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Traveling With Medical Marijuana


A question that I often get is ‘Do other states recognize my medical marijuana card, and if so, how much can I bring?’ Currently, Montana, Michigan, and Rhode Island recognize out of state medical marijuana cards. This is a legal term know as reciprocity, or a ‘reciprocal agreement’ between states. ***Note — Michigan does not have a reciprocity clause in their law, but they recognize ‘qualified out of state patients,’ which has the same effect.*** The other 11 medical marijuana states (Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, and New Jersey) have no reciprocal agreements at this time. However, people from these states can travel to Montana, Michigan, and Rhode Island and they will be protected. Of course, you will be traveling through states that don’t even have medical marijuana programs, so be advised. Also, you can’t bring it on a plane, regardless of new federal guidelines. You are a felony waiting to happen. YOU CAN GO TO THAT STATE AND ‘OBTAIN’ IT LEGALLY THOUGH!!!!!!!!!

I can see the next question forming in reader’s minds, ‘If I’m in Montana, Michigan, or Rhode Island, does that mean that I am under MY state’s limits?’ The answer is a resounding NO. To put it into perspective, we will use the example of a driver’s license. All 50 states have reciprocal agreements with each other when it comes to driver’s licenses. Despite these agreements, which state’s speed limits do you follow when you are in Montana? Montana’s of course, and medical marijuana reciprocal agreements are no different. Montana allows 1 dried ounce per patient, Michigan allows 2.5 ounces, and Rhode Island also allows up to 2.5 ounces.


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  1. Um, you got that backwards. There no dispensaries in Ohio, that’s for sure. I live in Ohio and I’m trying to buy the shit from Michigan.

  2. Ok I was traveling thru Ohio and got pulled over and I told the cop I had it and I have my medical but he gave me a ticket and took it am going to court for this because I don’t feel he should have

  3. i heard rhode island will take a california medical card but i called them and they told me no? what other states for sure would take my card near new jersey, also list me a few good dispensaries pleaseeee please email me at sexiilexii80@yahoo.com i really need to kno

  4. To Danielle (and anyone else thinking of travelling to Hawaii):

    My wife and I just got back from Hawaii about a month ago. At the time of our visit, the Hawaiian legislature was still debating as to whether or not Hawaii will accept out of state cards. Currently, the answer is still no. That being said, my understanding is there is a bill in the Hawaiian State Senate to modify the laws to allow for out of state cards, but for now you will not be covered by your card. If you are caught, you may be prosecuted under Hawaiian State law. Also, the minimum requirements for obtaining a Hawaiian card is six months residency and proof of a qualifying condition. My wife and I live in Arizona (we both have cards) and here, there is a constant debate and “tweaking” of the rules for medical marijuana. Our solution was to simply pack tinctures in unrelated, opaque containers. Think small, less than 2 oz. of liquid. The TSA (a.k.a. Security Checkpoint) is looking for bombs and anything that might bring down a commercial aircraft. Small bottles or small amounts of wrapped edibles should pose no threat and won’t raise a red flag. I personally wear contacts so the “solution” (pun intended) for me was easy. Under no circumstances should you bring anything on the plane in your carry on. Yes its a long ass flight, but its better than missing your flight and they still have wonderful little bottles of liquid happiness (a.k.a. vodka). The security staff can and will open and sniff every bottle and container you bring on the plane if they wish to. While Washington and several others have been enlightened to the benefits of alternative treatments to whatever ails you, it is still a Federal offense to possess marijuana and/or its extracts, and last time I checked, the airlines and the TSA are still regulated by the feds. If you are feeling paranoid, you might just be better off with mainstream meds. Also, if you travel with mainstream meds, make sure you bring the whole bottle with your name, pharmacy, doctor, etc. on it. Pill boxes with no labels WILL get confiscated. They WILL go through your bags. If everything looks “normal”, they will move onto the next bag. My best advice: Take you card, pack edibles and tinctures in your checked bag, but leave your buds at home. Your card will not work anywhere on Hawaii except the back alley and we all know the hazards of buying off of unknown street vendors. Hawaii is moving in the right direction, but for now, its still a “back room deal”. Hope this helps…

  5. Is there a problem traveing from WA state to Hawaii and then within the Hawaiin islands if i have a medical card from WA?

  6. I live close to Ohio, but in Michigan, can I use my Michigan med card and buy from a dispensary in Ohio?

  7. Spenser Haley on

    Tell your husband that he shouldnt be afraid of relief. Prayers go out to him and you. HOOAH

  8. Spenser Haley on

    Im waiting on my disability claim to process. I am a 25year old Afghamistan veteran live in so cal and medicate mulitple times a day. This plant is a god send. I can leave the house again. Ptsd is a bitch.

  9. Trave ing frrom Fllint f Michigan to Illinois by train,any concerns?I do have my MM.

  10. I flew to KC Missouri in April for turkey hunting season. I live in Portland Oregon and I have my Medical Marijuana Card. I flew back to Missouri with an ounce of my Medical Marijuana, no problem. At KC, when I was flying home, the Rent a Cops at the airport busted me I had a small monkey pipe, less than a gram of my medicine and a lighter.
    The KC Police confiscated my MM, pocketed my pipe and lighter.
    I received a “Possession of Marijuana ticket, NO Possession of Paraphernalia ticket.
    The police made me feel like a felon. I’m 63, married 45 year’s, never received a citation for anything. I have never been arrested for any crime.
    I wish I could face our fearless leader and ask him why he smoked it when he did. I’m thinking about trudging to the White House and telling my Country’s leader that we want our Freedom to feel half way normal again.. Wow, is that asking a lot???
    Getting OLD is Awesome but it sure does hurt!

  11. does arizona have an mmj reciprocity agreement? i was under the impression that they are due to prop. 203.

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