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Top 5 Mental Conditions Treated With Marijuana


Marijuana Medicine MindSufferers of many different types of ailments have found relief with the use of medical marijuana, but most particularly those afflicted with mental conditions. When paired with a good psychiatrist, with an accredited psychology degree, medical marijuana is a very effective and natural remedy. Below you will find the top five mental conditions which have proven to be treatable with medical marijuana.

1. Insomnia

Those suffering from insomnia should consider ingesting medical marijuana. A cookie or brownie can be taken before bed with a glass of milk, and should ensure good sleep throughout the night. Users should be aware that the effects of medical marijuana will not be felt for up to an hour. Medical marijuana is a desirable alternative to addictive drugs such as Xanax, and is not habit forming. Many users report feeling clear-minded and relaxed, sleeping through the night, and having more pleasant dreams.

2. Migraines

Migraines can also be treated with medical marijuana, sometimes better than actual migraine medication. When consumed or smoked, retrograde inhibition will help to slow the rate of neurotransmitters in the brain. This is wonderful news for people who suffer from migraines—all too often, these horrific headaches are due to an overload of neural stimulation. Retrograde inhibition also relieves the pain and other symptoms which attend a full-blown migraine, including nausea and sensitivity to lights. Additionally, migraine medication has been flagged for dangerous side effects, including increased blood pressure. Migraine medication can also be rather debilitating to take, as it makes the user feel very tired and only want to sleep. Medical marijuana can make some users feel slightly sleepy but the doze can be adjusted so that the migraine sufferer will still experience relief from pain, nausea, and hyper-sensitivity, while not becoming as drowsy as they would with the alternative.

3. Anxiety

Mild anxiety is sometimes a side-effect for users, but some people experience mood-elevating effects, as well as a relaxing experience, allowing anxiety sufferers to have a normal life. Medical marijuana can also cause a desirable “slowing” down of thought processes, which can help to break up some of the upsetting cyclical thought patterns which plague anxiety sufferers.

4. Depression

Those who use marijuana once or more weekly have long reported fewer episodes of depression than the rest of the populace, but medical marijuana can also be smoked or ingested to elevate the mood and relieve those who specifically suffer from depression. As in anxiety sufferers, the lasting effects of medical marijuana help to break characteristic unproductive or negative thought cycles which so often spiral out of control for the sufferer until they hit “rock bottom.” Marijuana is not a miracle cure for depression or anxiety – it would not be healthy to mask the root problem instead of treating it – however, it can help one to live a happier, more fulfilling life while the patient works with a therapist to treat the root of their symptoms.

5. Bipolar Disorder

Purple NugThe friends and family of those with Bipolar Disorder will welcome this news as much as the sufferer – medical marijuana can significantly calm the mood swings exhibited by those with Bipolar Disorder. Cannabis works as a mood stabilizer for sufferers. Lithium, which has traditionally been diagnosed for sufferers, takes several weeks to begin working and also causes damage to the heart, kidneys, and thyroid gland. Often sufferers do not like to take their lithium, as it reins their emotions in to an unpleasant, deadening degree, an unpleasant effect not experienced by those who use marijuana instead. The marijuana smokers report feeling a pleasant effect long after the “high” itself has dissipated – this is the mood stabilizing effect of the drug.

In conclusion, medical marijuana should be of note to all those who are suffering from mental disorders, particularly the above mentioned five. Medical marijuana provides us with a safe, natural alternative to dangerous, habit-forming drugs. Many medicines traditionally prescribed by doctors actually damage the body and mind with long term use. Additionally, most people suffering from one health condition or another take more than one medication, and all too often these medications interfere with each other, exacerbating health problems, especially when the patient’s physicians are not in good contact with one another. Of course, when considering any sort of medication, be it marijuana or otherwise, you should be sure to consult with your physician first.

Marijuana deserves a second look for its medical applications. When used in conjunction with a good psychology program, medical marijuana is a natural, more affordable, and safer way to treat many mental health conditions.

