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US House Narrowly Denies Medical Marijuana For Veterans


congress medical marijuanaDoctors at Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals are not allowed to talk about medical marijuana with patients. A bill was introduced that would have lifted that ban. The bill came up for a vote this week, and sadly, it was defeated by just three votes. Below are reactions from Tom Angell from the Marijuana Majority and United States Representative Earl Blumenauer:

“While it’s disappointing that the House just voted to continue a senseless rules that prevents doctors from treating military veterans with a medicine proven to work for a number of serious conditions, the fact that we came so close is a good sign of things to come. It is no longer considered politically risky for elected officials to work on scaling back the failed federal war on marijuana, as the 210 ‘yea’ votes we just saw demonstrates. This is just the first in what will be a series of important marijuana votes in Congress this year, and we expect to win more than we lose, just like we did last year.” said Tom Angell.

And a press release from Earl Blumenauer:

Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) released the following statement on last night’s narrow defeat of his Equal Access Amendment to the FY 2016 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations bill, which would make it easier for qualified veterans to access medical marijuana.

“Last night, the House of Representatives narrowly defeated my proposal, which would have allowed veterans to consult with VA doctors about medical marijuana in states where medical marijuana is legal. While the defeat was frustrating, it demonstrated support in the first vote on marijuana policy in this Congress.

“We were able to make the case publicly to members and their staff about the inequity of a situation where 213 million Americans live in states where they have access to medical marijuana, yet veterans are denied the ability to be helped by their VA primary care provider. Forcing them, at their own expense and trouble, to find somebody else who doesn’t have the same doctor-patient relationship with them for their medical needs is not only not fair, but it’s not best medical practice.

“While opponents provided false information that medical marijuana has no therapeutic value, we were able to drive home the point that the current system, which denies veterans medical marijuana but overprescribes them highly addictive and dangerous opioids, is the real scandal.

“These arguments carried the day for 210 of my colleagues, which was 15 more than last year, even with eight members absent and not voting, several of whom are sympathetic to the bill. There were 13 more Republicans this year voting yes, and there were 10 fewer Democrats voting no.

“All in all, this is an extraordinarily strong showing. This year’s much closer vote signals that we are in an excellent position to be able to pass simple, commonsense legislation to deal with the realities of the legal business of marijuana across the country – including legislation to allow state-legal marijuana businesses to deduct business expenses and to no longer have to operate on a cash-only basis.”


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  • If your head wasn’t so far up the fascists’ asses, you’d see that I did not prove your point. You’d also see that you have again ignored the points I made, in this case, the fact that I just happen to vote for the people with whom I most agree.

    And this thread is 100% about the fact that only 14% of the fascist fucks you vote for voted for this bill, while 96% of the people I vote for did.

    And, yes, Hillary supports an amendment to get money out of politics. She also is raising money, because it would be stupid to try to run for office without raising any, HUH? Or do you really want Jeb Bush as President?

    Just itchin’ to get lied into another ground war in Asia, HUH?

  • Why don’t you fucking make me?

  • Bic

    Well said Jetdoc. I second the motion.

  • Bic

    Why don’t u shut the fuck up?

  • duck12

    Koch money will

    kill you

  • Jetdoc

    “Got that? I look at all the candidates and vote for the one who most agrees with me”

    “Those people just happen to have almost always been Democrats or Green Party”

    Thanks for proving my point! As long as they’ve got a D next to their name. Got that? ROFLMAO! You’re as transparent as a Sandwich baggie!

    This thread is 99.9995% about the failures of DWS and John Lewis. Yet you’re so focused in on this conversation, that you took it back to ONE comment dealing with NY19. You do this, to score a point. That’s exactly what conversations with you are. They’re a competition! You don’t care about the ISSUE itself. You could actually care less about that, It’s more about “getting Dems/Progressives” elected” (Your words not mine)

    Peace man…. I’m out!

