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WA State Won’t Give Father Custody Of Child Because He Is A Medical Marijuana Patient


washington medical marijuanaIf you are in the area, please attend the press conference and rally below. It makes my heart ache to hear stories like this:

Serra Frank, the Founding Executive Director of Moms for Marijuana International, will be hosting a press conference with her partner, Billy Fisher, on October 3, 2013 in front of the Spokane County Court House.

This press conference is to bring awareness about the nationwide issue with CPS and Cannabis Consuming parents, and focus on the local issue regarding the fight for Billy’s daughter, Lilly Fisher, in Washington State.

Billy is currently fighting CPS for custody of his daughter after begging for help to save her from an extremely unsafe situation. CPS refuses to give custody to Billy and cite their primary concern to be his use of marijuana as medicine, and now are focusing upon his newly found Activism.

Billy has a Revision hearing at 1:30 pm on that day, to request the Superior Court to revise Spokane Family Law Commissioner Jolicoeur’s recent order that demands that Billy quit using Medical Marijuana for his Degenerative Disc Disease while submitting to inpatient treatment for Cannabis Dependency for 30 days, as well as random UAs during 2 years of after care.

Washington Law, RCW 69.51A.120, protects Billy Fisher’s parental rights as a medical marijuana patient in compliance with that chapter. Commissioner Jolicoeur is ignoring Washington State Law, and forcing Billy Fisher to forgo due process and his parental rights in order to obtain custody of his baby girl from State dependency.

Billy’s little girl was NEVER taken from him, and he has done NOTHING wrong that would justify the commissioner’s ruling, much less the threat of permanent adoption of his baby if he does not comply.

CPS policy regarding Marijuana use is illogically based on the assumption of harm, from a drug and a plant that cannot harm anyone. It is unethical, to force anyone to stop a medical treatment that is working, and go back to one that has already failed… just to be allowed to be a parent.

And it is irrational to insist that Billy be locked up for inpatient rehab for his MEDICINE, especially in a state where citizens just voted to STOP LOCKING PEOPLE UP FOR MARIJUANA.

Please join us in support of our founder Serra Frank, Billy Fisher and The Fight for Lilly Fisher.

Rally starts at 11:00am, with press conference starting at 11:30am – on Thursday October 3, 2013 – directly in front of the Spokane County Court House.

Bring a sign, an empty stroller or car seat, or just your warm body and help rally in support.

Everyone is welcome to stick around for the hearing at 1:30pm in the presence of the honorable John Cooney.

If you cannot join us in person, please call the court house, email, or fax your thoughts to the Presiding Judge in this case.

Phone: (509) 477-2211
(509) 477-5784
Fax: (509) 477-2251
Email: familylaw@spokanecounty.org

Re: William Fisher & Jerah Mia Martin (Lilly Fisher)

Learn more about the Fight for Lilly Fisher at www.facebook.com/fight4lilly

You can help fund an attorney for Billy & Lilly by donating at this link ——->https://www.wepay.com/donations/the-fight-for-lilly-fisher


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  1. oh yeah my hubby does no substances either…just told CPS is afraid of alleged abuser suing them…have been told to stop reporting abuse and neglect…have been told it is a family court issue…etc…yet kids do not receive meds get complete medical care and are so abused….

  2. hmm I don’t smoke weed or drink or use drugs but I do have two close friends who are on medical marijuana and have custody of their kids, my own husband can not get cps to protect his kids from abuse and cps says it is a child custody issue and they will do nothing to protect innocent children from physical abuse, emotional mental abuse, educational and medical neglect…if we were wealthy we could hire a family atty that could protect kids but cps chooses to ignore actual abuse going on and focus on what they think is not right…in my opinion cps needs to be completely restaffed, revamped and only parents should be allowed to work for a child protective agency,,,I wonder how many other parents are being treated unfairly, unjustly and if all of the people who CPS abuses their power with united what could we as “a people” and “citizens of the state” do to change policies…just a thought

  3. Billy needs to first, get a clue he needs to get a Transcript of the judge saying that…and then submit that transcript in his appeal. So he has a choice. Continued Drama, or action. It’s just that simple.

  4. In the beginning, it’s called a grassroots movement. Just ordinary people trying to create change. Then the movement joins other movements because there is strength in numbers. There’s messaging and marketing and polling and the main function of the group becomes fund raising. Eventually all these people get sucked into one political party or another, even if the people on the front lines don’t realize it. All the corruption can make your head spin. So I’m beginning to think that, like petitions, political parties are over. The old ways of doing things just don’t work anymore.

  5. CPS is just following the rules of the drug war. Like the police and the feds. Just cogs in the wheel. It would take a maverick working in a government organization to defy the current rules. So where the hell are all the mavericks?

  6. “He obviously cares or he wouldn’t be going to court over and over.” Just like to point out that many parents lose custody of their children unfairly because they don’t have the money or the resources to fight. This is family court. Most civil and criminal cases also turn out this way. The innocent go to jail, corporations win big time, and families are destroyed. It’s fucked up.

  7. I’m speaking completely hypothetically here, but if someone were to take my child away for no good reason, I’d murder them, and I’d make sure it was painful.

  8. california love,are you ignorant or just terminally stupid..no one gives a rats ass about your oils .wax,or dank bud..this is about a child,her father,and the injustice being metted out by corrupt judical system,so why dont you smoke some dank [yeah like its worth a fuck] put your paper hat back on and get to making fries and burgers.. and dont forget to wash your hands……………………..damm your dumb.

  9. Here I cry for a better law in MA to protect patients with employment and parental rights etc and then I see in a “legal” state with a better medical law than us that is supposed to protect patients, the hacks are still not following the law. Disgusting, they should be ashamed of themselves. Give Billy back his girl.

  10. Steve Fackerell on

    Once again, no matter what the reason CPS has too much power. Usually ran by people who dont even have thier own kids. So it would be perfectly legal for this parent to drink alcohol while his child is in the home, but not weed for his medical condition. Another case of fear and ignorance. You set aside one room in the house that is completely locked off that the child cannot enter. smoke in there AWAY from the child. Wow that was hard to figure out.

  11. You’re pretty FUCKING STUPID & IRRESPONSIBLE trying to SELL cannabis from THIS WEBSITE! I HOPE THEY BAN YOUR ASS. You just put this ENTIRE WEBSITE in one helluva predicament where they could be SHUT DOWN and ARRESTED for your IRRESPONSIBILITY!

  12. Robert Dewayne King on

    how the hell can a state employee (judge in this case)proclaim that ” There is no due process in my court” and deny use of state law to a defendant ?
    WHAT THE HELL HAS THIS INSANE BITCH BEEN SMOKIN’ !!! And why has she not been called out on it by rthe state court system ??

  13. We all shall be there to support his man….Shame upon the Spokane commissioners who should be removed from office….

  14. Interesting, I thought recreational marijuana was legal in Washington, too.

    Spokane County is backwards and corrupt. It is a fundamentalist Christian hick community. They said they would defy i-502 if passed. Looks like they are sticking to their word.

    Who are the real law breakers?

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