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  1. Lowdose girl on

    My friend with bipolar /personality disorder was so I’ll and suicidal she was bleak and blank inside. I was very cautious about marijuana. But she wS desperate. So I let her have one small puff. And know more. Within 10 minutes she could actually cope and relate to our conversation. Then she was laughing and feeling like she had her life back. This one puff helped her the next day to get on a plane, cross the country. Stay overnight in a b&b then the next morning check herself into a health center. The effect lasted a week. She has been there 21/2 months on medications and back to the dark bleak place she has endured for yeRs. Her dr says she is causing it herself.
    In my opinion. Very low dose is the key and in a calm controlled environment. It’s true this devastating illness impares impulse control. Recognizing that low dose and not recreational smoking a joint is the key.
    She is coming home next week and as cautiously as ever I will do my best to support her and let her have a very small puff that can give her days of as close to a normal life she deserves. And it’s OG Kush
    The key is not to let her have a joint cause she could get terribly messed up. I can’t convy how it felt that day to see my dear friends light turn on and we giggled till tears ran down my eyes. And as a we are Christians she felt god with her again for the first time in a very long time. With all the medicine the Drs give her harming her organs.
    Again. The key is very low dose i can’t stress this enough. One puff lasted her a week, from home to the treatment center. After that nothing worked. I’ll never give up on my friend. Support, encouragement and compassion is what I can give her. And that little puff as necessary. The benefits far outweigh the side effects in very low dose. Yu I said it again. Very lowdose.
    Also I researched that our brains create it’s own canabinoid and low dose pot with high canibinoids work in the brain somehow to bypass the part of the brain that causes the bipolar effects. And if you smoke too much it depletes the naturally occurring canabinoid in the brain. This is where very dangerous problems happen.

  2. I am 64 and your migraines sound like mine. I have been getting them since I was a kid. I have been smoking since I’m 17 on and off. I want to get medical so I may have to move since the migraines are getting worse; this one I have had for 4 days (w/vomiting). I also have arthritis in my neck and spine and it does help that. I wish us both good health in the future and marijuana to help.

  3. This is an interesting post that I’m hoping people read. I’ve worked in psychiatric hospitals for over 10 years, my bachelor’s degree is in psychology and I was in a doctorate program studying psychology both in counseling and focusing on adolescent neurological development. The use of marijuana for “treating” bipolar disease, I would strongly caution on. I’m a huge advocate for the use of medical marijuana for treating many medical conditions, as I suffer from epilepsy of which marijuana, to be cliche, has literally saved my life. However, time and time again, during my working experiences in the mental health field, I would frequently see patients self-treating bipolar disorder with marijuana with consistently negative reactions. People who are familiar with bipolar disorder are probably aware that drug/alcohol abuse is significant in this population because people often try smoke when manic to help stabilize mood, but end up drinking during depressed moods. Even if someone is not drinking at any part in the mental cycle, marijuana is still used to attempt to stabilize the current mood. I can say with working that many years in the psychiatric field, I don’t see working effectively in this population. I, instead see people during admissions (for bipolar disorder) either high at the time or were using regularly and what I tend to see are people who become hyper-manic. With bipolar disorder, a common characteristic is impulsivity and lack in ability to process the understanding of consequences (that statement makes much more sense to someone with bipolar disorder or knows someone who has it). An example is a girl (patient), during manic episodes believed laws didn’t apply to her so she ran stop lights, sped through anywhere, etc. and during those phases, she lacked the ability to see the consequences. Not a long time ago, I was working with a patient during the admission process and she reported (having bipolar disorder), leaving her family for days at a time to check into a hotel and smoke pot for several days. This was a mother with a newborn child. I’m not saying marijuana will cause that behavior or it’s addicting to the point of checking into a hotel for days, leaving family at home. However, what I am saying is that there was a strong correlation in the increased mania particularly when smoking marijuana. I wouldn’t know so much on it being used during depressed states, but strongly caution it during manic states, it tends to have the opposite effect. As far as having bipolar disorder (to the original post), it’s a biological condition so the use of marijuana didn’t “cause” it, it just exacerbated it. The poster, is right about neurological development at that age, even in “typical developing” adolescents. So many of the important neurochemicals are grossly unbalanced at that age. For example, serotonin (associated with mood/depression) is frequently lower at that age than in later aged adults (25 + yrs). Additionally, the frontal lobe isn’t fully developed until your early twenties either, so there’s a decrease in serotonin, without the full ability to process the emotions. There is also an increase of dopamine consistent with adolescent development. Dopamine is the body’s natural “high” state, also associated with feelings of grandiosity, euphoria, and more significantly, hallucinations (in elevated levels). People with schizophrenia commonly have significantly higher amounts of dopamine, for example. I strongly discourage people who have schizophrenia from using marijuana for that specific reason. To sum it up, during adolescent years the brain isn’t fully developed nor is it stable in it’s control of neurochemicals (simply as any adolescent with no history or mental illness). Bipolar disorder isn’t “caused” by marijuana, but can have some of the same appearances as the disorder. Using marijuana during manic states can cause increased (if already present) hallucinations. I really advocate marijuana use for a lot of medical and some mental disorders, but caution it with specific mental disorders simply because of the nature of marijuana (a mild hallucinogenic). I realize that there are different strains of marijuana, sativa & indica, but I’m not aware if one or the other make a significant difference (but I could be wrong). I think marijuana is helpful for a lot of people, I just thinking given my own experiences with seeing people with mental illness using it to self-medicate, it doesn’t look particularly effective and the neurological information seems to back that up. Use as you want, I’m just providing my subjective review with the insight that I have. I don’t think it’s a life-destroying “drug,” but think it should be used with consideration for things.