  • Jetdoc

    There you go again… Making unsubstantiated assertions about people again. You keep stating I’m Republican, yet have NO proof. I mean, PROVE I’m a Republican! You continue to make assertions about people as FACT, when you wouldn’t know who I was if I walked up and put your nose on the BACK of your head! But you CLAIM you know everything about someone. Even if I WERE a Republican, it wouldn’t change the fact that DWS & John Lewis let Veterans down, PERIOD!

    Lemme ask you this Scotty, this SHOULD settle it about who’s partisan and who’s not?
    Who are YOU voting for? Hmmmm… Tough choice eh? I bet YOU knew who you were voting for 4 years BEFORE the 2016 election. Even before she declared as a candidate. OOPS, I exposed you again!

    I’m about done with you again! Trust me, your mantra never changes, however WRONG you are, you’ll continue to TRY to defend your position, often making unsubstantiated assertions about people. I must say you’re consistent though. Almost autistic like in obsessing over politicians because they have a “D” behind their name. (Your words, not mine)

    You SAY you care about legalization of cannabis, but when we look back at most ALL of your posts they say the same thing… “It’s all Republicans fault, blah, blah, blah. 132% of those w/ a D by their name voted YES, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah”.

    Not bad when we needed 135% of those w/a D by their name to vote YES in order to pass the legislation. THEY are the ones you’re attempting to TELL us “support legalization”. But 5 of those D’s didn’t even VOTE. Which NO matter how you slice it, is a NO vote!

    OOPS… The Leader of the D party, has TWICE w/in the last 6 months voted to keep marijuana ILLEGAL for her constituents. ALL b/c of the $$$ in politics you SAY you so hate. This politician who’s SUPPOSED to support legalization, withheld her support for MEDICAL Marijuana in Florida for her constituents b/c of donations given her campaign by Sheldon Adelsson and the Semblers. When HER district voted to approve it by a 52% majority. Guess what? It LOST by <2% of the vote in an OFF YEAR election (when elder Republicans, statistically ALWAYS vote in much higher numbers than Dems do) Had this politician given it her support? It would've PASSED in FL for her own constituents.
    Instead, she played politics w/people's lives!

    Fast forward 6 months and there's an "Amendment to a VA Directive" dealing with VETERANS who face PTSD daily. It's NOT to allow Veterans to actually USE marijuana. Only to remove the "gag order" placed upon VA Dr's that doesn't even allow them to MENTION alternative treatments for their PTSD. Even in Medical Marijuana States. Even when the R/x drugs they've SHOVED down your throat, have done nothing but increase the Veterans want to commit suicide EVERY DAY!

    On top of the gag order in place, we've got 22 Veterans a DAY committing SUICIDE in this country. Over 40% of those who served since 2001 have some form of PTSD! When the vote to remove that gag order and help Veterans to be able to even learn of alternative treatments. She ABSTAINED! Which records as a NO vote!

    Bottom line is, had she not played politics with VETERANS lives? Maybe we wouldn't have a Veteran commit suicide EVERY 9 minutes in this country!

  • Jetdoc

    So you made a bet with YOURSELF that you couldn’t be ignorant enough to get me to respond to your bullshit assertions? When you bet on something, that generally means there’s ANOTHER party who says different, doesn’t it? Had you asked me, I wouldn’t have bet on that either! There’s certain times when someone such as yourself, allows their mouth to write checks your ASS can’t cash. There’s times that just DESERVE a response. You’re exactly like my 8 yr old.

    “You know when you told me NOT to ruin in the house? Well, well… I wasn’t running, but I was just walking REAL fast and broke the lamp.”

    You can cut & paste all you want. That still doesn’t change the fact that you’re STUPID! It IS what it is bro! No matter how many statements you C&P, therefore many times changing the meaning of what was said, to fit your agenda! It won’t change the spots on you Mr Leopard.

    However, NONE of that changes WHO and WHAT you are! You were born an ASSHOLE, and will remain one!

    As far as going back to quit responding to you? You can bet your ASS that’s gonna happen! But ya never know when I’ll pop back up now do you Scotty?

