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U.K. Proposal Announced To Legalize Marijuana


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A group of ministers in the Liberal Democrat party are introducing a proposal to drastically alter the U.K.’s drug policies by legalizing cannabis, in addition to other “club drugs” such as ecstasy, according to the Sunday Times. The move is planned as a means to fix the U.K.’s failing war on drugs, which has resulted in an increase in crime, and a heavy financial burden on taxpayers.

A review ordered by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, which is due to be published before Christmas, is expected to suggest that the U.K. should legalize cannabis in a way similar to Washington and Colorado in the United State.

The proposal is also expected to call for the introduction of heroin clinics where addicts can receive the drug through prescription in an attempt to reduce crime by dissuading individuals from purchasing from the black-market.

The proposal is expected to be released in December.

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  • Mary Jane

    I stopped smoking weed for financial reasons overnight yet I continue to pay out £250 a month on cigarettes!!!
    Cigarettes are far more addictive than Cannabis
    And I’m not even going to talk about alcohol.

    It beats me how the government take a pride in taxing cigs and alcohol yet are against a soft drug just slightly mentally addictive.

    I can’t wait for someone to make a reasonable decision and legalise recreational cannabis

  • fredfred

    Cannabis IS a drug, Heroin comes from a type of poppy, (you gunna say it’s a flower not a drug?) The point is it’s a relatively harmless drug, and if it isn’t hurting anybody else the government shouldn’t be aloud to tell me what i can and can’t do.

  • harleythcalday

    Fact no ones died from weed its self and to call it a drug is horrible because its a plant witch makes it a hurb. If the can say fags and alcohol is legal knowing more people die by fags and what they do when drunk then making weed legal should be easy as it had no long them problems no ones died by it. And think if people like snopp Dogg and even Leonardo da Vince smoked weed all day everyday and they have done amazing things in there life’s the why can we all try it.

  • SuperBadLadMcLovin

    In two American states the tax on legal weed is set to accumulate to £550,000,000, so I highly doubt that this or what ever the insane number would be if it became legal nation wide. Would add up to less than the money saved in the prison unions.