  4. To all you migraine sufferers, how effective is smoking or using marijuana? I am 21 and have had migraines since ,middle school on and they keep coming at me. I never used pot for anything except the normal trying it in high school… I’ve tried every triptin, narcotics, and basically a shot in my hip to knock me on my ass because I can never fall asleep when I get a migraine. I’ve recently started having more and more reoccurring migraine attaches and started smoking marijuana for it. Seems to help a lot, but I was also just hired at a hospital and they drug test… Any advice?

  5. I ended up in a mental hospital because I used too much marijuana over a short period of time. My family has a history of Bipolar and the illness was brought out simply from me using. I had never exhibited symptoms in my entire life up to the point where my parents had to intervene and take me to the hospital. The psychoactive elements in marijuana have an adverse effect on the brain during stages of development. Since I am only 19, my brain is not fully developed yet. I may now have BP for the rest of my life because I abused cabanas daily and decided to take edibles for 5 days straight. Reading up on this, I discovered that marijuana use can cause psychotic breaks in individuals because it alters brain chemistry. I now understand that my brain has developed this disorder because of my choices and it may be irreversible. Be cautious smokers… I may never get to smoke ever again.

  6. My favorites are HolyGrail OG,. bubba kush, master kush purple mr nice, grand daddy purp, rascal og, redwood kush. My favorites tend toward purple and usually too heavy for most people but i don’t get couch lock. I get my head right then go to work. if i am having a panic attack i know i can smoke til ima pass out and not overdose. just wake up hungry and go again the next day. Sativas and “made up name” hybrids usually make me regret my purchase and sometimes my life. Hazes are always unkind to me also. stay cool… Peace

  7. Thanks so much for reply yo! But yeah this helped alot and I’m going to start looking around to find someone I can buy weed that can actually help me instead of aggravating the anxiety. All I wanted to know was if there was someone else who possibly has the same problem as me but gets over it with some strains. And about the sativa thing you said! I already know to try and stay away from that I did a lot of research and I’m pretty sure sativa is worse for anxiety indica helps

  8. There are so many different ones that some work very well and some make me “climb the walls” so to speak. I need Indica to BE normal and sativa is definitely not good for me. even most hybrids are bothersome. with anxiety its too hard to say “this will work”. i have learned what works for me personally and i always stay in my range

  9. Hey I just read your post and I have anxiety almost everytime I smoke which is always street weed. You said that you test the weed first to make sure it helps but do you ever have anxiety lets say if it sativa do you have anxiety? Cause I want to know if its possible to have anxiety with some strains and help it with others. Cause even though I get anxiety part of me wants to smoke all the time but it never helps. I just want to get high like a normal person ? So should I find different weed ? Or do you think since I’m prone to anxiety I should stay away from marijuana.