  • “decision who to vote for just because they’ve got a D next to their name like you do”

    You never get tired of being wrong.

    I don’t vote for someone because of the D next to their name. I vote for people who agree with most of my policy positions. Those people just happen to have almost always been Democrats or Green Party.

    Got that? I look at all the candidates and vote for the one who most agrees with me.

    Do you do that? Or do you just vote for someone because of the “R”?

    Now, how much do you want to bet that the Republican who runs for NY19 is anti-weed?

    The odds are in my favor, you know, since 86% of Republicans in the US House voted to screw veterans on this vote.

  • The only thing I’m upset about is not being able to take your money at PredictIt. Just like most Republicans, you’ll bullshit all day, but you won’t put your money where your mouth is.

    But I do find it interesting that you won’t admit being wrong about Hillary.

    That’s another thing about Republicans. They never, ever, admit they were wrong about anything. Iraq. Crashing the economy. Being asleep at the wheel for 911. Torture…

  • Jetdoc

    The election’s a YEAR and 8 months away. I’m not one that makes MY decision who to vote for just because they’ve got a D next to their name like you do.

    It’s SAD that you’ve already made up your mind who you’re voting for and not ALL the candidates running for the office, have even declared yet. But your VOTE’S set huh?

    That’s what I like about you Scotty, you wait til ALL the facts are IN before making a decision! It’s your character! NOT!

  • newageblues

    thanks for that depressing background info.

  • One need only look above to see all your bullshit ignorance and dropped points.

    My rep now, Gibson, is quitting. He’s a rare liberal Republican. We used to have a bunch of them up here. Not so much anymore.

    The next election will most certainly pit a conservative Republican against a progressive.

    That will give us a CHOICE (I know you wingnuts hate that word, but..) between a warmongering, anti-weed, fascist and a anti-prohibition progressive.

    This is important stuff. You really should pay attention. Cause when you’re faced with that choice, what do you do?

    You vote for the Republican. Because weed is down your list of issues, isn’t it?

    Now, you went back on your word to never talk to me again. What a shame.

  • Right off the bat.

    ” I *still* don’t care who lost to Gibson. LOL”

    Of course you don’t. That’s the whole point. You’re so happy, and shocked, to see a Republican vote pro-pot, that you don’t realize that the choice we had was between a man who supports legalization, and a man who doesn’t. The man who doesn’t, Gibson, will not vote for legalization. And since this district could easily elect a progressive when Gibson leaves at the end of this term, it’s very important for people here, who might stumble across this giant Glibertarian Whine of yours, to know that we could’ve sent a guy who supports legalization to Washington. Instead, we got this Republican who occasionally makes a liberal vote.

    Of course, the pro-legalization guy is gay. So, you probably have some butt-hurt with that, huh?

    As for not having to wait for 2 years, which is certainly what you suggested when you said run against the Democrats (but not the Republicans–funny how you didn’t mention running against Republicans), is something we don’t have to do, then I will also try to get Predict It to create a market on whether this far right House of Representatives will, in the next two years, pass any kind of rescheduling.

    This far right house ain’t gunna pass shit. Vote them out.

    It’s really simple. But, then, you’ve got other reasons for wanting Republicans in there, and it really must get your shit that they’re so anti-pot. Try taking it out on them for a while, instead of the liberals you hate so much.

    And, finally, when you use the word divided, what’s the connotation, Wowzy? 50/50, huh? House divided and all…

    When you describe 96% to 4% as divided, it just shows what a disingenuous bullshitter you are.

  • Jetdoc

    I responded to you solely b/c this is a Veterans issue and I’M a Veteran who deals w/PTSD! This Bill directly affects ME and my brethren as well as our families. Yet you’re not smart enough to figure that out! I responded b/c in your infinite wisdom of everything Progressive, you shot your mouth off about something you know NOTHING about! (AGAIN)

    You just had to come defend the indefensible b/c of your political ideology. NOTHING more, nothing less. You’re for nothing more than getting progressives elected. (Your own words) If their ideology just so happens to coincide with yours, that’s icing on the cake. If not, SCREW em! B/c Progressives know what’s best for everybody and will shove it down their throats even as they vocally object!

