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Top Five Marijuana Strains For PMS


pms and marijuanaThere’s a serious lack of information around how cannabis can help female-specific health issues. It’s interesting to see how much research is out around issues like PTSD and other forms of anxiety, yet the health issues that disproportionately affect women are rarely talked about. This isn’t to say that women don’t also suffer from these issues, but things like premenstrual syndrome (PMS or PMDD) or menopause are hardly mentioned in relation to cannabis. Why is this? Possibly because the cannabis industry is almost always synonymous with bro-culture, pandering to twenty-something male stoners. I don’t think this trend was necessarily intentional, but gender-based bias within the cannabis industry has been largely overlooked, like most other male-dominated industries.

Due to unexamined sexism within the cannabis industry, research around female- specific health issues like PMS is still widely unknown. It’s much more common to figure out what a patient needs off the basis of the male body, leaving “lady” aliments in isolation. This whole problem pissed me off, so I decided to compile a small list of strains that have been known to help PMS from Brightside Community Foundation-the non-profit medical marijuana dispensary I work at. Many women are unaware of the benefits that cannabis can provide their health issues. As a woman pioneering her way through the cannabis industry, I want to begin to start providing that information in order to address the needs of women that are all too often left out of the conversation.

Top Five cannabis strains for relieving PMS:

When looking for pain relief, it is important to smoke an indica-dominant strain. Indicas are well known for their effective pain-relieving qualities that are often lacking in sativas. Sativas are more of a head-high, get the munchies and roll around on the floor laughing your ass off kind of high. Sativa-dominant strains are often preferred over indicas, but for medicinal purposes (like relieving menstrual cramps) indicas are much more effective.

1.) Obama Kush: This is probably one of my personal favorites at Brightside right now. It is a hybrid comprised of both indica and sativa. Due to the progesterone and estrogen spike in women’s bodies around day 7 in our cycle, we experience breast tenderness, cramps, acne, irritability, and fatigue often coupled with diarrhea and/or nausea. The Obama is my most recommended strain because not only does it effectively numb the physical pain during menstruation, it also puts me in a good mood due to the sativa in it. So when I am pissed at the world while my progesterone is spiking, The Obama Kush meets all my needs of pain relief while also taking me to a calmer mental state.

obama kush marijuana strain brightside pdx


2.) Black Cherry Cheesecake: A cross between Black Cherry Soda X Cherry Pie, crossed with Cheese. This heavy indica is the ultimate pain reliever. Your body begins to relax as the high arrives and can last up to 2-3 hours. Whenever I’m going through any physical pain caused by the spike of prostaglandins (which triggers uterine cramps) this indica quiets all that noise down, and effectively dulls my pain. This is great strain to smoke before bed or when spending a lazy night in. I recommend the black cherry cheesecake when your in day two of menstruation hell and need swift pain relief.

3.) Blue Dream: This strain is another example of an affective indica-dominant hybrid. The blue dream is the ideal strain because it effectively relieves pain, while producing the popular cerebral affects of sativa. Estrogen is responsible for the mood swings women often endure when pmsing, and the sativa within this strain helps mellow me out. Blue dream is a great wake n’ bake go-to before work because it relieves my killer cramps, settles my stomach, and leaves me with enough mental clarity to be able to do my job without slowing me down.

blue dream marijuana strain


4.) Dutch Treat: Another great hybrid to smoke if you have shit to get done. It effectively calms my raging hormonal mood swings while providing solid pain relief. I enjoy the cerebral high of this strain, and highly recommend it when you need a pick-me-up after watching too many Nicolas Sparks movies. Treat yo self with the Dutch Treat.

dutch treat marijuana strain brightside pdx


5.) Purple Urkle: This heavy-hitting indica is no joke. When I am in serious need of pain relief, the Urkle is the way to go. I would not recommend to smoke this indica if you want to get anything done, but is great choice when winding your day down at home or before bed. When you’re going through it cramp-wise, it’s a no brainer. Its pain relieving qualities are unmatched, so if you have a tolerance built up, go for it! Great strain for cramps and  insomnia.

purple urkle marijuana strain brightside pdx



About Author

Simone Fischer is a OMMP patient and cannabis advocate based out of Portland, OR. She graduated from Portland State University, with a BS in Women's & Gender Studies. Fischer began working for the cannabis industry after being hired on to a medical dispensary, shortly after graduation in 2013. Currently, she is a contributing editor for Ladybud Magazine and has been published in High Times and Oregon Leaf. Fischer's writing focuses on the intersections of gender, race, class and cannabis filtered through a feminist lens.



  2. I only hold my breath for medicinal purposes, thank goodness. I do not think Obama is pro-marijuana, I actually think he could care less about legalization. You know, with him having to ponder Syrian’s nuclear weapons and other such serious stuff.

    I guess we could talk about what happened in Cali, because I’ve read a lot of different perspectives on that issue. It seems that California’s MMJ industry read a lot more into one of Obama’s memos than the administration meant it to. Oh, each side could say differently, sure, but I find it hard to believe that the increase (explosion) in the MMJ industry after said memo was strictly propelled by a belief that they were somehow safe from the fed’s wrath. That a memo would protect them.

    That said, it appears to me that Obama and Holder have been so wishy-washy, hiding behind legalese and loopholes in language, that they brought this situation on themselves. Not that I consider the growth of the MMJ industry as a “situation.” It is inevitable that the largest and most mature market would be in California. The state has the economy of a whole country.

    If not for Cali, there would be no MMJ industry, and for that I’m thankful. But can we perhaps agree that Cali got a little big for it’s britches? Too fast too soon?

  3. Only faith — total religious like faith — could lead one to believe that Obama is pro-marijuana. The man went after FOUR TIMES as many MMJ patients/dispensaries as Bush did.

    Dems are on the side of marijuana when they don’t have to vote. When it comes down to voting, they’re as bad or worse than republicans.

    Don’t get me wrong; thank God for the few honorable democrats who see this as the severe human rights issue that it is — we wouldn’t be as far as we are without them. But Obama has proven to be the worst of all of them. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He swore he was pro-weed, put out a memo telling legal patients and growers that they were free to do as they please, then said “just kidding!!!” and started putting real patients in jail.

    That’s cold and evil. I can’t believe how much support he still received from marijuana supporters after his first term of all out medical marijuana war.

    I’ll not hold my breath for 2015. I suggest you do the same ;)

  4. Good info! I’m 53 and have always smoked but noticed it eased my menopause symptoms/side effects immediately when it hit. In fact Blue Dream is an old favorite of mine!

  5. What I found interesting is that even though the THC content was less, the pain relief was comparable. Makes me wonder. I think for some things, more isn’t always better.

  6. Have not come across NM Blue Sky yet, but I need a higher THC content than that, I think. Is it me, or do all buds start to look the same after awhile?

  7. Hi PK2 – The Blue Dream I have seen here is Sativa Dominant (THC 20.6%, CBD unknown or none). The NM Blue Sky is less potent, by volume, but has a very similar effect, Sativa/Indica (THC 9.43%, CBD 0.15%). Go figure.

  8. Blue Dream – I agree with everything you said, and interestingly – I know quite a few other gals who agree. It has enough sativa to get a task-at-hand done, and the painkilling properties are great too. I also like a similar strain we have here in our state called NM Blue Sky. It is nearly identical to Blue Dream in the way it works. I find the hybrid strains work best for everything except maybe going to sleep fast, Then I want the full indica. I have found that a high CBD strain isn’t critical, but the ones with at least some CBDs are ok. Thanks for the list of others.

  9. Actually, legalization is number five on Obama’s to-do list… Number one is solve climate change and number two is cure cancer. C’mon, the guy is only human. He’s not Captain Picard. :)

  10. Sometime in 2015, when Obama figures out how to remove cannabis from the drug scheduling apparatus, you will be singing a different tune, my friend. :-)

  11. Thanks for the list of strains. I think it would be helpful if the ratio of THC to CBDs is included, at least for my purposes. When we talk about chronic pain management, I too thought that indicas would be my first choice. Turns out that’s not quite right — seems I prefer hybrids. But I need to know the effects of increasing the CBD percentage in a THC-dominant strain. When the CBD percentage rises, does it decrease the effects of the THC, even if the THC percentage is high?

    The author has a degree in Women’s and Gender Studies, which is a relatively new field (considering) and one that should shine some light on the cannabis culture. You go girl!

    Since the pharmaceutical industry has been unable to come up with medications that effectively treat PMS and menopause, I would say cannabis is the right fit for the right time.

  12. Hazy blue dream is one a friend swears by. Blue dream × haze. It tasted delicious and pretty much knocked me out The few times I had some.

  13. Dr. Mitch Earlywine is doing a research survey on menopause and cannabis use. I would hope he’d post his email address to any interested parties here. I use the word “parties” loosely as going through menopause can be hell and weed can really help certain individuals… and their spouses!

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