  10. you know you best. stick to what you know works for you as i am exactly the same with the Indica choice, never sativa… but i could never eat it and function the next day

  11. For all of you who feel that Marijuana may be a healthy alternative to prescription drugs are absolutely right but without a medical card, you will be smoking street pot, which is substantially different. There are two catagories in which pot falls into, sativa, and indica, both holding different levels of CBD and TCH, the two main chemicals found in cannabis. So if you are smoking a sativa for anxiety appos
    d to depression you may be creating a worse situation for yourself. I am 16 and I use pot for my anxiety aswell as for recreational enjoyment and when I am looking for weed to treat my anxiey I often test the pot to see how it makes me feel aswel as attempt to identify what strain it is on the internet, then when I find a suitable strain, I purchase a large amount to last me incase the type changes. Hopes this helps you guys.Marijuana truly is a miracle medicine, it just needs to be recognised by more people as a medicine, not some gateway drug that “ruins lives”.

  12. Migraines are different than most headaches, as I’m sure you know. But just like with intractable pain, you have to learn what things and activities will exacerbate the condition and what you have to do (or not do) to manage it. Unfortunately, this learning process is ongoing, as our bodies are changing all the time and we have to adapt to each new situation.

    The thing about dealing with migraines is, no matter how energetic your normal personality usually is, you know that being calm and more relaxed is the personality you have to aspire to. Getting upset, angry, or anxious is only going to set off a painful episode in your head. (I had a doctor once who told me that I should remove all the stress from my life. I was like, sure, isn’t that impossible?)

    For your migraines, anti-inflammatories are the key, and cannabis has been proven in this regard. (Unless your migraines are hormonal or something, which is not an area I’m as familiar with.) But it sounds like you just smoke marijuana, when a combination with edibles might work better. If you medicate with low-THC/high CBD edibles on a daily basis, and allow this to build up in your system, then you could probably smoke less. If you smoke less, perhaps the negative effects that you mentioned could be better managed.

    And keep in mind that your body is going through a big change, from your prescription meds to medical cannabis. Your body has to rid itself of what was not working before it can truly embrace what is working.

    Also, there are certain strains that can actually give you some energy, so if you lived in an MMJ state, you could find a strain that would better suit you. It sounds a little bit like you are using a strain that is too high in THC for you, so if you are able to cut back a bit, this might help. Or even if you were to switch the time of day you medicated. Or how about trying to medicate after eating? Are you drinking enough water?

    Sorry this is so long, just wanted to give you some ideas. Hope this helps.

  13. You have to weigh the results,
    for example I suffer from chronic migraines it hinder my life in many ways I
    have suffer since I was 17 and now I’m 36 I have exhausted all option from all
    types of medications… I ventured and used weed (I nvr tried it in my teens) to
    see if it would help…..till now I am a user for 12 months 1 joint a day and
    so far the side effects of weed is new for me and I’m still trying to
    understand how it works….

    Overall the migraines from twice a month reduced to once every month then
    every 2 and for the last 3 months I haven’t had a migraine. The intensity of
    the Headaches also reduced to the extent that 800mg of iBrofine is sufficient
    to relieve the pain in contrast to 1600mg of ibrofin and a tiptran and take
    preventive supplements (magnesium: gave me 8 kidney stones so far) and Topamax
    plus the migraine ran for 3 days.

    I used to spend 1000$ a month on medications from Topamax to Zomag and Imitrix…etc

    Here is my life with chronic Migrains: any change of habits will trigger
    the damn thing. On weekends if I sleep-in a get a migraine. If I eat something
    new I have a 50:50 chance of getting a migraine (due to contents like msg) even
    coffee I have to take on time every day or i get a migraine! If I have late Lunch.
    Hell even the weather can give me a migraine.. a BRIGHT sunny day can lead to
    my head hurting.

    after using weed for more than 8 months I noticed the triggers started not
    trigger migraines!! ..for example I can enjoy Chocolate again and boy am I over
    indulging myself in Chocolates.

    For the downside I get this stuff illegally so I don’t know its potency and
    what strain… plus I don’t like the idea of funding drug lords.

    The negative effects somewhat effected my life, Weed has the tendency to
    make you lazy and not only when your high…. In your mind you start to reshuffle
    your priorities to accommodate the Weed consumption.

    I am an extremely energetic person easily motivated and have a sum-what-positive
    mind set. After using this has somewhat altered, my personality is more calm and
    less energetic my mind set is still positive however my motivation is much
    lower, in the past I used to except more work and enjoy overloading myself.
    (this might be due to other psychological problems that I don’t know) but now I
    try to avoid extra work.

    Some mornings I wake heavy and lazy I don’t even feel like going to work, I
    havent not go to work but I havent had that feeling before

  14. Honestly, with current research, and research I’ve done, I’m respectfully apologizing and I will ultimately withdraw my previous statement. On the grounds of high CBD.

    CBD plays an incredibly important role in THC’s positive psychoactive effects. Also, upon injection of THC, it has rather disagreeable psychotogenic side effects. And to be honest, it’s more along the lines of the textbook definition of psychotomimesis. Delusions, paranoia, hallucinations… Delusions. I will link some studies tomorrow. I can’t today as I am in a rush.

    Yet CBD counteracts it. It has antipsychotic properties. I will proceed to edit my comment right now and cross it out. I apologize. Just hopefully look for high CBD strains. It’ll help you.



    (Check their store too—legal in all 50 states))



    I’ve had that stuff. It works very well.

  15. Honestly, with current research, and research I’ve done, I’m respectfully apologizing and I will ultimately withdraw my previous statement. On the grounds of high CBD.

    CBD plays an incredibly important role in THC’s positive psychoactive effects. Also, upon injection of THC, it has rather disagreeable psychotogenic side effects. And to be honest, it’s more along the lines of the textbook definition of psychotomimesis. Delusions, paranoia, hallucinations… Delusions. I will link some studies tomorrow. I can’t today as I am in a rush.

    Yet CBD counteracts it. It has antipsychotic properties. I will proceed to edit my comment right now and cross it out. I apologize. Just hopefully look for high CBD strains. It’ll help you.



    (Check their store too—legal in all 50 states))



    I’ve had that stuff. It works very well.

  16. Is there a specific age you have to be to be a certified patient for legal marijana? I’m 14 and have severe depression, anxiety and insomnia…

  17. Well, the problem with non-prescription medication is that there is a lack of consistency. I like the indica strain – it’s mellow and leaves a feel good sensation, but I can’t always get it – my contacts don’t even know what they are selling half the time. Sativa can make me fee a little paranoid – especially if smoked.

  18. Would be helpful if others knew the STRAIN you used so more evidence could be compilled!! Please post the strain used.

  19. Bipolar is hard to treat effectively, yes? I’m thinking that for depression and bipolar, cannabis use should be timed to either up episodes or down episodes, and maybe not both. What do you think?

  20. As someone who is bipolar, it actually depends on how you as an individual react to it. I know people who have psychosis with their mania who use cannabis to stabilize their moods and have less psychosis than before. I also know someone who gets extra psychosis and panic attacks from it. I have type II, and have never had psychosis. It helps me manage my bipolar as well as my panic attacks and the severe anxiety I get from my autism. My bipolar has almost stopped day-cycling.

  21. I have a problem with people who say they have been “cured” from a chronic disease. That has been a problem in the pain management industry for decades. Unfortunately, you cannot “cure” pain and you should not try. It just leads to addiction to pain relief. Management is all you can hope for and I would assume it is the same for depression.

  22. jesusfanatic7773711251 on

    Personally I find it ridiculous that people say, “if weed helps your depression and gets rid of it entirely then it is not curing it. ” Would you say the same think about people with seizures? Oh weed is just ‘masking’ the problem. Yeah, that person should take synthetic drugs made in a laboratory that cost three times as much and have a much higher chance of killing them because it’s more “official.” And counseling can only go so far. Honestly it’s a sad reality this herb has been used for thousands of years and now the creativity and happiness, inspiration and music which is created with the help of it is now outlawed because of an outdated law that was passed based on untrue facts, fear, and propaganda.