    Your “Progressives” SCREWED America’s Veterans b/c of $$$ that BILLIONAIRE Sheldon Adelsson gives her for her campaign and we can’t have that now can we? So the guy calling for less $$ in politics, only MEANS it when it’s not HIS candidate that’s being effected! YOU are the most transparent thing ABOUT Progressives. We see right through you.

    Trust me bro, I’m done responding to you again after this thread. I told you before though, you’ll never know when I’ll say something. You can bet your ass though that, I’ll be waiting for yet another STUPID comment, to shove it in your ass AGAIN. You give us so many opportunities to do so. But I’m selective of which ones I respond to. If it’s got NOTHING to do w/me? I just let you go on and on and on. Just like I do with my 6 and 8 yr old children.

    You don’t care about legalization. You’re concerned about getting progressives elected. Whether they’re on the WRONG side of an issue or not! You throw out %’s of this and that. You know what they say about statistics on the internet? 99% of %’s given on the internet are generally 100% pulled out of the authors ASS! All you do is manipulate numbers to look like they’re in your advantage. But when it came to the nut cuttin, the LEADER of the “Progressive” movement, sided with BILLIONAIRE Sheldon Adelsson, b/c HER vote would’ve passed the Amendment! PERIOD!

    I guess that small percentage of Democrats/Progressives you showed us that DON’T support legalization were a large enough Minority percentage to STOP the passage of the Amendment. So I can’t even be honest with my VA doctors about my cannabis use. Even though he’s seen what it’s done for me. He’ll release me as a patient and kick me out on the street for failing 1 (ONE) urine test. That’s really safe now isn’t it? Especially with the HEAVY R/x they’re being prescribed.

    See if these numbers fall into your percentages. 8 Democrats/Progressives opposed the Amendment. 3 Voted No on a “recorded vote”, 5 Dems/Progressives Abstained. Which is however you attempt to disguise it a NO vote! If it’s not counted as a Yes vote, it goes down as a NO vote. PERIOD!

    Again, we don’t have different degrees of chickenshit! Either you vote Yes, or it’s recorded as another NO vote! They don’t say… ” well she’s a Progressive, so even though she abstained we’re going to count out as a YES vote!” You can try to say that there were X Republicans who voted against it as well, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. First of all, we weren’t talking about Republicans! YOU again, were the one that brought them into the conversation. The largest problem with your argument however is that we KNOW where the Republicans mostly stand on this issue! They’re more than likely against giving ANYONE access to cannabis. WE as Veterans are addressing that issue with them every day! But the Dems/Progressives, we EXPECT them ALL to be on board with us. We’re fighting the GOP on this issue daily. We didn’t ever CONSIDER that we’d have to fight the Chairman of the DNC as well! We have limited resources, we don’t have enough of them to have to WASTE our time, attempting to convince someone who’s SUPPOSED to be on our side to begin with!

    Follow the $$$$$$ Scotty boy!

    See ya later my friend!

  • wowFAD

    LOLOL. Was there a coherent argument in here, anyplace? Nope, there was not. And yes, I looked. Took 20 minutes out of my life to examine another wall full of butt-hurt deflections. Let’s list them.

    1. You spent several sentences picking at a single adverb (blindly) that wasn’t part of *any* point I made — that word was part of a larger sentence which was a jab to your ego to remind you that *your* Republican representative is proof your generalizations are bullshit. I *still* don’t care who lost to Gibson. LOL

    2. “The overwhelming majority of Democrats supported the amendment, except these eight. If your Rep is a Democrat and on this list, you need to make sure they do not return in 2016.” That does not state or imply waiting two years to pass legislation. You are projecting your desire to wait onto my statement. My statement says what it says: legislative betrayal should not be rewarded by sending them back to DC.

    3. “I don’t give a shit about motives. I give a shit about how someone votes.” So you’re refusing to answer because you can’t even fathom WHY they voted wrong, either. That makes three points you failed to address.

