale for weed hooked me up too! if anyone is looking for a scale hit them up for sure. but im gonna go blaze up I just got some new bomb purple shit that is st8 crhonic. you can smell it thru 4 bags! and it was only $30 for an 1/8th! but I lost my scale and im waiting on a new one from that scale for weed site so I dont kno if I got ripped off or not. damn dealers always try and short you when you dont have a scale! atleast the weed is bomb yo! happy 420!

  7. Our dispensary buys all of our scales at: http://www.absolutemeasurementscalibration.com/

    We like them because they’re certified by the state of Colorado, so you don’t have to worry about some saleman telling you to buy the wrong scale. They also come out and adjust our scales when the department of ag. says their not reading correctly.

    They’re cool people.

  8. realskullzero on

    thanks alot for this post, guess i rightly made up my mind to get a 1000g capacity scale, just in case, :D any specific recommendations? brands may be?

  9. Precision LEGAL FOR TRADE NTEP Certified scales are required in Colorado, and many California Collectives use these as well for Patients peace of mind and their own.

    And these are the only type which can be integrated with the PC in order to send the exact weight right into the software field with a press of the button on the scale!

    Visit MarijuanaTech.com

    600g down to a precision of .01 or a hundredth of a gram start at $695 but that include the scale, the required USB kit, communication software, 1 station license, 90 days support and 1 year manufacturer warranty.

    Optional Patient-facing Auxiliary Display on certain models.

  10. OG Tanita, and plastic drinking cup lol!

    I’ve heard that having a scale and some empty containers (bags/jars) can be construed as ‘intent to sell’ by law enforcement. Now I’m not carrying them around in my car but is there any truth to this? I’ve got all 3 lying around the house and was wondering if it’s something worth worrying about. TY TWB COMMUNITY! <3

  11. So true. I remember watching a guy break down ten lbs with a pocket scale in the late 90s. Took forever, despite some crafty use of the plastic drinking cup sold seperately!

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