  23. Well, I’m not completely sure whether thc pills or pill medication high in cbd’s would be better fitting for your application. Regardless, they do help. It’s best if you are just straight with your doctor and tell him/her of your condition and that you would rather not use pharmaceuticals and would prefer medical marijuana. I have insomnia and when i used cannabis (in smoke form) it has really helped. Typically, I fall asleep around 1 or 2 or even 3 (i have to wake up at 6) and cannot for the life of me try to even go to sleep before or else i just lay there. Times I’ve used cannabis, I have been able to fall asleep at 10 and those times I have had the best rest in my life. I highly recommend you asking your doctor.

  24. Dealers? They can be really nice people just like you and me if you can’t get ahold of a prescription. I suffer insomnia (probably cause my depression, but I have had issues with insomnia my whole life) and have actually found cannabis to be very helpful. Usually, I fall asleep around 1 or 2 in the morning, but times I have used cannabis I can fall asleep around 10.

  25. I saw that too. It seemed a little screwy to me and very complicated. I’m sure there are simpler ways to get it!

  26. i saw an ad on the internet where can order small amounts of marijuana – looks legit with special incription of messages and details on how to make payment so its not as easily traced
    any comments?

  27. I believe I have depression and anxiety that are now affecting my life in ways I can’t ignore anymore. I’m worried about going to a doctor with it because I don’t want medication that requires additional medication. I know there are thc pills available. How well do these work? Do doctors fight it? How does the whole process work? Please help.

  28. oshio of peace on

    marijuana works in different ways for different people. i personally use it every night for insomnia and it works perfectly, i mean perfectly. as for me mentally sensitive cases like bipolar disorder etc, study yourself and the strain you are using, and find your peace. your dosage, mind, strain, etc all have to be considered.

  29. I have bi-polar disorder, diagnosed a year after giving up (long term) cannabis use. I had no idea it was keeping me sane until I gave it up. I have been given all sorts of terrible drugs by doctors that had awful side effects and nothing helped. In desperation, last week I bought some gear and made some hash cakes and it has been like taking a miracle drug. My mania is completely cured and I am sleeping again. It may well cause psychosis in some patients, but this should not rule it out as a cure for some bi-polar sufferers, especially those who experience the more manic phases. My husband says he has his wife back again, and that is fantastic!

  30. I suffer from bi-polar disorder (mainly manic with mixed episodes of uncontrollable rage), insomnia, anxiety, and possibly fibromialgia, but have been ingesting cannabis for a over a week now and can hardly believe the difference in both my physical health and mental health. My moods have completely stabilized, I am sleeping like a baby, I feel happy and have virtually no pain. I was worried I might be stoned all the time, but three small hash cakes – one at breakfast, one mid afternoon and one before bed and I just feel relaxed, but still completely alert, coherent and active. Medical cannabis should be available on prescription and i should not have to risk a criminal conviction for self medicating where the doctors have repeatedly failed to help.

  31. What is the cause of migraines, then?
    Also, technically all pain is mental. Your nerves bring it to your brain and tell it “ouch”. It’s why most medicine causes the pain receptors in your brain to ignore the messages, not actually stop the pain from occuring.

    I was diagnosed with migraines at the age of 12 and bi-polar disorder at 16. I’ve been on 17 different pharmacological drugs for the migraines alone and a dozen for depression and mood, almost every illegal street drug and even marijuana.

    I should say that due to my own personal experience, marijuana doesn’t help with my migraine-head pain. It helps with nausea, but not with tinitis or vertigo.
    With the bi-polar disorder, it can maintain mood balance as well as leave a lingering happiness and contention.

    I hope that people will cite their own personal stories over I heard, I read and my friend in the future.
    I came to this site to see if there were any difference in strain->effects.