    4. “Disingenuous bullshit.” Do I really have to point out how that’s not an argument? LOLOL Pathetic. “United” isn’t one of those semantically fuzzy terms. When something isn’t united, there’s a word for that: divided.

    5. “Good for the Republicans! Fucking Democrats.” You want me to argue about something someone ELSE said? No doubt, because it’s easier for you to handle. That’s even more pathetic.

    6. “Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act” The specifics of the vote are incidental and unimportant. The point was there are united votes, and that 96% is certainly NOT “about as close” as you can get to “united,” clearly disproving your assertion. In a classic “Scott” move, you lost this point, so you tried to tangent to another. Trying to tangent into the specifics of a random infrastructure amendment will not distract me, either.

    So out of all the things I brought up, you failed to address any of them adequately. And you failed to pull me down any of the tangents you tried spurring. But it’s Ok. I know you’re just panicked because your wife might be quietly considering a divorce and you’re trying to get every last poke in that you can before she makes you choose between your marriage and your internet activities. I’m not going to miss you, Scott. You’re everything that’s wrong with the Left.

  • wowFAD

    I’m fairly annoyed by his non-vote, as well. John Lewis is just a remnant of the REAL civil rights movement. He was in all the right places and knew all the right people… 50 years ago. One would think any civil rights veteran who has been around that long would recognize “The New Jim Crow” and try to do something about it. This amendment wouldn’t have knocked down the castle, but it would have been another chunk taken out of the wall.

  • The Other LA

    That doesn’t surprise me in the least. John Lewis used McCarthyite tactics in a debate with his opponent Julian Bond back in 1986. Julian Bond questioned the war on drugs, namely drug testing, and John Lewis made Julian Bond out to be some junkie enabler. It was pathetic and I completely lost all my respect for Lewis. Considering that his man has physical scars from the Civil Rights struggles in the sixties, it’s depressing that he would be so tone deaf about the senseless war on drugs.

  • Jetdoc

    ROFLMAO… Getting a little upset Scotty boy?

  • newageblues

    John Lewis abstained. Oh all people not to know a civil rights issue when they see one…. Damn him for his ignorant ways.

  • newageblues

    Opinions vary on what her message was to veterans. What do you think her message was to veterans: I’m not with you, but I’m not against you either? I don’t think so.

    Hating on Wasserman-Schultz’s evil ways is in no way apologizing for Republican pigheadedness. MMJ is a life and death issue, and she’s too far out of line with the opinions of her party and the country, and too ignorant of what common decency requires. Taking her political scalp would be a great victory for reformers that would resonate widely. It would send a clear message that hating on MMJ is incompatible w/ a leadership position in the Democrat party.

  • newageblues

    Since 95% of potential H of R targets are Republican, they are going to be almost all the targets, I agree. But W-S should be target #1. For balance, and mainly because it’s important to show Democrat pols that having a MEDICINAL cannabis hater in a position of power is no longer acceptable to Dem voters. It would be an important lesson to other old and young Dem pol dinosaurs.

    You may be right that Dems will get rid of her as DNC chair, I was reading up a little on that, she’s disliked on personal grounds as much as anything else. But even if that happens she needs to be targeted in the 2016 primary as a lesson to other MMJ haters in positions of power.

  • charles

    the fact that our politicians are willing to send us to war to be injured and possibly killed and then deny any medical care or even the recommendation of a particular drug shows how uncaring these people are towards our vets . those who voted to deny our vets anything should be fired.

  • Hey, where’s your reply, big boy? I showed you how you’re wrong. Gave you the proof. Shoved it right in your fucking face. And what do you do? You run off to other comments and try to forget how fucking wrong you are about Hillary wanting a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics.

    So, who you gunna vote for?

    Go put money on him to be the next President:


    We need more dumb money in there.

  • The person who promised to never respond to me again, and then responds to me, is telling people not to respond to me.


    Come take my money, you sorry sack: