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Top Ten Marijuana Strains For Summer


platinum herojuana marijuana strainby Scrog Betty

As the sweet and sticky days of a sunny southern California summer rapidly approach, and those pent-up thoughts of summertime fun are finally at hand, or just the idea of a beautiful summer day spent hanging at the beach – this seems like a good time to reflect on our vast database of knowledge in an attempt to try and identify the top 10 marijuana strains that might help you get that added extra ounce of fun out of summer. Whether you are at the beach surfing, in the mountains hiking or just enjoying the beautiful days of Summer in the backyard – anyone may benefit from the relaxed and medicated frame of mind that these following 10 strains offer.

Depending on your ailment and/or health conditions, each one of these wonderful marijuana strains offer something for your benefit. Make sure to pack at least one of them with you for the ultimate summer experience in 2012.

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Top Ten Marijuana Strains for Summer

1.) Kushberry: The Kushberry marijuana strain has a wonderful genetics base to use for the relief of pain, stress and anxiety, as well as lack of appetite. Kushberry provides a fine, sophisticated mixture of two of California’s more infamous flavors. From up north in the Humboldt region, we have the blueberry genetics; in conjunction with Los Angeles’s favorite daughter “OG Kush.”

Blueberry marijuana strainThe unusual combination does not diminish one’s enjoyment of the unique flavor — that being said, the elevated state of mind was more than expected, but was also more than welcome. The genetics that are found in OG Kush remain to this day, one of the best and most reliable for relieving pain, as well as being exceptional with sleep issues and any healing problems. Great for after a long day of hiking or surfing to relieve sore muscles and to assure a good night sleep

Activity: Surf, Hike

2.) Blueberry: While it is understood that the blueberry marijuana strain is predominately an Indica based marijuana gene, these types of hybrids are known to be wonderful at presenting an extended, elevated frame of mind when consumed out in nature. Try biking in your local hills, or look for a city bike path system. This genetic strain has a sweet, yet earthy smell. Great for pain relief.

Activity: Bike Riding, Mountain Bike

3.) Bubblegum Kush: The bubblegum strain is one of my all-time favorite marijuana terpinoids flavors. As a young person growing up on the Central Coast, this strain was one of marijuana grower’s folklore. As I understand it, this strain was developed in the Midwest and was eventually moved towards the East Coast, somewhere up in the Boston area. Then things took a decidedly right-hand turn and ended up somewhere in Amsterdam. It took several geneticists and many attempts to finally be able to create a bubblegum that displayed stable, yet high-yielding characteristics along with the dank, sticky smell we’ve all come to enjoy. This particular strain has the notoriety of winning twice at the high times cannabis club cup.

Activity: Frisbee Golf, Skateboarding, Golf

4.) Hog’s Breath: Please do not be deceived by the name of this string. ’Hogs Breath’ has won many times for the HT Cannabis Cup’s best Indica. As a cross between Afghan and Hindu Kush, the flowers on this beautiful female are a 10. Light lime-green hues against orange pistils are dope!

Activity: Roller Blading, Running, Walking on the Beach

tahoe og marijuana strain5.) MK Ultra: MK Ultra is one of the more serious genetics out on the market today. The strain is derived from the infamous G — 13 in OG Kush. As it has an extremely high THC percentage, this is definitely one of the strains that you will enjoy after you’ve gone to the beach, hiked or any one of your favorite activities.

Activity: Surfing, Skate Boarding, Mountain Biking

6.) Pre 98 Bubba Kush: Pre Ninety-Eight Bubba Kush seems to be an acquired taste for some. I, personally, enjoy the lighter side of the soil-based flavored genetics. This strain produces an outstanding sense of well-being, while providing an elevated energy level that is hard to compete with. After the first hit of this medication you tend to forget about the small problems of your day, which allows for great enjoyment outside.

Activity: Jogging, Swimming, Time At The Gym

7.) Herojuana: The Herojuana strain of genetics is generally a heady Indica, with a potent and overpowering flavor. The genetics in the strain provide for an elevated head, while allowing for a medicated body feeling. This strain is really for anyone that feels constant discomfort, or suffers from chronic pain.

Activity: If your smoking this strain — you probably are not able to do much… So grab your chair and go sit at the beach. Who knows? You might get lucky and meet someone.

trainwreck8.) Tahoe OG: The Tahoe OG marijuana flower is wonderful for those that suffer from insomnia. That being said, you have to be careful to make sure that you have your day planned out well in advance, as this strain tends to take away some of that necessary motivation to get out of the house and down to the beach. So again, the Tahoe OG might be best if used after your daily activities, as this is no-doubt one of the stronger strains out there. Tahoe OG tends to have a piny smell, along with a syrupy-fresh, earthy scent. It’s THC percentage can range anywhere from 20 to 25%.

Activity: Frisbee Golf, Skateboarding, Golf

9.) Trainwreck: Trainwreck has a large and varied following within the medical marijuana community. Trainwreck is predominately a sativa strain, that has the ability to punch as hard as Mike Tyson, leaving its users flat on their well-medicated backs. The smell, when done properly, is always one of my favorites.

Activity: Not Much, Sitting On The Beach

10.) New York City Sour Diesel: As is true with all of the nine other strains we’ve reviewed so far today, New York City Diesel is great for getting outside and hitting the streets. As with all of the strains mentioned today, you are better off enjoying them in the outdoors. NYC Diesel, which is a cross between Sour Diesel and an Afghani Indica, is an extremely cerebral high. If you are prone to panic attacks and/or anxiety, this may be one of those strains that you want to stay away from.

Activity: Anything but sitting around the house…

Article from Marijuana.com and republished with permission.


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  6. im not sure what you think you know about weed but… there are so many quality seed banks in the world: i dont expect to find sensi seeds on the list just because its one of the most famous ones. also, you know that from a seed house to another the strains vary while having the same name and also the grower’s ability is crucial so the sour diesel you tried might have nothing to do with the one here (i once had just “Diesel” and it was really good. not the best but really good). and why do you think hybrids are better?

    in fact, you got 6 negative votes cause you sound like the kid who just got into this and wanted to show off all you have heard in your life… i mean, come on: “i smoked tga and that shit was awesome, so anyone who knows about weed will know its the very best!” you realize it sounds like you have no fucking idea, right?

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  10. I had this bud like 4 plus years ago, update that shit. Blue dream an Granddaddy purp is some killa shit. Maine up in this shit nigga

  11. Be that as it may, California got left behind when it came to legalization. The day California legalizes, I will consume their “bomb ass weed”, but not until then! I won’t buy from dealers or growers who want me jailed, so they can make their big bucks.

  12. I personally liked the similair G13 and $100 OG Kush. Im on the East Coast and thats about as good as it gets for us here in RICHMOND!!!

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  14. Midnight train on

    This is a shit list. To not have a tga subcool strain in that top ten shows you know less about good bud than i. And i live in georgia. Grow the fuck up and find you some real hybrids.

    Sour diesel? Really?

    Now that ive smoked cheesquake sour d is my mexican brick weed.

  15. I agree. How about some newer strains that are not kush based. I’m sick of all the kush everywhere. I just got back from Amsterdam and really enjoyed some of there top sativas there. I think the pure sativas are much better for daytime and being on the beach. Very energizing with absolutely no couch lock or tiredness when they wear off. Too many indica choices here (Oregon) and not enough sativas to choose from. 

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