  32. Dave de la Cruz on

    I believe each their right to behave as they choose. Many Bi-polar personality with similar personality- would benefit from the effect of THC. Although, Bi polar is really a broad category in Human behavior and personality types.. The one common denominator that each have; is the impulsiveness during their Highs versus their lows. As A known Fact with many complex Friends and Aquaintants- all Diagnosed with Bi -Polar Disorder: all have indicated to me in personal and inferable conversation, that THC has been a savior for their lives, by chronically using THC to maintain a stability, and have there by proved it through how well these people are doing today. &Without Pharmisuitcal, which have proved to be far more damaging to their social and over all health in general, while actively ingesting pills said to cure the mental illness.

  33. Dave de la Cruz on

    I believe each their right to behave as they choose. Many Bi-polar personality with similar personality- would benefit from the effect of THC. Although, Bi polar is really a broad category in Human behavior and personality types.. The one common denominator that each have; is the impulsiveness during their Highs versus their lows. As A known Fact with many complex Friends and Aquaintants- all Diagnosed with Bi -Polar Disorder: all have indicated to me in personal and inferable conversation, that THC has been a savior for their lives, by chronically using THC to maintain a stability, and have there by proved it through how well these people are doing today. &Without Pharmisuitcal, which have proved to be far more damaging to their social and over all health in general, while actively ingesting pills said to cure the mental illness.

  34. I had a family member that passed away recently that had bipolar disorder. The medication prescribed by the Doctor put him into an early grave. I honestly feel he would have still been alive today had he used cannabis as an alternative to the medications prescribed. The effects of cannabis will vary from person to person. Cannabis is not a one stop shop fix everything medication. Side effects will vary from person to person. The best thing to do is get a complete physical and consult your Physician before you experiment with with different cannabis strains. Do not be afraid to let your Physician know your intentions with using cannabis as an alternative medicine.

    Cannabis isn’t for everyone.

  35. …and they probably got the information from people that use it to treat their own bi-polar , you seem very confused and obviously you are not a medical professional . You are one of the worst substances for this forum !

  36. Sativa /indica nonsense? so you think it is all the same ? Wow where do these people come from ? When someone tells you something it is your duty to figure out if the info is correct , don’t just assume bullshit you are being fed… your useless

  37. It cannot induce psychosis , that is a myth , stop spreading this information. You clearly have no real knowledge of the facts.

  38. David Green on

    Bull .. , Cannabis supresses Cortisol which is why it works so well to calm Mania .. It’s also why Cannabis is effective for Panic Episodes .. And helps people who have PTSD

  39. im 15 and i suffer from really bad insomnia and depression from things that went on when i was younger and things that have been happening to me recently ivetried a couple of medications nothing works for my depression or insomnia i wake up several times a night and its very hard for me to fall asleep i found that marijuanna helps alot with insomnia especially i sleep great and wake up not tired i think this bullshit that in some states its illegal in my state its illegal but my gaurdian who i live with doesnt smoke weed but my guardian allows me to smoke it . i definately hate when bitches think ima pot head and im dumb af but in reality they dnt no nothing about it …dumb bitche anyways lmao marijuanna should be legalized . suck it haters lmao :p

  40. Marijuana is NOT good for bipolar disorder, where the hell did you get that from? It can induce psychosis in patients. It may help level their moods, but underneath, it’s doing a ton of damage. Cannabis is one of the WORST substances for a bipolar patient.

    The other four I agree with, especially migraines. It blasts them away.

  41. Please be careful! My husband suffered a manic episode with psicosis due to the use of marijuana. Since he started smoking his mood went crazy. Then one day he just lost his mind just after smoking. For us was pretty clear that the marijuana triggered the mania and -possibly- a chronic bipolar disorder.
    Each case is different, and may be some of you can find a solution for you disorder in the use of marijuana. But you need the professional lead to start treating you with cannabis. That is mi advice.

  42. Jayne Tierney on

    I agree with these statements, first-hand, as I was ‘one of those’ that spent many years ‘suffering’, needlessly, spending many years and money on medical treatments that did not only did not work, but also, made the conditions worse.
    The only time(s) I would feel better was when I could detox the big-pharma meds out of me and be able to use marijuana to lift the mood, while incorporating proper nutrition into the diet, to correct deficiencies, that was causing the initial issue.
    How sad it is to know that so many people are suffering, as well. What a long road to no-where’s-ville.

