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Tips For Consuming Marijuana Edibles For The First Time


mint chocolate chip cookies marijuanaMarijuana edibles are becoming more and more popular everyday. This is especially true in Colorado, where recreational marijuana edibles are legal. Marijuana edibles are legal in Washington State as well, but due to slow licensing, availability is much lower there. Marijuana edibles were brought into the media spotlight when New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd visited Colorado, didn’t know her limit, and ate edibles that were clearly too strong for her. Marijuana opponents tried to use it as an opportunity to throw the entire marijuana edible industry under the bus, but in fact, it was just a single case of a rookie not knowing what she was doing.

Maureen Dowd’s experience has led to the Marijuana Policy Project launching a new website that provides information about eating marijuana edibles. If you are a veteran marijuana consumer, the information isn’t that relevant because chances are you know your limit, and your limit is high enough that you shouldn’t have any issues. Personally, I have never met a marijuana edible that I couldn’t handle. I will not only gladly try every edible that is on the market, but I’ll eat way more than people think I can, and still be able to function quite well and can still beat most sober prohibitionists at any activity that requires brain power. But for those of you that are new to the marijuana world, or don’t have much experience with edibles, you should check out Marijuana Policy Project’s new website.

The main takeaways from their website, is to know the law, know your limit, and know your responsibilities. The ‘know the law’ part is very straightforward. As I stated previously in this article, recreational marijuana edibles are only legal in Colorado and Washington, and they are only widely available (and affordable I’d add) in Colorado right now. With Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. voting on marijuana legalization this November, legal recreational edibles could be coming to those areas too.

As far as the ‘know your limit’ part, the main thing to realize is that the effects from marijuana are much stronger when eaten as opposed to smoking or vaporizing it. When someone eats marijuana in the form of a brownie, cookie, candy, etc, it goes through the bloodstream. It takes longer to kick in compared to smoking or vaporizing because smoking or vaporizing goes into the nervous system, which makes the effects kick in much faster. When marijuana is eaten and goes into the bloodstream, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to kick in, but once it does, the effects can last many hours longer than it does when inhaled. Start slow, and let time go by, and eat more as needed. After you have eaten edibles a few times, you will then have a good idea of how much you can handle.

Lastly, the ‘know your responsibilities’ part gives a great overview of how to be a responsible marijuana consumer. The overwhelming majority of marijuana consumers are very responsible, so this part of the website seems like stuff that is common knowledge. But if you are dumb, and there are certainly dumb people out there, marijuana consumer or otherwise, read that section very carefully. Good luck on your marijuana edible experiences, and remember, if you have a bad experience, don’t go around throwing the marijuana industry under the bus. Take personal responsibility and recognize that maybe you can’t handle edibles, and stick to a different form of marijuana consumption that you can handle.


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  1. Belinda J Scott on

    Omg I’m a little nervous now. I just ate 6 goldfish don’t know the milligram but I ate 6 and don’t really feel anything and I am afraid to eat anymore all though I do feel relaxed but I’m worried that I will wake up and feel high and I have to be in work 10 hrs. I don’t smoke and drive and defentley do not go to work high. I would like to get a little more educated and would love some advice with this. Thank you. ;-)

  2. ^good God. 200 mg is crazy man. I took 60 mg of an edible and it was to much for me to handle: I’m 21 years old and I’ve been smoking for 6 years and have taken many edibles but 60 mg was the most I’ve taken and it was strong! It was also recreational legal Mary j. :) be careful cause 200 mg wil most likely have you tripping way to hard past what you can experience or you will green out. My boyfriend took an edible for his first time last year. It was 100 mg. he forgot how to talk and sat Infront of a microwave butt ass naked for 6 hours staring at the clock. I cannot explain to you how much stronger edibles are than smoking. I don’t think you should start out with 200 mg my friend.

  3. What if its my first time and I’m going to be trying it at school I have smoked before but not very often and the brownie has 200mg of weed how much of that should I have remember I’m at school

  4. Yesterday me and some friends baked and ate weed cookies for the first time, I ate like 5-7 of them, I still felt constant high in the morning today and if I get just a small hit I get stoned AF :D

  5. ” I dont recommend if its your first time consumimg them” WTF????? That comment doesn’t even make sense!

  6. Weed edibles are wayyy stronger then smoking pot I dont recommend if its your first time consumimg them..

  7. I plan on consuming as many edibles as possible my first time. I figure get as much thc in my system as possible the first time to build up my tolerance that much faster. Not to mention only wimps take a bite or one little puff. After that first time I’ll be convinced that I can’t live without marijuana anyway so might as well get used to having to have more and more to get the same effect as time goes by. He’ll never admit it but I know that if I don’t start using my bf will drop me for someone who does since everyone knows that girls who use are easy and get passed around just like the weed.

  8. from reading times story ,I am sure Maureen first time drinking she finished quart of gin, whiskey,case of beer..she has no control

  9. For a lifelong non-smoker like me, even vaporizing marijuana can eventually become uncomfortable because of throat and lung irritation. I tried vaping it for a couple of years, but eventually gave it up due to the congestion and coughing it caused. I’m now a comfortable edible consumer who uses it for controlling neuropathic pain without the horrible side effects experienced when using numerous prescription pain medications. I also rely on edibles for getting a restful night of sleep.
    In addition, there are times during the day when pain becomes so overwhelming that I have to eat a bite of brownie to control it. When this occurs I plan on relaxing around the house for a few hours. Even though I could drive if absolutely necessary, I choose to invoke personal responsibility and not do it just for peace of mind. I don’t want to cause me or anyone else a problem on the road.
    My primary concern about edibles is the escalating cost, they’re becoming very expensive compared to the price of loose bud in a dispensary. It’s nice that the edible offerings are expanding to include regular and decaf coffee and tea as options. But $8-10 for a brownie seems a lot like price gouging and will force a lot of people back to the street for their medication, and that’s not a good thing.
    I’d make my own edibles if I had the kitchen expertise, but I don’t. History has shown that cooking is not a good option for me since I can burn popcorn or water in the microwave and don’t have the slightest idea how to operate the oven. For the time being I’ll rely on the dispensary to continue providing quality edibles that help control my pain and allow me to sleep.

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