  43. There is only one “safe” legal long-term treatment option (Lunesta) for insomnia at this point. It won’t be available in generic form until late 2013 and most people simply cannot afford it ($200+ for 30 pills). I’ve alternated between xanax and ambien, neither is good for you in the long-term.

    I live in a state with strict marijuana laws so I simply don’t take legal chances. I have a fiance to consider and a life (jail and driver’s license revocation tend to interrupt family life)…..even if the chances of getting caught are slim. Marijuana laws are my #1 priority in researching a future place to live. I know marijuana would help my insomnia, it used to when I was younger. And even outside medical uses, I feel it should be my right to use it occasionally as I see fit.

  44. Norman Lepoff, M.D. on

    All mental illnesses are, in fact, diseases of the brain with anatomical and pysiological bases. Same goes for migraines, and many other diseases. They, too, are diseases of the brain with a real cause and basis.

    The term, mental illness, is a poor one, and should be abandoned, but we are stuck with it.

    The author did a great job, in my opinion.

  45. You need to read more closely. I never said it doesn’t help bipolar disorder or depression. Didn’t say pharma drugs were better.

    Migraines have a physiological cause, not mental. How do you feel them??? Then I guess any kind of pain is a mental problem in your world.

    Insomnia may be caused by emotional problems, etc., but that does not make it a psychological disorder. There are also physical causes, such as sleep apnea.

    Psychiatrists are MDs. Psychologists have degrees in psychology. You really need to get educated.

    And I believe that the sativa/indica nonsense has been disproven through lab testing. Ask Harborside Health Center.

  46. Wow that is completely wrong, you should do YOUR research before you shout fake, it DOES help bipolar & depression
    insomnia & migraines ARE mental conditions

    CBD has shown to be atleast as effective if not more effective than pharma drugs, yes lithium isn’t the only treatment, but the MOST prescribed mood stabilizer, but there are also other classes of drugs to treat it as well

    what you think causes insomnia or migraines, they jus happen? jus cuz? insomnia can be a factor of emotional probs, drugs, sleep disorders, ect ALL mental, migraines can happen a num of ways, but how you think you feel them?

    ” Psychiatrists do not have degrees in psychology.” Um what? then what degree do they have? that makes NO since thats WHY there psychiatrists????

    People without mental illness can get insomic off cannabis, its a known side effect, rare as it usually makes you tired, but its also strand dependent, CBD is a sedative, cannabis sativa has more THC & less CBD, cannabis indca has more CBD & less THC, high cannabis indca strands are good for mental illness

  47. I also, have PTSD and TBI, i have to tell you that medical cannabis is the only medication that i take know….the US government put me on this regin of pain pills and anti pychic pills and they said take these and you will get better…..hahahahaha….so i went to the VA and got a federal script for medical marijuana and if ya’ll think its bullshit just go and try and ask for the script if its legal in you state.

  48. I do not use any kind of marijuana but I am a strong supporter of legalizing it. I have seen the difference in many people that I love from bipolar disorder to anxiety. I think it is more effective and less dangerous than many of the prescribed drugs out there. I would like to get more involved with this but not sure how or where to start.

  49. This post is so full of misinformation, it makes my head spin. Insomnia and migraines are not mental conditions. Psychiatrists do not have degrees in psychology. Why would one need a psychiatrist with a degree in psychology to deal with insomnia or migraines? Do you even know what you are talking about: “retrograde inhibition will help to slow the rate of neurotransmitters in the brain”. WTF? And lithium is not the only treatment for bipolar disorder, some people have the effect of being kept awake by cannabis. I could go on and on, but won’t. Please try to be credible if you are going to tout medical marijuana as a treatment. It only harms the cause when you spout gobbledegook!

  50. Cannabis also is excellent in improving the quality of life for those that are suffering from PTSD
    My husband is a soldier who served his country for over 25years, who has severe life debilitating PTSD, and Canabis is the one drug of the many that he has been prescribed and it is the only one that is not harmful to any of his organs

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